I Will Stand Up For You If You Stand Up For Me

I Was Silent When They Came for You … So There Was No One Left to Help When They Came for Me

First they tortured a U.S. citizen and gang member
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a criminal

Then they tortured a U.S. citizen, whistleblower and navy veteran
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a whistleblower

Then they locked up an attorney for representing accused criminals …
I remained silent;
I wasn’t a defense attorney

Then they arrested a young father walking with his son simply because he told Dick Cheney that he disagreed with his policies
I remained silent;
I’ve never talked to an important politician

Then they said an entertainer should be killed because she questioned the government’s version of an important historical event
I remained silent;
I wasn’t an entertainer

Then they arrested people for demanding that Congress hold the President to the Constitution
I did not speak out;
I’ve never protested in Washington

Then they arrested a man for holding a sign
I held my tongue;
I’ve never held that kind of sign

Then they broke a minister’s leg because he wanted to speak at a public event …
I said nothing;
I wasn’t a religious leader

Then they shot a student with a taser gun and arrested him for asking a question of a politician at a public event …

I remained silent;
I wasn’t a student

Then they started labeling virtually every innocent and normal behavior as marking Americans as “potential terrorists”
I remained silent;
I didn’t want to be called a terrorist

Then they threw political dissenters in psychiatric wards
I remained silent;
I didn’t want to be seen as crazy

Then they declared that they could label U.S. citizens living on U.S. soil as “unlawful enemy combatants” and imprison them indefinitely without access to any attorney …
I remained silent;
I didn’t want to be labeled an enemy

Then they declared that they could assassinate U.S. citizens living on U.S. soil without any due process of law
I remained silent;
I didn’t want to be on the list

When they came for me,
Everyone was silent;
there was no one left to speak out.

Inspired by the poem First They Came by Martin Niemöller, which was written about the Nazis.

I originally wrote this poem in 2007. I have updated it with  additional verses as current events have unfolded.

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  • Joseph


  • Anonymous


    Sadly I forgot about Lynne

    One of the early Patriots fighting for the Constitutional rights of those less able

    Tyranny is increasing so quickly it is hard to keep up with the daily examples

    And 1 simple question if she is in prison why are all the agents that provided all the direct material support for false flag terror events across America not in prison alongside her?

    Answer: Because the criminals in charge of our formerly free country feel need to instill terror by any means necessary to make them look like heroes and take away our Constitutional rights.

    No ideas or knowledge of how to do something wrong? No problem. We have agents that will teach you and train you.

    No money to fund it? No problem we have agents that will pay for it.

    No technical support. No problem we have paid informants and co-opted criminals just waiting to help you execute our vision.

    Oh and even though you didn’t really have any idea of what you wanted to do, no knowledge or how to do it, couldn’t pay for it and couldn’t execute the plan except for our help…. well that doesn’t matter. Because you’re guilty anyway and we’ll see to that fact. And BTW thanks for helping us stage another false flag operation so we can end this evil Constitution for good. Now off to prison for life ter rorist.

  • Great adaptation. It fits quite well.

  • Bev



    President to “Pardon Governor Don

    The American Trial Lawyer Magazine called Don Siegelman
    “America’s #1 Political Prisoner.”

    In Jack Abramoff’s book, Capitol Punishment: The Hard
    Truth About Washington Corruption From America’s Most
    Notorious Lobbyist, he admits that one of his top priorities
    was “stopping Don Siegelman.”

    Don Siegelman said in 2007 at his first sentencing; “ If this
    ruling stands….a rogue Justice Department can prosecute
    contributors and elected officials they simply do not like.”

    Please petition the President of the United States for
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    CBS “60 Minutes” aired their Siegelman Expose
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    To watch the video go to


    George Will, Pulitzer Prize -winner,
    journalist and news paper columnist,
    best known for his conservative
    political commentary, questions
    whether Don Siegelman was really

    Read Article in the Washington

    Former State Attorney Abrams
    says Siegelman Case “cries out
    for commutation!”

    Amici Curiae here:
    Document Drop: Abrams
    sticks up for Siegelman
    To keep up to date on the Siegelman
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    July 2012 – Neil Cavuto Interviews Don
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    Congressman John Lewis and Eric Holder, the current US Attorney General.

    to the President of the United States to
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  • Martin Niemöller wrote the poem to demonize Germans on behalf of the World Zionist Congress. As far Nazis and Hitler are concerned – Zionists have no problem sharing the bed with them until they “wiped off 3000-year-old Palestine off map”.

    On October 2, 1937, two SS officers, Herbert Hagen and Adolf Eichmann visited British occupied Palestine as guests of the World Zionist Congress, founded in 1897. Some years later, when Eichmann was hiding in Argentina, he taped a story of his excursion to Palestine, stating:

    “I did see enough to be very impressed with the way the Jewish colonists were building up their land. In the years that followed I often said to Jews with whom I had dealings that had I been a Jew, I would have been a fanatical Zionist,” said Eichman who was excuted by the Zionist regime in 1961 for ‘war crimes’.


    • No you are wrong. Martin Neimoeller was being 100% accurate and the same situation is playing out today in Amerisan. No – He was being brutally honest. The German people were led in to diaster by The Zionists *(by the way the actual religion of that group if you want to be technical is actually Satanism)- anyway – I digressed. No – Hitler was a monster; but the German Public were fully complicit in their own demise and destruction. They did everything that he said they did. They were guilty as hell. They let them. Corrupt societies produce corrupt leaders. The German people were fully complicit in their own demise

      Much as is going on in Ameristan today. We are in a literal moral meltdown and the police are corrupt as hell. I know a local Cheif of Police well & have for year; he for some reason could tell you ever time I didn’t turn on my blinker and there was something about hot and nice legs – no criminal activity mentioned and there wasn’t any. Long story – furious.
      Christopher is fully well aware my crappy traffic violations were my biggest threat to society. That hasn’t stopped those cretins from being immoral thugs. The list is endless.
      This will be illegally intercepted by them – no joke and his little panties will get in a lather again. I thought that man was going to have a damn stroke on me years ago. It’s a long story. I drove him nuts back then and apparently nothing has changed dammit – Chris.

      No one is right when every one is wrong.
      It’s just easier to pass the buck
      People deerve the leaders they get.

  • president ron paul

    brutally adept adaptation.
    top marks.

  • John

    I find it curious that all discussion as to the obvious subversion of the ‘protesting’ West by its age old enemy (Divine Right) is absent. It seems that all quotations from the Founding Fathers regarding Rome have been sanitized here and elsewhere.

    All issues and actors seem to be placed as far away from that context as is possible.

    Strange, given that the only group to publicly state its hatred of base Liberty in general, and the uSa as champion of said in particular, over GENERATIONS…has been the RCC.

    Oh yes…and who was behind the Austrian RC core of the Nazi Party? And behind Franco. And Mussolini. And likely Lenin as well, for all anyone really knows.

    For what are Fascism and Communism and Socialism really…other than Divine Right given a gloss of diversionary rhetoric?

  • xzippledink

    I must disagree with the above comment that states unfairly that we Americans are, as were WW2
    Germans, responsible for the violations of human rights. As an Engineer I was rendered unemployed and unemployable for life because I was a whistle blower, I valued human life above the bottom line. We are living under Corporate law and, like the Star-trek character with big erotic ears, profit is God regardless of consequences. Anyone who fails to obey corporate law is quickly disposed of. True, a virtuous person should consider giving up all that they value for future generations, we did that. We fought the Germans and imperial Japanese and won at great cost, we rebuilt Asia and Europe under the Marshal plan, we gave lend lease ordinance to Russia who refused to pay us back, we built dams, hydro electric facilities and bridges all across this great nation, We built the aqueducts and highway system that spurred rapid growth and a world class agriculture system, we built thousands of colleges and universities for future generations to have a better life than ours, we enacted civil rights legislation that had been wanting for more than 10 previous generations, we started the space program and landed on the moon, we helped countless other nations in times of need and continue a foreign aid program to help others. My point is no one never appreciates what previous generations have done and no one will ever appreciate our sacrifice to make them free. Should we stand up against tyranny and loose our livelihood or our lives no one will contribute a nickel to help us get by, in fact our only source of income, social security is now on the bargaining table so that those who did not replant clear-cut forests or loose relatives on the battle field will be granted a huge tax advantage over those of us who did.. that’s just human nature and that’s the reason we are not to blame for the world condition. So soon we forget.

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    Screw Rosie. You lost credibility with me when I got to that line. I haven’t liked that idiot for …since she had the weird thing with that Elmo doll.