12 Million Americans Are Sociopaths

Are The Inmates Running the Asylum?

We’ve extensively documented that sociopaths in D.C. and on Wall Street caused the financial crisis.

But we didn’t realize how many people are sociopaths.

Psychologist Martha Stout – who – clinical instructor in psychiatry at Harvard Medical School for 25 years – estimates in her book The Sociopath Next Door that as many as 4% of the population are conscienceless sociopaths who have no empathy or affectionate feelings for humans or animals.

4% might not sound like much.

But – using the U.S. as an example, that means that 12 million Americans are sociopaths.

Because sociopaths are ruthless and will squash their rivals and burn institutions to the ground in order to reach their goals – but great at pretending that they care about people – they are incredibly destructive.

Sociopaths would have been discovered very quickly in a small group. But in huge societies like our’s, they can rise to positions of power and influence.

Unless we learn to spot “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, we will continue to fall prey to their scams.

Note: Other mental health experts put the percentage of sociopaths at 1-3% of the population, which is 39 million Americans.

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  • The problem with sociopaths is that the system favours them. Wealthy people on average are less compassionate while economic freedom is often perceived as a freedom from responsibility and commitment to a society. Capitalists consider greed to be virtue and this eroded moral values. It may therefore not be a coincidence that psychopaths are over represented on Wall Street and in boards of multinational corporations. The economist Milton Friedman strongly opposed the idea that corporations have a social responsibility. In his work Capitalism and Freedom he wrote:

    The view has been gaining widespread acceptance that corporate officials have a “social responsibility” that goes beyond serving the interests of their stockholders or their members. This view shows a fundamental misconception of the character and nature of a free economy. In such an economy, there is one and only one social responsibility of business – to use its resources and engage in activities designed to increase its profits so long as it stays within the rules of the game … Few trends could so thoroughly undermine the very foundations of our free society as the acceptance by corporate officials of a social responsibility other than to make as much money for their stockholders as possible.

    The consequence of the extreme position of Milton Friedman is that whenever there is a profit in killing people corporations have a moral obligation to do so. If it is against the law to kill people, corporations have a moral obligation to bribe politicians into changing the law. Nothing should get in the way of a good profit. This is Capitalism in its purest form. We see it everywhere around us: the destruction of nature, the wars for the benefit of the military industrial complex, speculation in food leaving the poorest prone to famine, the selling of deadly pharmaceuticals and the assassination of leaders that do not generate enough profits for the oligarchy. It is the ultimate result of markets being amoral and traders having stretched their moral values to maximise profits.

    A real solution is only possible without Capitalism. It is possible and the solution is not Socialism.

    • bob klinck

      You might want to evaluate the analysis and proposals contained in the WIkipedia article on “Social Credit”.

    • Being greedy is not the same as being sociopathic, and it doesn’t lead to being sociopathic, either.

      What concerns me is your apparent belief that capitalism favors sociopaths, but govt power doesn’t. I assume that’s because in your world-view, govt is a check on the evils of capitalism. But have you ever considered that capitalism itself, is a check on evil? Who is able to accrue much in their own lifetime, without being a good steward of the resources they employ? If someone is good at something, do they not typically enjoy greater economic success than those who are less good at the same thing? So, free trade allows individual consumers to choose to trade only with those whose work they value. By contrast, govt intervention forces everyone to contribute, even to policies they abhor, like aggressive wars against other nations.

      War is a VERY expensive venture, one which greedy capitalists are likely to avoid if at all possible, since their voluntarily-acquired income is based on maintaining a positive public image. Govts, however, do NOT acquire their income voluntarily, and so do not have to worry nearly as much about their public opinion. As long as the right ppl are paid off, the govt will keep working the way they expect. In the market, the truth will always be found out eventually, and the perps will suffer. Example… the CEO of BP lost his job long ago, but the President of the US who unilaterally limited BP’s liability for damages due to the Gulf oil spill is still in office.

      Based on such evidence, I can only conclude that those who trust govt more than ‘free’ market actors may have sociopathic tendencies, themselves. They only pretend to care, by supporting legislation with flowery names that actually do horrible things. They only see the crimes of their enemies, but not their own. A wise man recognizes his own flaws, and tempers them. A wise man works to change the individual he has the most influence over. A (sociopathic?) fool attempts to remake the world to his own liking.

      Milton Friedman was a Keynesian apologist for fascism, not a capitalist. His views have some educational merit, but only socialists and apologists for omnipotent govt either revere him or consider him an example of a Capitalist, because their definition of capitalism is a bit off, imho.

      • Well said. . In terms of societal organization, there really is no ‘third way’ – it is either socialism, or capitalism. As Ludwig von Mises said:
        “The issue is always the same: the government or the market. There is no third solution.”
        The State without a doubt attracts a great many sociopaths who would never consider serving consumers.

  • AdVader

    4%? that’s a lie, much much more americans are sociopaths and not only americans, our system&society is polluted, hearts&minds programmed with pseudological lies, normalizing abnormalities won’t change anything about femini$$m-samesex-atheism is the making of sic&selfish antisocial destructive borderliners/sociopaths!

    • Speaking with my young adult children, I’m appalled what they are telling me of their classmates. It seems that we have a full blown epidemic of narcissistic personality disorder and borderline personality disorder. That generation is not morally fit to continue civilization nor fit to survive.

    • You are totally right. Fifteen percent is a lot more likely and these people are mostly concentrated in government, the military, and finance.

  • johnm33

    Since ‘civilisation’ got started there’s been a ‘game’ being played out between the human democratic/consensus way of living and the inevitably more efficient centralised power model. The social insects show us how the centralised power model works out if the game is allowed to run without moral imperatives. You could make a case that we’re operating rather like honey ants as societies but within our societies we have as much systemial variety as bees. Whether bee ant wasp or cockroach[termite] they all have similar outcomes, 1, a central pampered elite who ruthlessly control the worldview and actions of their ‘society’ 2, a thugish warrior class that enforces the central will both without and within 3, a neutered workforce without the possibility or the luxury of acting in their own interest. Look around do you see anything like this anywhere.
    The sociopaths imo are an evolutionary adaptation to assist in the transition form the human/consensus to the social insect/central power model, at 5% we’re f—-d.
    Thanks for what you do.

    • Remember this it is all by design. A new world order is not established without tearing down the old.

  • Eric B.

    Washington’s Blog continues to confuse sociopaths with psychopaths, so it’s worthwhile to quote a comment made to the preceding article on this subject on this blog, by “DL” on July 14, 2012:

    I am glad I am not the only one who knows the reason Wall St. oligarchs and the politicans they own do what they do: they are PSYCHOPATHS, criminal psychopaths.

    And they are NOT sociopaths as many claim for the simple reason that while “society” will do something about sociopaths, only INDIVIDUALS, not society, can do something about psychopaths.

    That is the main difference between a sociopath and a psychopath: a sociopath is a threat to society en masse, at large, and have what the DSM IV calls “pathological social disorder” or “antisocial disorder.”

    But a psychopath, with “psych” being Greek for “mind”, is a pathology to the mind…the mind of the psychopath and the mind of the victim. Psychopaths play on the mind, even the collective mind of the non-psychopath (which is most Americans). Sociopaths are not mainipulators, and basically know the difference between right and wrong and have a conscience. Psychopaths DO NOT have a conscience, are amoral (do not know the difference between right and wrong), and are manipulators.

    Further, they are good enough manipulators that most in society will not do anything to stop them…psychopaths have this tendency to know how to prevent others from seeing them as psychos. And right now, the only folks who can legally stop them from doing what they do (short of hanging, shooting, or putting these psychos behind bars or in an institution far far away from everyone else), are either psychos (most in Congress and the executive branch, or even the Supremes), or are psycho wannabes, and have been threatened, bullied, and bought off by the psychos whop own them.

    More folks like you (and me) need to help Americans understand what criminal psychopaths these people really are, because most Americans do understand the danger of psychopaths.

    Those who lack a conscience, who don’t know the difference between morality and immorality, who couldn’t care less who they hurt (as long as it’s not themselves) — such as the people who run the big banks and the big corporations — are psychopaths, not sociopaths. Perhaps in future Washington’s Blog will finally manage to avoid conflating these two concepts.

    • Robert Birdwell

      I apply the definition of sociopath and psychopath by relating it to actual observed behavior.

      I concluded Bill Clinton was a malignant narcissist and a full-blow psychopath, Hillary too.

      I observed George W. Bush as being a sociopath seeking the approval of narcissistic psychopaths.

      In observing Barak Obama, his behavior is the classic malignant narcissistic psychopath.

      Out of the three, I conclude Obama is by far the more dangerous as he knows no moral or ethical bounds; is totally lacking even a shadow of a conscience, and is quite capable of effecting the destruction of America if it will benefit him and his obsequious louts who serve him.

      From what I’ve personally observed in business, politics, including the judicial branch, I think the percentage of sociopaths and psychopaths of the general population is far higher than 25%.

      I would also state that of those having real power over the rest of us, the percentage is more like 99%.

      Psychopaths crave power over others.

  • More than likely, a substantial number of the powers that be are psychopaths, not sociopaths. There is a difference that indicates as much.

    In other words, there would be a greater percentage of 1% elites who are psychopaths than sociopaths, with less of both, percentage wise, within the 99%

    • perogi

      Makes sense – because if you can read these words, you are 1% when compared to the world.

  • E


  • gozounlimited

    Telling Truth Gently ….. Amerikkkan genocide and rectification as explained sweetly to the perpetrators ….. see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AUtwbg6Bnmk&feature=related

  • Will

    You cant understand politics without understanding psychology

  • Unless we learn to spot “wolves in sheep’s clothing”, we will continue to fall prey to their scams.

    Well, there are 535 of them in Congress, one in the White House, and a whole bunch more on Wall Street and in the Pentagon. Is that a good start?

  • Let’s use a base of 1%, just to be conservative. That’s still 3 million sociopaths.

    Out of that 3 million, we can easily suppose that 1% of them, 30,000, are in the top tier of the intelligence and financial brackets. They recognize each other for what they are.

    It’s not so hard to see how this network of sociopaths back each other and form what’s been called the Pathocracy. We see evidence of it every day and most people have no idea what they’re looking at.

  • Mitt Romney and Barack Obama

    All you faggots can blow us we are taking over

  • john killham

    12 millions are not.

  • sth_txs

    So what about the sociopaths in government? Bill and Hillary Clinton, Newt Gingrinch and the like are clearly such people.

    Only a dope could conclude that ‘capitalist’ can be sociopaths.

  • I was married to a sociopath for 22 years. She is a very good actress and can feign sympathy and can be very charming. But behind closed doors she is manipulative, enjoys stirring up dramas, chaos and turning everybody against each other. There is only one way and that is her way. It was 22 years of misery and our kids are all messed up. What can a man do, knowing that if he divorces she will take everything and make sure you will never see your own kids again? I hung on, worked nights so I would not have to see her, started a secret bank account and when my youngest turned 18, I was GONE!

  • Chad

    Population density has an optimal number, and after that point, man creates more problems for man than he solves.


    A small percentage (1-2%) of the people on our beautiful planet is mentally ill, we call them psychopaths.
    Psychopathy is the most dangerous of all mental disorders. The essential empathy component is missing often resulting in the destruction of people, companies, countries, …
    Psychopaths are parasites and would eat their own children to achieve their goals (or stay out-of-jail) because they just don’t care.
    They failed as human beings and caught in their own web of lies the only thing that is left for them is to commit crimes day-by-day to stay out of jail, in fact confirming their own failure in life.
    Very visible psychopaths can be found in our governments and at other positions with power, including our secret services and military.
    If you take for example Obama, Bush, Clinton, Panetta, Petraeus, Gates, etc. and check their behaviour against psychopathy syptoms lists then they will all score the minimum of required behaviours.
    They are responsible for the deaths of hundred thousands, for destroyed countries, and then for example Obama says on Januari 24, 2012 that ‘everybody must play by the same rules’.
    This is just typical for psychopaths, express how powerful they are and never take responsibility for their actions.
    Powerful psychopaths are very afraid being found out. So they create events to distract us, buy the media to brainwash us and lie to us.
    Also they make new laws, like the USA Patriot Act, not to protect them or their countries against terrorists (are there any terrorists anyway?)
    but to protect themselves against the normal people who just want to take them to court and jail them for all the horrible crimes they have committed, for all the deaths of innocent people they have caused.
    I suggest we immediately send the mental heath care to these persons, to pick them up and make sure sure they stay in a mental institution for the rest of their lives so they cannot hurt other people anymore.
    See also: A new low in history: US government showing the people of the world how they watch murdering their enemies
    , The normal people at war with the mentally ill (the murderers and psychopaths)

    Please visit
    http://www.stopeg.com to read about probably the most cruel crimes committed in history by your governments …

    Thank you,


  • jaleel shakir

    The perverse culture in America is the blame for all of the ills that effect this society.

  • dogg

    Harrington wrote a great book about this phenomena several decades ago, called “Psychopaths.”

  • Eric B.

    “This comment” (in my message of August 9) actually referred to my reply posted (on August 6 and still ‘awaiting moderation’) to Dredd’s comment of August 5. So here is my reply again:

    The article that Dredd links to, namely Kelly McAleer’s Sociopathy vs. Psychopathy is an excellent explanation of the distinction, and I hope Washington’s Blog will read it, and from now on will continue to draw attention to the immorality and criminality of psychopaths (especially those among the 1%) without causing confusion by talking of sociopaths and psychopaths as if they were the same.

    BTW Wikipedia should not be cited for any reason other than to point out how inaccurate and unreliable it is, an example being the WP page on Martha Stout, who is clearly unable to understand the difference between sociopaths and psychopaths.

    Anyone who wants to do some proper research on this subject would do well to start with Andrew M. Lobaczewski’s Political Ponerology: A Science on The Nature of Evil adjusted for Political Purposes. Googling ‘political ponerology’ will bring up many links.

  • mbl

    Actually, this is a moot point really, as the point of the article has nothing to do with terminology, but I thought I’d just mention this. I think there are different views on the sociopath vs. psychopath terminology. From what I’ve read in psychology “sociopath” is the new label being used for “psychopath.” In other words, a sociopath and a psychopath are the same thing, different terms used to describe the same condition. At least this is true in the US. (Sometimes the British use different terms to describe things.) But from what I’ve read psychologists have just decided to use the term “sociopath” instead of “psychopath” as they think it better defines the condition.

    Also antisocial personality disorder is a different thing. It is a personality disorder, so it reflects one’s personality (not necessarily their ability to have a conscience or sense of right and wrong) and can result from one’s upbringing. (While sociopaths may have been born that way…or not. I don’t think psychologists completely understand what creates them.) Those with antisocial personality disorder might commit crimes or cause trouble because they are “antisocial” but they are not necessarily cruel, calculating, lacking in empathy creatures as are the sociopaths.

    Personally, I think our society is creating sociopaths as we are taught to worship people for making money no matter how or what they do to make it. We don’t value people for their integrity or moral character but for their material wealth. People (I’m not mentioning any names) who engage in cruel, cutthroat, destructive business tactics, who hire children from third world countries to work as slaves for 12 or more hours per day for only a few dollars per day are lauded as heroes in our society. Seems that one can be an entirely despicable human being responsible for the suicides of thousands or millions of people but be worshiped in American society because he/she has a lot of money. Meanwhile, some people might be poor but have contributed by helping those around them in many ways (there are lots of ways to help other people that are not monetary or material) and yet are thought of as “non-contributers” just because they have acquired very little money or material possessions.

    Americans are suffering from a collective character flaw, in my humble opinion. I wish someone would do a study comparing how many sociopaths/psychopaths exist in the US as opposed to other countries.

  • Thomas

    What is the difference between a psycopath and a sociopath? Truth be told, there isn’t one. I beleive that i am a psycopath; i have a spouse and a son and quite frankly could not care less for them. I have a large family that are close knit, and i also could not care less for them.
    All of that aside however, i have been searching for the definitions of my condition and the pathetic opinions of others on this subject and i find it to be at fault. You claim us to be social predators, which fills me with a sense of joy but, is simply not all true. I do not know anyone that is like me and i have been rather open about my mental state with my spouse since the begining in a vain attempt to be closer with her. All it has acheived infact is that she is now worried i may murder her at some point for no reason at all, and that she often thinks i am having conversations with my subconcious.
    All that said, my point is this: Unless you can correctly catagorise the mental states of psycopaths/sociopaths, then you should keep your “facts”, and i use that word very, very loosly, to yourself. I beleive that those who commit murders and have low self discipline are not fully embracing their own nature and are resisting it, leading to mental breaks and warped viewpoints. Those that fully embrace what they are can live their lives as best they can which obviously differ from those that feel deep emotions such as regret, love, empathy etc.
    Aside from talks with my spouse, this is the first time i have been open about my mental state and i shall not do so hiding behind the cowards safetly net of being anonymous.
    I live in England and my name is Thomas. Should anyone want to talk to me about this then email me – pte_zedd@hotmail.co.uk

    • According to the definition of antisocial personality disorder [APD] and the studies that are being conducted on it, low self-discipline IS connected to APD. In fact, in the studies I cited for a paper I wrote about the antisocial male batterer, antisocials are just better at being angry. For some reason, you have a low threshold for violence because you need it. Your heart rates are lower during aggressive incidences, and this may be because you are not receiving enough serotonin, enough cortical arousal, or a combination of both. The integrated model of childhood and genetic factors shows that many men like you are exposed to anger, and that because of your genetic predisposition toward needing to be aroused, your mind becomes wired in a different manner.

      I also find it interesting that you seek to disassociate yourself from those in prison for two reasons: (1) There is a greater percentage of antisocials in jail than in free society; and (2) arrogance is connected with APD, as is narcissistic personality disorder. This last fact seems to be displayed in your need to distance yourself from those who have been caught.

      Good luck, and please get help.

      • Thomas

        Firstly i shall not get help becuase i do not need or want it – it would suggest that there is something wrong with me, which there is not. If one person enjoys jazz and another enjoys rock then you would not tell one of them that they are wrong, so it should be with this subject. Becuase you feel emotions that i do not, does not mean that i am broken, it is a matter of debate.
        I do not allow for emotions to warp my judgement, i do not allow natural “fight or flight” instincts to allow me to place myself in danger that i otherwise would have avoided. As a prime example of this: in Britain some years ago a child walked onto a train track, the mother realised this at the point in which the train was going to hit the child, nothing could be done about it. Rather that thinking “I wonder if that is going to make a huge mess like the movies”, she decided to throw herself infront of the train and of course they both died. I am still unsure if the said mess was created, however the point is that it was due to mental deficit that they both died, a mistake that i would not have made and thusly proving that i do not need mental help.
        As regards to your research, i have no doubt that it was all conducted upon prisoners and the likes, or perhaps theory and speculation upon those individuals placed into a position of power that make cold decisions, thus rendering your research half valid. There was no violence in my childhood, i was not exposed to any form of bullying, abuse or generally around violence in any way.
        You are correct about the lower heart rate and less adrenaline, especially when confronted with violence, i find myself calm and usually mentally playing the next series of blows before hand. That said, damned if you do and damned if you dont? Anti social persons are prone to aggression unless they dont need it?
        Sociopaths are the same as psycopaths by definition, there should however be a system in place to catagorise those with the mental differences. For example:
        5 – Most dangerous, likely to cause harm to others
        4 – Probable to cause harm to others
        3 – Harms animals and not above harming others
        2 – Harms animals
        1 – Displays normal social behaviour
        The article that i originally posted on claims us to be “wolves in sheeps clothing”. Wow. Is that specific in our agenda or what? So….all pyscopaths are criminals? All of us are social parasites? All of us “need help”? I think not. I beleive that there should be support available to those with the mental differences to help them make decisions that they are unsure about, or to help catagorise themselves etc, so far however all that is available is a few rubbish online tests, a few people that have done “research” on the subject, again on prisoners etc, and, for the most part, articles like this claiming every one of us to be criminals or labelling every criminal one of us. Bullshit. Complete crap. This offends me and makes my life more difficult. If i wanted to discuss this with my doctor how would i do that? “Hello doc, i am a psycopath”? No, he would want me gone. Should i go tell my family? “Hello everyone, i am a pysco and could not care less if you all died right this second”? No. Of course not.
        There is no support available what so ever unless you are a prisoner, so that people like you can do research on them and claim to be proficient on the subject.

        • Evolve


          • Thomas

            I get notified automatically via email when someone posts here. That is why i am responding so quickly; just good timing.

            I do so enjoy the way that the orignial source of this debate was fear mongering in which, as i am trying to point out, is pretty silly. Then i have had replies from others who claim to be profficient on the topic, and yet have no clue, clearly. Which leads to you. You clearly fantastic input has shown everyone on this site how wrong they really were, how our arguments were flawed in so many ways.

            Of course it didn’t. It actually didn’t have any input what so ever. You didn’t show your resoning, or reinforce your point. That said, you don’t appear to have a point at all other than to get your ten pence worth.

            Why don’t you do us all a favour and return to Facebook. A haven set aside for people like you to give singular worded answers upon the pictures of everyone else that nobody wanted to hear, read or listen to at all in the first place.

            Before you attempt to come back with some petty rubbish i cannot frankly be bothered to read, let alone be dragged into a pointless argument with an internet tough guy, let it be known that academically and perhaps scientifically, a Psychopath willing to step forwards and freely admit it, despite not having been caught committing crimes and inprisoned, is a boon.The answers that can be given must be astronomical. To finally dispel any myths about rational and non-sadist Psychopaths around the world. Incredible. Which begs the question to all that have replied to this post. What the hell is wrong with YOU?

            I came forward and with that comes the prospects as above; all i have received infact is “get help” and “Fool.” You short sighted, arrogant, idiotic, pompous fools.

          • Thomas

            I acknowledge my spelling mistakes, so there is no reason to point them out.

          • slc

            You’ll probably shoot this down but I was wondering have you tried reading any of the bible? I’m not a Psychopath but I had a frequently locked-up mother who was Schizophrenic and I myself was diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder (now known as Dissociative Identity Disorder) years ago. Since then I have been kept on the straight and narrow by reading and attempting to apply the truth of God’s word in my life. I actually applaud your honesty and transparency. I don’t believe all Psychopaths are murderers either. But in any case you may think I’m out of place for approaching you with this suggestion, but I’m sharing with you what has helped me to be a better person. I didn’t get a choice on the way I came into the world/my early childhood but I made the choice to get healing once I realized I had pieces missing. I think that’s all any of us can do. Make the most of what we have left. God bless and good luck to you. You seem like a decent person overall.

          • HealTheMind

            Sic- I applaud you for at least offering up kindness and some sort of solution that you feel is helping you. The other people’s post i found to be a little embarrassing, to say the least.

            Thomas- I agree partly with Sic in regard to having a spiritual connection, connecting to God. I also applaud you for being so forth coming about what you are experiencing. I think the problem in society,( especially amongst men) is that they will not admit to having any sort of problem. This disorder is very serious and I truly believe that we can find a way dissolve it’s affects on people and perhaps cure it. But, first people (men) need to feel comfortable enough to talk about it openly. I have had several experiences with men that I believe to be Psychopaths or Sociopaths and it has drawn me to learn as much about it as I can. Hopefully we can bring more awareness to it and find a way to overcome it.

            Something I would recommend is Landmark Education. I have taken the course a few times and what I have learned has been invaluable. I find that a lot of our mental way of being is caused early on and so If we can get to the root of what caused it, we then perhaps can dissolve it. I am fascinated with our brain and the capability it has to heal. I truly believe that we can heal our bodies of anything. Not easy of course, but definitely possible.

          • Dee (RIP Kyle Demiraiakian)

            Had you learned anything about either of the disorders, Sociopath and Psychopath, then you would know that psychopaths can’t be cured, for people with the disorder are genetically predisposed to be psychopaths, ie., they are born with the trait. And the bible or any other false profit can fix psycho. When will everyone learn to have faith in themselves instead of an imaginary friend. Man created God, God didn’t create man!!! How ignorant does the human race, really have to, or I should say, choose to be.

          • ash

            You didn’t need a god, you needed something to give you direction. Let go of the fantasy figure and live in the real world where the only law is ‘Do as thou wilt’.

          • March

            If you are what you say you are I would love to know why you got married.

          • I was thinking the same thing. If they don’t have the capability to love then why stay married?

          • You’re forgetting about the legal benefits of being married, and implying the only reason to get married is out of “love”.

          • thatwave

            Image and people to control.

          • dale ruff

            Touchy touchy………………………

          • Joe

            You’re not a psycho/sociopath you just think you are, you sound more like a narcissist to me. When you do meet an actual psychopath you’ll see you’re not really one.

          • Dee (RIP Kyle Demiraiakian)

            If he truly believes he is, then he should go get a psychological test, like the Milan test, done, but I suspect he doesn’t want to, because he already knows he isn’t. He’s just narcissistic and enjoys the attention everyone is giving him, makes him feel important.

          • You’re an idiot

            LOL This guy doesn’t sound like a psychopath at all. If anything he sounds like a wimpy type of guy who’s been emotionally hurt too many times so puts on this weird internet persona to try to make up for it. Here’s the deal, sociopaths/psychopaths never know that they are what they are. And here this guy comes in trying to CONVINCE everyone he is, since when do sociopaths have a NEED to convince others that they are sociopaths?? Lol give me a break! This guy also goes out of his way and tries way too hard to fit into the classical sociopath type, it’s pretty sad and embarrassing for the guy. Give it up Tommy boy, you are not a sociopath.

          • Thomas

            They never know what they are? So, you know when you are upset, you know when you are happy, but you clearly have no idea when the people you are supposed to care about die and you don’t care at all?

            That is some top notch logic there dipshit.

            I do not feel the NEED to prove to a bunch of nobody’s that i am or am not a sociopath/psychopath, only the need to stop everyone fear mongering a bunch of ill informed people about how dangerous they are. A sociopath has the inability to care. That is all. A pyschotic, which FYI has nothing to do with a psychopath, is dangerous. The only time that a sociopath/psychopath becomes a real danger is when they are also a sadist.

            Wimpy and emotionally hurt? Why not go then whole nine yards and call me a virgin or an internet tough guy that thinks all the problems in life dissapear when i have sex? 9/10 times the very insults people throw around on the internet are mirroring their own insecurites.

            I have nothing to prove to you or anyone else, i came forwards to shoot down some silly fear mongering and to try and give people, who were genuinly interested in the topic, a bit more of an education. People call any arsehole a sociopath and any killer a psychopath, it has become common practice, but it is simply not so.

            I am no longer going to post on this site so if you actually want some kind of input from me, then email me.

            Now that i am not here, feel free to create an account with fake name and insult me.

          • dale ruff

            It sounds like you do care, you are working so hard to prove that you do not.

          • Why would a sociopath/psychopath even get married or have kids and why would he even care what others think.

          • Open minded fool

            Tony Soprano? he had kids and was married. Again, Tommy may not be right bit he is right about one thing, the people on here don’t know what they are talking about and just like to point and judge people who are different.

          • thatwave

            They do it all the time. They care greatly what others think of their image. A spouse and children are just more people to control.

          • Dee (RIP Kyle Demiraiakian)

            Just like John Wayne Gacy, the BTK killer and many other psychopath serial killers, because they go out of their way to fit in to society so nobody suspects anything wrong,

          • Pogo

            You are not a sociopath or psychopath. You are a classic narcissist. You come here, spouting long posts about how much you don’t care and how little everything means to you and repeatedly put people down who offer interesting, logical insight to your words. A sociopath wouldn’t give two shits about posting here, nor would they give enough of a crap about the others here to insult them or even reply to them. Your posts revolve around your warped sense of ego and the self-importance you obviously covet from being ‘different’ than others. You need to feel special for some reason and you need to flaunt that specialness to get attention and feel superior to others. Not sociopathic/psychopathic behavior at all. How do I know this? My brother was diagnosed by a military psychologist many years ago. We have to live with his disorder the rest of our lives, you however could get help but you’re too full of yourself to even try. You’re not much different than a drug addict or alcoholic who claims they don’t have a problem, help is out there, you just don’t want it, and therefore will continue to be a thorn in the side of society, spreading your misery and bile on everyone you come into contact with because you need to feel good about yourself. I really can’t stand people like you, who self-diagnose just to exonerate yourself from your bad behavior. Not once have I ever heard my brother brag or even talk about his behavior the way you do. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what we think about it. He couldn’t give a damn about what society thinks of his ‘label’ either. It serves him no purpose to talk about it, educate people about it, or dwell on it. It’s just how he is.

          • Open minded fool

            So I guess that means everyone has to be like your brother and not give a damn. You know there is such thing as a self aware Narcissist ..well why couldn’t that be possible with a sociopath? If I narcissistic can tell he’s one but simply can’t change much about the fact that he is one, then what can he do? Nothing, he just admits it and tries to get on with life. Ask yourself this as well, you say your brother doesn’t care about his label as a sociopath. OK, that’s fair enough, but have you ever asked yourself why we humans label each other in the first place? If we are all different and Unique, surely we can’t be the same thing under a label “Sociopath”. It’s the good old divide and conquer method we humans all seem to use, make the problem seem wrong and then start hating. If anybody was clever enough or “Moral”, they would realize that human beings are all different and that we all have some degree of Narcissism, Egoism, aggression and so forth, only some people have to on a completely different level. Just because they are the minority, does it make them wrong? Is it their fault they were born or brought up that way? It could have easily been you. Then again, I think the only reason some people call others “Psycho” is because they are insecure themselves and know humans beings can be horrible creatures but just prefer to blame all of humanity’s problems on the few abnormal one’s.

          • littlepinkinco

            This man may very well be a sociopath, I just divorced after 24 years of marriage and I highly suspect he is a sociopath. My ex never told me he “Loved” me nor our two sons, he said he “cared” about us. I believe these type of humans if they are actually human and not demons do not have the ability to “care” about anyone but themselves . I had night terrors for years until I left the marriage, odd . My oldest son suffered the most, he was constantly degraded and called a princess and was accused of putting porn on his fathers computer at age 10, what kind of a father would say that? My ex moved us to Colorado for his “career” ,from the midwest, I ended up with no heat in my car in the winter for two weeks while he was taking clients out for expensive meals and buying marijuana, I was driving my youngest to school with ice inside my windows, that was the final straw for me. I was financially dependent on this man, it was my fault I let it get this far. He rarely calls or sees his sons any longer, these are truly sick individuals , they have no conscience, what is their purpose in this world? I believe in God , can they even repent if they have no conscience ? Are these demons walking among us? This has been the most frightening thing I have ever experienced in my life ~

        • Open minded fool

          Tommy, You are the man. You are the first person I have ever talked to who realizes that we are all different, we think differently, eat different and none of us are exactly the same. If humans can be sociopaths and Psychos that doesn’t mean they are not human or fit to be human, if anything it just shows how human people really are. At the end of the day, Humans all have good and bad in them (depending on how you define those two terms). I hate people who judge, they think that they are perfect because they obey the laws of society and so they feel better about themselves. Why do people love Crime films and thrillers? Because they enjoy seeing sociopaths rebel against society and be “Free” individually and wish they could be like them. It’s funny isn’t it…

          • dale ruff

            Civil society is based on a social contract (actual institutions like the Constitution but also the process of socialization), in which we agree to give up our natural liberties to do whatever we want, which creates conflict (I want to hit you, you want to take my car, the racists want to lynch blacks, etc), in exchange for ceding authority to the state, representing the collective, which in return protects us from the violence of natural liberty (war of each against each) and protects our civil liberties, which are constrained by the rights of everyone else.

            The pyscho/sociopath cannot internalize the social contract, fails to socialize, and still thinks according to the dictates of natural liberty; but reason, not empathy, teaches that we cannot always act on our private impulses, due to consequences. Not all sociopaths use reason, but not all do not use it to moderate their psychopathic desire for natural liberty, which does not respect the rights of others.

            Many sociopaths, those who do not become criminals (as clearly, many do)are able to both not feel empathy but, for selfish reasons, to control their narcissim.

            Well, that’s my 2 cents worth. I scored 1.8 and 1.9–like most people, just a bit sociopathic.

            A larger question is how states and powerful institutions (corporations, political parties, etc) behave as psychopaths. Corporations are required by law to mindlessly pursue increasing investor value, making money, without regard to external issues like morality or compassion. Corporations, as a recent book argues, are legal sociopaths, just as money, which is protected as free speech, is legalized bribery.

            What happens when the values and perspectives of the psychopath are institutionalized and become the structure and norm of society? That is a much deep problem than the situation of 1 in 25 being terribly selfish.

          • disqus_7JyEl075PJ

            Holy crap!! Could you just talk more and I’ll listen…
            Seriously this is a great thoughtful comment with such insight. I’m not even articulate enough to describe how exciting the correlations you made were. I used to be, just outta practice. 😛
            You drew the connection between sociopathy/psychopathy and business really well. I’ll thrown another bone in there: a majority of those in business and politics are often jocks and frat boys. So essentially the same kinds of people have been running and bullying the world for awhile.
            And that our society is literally breeding this kind of psychotic self-serving behavior as the norm.
            I was thinking, what little I know about history but maybe we’re just going BACK to what humans knew and did for many centuries before some of us got evolved and doctrines were drawn about what not to do and how not to behave… social dogma. I mean, Ghengis Khan, The Ottomans, Attila the Hun, Marc Anthony and the Romans, the British Empire…the Vikings…they were all madmen driven to get what they wanted regardless of the outcome. Most of history is like this: men driving viciously towards their goal by any means necessary.
            I’ve said for years by some instinct, that psychosis is just a state of total uninhibited self-servitude. I mean, people who are in a state of madness and ruthlessness, are simply driven by their own desires whatever they are, regardless of the effect it has on others, by any means necessary. Some are just more ‘psychotic’ than others. I think you’ve touched this connection to the corporate world articulately and that maybe that’s all ‘madness’ or sociopathy/psychopathy really is….total selfishness and self-absorbtion?
            The worst thing is when corporations were given rights, as an individual. That just gave them license to do everything they’ve always done more so and more unabashedly. Scary.
            Dunno….just thoughts.

        • adam

          Dude. your crazy just for thinking all this shit up. the fact that you don’t feel anything is deffinently not right. you have a wife and kid and don’t care if they live or die is deffinently a problem. you need help whether you know or care. plane and simple. fucking psycho.

      • Are you serious?

        Thomas never said he was violent… nothing you’ve said here is relevant in any way to what he actually wrote. In fact, it’s alarming that you’ve written a “paper” when you’re obviously not astute enough to extrapolate relevant information from what you’ve read and make connections between it and what you write…

        • dale ruff

          He did. He said that he would preview the next blows………………….calmly, as his heart rate relaxed. You are the last person who should be berating others for not relating to what he actually wrote!

          • Efraim Kristal

            Where, please, did Thomas write that he “would preview the next blows” calmly as his heart rate relaxed?

      • Keyser Soze

        Why did you only study antisocial MALE batterers? 60% of all domestic violence, and 72% of all child abuse is committed by women.

        • Bongstar420

          Because women have developed good strategies in the game of life

        • Cinall

          This is very true, though people have the right to research whatever they want.

          I have an X daughter-in-law who is a psychopath. She abused my son, got pregnant when she could see he was becoming fed up with her, and now she uses my granddaughter as a tool. She doesn’t let any of us have contact with her though she gets her child support each month. She is absolutely impossible to deal with. Child protective services are completely taken in by her. Maybe they’re sociopaths too.

      • Bongstar420

        What you are observing is the low functioning types. The high functioning types tend to be members of the establishment and not in prison.

    • Ash

      There certainly are huge gaps in psychology. There are a few things that I don’t understand tho, maybe you can explain them to me. If you’re feelingless/emotionless, why do you have a wife ? Why did you make an attempt to be closer to her ? You have a large family that is close knit – does that mean you’re still part of the family ? If so, why ? Why would you keep entertaining them if you don’t care ?

      • john

        Most sociopaths aren’t emotionless entirely, you still care for people just a very limited number the difference is a lack of empathy for other people. For example a girl died after a rave when she walked out into the snow and froze to death overnight…I found this hilarious to which my mom called me a sociopath (ironically). Same thing in little league when I pitched and the ball hit someone and they cried i would laugh. I have no idea why this is but the point is that you lack empathy for people you don’t know and often prefer to be alone (at least the case for me) not that you have no emotion at all or truly don’t care about anyone. Maybe 4% of the population are sociopaths but they aren’t all emotionless.

        • Ash

          Hey John, are you Thomas or a new guy ? The thing is, the definition of a psychopath is emotionless. Not a little emotion – nothing at all. I have a lot of friends that laugh at the misfortune of other people, heck even myself have done so in the past. It doesn’t necessarily make you a psychopath. I don’t know though, I’ve seen serial killers that cry about some of the people they killed. I don’t think psychology has all the answers yet.

      • thatwave

        I married a sociopath. He picked me because I had what he wanted to be and control. He wanted to dominate me. I had a good life and a good future ahead of me. I was well-liked and attractive with my own home…. I also had a history of abuse and rather low self-esteem as well as poor boundaries. The sociopath picked me right out of a crowd. He knew *exactly* what to go for. Studies have found that they can do that–pick out previously victimized people based on body-language. I was a status symbol for the sociopath and he thought I would be meek enough to put up with his abuse. ( I wasn’t.)

        • Donna Kurpaska

          I dated one after being out of a verbally abusive marriage for 9 yrs. They do spot u. I don’t know what to do or how to change so that I don’t attract this kind of person again. Did u get out o ur marriage ?

    • Oh No

      Most sociopaths are not violent. I don’t know if that is comforting to hear. The writer mentions the author above – she might be helpful in getting you to understand yourself in a way others don’t.

      • dale ruff

        Even into the mid-1970s, almost 80 percent of convicted felons in the United States were being diagnosed as sociopaths.

        It is recognized that prisoners have a much higher rate of sociopathy; most violent criminals are likely to be pychopathic.

        That does not mean all sociopaths are criminals or violent but only that there is a high correlation.

        Another term which catches the emotional flavor of interacting with a sociopath is the need to refer to them as assholes. Assholes, a much maligned mataphore, are hated for their lack of feeling, their selfishness, their not giving a shit. Ironic, isn’t it?

    • Judas1

      Why do you do anything if you “could not care less”? You’re a liar. If anyone or anything was truly irrelevant to you then you would not be reaching out for attention with a pathetic trim attempt to diminish, malign, or put others down. Crawl back into your hole and kill yourself, asshole.

      • jjjjjjjjjjj

        Sociopaths ARE infact liars. Your correct. Dumb fuck

        • Bongstar420

          They are liars when it is profitable for them….just like most people

      • Frazier Othel Thompson

        Well damn

      • Amanda Jones

        They do care, they just care about themselves! It’s everyone else they don’t care about!

    • anonymous 7777

      ‘Thomas’ may or may not be a sociopath (which definitionally is the same thing as a psychopath) but I suspect he is also a ‘troll’ blemishing another’s hotmail account, or setting someone up to be hurt for kicks which, in fact, happens to be sociopathic behavior in and of itself.

      • Dee (RIP Kyle Demiraiakian)

        Psychopath and Sociopath are two totally different types. The only thing they really have in common is the anti-social personality disorder, which the symptoms are similar, ie., lack of empathy, remorse, etc., but their behaviour is totally night and day of each other. Sociopath, loud and sloppy. Psychopath, quiet and calculating.

    • will

      Your sincerity overules any menace and I hope your trust problems go way.Wonderful post. Thanks.

    • Mindbreaker

      I have heard that some people with the condition can live a somewhat normal life. That is the point of interventions. If they had no effect, why bother? Good parents, some therapy, some portion will be able to live a normal life. The woman jumping in front of the train; I understand you don’t get. The point is there was some chance that she could have moved the child aside or made the impact less harmful to the child, and knowing she sat by and did nothing would have been worse than death. The guilt would have been overwhelming. None of that may make sense to you, or you may come to the conclusion you are superior for not being a victim to those emotions, but that would be the wrong thing to take away from that, even it it appears logical.

      You do not believe it is a disorder…but you see…that is the insidious part of it. People with right hemisphere strokes often have the same opinion…there is noting wrong. But alas there is. Half the people on this site would rather you did not exist. I don’t fully fathom that. Perhaps they have been victimized by a sociopath or two, most of us have. My reaction is very different. I feel that research needs to be done to see if drugs or electrostimulation of the correct part of the brain or other direct treatment perhaps genetic can be developed. It is in all our best interests.

    • Jdub

      Psycho and sociopath are, generally, used interchangeably. I’ve heard it said that sociopaths can have remorse but psychopaths can’t. I’ve always thought that psychopaths should be distinguished bc their actions are for self gratification. A sociopaths actions are an attempt to advance social interests. A mobster is a sociopath bc they do their crimes for money. A serial killer is a psychopath bc they murder for self gratification.

    • Allison Kyteler

      I think YOU may be confusing “psychopath” and “sociopath”. Both are relative blanket terms that are subject to change, however a psychopath usually suffers from some type of extreme delusion, which you don’t seem to be. I’m not sure simply being emotionless is enough to categorize you as a sociopath either. I know there are many types of sociopaths and some sociopaths have other personality disorders ON TOP OF being a sociopath. I don’t see any sociopathic traits in any of your posts, unless you are holding back, which on a public forum, would be wise. I don’t think there is any legitimate help for sociopaths, and yes, I believe SOME of them do want to better their lives and are powerless to do so without professional help as guidance on how to “be normal” or pretend to be rather. “Normal” people won’t understand, and once you are cast as the villain, that is what you will always be..If you fully divulge your inner thoughts and struggles to a professional on the other hand, you take a risk that they may not fully comprehend the complexities of your mind due to inaccurate and incomplete findings that got drilled into their heads in college and they may deem you a threat to society, even though you may not be, or best case scenario, they simply refuse to work with you. Many psychologists will not provide therapy to a sociopath b/c it is too easy for them to lie so convincingly. I don’t believe you are a sociopath with what you’ve said, but if you are, or wonder if you are, or even if you are just a bored trophy husband who is fascinated by the disorder, the place to visit would be http://www.sociopathworld.com A while back I had a run-in with an ACTUAL psychopath so I educated myself on the matter as much as possible to avoid such a circumstance in the future. I’m telling YOU this because even though I don’t know what it’s like to have a busted frontal lobe, I DO know what it’s like to feel alienated, different, alone. I don’t think anyone deserves to walk through life without at least one person who understands them. Maybe someone there will know of a specialist who you can actually TRUST and can help you with this, NOT CURE, HELP. One more thing, I just realized you DO possess a couple traits…..the desire to WIN, which explains why you keep returning every time some idiot posts something that challenges what you’ve previously posted. You do so in a way that demeans them, tastefully so, but still, I can’t help but notice you taking pleasure in “destroying” them through insightful, well spoken words and with a cocky, yet charming tone while maintaining an effortless fluidity. Also a sociopathic trait. Hmmm…..interesting to say the least.

    • Keyser Soze

      You should seriously consider committing suicide at the earliest available opportunity. Who and what you are is fundamentally incompatible with normal human society, which im sure is something youve felt and suspected your entire life. There is no way to fix this, and your only hope or chance for peace is a quick and painless death. You know youre going to eventually die anyway, so why delay the inevitable? Its the only rational choice.

    • Bongstar420

      Murderers are embracing their full nature. They realized they get off on it and went for it. Murder rates are lower because of the power of law, not because of other aspects of human nature.

    • thatwave

      There are sociopaths who are not predators. In fact, one scientist studying sociopathy described feelings like yours and found in a brain scan, that he was indeed a sociopath. However, if a person with sociopathic genes and tendencies is raised in a healthy and structured environment, he or she can be “trained” to fit in with society–if only for their own selfish good.

    • DC

      Perhaps in your searching you might look up the word ‘Narcissist’ too?

    • Amanda Jones

      If you ever do commit a crime, it’s all recorded here on this website that “you could care less.” They will be much more harder on you than other criminals. I recall the “Pothead Princess” who took to social media claiming she was “2 drunk 2 care.” Well, a few hrs. later she killed a few people with her boyfriend’s car, driving drunk and without a license. Talk about lawsuits! She’s getting hit with a lawsuit in addition to the bar that served her drinks, to her boyfriend to the place where she worked. The judge is really going hard on her as well. She’ll never come up with 600k bail it takes to get out of jail. Once you post your feelings on the Internet, it’s all over for you if you have no conscious. And you’ll be the target for lawsuits as well. If I had a legal team, I’d scour the Internet for posts like that and use it against you in a court of law. If you really need to talk, you should go to a library, and use an anonymous name when posting, otherwise everything can get traced back to you and could be held against you. All the stupid things the Pothead Princess posted online has now come back to haunt her!

    • Cinall

      You seem to be able to look at yourself objectively and recognize your own weaknesses. All of us are weak or out of balance in one way or another. You are dealing with your own difficulties. That is admirable. Don’t pay attention to cruel people who tell you to kill yourself. Their problems are bigger than yours. The Lord Jesus bless you and lead you.

    • Dee (RIP Kyle Demiraiakian)

      That is where your wrong. Sociopaths are a victim of there environment at an early age, ie., severe emotional, verbal, physical and /or sexual abuse in childhood. Due to it being caused by environment, they, in most cases, can be rehabilitated. Sociopaths are loud and spontaneous, they usually have a lower than average IQ, are uneducated and of a lower class society, they are more likely to get caught for the crimes they commit, due to not planning, being sloppy and bragging. Psychopaths on the other hand, is genetic, ie., they are born with psychopathic predisposition, which makes it incurable, in fact it is suggested that psychopaths not be treated, due to their high level of manipulation of treatment to transform it into a game for their own amusement which they almost always trick the Doctor performing said treatment. Psychopaths are quiet and calculating. They constantly and obsessively plan everything they do, ahead of time, they adapt into any environment, without anyone being the wiser . They are extremely smart, highly educated and usually hold a successful position in the work force. They usually have a family, to look normal to society. They never show signs or tell anyone what they are. They are meticulous at everything they do, crimes included.

  • Aquarius

    So scary .. You really never know who people are , and with increasing shootings and acts of random violence it looks like these so called sociopaths are going unnoticed until its too late

    • So what would you propose we do about it? Lock them up over a condition they were born with and have no control over?

      • adam

        No. just hang them for all to see.

        • MaslowK

          Oh man, genius! That’ll surely teach people not to be born with mental illnesses!

          • adam

            Is that what I said Jeffrey Daumer looking asshole. More like the psychopaths that hurt others because its bound to happen. If there’s not any kind of real punishment than people will do what they want. Assholes like you and everyone on this page will take no responsibility and say and do whatever and get away with it. Just shut up and act right.

          • MaslowK

            The issue is we have no way of knowing someone is going to do harm until they actually do harm, at which point there aren’t any special privileges given even if they do happen to be a sociopath. My point is that having that condition doesn’t guarantee a person will necessarily do harm, they still have to disregard the consequences of their actions, which is a different issue altogether that affects people with or without mental illnesses.

            Also, ad hominem attacks based on a shadowy profile picture really don’t help your arguments at all.

          • Dee (RIP Kyle Demiraiakian)

            What ever happened to innocent til proven guilty??? You need to, ” Just shut up and act right.”.

          • Andrew Creighton

            They shouldn’t be killed, but they shouldn’t be allowed to roam society, ruining and destroying people’s lives. These people can cause suicide of the people, around them. Very inhumane, they have survived evolution through manipulation. They are the worst in us, as a species.

          • MaslowK

            Having the potential to cause harm is not a good enough reason to lock people up their entire lives. By that logic we should also lock up all people with down syndrome, since they often have a harder time distinguishing right from wrong, or following/understanding social norms than “normal” people.

            As for the idea that they “can cause suicide”, that’s just ridiculous. Ultimately, it’s up to the person committing suicide whether or not they decide to go through with it.

            In any case, locking up sociopaths on a large scale would require mandatory testing of every person in the country (if the idea is to identify them *before* they have a chance to harm others), and would then depend on accurate analyses of each individual. Suffice it to say this isn’t exactly feasible given the sheer number of people in this country, and would most certainly be abused at some point.

          • Andrew Creighton

            As far, as locking them up. You, do have a point in the logic of doing harm. I don’t know, what a real solution would be. As far as a person committing suicide, yes that would of course be a personal choice. What I was insinuating, was that a sociopath could destroy someone’s life to the point where, it may push someone over the edge. I mean, if we are addressing a certain populace, that enjoys harming others for enjoyment. I do, see it as problematic. There are people, who may not be considered sociopaths that could fit that criteria. I guess, putting out the warning sides would be the best option.

      • Andrew Creighton


      • anon


  • Oh No

    My own father is a sociopath. He is now incarcerated (about 25 years after he should’ve been). Even now in prison, nothing dampers his spirit or sense of adventure. He is filled with wild dreams, is highly intelligent, but does not exude an ounce of remorse for anyone he has ever hurt. To me he has been nice but there’s no doubt in my mind he lacks a normal conscience. Thankfully I take after my mother.

    • Keyser Soze

      If he ever gets out of prison you should murder him first chance you get.

      • Mr.Skizzles

        Sociopaths lack morals and regret….What you just said is kinda sociopathic behavior….good job internet jockey

        • Anti Everything

          No,… no, it IS a bit of the psycho think. Good cal on that.

        • wolfdoctor

          I’m pretty sure he was making a joke.

      • Efraim Kristal

        Yes, because murder is the way to deal responsibly and ethically with those who exhibit … a lack of ethical responsibility.

        • Keyser Soze

          Do you a problem with killing diseases? A sociopath has no soul, no conscience. They’re barely even human. They offer no worth to the world or the people around them. They’re essentially demons.

          • Efraim Kristal

            Unless you can produce evidence of what a “soul” is, the same could be said of each of us. As for sociopaths offering no “worth to the world or the people around them,” that depends on perspective, at best. They appear to be valuable when their ruthlessness and radically different value systems earn organizations great wealth or when they win governments wars, for instance. And since no one understands well how the set of traits constituting “sociopathology” (just a word) served the evolution of Homo sapiens, we don’t know if or how those traits you’re proposing be expunged might serve humanity in the future.

            Another objection to the irrationalism of kill-the-“evil”-people-we-don’t-like is that the distribution of cognitive states in populations appears quite natural–including the propensity for empathy. Sociopaths appear to process social information differently than the average in their communities. While I agree community members should be aware such people are among us so we can make healthier decisions for ourselves, I couldn’t disagree more with the counsel to kill them. Hold all citizens accountable legally? Yes. Murder people who are very different from average in ways the group finds unappealing? No.

            I don’t mean to be rude, but it’s tough to take seriously an argument that condemns some human beings on non-objective, non-empirical grounds–souls, demons… Seems to me, putting aside the questionable existence of such things, sociopaths are welcome when they serve the needs or desires of the group, then vilified once their use has been exhausted.

          • joe moe

            Wow are you stupid

          • Eric Hiatt

            Wars exist because of sociopaths in the first place.

          • I sincerely doubt that your existence has been negatively affected, indeed destroyed, by the evil machinations of a psychopath. Mine has, on more than one occasion, and I can never forgive the evil sadistic creatures that impacted on my right to be an individual with the right to make my own informed choices (this attitude could extend to the presstitute MSM).

            Unfortunately we who openly show concerned empathy for our fellow creatures are fair game when our “weakness” is used to lead us towards our own destruction through some other’s platitudes, lies, and even murder. From a Spiritual perspective psychopaths are “soul-less” entities, an aberration of creation, a tear in the genetic structure, a broken link in the chain that makes most of us socially human, and as such must be removed… The only way, as in surgery, is to drastically excise the offensive material before terminal destruction sets in.

            While a Psychopath remains alive they can continue merrily on their evil conscienceless way, so it appears that the only solution is a terminal one. Politicians bureaucrats and the PC MSM should be scurrying back to the rocks from under which they crawled, as history shows that when psychopaths and their fawning minions are exposed society exacts its revenge in the most terrible ways…

          • Cinall

            Think about this from the bible in Ephesians 6:2“Honor your father and mother” (which is the first commandment with a promise), 3“that it may go well with you and that you may be long-lived on the earth.” This seems to imply that the out of control person will not live very long. This could refer to a psychopath, someone without conscience or empathy to the point that they have no love or respect for parents. You could also consider that this type of person wouldn’t have love or care for their child, siblings, friends, etc. This lack of care brings about reckless behavior. Reckless behavior frequently causes early death. Don’t worry about the psychopath who has hurt you. Natural consequences will catch up with them.

          • An interesting perspective, and thanks, I live in hope of a peaceful and naturally occurring solution.

            Unfortunately, tempus is fugitting far too fast, and the more I think about what you say, the more I’m led to believe that such creatures are of no benefit to any community in which I’d choose to live, and like a rotten apple must be torn out and destroyed, with suitable and appropriate force where necessary. Not an atom of their evil presence can be allowed to remain to infect others… and we should begin at the very top!

            The Golden Rule is still The Golden rule!

          • Cinall

            I understand how you feel. A psychopath has done much damage to my family. My son married one before he realized. He’s divorced by my granddaughter is stuck with her crazy mama and the courts don’t recognize the psychopath. I must fight against hatred every day. It’s a very harmful emotion.

          • Anti Everything

            So, based on your judgement alone, you have the right, power and moral grounds to murder another human being? Big move, you should be in government, ‘it’ thinks just like that.

    • joe moe

      Do you really I don’t think so daddy’s boy

  • anon

    Michael E. Wise from Kirkland, Il is an extremely narcissistic sociopath who will ruin your life. Run, don’t walk away from this psycho.

    • Allison Kyteler

      You seem to be slandering this man’s name all over the internet to anyone who will listen, which makes me wonder about your mental state. If you actually know anything about the disorder, you would know fighting fire with fire in this case is EXTREMELY dangerous and unwise. If you were TRULY just worried this man would harm other people I HIGHLY doubt you’d go into mentioning his “small penis” as you did on one website. What does a small wiener have to do with him being dangerous? Hell, if that’s what makes a guy a sociopath than my ex was a socio FOR SURE! Ha!

      • Bongstar420
      • anon

        Why are you googling his name, curious how much he pd for his house you dumb bitch?

      • anon

        You already know your ex is a sociopath sweety!

      • thatwave

        If you’ve never dated a sociopath, you probably can’t imagine how frustrating it is to come out the other side beaten down and broken. The sociopath will torment you for years. He will convince others that you are the problem and get them to attack you on his behalf. I can see why someone would rant over the hell they’ve been through when the sociopath was never held accountable. (BTDT.) I don’t believe that posting the sociopath’s name and identifiable information is a wise idea, though. If you expose a sociopath, they will rabidly defend themselves and discredit you with every bit of their being to prevent future prey from learning the truth. Even if every word you say is true, they will make themselves the victims and come after you. Best to cut all contact and disappear.

    • Why would anyone other than a sociopath uprate that comment?

  • Missy D

    They are pathological liars and true manipulators. My experience mirrors dozens of others that I have read. Dr. Stout’s book truly opened my eyes to the red flags that may clue the normal people in to the fact that the person they are dealing with is a sociopath. Be vigilante in our dealings with other people and keep educating yourself. It is the only way to live free of these people.

  • jjjjjjjjjjj

    Almost every post is irrelevant to the last. The only person you here talking is yourselves. You all just speak without listening. Like a group of fucking chimpanzees hollering

  • Hybrid

    I think I might be a hybrid. I could care less about other people, but I love my family. I used to kill lizards and stuff as a kid till I got a bb gun and shot other animals like birds and squirrels. The first squirrel I shot grabbed itself in the chest(where I shot it) like “ahh you got me” and then fell out of the tree. I felt a jolt go through me and thought “seemed human”, then I kept on killing animals. People regularly call me heartless and thoughtless, but I don’t feel like doing the “cultural” gestures that people expect(lazy?). I like to be direct and too the point and I think it angers most people I don’t pity them verbally when they complain, but I think it is pointless. What do you say when someone tells you their spouse died in a car accident? All I can think to say is “did he have insurance?”. Does that make me a bad person? I look at things from a glass half full, and I am not afraid to tell you where the bear shits in the woods. I can’t help it if society is full of people freaking out. I could kill a whole family and go on a shooting spree , but what is the point? I think people fear what they don’t know. If you don’t know psychopaths you shouldn’t just say they will kill you and eat you as soon as look at you, unless it does make sense/gain a profit to kill you. I think serial killers just have fucked up sexual childhoods and get a release by raping/killing than playing games and jacking off. Kind of like that guy who goes from jacking to auto erotic choking. Like an appetite.

  • scorpio953

    Psychopaths commit murder without giving a thought to their actions. They don’t think that anyone will catch them. It’s the next step up from a Sociopath but with no conscience or soul.

  • throatcutter

    How bout u bitches shut the fuck up before I leave u full of stab wounds u ain’t shit just ashes 50 years from now lmaao

    • ^a random angsty teenager appears!

    • Andrew Creighton

      Real scared Jo-Jo, go learn some proper english, have fun in prison.

  • Not all sociopaths are criminals, just saying.

  • jelliclekace

    I suspect that the natural place for sociopaths in society is at the top of government (and perhaps major religions), being kept in check by other sociopaths who don’t necessarily agree with each other. And I’m sure they are already there, and that it cannot be changed. Sociopaths who are in prison either weren’t smart enough to live a free life, or may have even actually chose to live in prison, since if they have a violent streak, it is more accepted to use this is prison than in free society.

  • will

    Well let me just say this .I had to google this topic because their is an increasing level of this type of behavioral problem .Dont have a clear understanding of just what is a sociopath but i think different types of new demands on normal everyday people are bringing out some symptoms in some folks. I use this word too much for possibly the wrong reasons at times.However, to me anyone who causes harm or loss to anyone else for SELFISH reasons, I call them sociopaths. And Im sure anyone can agree at some time in their lives they have felt victimized by a socio. What im getting at is all humans have this problem to certain degree. And some more than others. Better said.

  • Ari

    I am working on my Ph.D in Psychology and also have completed a M.A. in Sociology. Off the record, more than one sociologist and psychologist that I have worked with in the course of my studies has said that until we are able to reprogram brains the best solution is to either lock up sociopaths, or, “get rid of them” and I’m sure their meaning is the one you’ll think of as well. Essentially a sociopath has a broken brain; they are unable to use emotion to facilitate decision making, resulting in disastrous consequences. Look at the Bush family and the corporate elite in the USA. Look at Harper and the Neo Fascists in Canada, look at the Hungarian government, look at the British government over the last few years. It’s clear that sociopathy is everywhere. Personally I don’t mind getting rid of them, we only need a few to study, not millions.

    • M2

      You personally don’t mind getting rid of them?

      Um, OK.


      It’s highly likely your Psychology Professors ARE themselves sociopaths! DO you know how hard it is to climb over everyone, wring the work our of your graduate students as if they were your slaves – knowing the majority will fail to make it into academia???

      Note: I teach Neuroscience to medical students as an academician.

      I’d also just make a minor note that you seemed to have recognized that the Bush’s and Fascists are sociopaths – but what of the progressives and socialists?! I mean Jesus, skip over the big fish to the little. Look up non-aggression axiom, when it is applied it means no progressive socialism! Yes, those sociopaths have set YOU up and are leading you around by the nose.

    • Sureitis

      You need to look no further than our current President. Charismatic, self serving, lying, blames all others for his own mistakes, intelligent, incapable of feeling shame, guilt or remorse. Barack is a textbook case!

    • Now and then

      You sound like a sociopath yourself !

    • thatwave

      So…were you hoping to make an educated statement about sociopathy? Or an angry political statement? I would hope that someone working on a PhD–especially in Psychology–might be more rational and less addicted to black and white thinking.

  • Frazier Othel Thompson

    I am very attracted to being in a romantic relationship with narcissists. I unknowingly dated a narcissist for a year and a half and found myself very addicted of her intellect, and sexual behavior lol. I find it hard to be with an average person. Narcissists are similar to sociopaths in many ways. Their differences are apparent as well. The main characteristic that enables me to enjoy their company is their need for attention from a soul mate. If you treat a sociopath/narcissist the way that they would want to be treated, than the relationship will last longer than expected from the spectators that despise of the relationship. I understand that narcissistic women will use sex to manipulate their lover into gaining feelings and profound admiration for them in a strange way. Despite of me knowing this, I still find it very difficult, and also unsatisfying to date a girl with a conscience.

    • thatwave

      I was raised by a narcissist mother. I married a narcissist and wondered why my attempt to escape abuse sent me right into the arms of another abuser! I took a break and went to therapy. Four years later, I dated again. That time, a narcissistic sociopath came right for me. I had NO idea such a person could exist. I thought sociopaths were murderers. I thought the narcissists were bad, but the sociopath was a thousand times worse. It was like a hurricane of terror raging through my house daily. Back to therapy….

      I think I finally get it now. I am very aware of the red flags and my personal issues that allow them to target me. Won’t get fooled again!

  • papaouiee

    Synonym fro sociopath; politician, secret society member, ladder climber, corporate controller, criminal, etc….

  • Judith Blakely Sanders

    Seems to be an outbreak of it these these days! I think having as few as you can in your life,or none is key to peace and survival! !

  • Keyser Soze

    People should be allowed to legally hunt sociopaths in the street like rabid dogs. They lack souls and are thus technically not “human”. They are living demons that should be cleansed from the Earth

  • adilrye

    I know some people who display textbook sociopathy. One of my “friends”. Now I don’t know if sociopathy literally means you have no empathy, but he’s reckless, arrogant, admittedly charming, loves getting into trouble, loves starting fights, uses people all the time and is very good at getting what he wants. He’s told me after he has sex with a woman he wants to kick her out immediately, he’s never held a stable relationship etc.

    I’m pretty sure he’s one.

    • thatwave

      Hey…do you know my ex-husband? Daily rages, lots of anger, picking fights over nothing, inability to keep a job, (from raging at co-workers,) family that avoids him….

      My ex sociopath is an amazing womanizer. Use, discard. Use, discard. Hundreds and hundreds of women. It’s amazing how he can keep charming people.

  • Greg Bernstein


  • Elvispresley

    The fact is, is that empathetic people will never understand what it feels like to have no empathy and vice versa. If we accept and love everyone for their true nature and embrace the truth, we can then start to move forward instead of getting tangled up in arguments.
    We should realise that perhaps this is the reason why some of the more powerful people in the world do things that seem heartless and make rules that are only designed to control. Sociopathic natured people will lie because they know that we expect everyone to be naturally empathetic. If we see things for what they are instead of letting our minds be brainwashed by opinions and propaganda we will realise that no human being is better or worse than the other. We are all just different, and yet the same.
    At the end of the day, the man made illusion of a world will try to make you think that money and power equal happiness because it wants you to be unnatural and insecure. It will try to make you think that you have to be angry when someone tries to steal your power. But it’s only a lie. If you accept the truth, you will learn to love the fact that lies exist, but it is your choice to believe them or not. It’s your choice whether you feel anger or love. There’s no need to feel bad about it. Love equals happiness. Learn and be empowered instead of trying to overpower with falseness. The world needs it.

  • Spooderman

    bet that number is really higher….

  • Daniel Thomas

    Sociopaths need to be exterminated

    • Anonymous

      Thank you!

  • pinko

    Are ya’ll sure they got the numbers right, how about all those Christians & ect. that whirl their attitudes at others, like putting a girl down for a slut tat and turn around and kiss on a pimp’s ass (ooh Allah ). Wonder where the phrase was formed, maybe multiple answers ?
    How about the callings in courtrooms, where one is guilty as the courts allow their lawyers to carry on,
    whether the one in the right wins or not, someone makes money ( lawyers ) and others possibly a vote, non justice and infringement sounds more like it.
    But how is our constitution being held up, when others apply here for residence, and we have a hard time deciding whether they should be allowed to beat their wives and daughters or kill them.
    Who would be called sociopaths for allowing ones into a country, because of money or connected by name, running a business that the whole town / towns businesses struggle or goes out of business but those keep going, even though from their own country their practices where known.
    What about jobs, where owners and supervisors think so highly of their selves that training is lean, but
    they rather you be trained too be a robot, for how thankful you work for them their wonderful glow and are turned out with that attitude, not for what you know / learn, and without communication ability to others ( now there is more turned out into the world ).
    And old time favorite, guys that because they are males their a man, and have the whole show to the world without regard to others ( most don’t work or think past one thing and defend their worthiness above all others, even amongst their selves. ( Who was the sociopath that formed that teaching ).
    Evidently, all have floated past being a god and should no longer be given human rights or dismantle their bubbles and learn how to be a civilized individual.
    Makes you wonder, where old green eyes is at.

  • My mission is to increase global psychopathy awareness – in order to recognize, and vote out of government, the politicians who have no conscience. Psychopathic lawmakers are self-serving and their focus on power and greed takes precedence over the well-being of the people. I am advocating the recognition that psychopaths need be removed from powerful positions, since their neurological propensity for being contrary, lying pathologically, and being self-serving at the detriment to others is bringing our society down, not up. Let’s Stop Voting for Psychopaths!…But, How?? AWAKEN http://petition.NoPsycho.Org

    Now we can spot a psychopath as easily as we see who is drug impaired. Let’s get disordered people out of government. http://www.facebook.com/notes/psychopathy-genetics/how-to-spot-a-pro-social-psychopath/781795738538803

  • Snake

    Sociopaths, psychopaths, narcissist should be killed?
    If you ruin someone’s life so on and so forth, by the weight of their world and power, the blessings should be equal.
    Tales of alctrez say the dungeon had hard and cruel realities, so said with mud.
    Wouldn’t a slab of marble around 150 lbs., with cuffs built in, about 3 – 4 ft. of mud, the weight they show the world as well as their power, be sufficient?
    They will also receive a proper burial, which will not bring on a sociopath’s / ect. distressed since of their status.
    But what about the smaller one’s that see a chance in the sociopath’s ways for their own, to show greatness of their selves, maybe a visit along with their own dealings/
    But still along the way they still lose, whether dealing with or not : ) > ( Believe )

  • Giving up

    I have all the traits of a sociopath. The Internet says there is no cure or treatment. I am on my 3rd marriage and I love this women. I don’t want to hurt her anymore and I’m finding suicide is my only option. For the first time in my life I realize that it’s game over. The abuse that went into me becoming this way is by no means my fault. It’s easy for you all to come on here and give your opinions…..some sociopathic opinions to say the least….there is no hope…..there never has been for me.

  • Yvette

    i want to be a sociopath

  • Steve Wickenden

    Dear Sir, Australia is experiencing a massive constitutional crisis, 21 Billion PA wasted on socialist corruption in family court alone, our courts and civil services are awash with political corruption, especially here in Queensland.
    I Have been in family court for 5 years against socialist corruption by Legal Aid Queensland on proven via confession of false allegations of DV, they still won,t let my 5yo son see me, despite court orders, anyone like to try explaining that ?
    Please stop funding legal aid Queensland socialist corruption and their feminists agenda
    The real issue is illegitimate authority, no moral compass from our civil service employee’s, that is a clear indicator of APD [sociopaths and psychopaths].
    1% of the population have Antisocial Personality Disorder APD [ref DSM5] that is 230,000 psychopaths in Australia alone. Worldwide 70,000,000.
    APD [psychopaths] is why we are always at war, they are genetically flawed, disposing them to be criminally and morally insane. So where are they all, Terrorist States, ISIS, socialist states, civil services? Seems psychopaths gravitate to positions of power it is their nature.
    Please ask the [our] government
    1. Do they employ psychopaths in civil services?
    2. How many psychopaths are employed in or civil services?
    3. Why are they employing psychopaths in civil services?
    4. Have they warned the people they are employing psychopaths in civil services?

  • Psychopathy is a lack of conscience, neurological impairment. Psychopath Test Politicians http://petition.NoPsycho.Org

  • Boudha

    5 million danes are sociopaths, that is why Denmark tops all the Poles with great reviews .

  • Anti Everything

    I think the wonders of ‘TV’ (and media in total) has a great deal to do with this amount of sociopathic behavior. Combine the TV with ‘government school’ training and propaganda and two major groups can be created – sociopaths and dullards. That said, I have to believe the percentage of sociopaths (including the dullard) is closer to 50% or 150+ million.

  • willow

    How lucky for the Clintons they found each other.

  • S_

    About 80% of the people in Austin, Texas are sociopaths – or rather, Cluster B personality types, ranging from conversational narcissists to full-on psychopaths.

  • J

    5 million Danes are sociopaths, someone wrote that. And they are unfortunately right.

    Go to Denmark! It is so ” amazing”.

  • The Very Sad Truth

    Been there and done that already especially when i met this woman at the club that decided to come to my place of employment and wanted to give me a card with a Red Rose that said on the card that she loved me. But fortunately i wasn’t there at that time. Now i am watching my back since i Only met her at one time. These women can be Very Extremely Dangerous.

  • The Very Scary Truth Of All

    And the great majority of them are women unfortunately and are very extremely dangerous as well.