7-minute video: 1%’s terror/wars/debt contrived to crush 99%’s awakening

The US 1% has a verifiable agenda of lie-led unlawful wars and fraud-fed debt.

This agenda is only possible as long as the 99% are kept ignorant and distracted from these facts. That was the 1%’s cartel/corporate media’s job, as this 7-minute video with David Icke demonstrates is dissolving from the lights of activism and independent media.

As the 99%’s awakening accelerates, Earth’s endgame is here with 3 basic choices for humanity:

  • Think, speak, and act for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants’ success with intellectual integrity and moral courage. This seems to require asserting “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes of the 1% and demanding their arrests to stop the massive crimes.
  • Denial, dishonesty, and/or apathy in the face of crimes centering in war and money that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of our dollars.
  • Align with the criminal 1% in vicious, loveless, psychopathic domination of others in attempt to be a “master class” imposed upon a “slave class.”

As I’ve argued for years, some of the most powerful contributions for justice come from those among the criminals who reclaim their hearts now in “Scrooge/Vader/Snape conversions.”

Choose well.

All choices within philosophies of God, karma, morality translate into thoughts, words, and actions:

  • Who do you choose to be? How are you using your voice? What are you doing?
  • Are you proud of yourself?
  • If you will receive what you work for, are you working for what you really want?

You are as big as Creation with what you align and serve, and paradoxically-simultaneously just one guest among seven billion humans on this planet. As guests, managing this planet’s destiny seems far beyond our roles. That said, what seems central to being human is fully-expressing alignment and service.

Enjoy this artistic and practical challenge.

Hat-tip to poorrichards blog 🙂

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  • mmckinl

    My Take on the “Powers That Be ” …

    It’s called “peak oil” and the demise of private bank fractional reserve banking. Why? Because our banking system needs constant growth or it withers and dies. Without cheap abundant oil the economy tanks, year over year growth is no longer possible. Debt becomes unpayable and the financial system crashes.

    Peak oil has been on the agenda of the “powers that be” since at least 2004. That was the year the now infamous Hirsch Report was compiled. The Hirsch Report was released in 2005 to be censored and re-released after protest. Their plan was and is to put both the government and the middle class into debt servitude.

    As early as 2004 the FBI was screaming about fraud in the mortgage market. Not only were they ignored but pulled off that beat. From 2005 until 2007 the real scams deluged the mortgage market while TBTF banks hypothecated tens of trillions in mortgage backed securities …

    Both the National Incident Management System and the National Response Plan (NRP) were created in 2004 and since our human and constitutional rights have been gutted by Congress or Presidential signings to where now we can be spied on without warrant, detained without cause, executed without trial.

    Then in 2005 the Congress started rolling out the Bills. The Bankruptcy bill that made it much harder and student debt unresolvable in bankruptcy court. They rolled back Clean Water and Clean air rules exempting “fracking” from both to get moving on that front.

    Bush made his move to gut Social Security. It has been a war on Social Security and Medicare to this day with cuts looming larger than ever, never mind which party holds office. Meanwhile the rich get filthy rich, the middle class gets hosed and the poor become destitute.

    I call it the last man standing gambit because it will be only the oligarchs that survive this crisis while everyone else in the world gets crushed, their governments become collection agencies for debt while they slash social programs …

    Romney wrote in his book about peak oil and knows about it as do Obama and Steven Chu the Energy Secretary about peak oil. They know once growth stalls and demand destruction sets in the entire financial structure of the world will implode … Martial law will have to be implemented just to ensure utilities and get food back on store shelves. Meanwhile joblessness,

    • Carl Herman

      Thank you, mmckinl. I’ll contribute that our debt-damned economic system can only crash in the end when the debt slaves are unable/unwilling to absorb more debt. The link I provide explains this in detail and is self-evident. Also, peak oil is likely another fraud for two reasons: the cartel oil companies are the ones testifying as to supply and there are abundant breakthroughs that end oil-dependency: http://www.WantToKnow.info/newenergyinformation

      The obvious solutions in money, credit, and energy are ignored, obfuscated, and buried to keep the 99% in slavery. Yes, the end game for the 1% is our slavery to them.

      • mmckinl

        I suggest you take a harder look at peak oil … It happened to the US in 1971. That it isn’t happening to the world currently is an act of faith on your part given the facts of the matter.

        • Carl Herman

          I have looked. What’s missing is independent analysis of the supply of oil, and honesty of the breakthroughs in energy that are suppressed, as I mentioned and so far you show no evidence of examining.

          • mmckinl

            I suggest Richard Heinberg …

            “Peak Everything” or “The End of Growth” …


            Chris Martenson

            Crash Course


            These are but two lengthy examinations of peak oil and I am surprised that you haven’t read or watched them …

            Colin Campbell has done as independent a study as possible given oil reserves are a state secret in many countries. He has been employed by Oxford University, Texaco, British Petroleum, Amoco, Shenandoah Oil, Norsk Hydro, and Fina, and has worked with the Bulgarian and Swedish governments. His writing credits include two books and more than 150 papers.

            As far as peak oil we are already there, on an undulating plateau since 2005-06. The entire net increase in so called liquid fuels has been from lesser energy equivalents such as tar sands, tight oil and nat gas liquids …

            I see your position often from the “old guard” … the position that growth is infinite and that technology can and will save the day … more’s the pity …

  • Carl,

    What do you think of the Ron Paul website story that Robert Holmes was preparing to testify before congress about LIBOR and to name names, so his son was drugged up by hit men and framed in the Colorado Batman murders?

    • Carl Herman

      Dredd: I’ve read some of these reports and haven’t done the homework to verify those factual claims. LIBOR could work for a breakthrough to end the banksters’ rigged casino, so it wouldn’t surprise me. If so, this is why we need A LOT of the 99% involved: to stop these vicious blackmail attempts.

  • Whoa Dammit

    Hi GW, I know this is off topic, but thought it might interest you…


    “In May 2011, researchers collected more than 100 pale grass blue butterflies in and around the Fukushima prefecture and found that 12% of them had abnormalities or mutations. When those butterflies mated, the rate of mutations in the offspring rose to 18%, according to the study, which added that some died before reaching adulthood. When the offspring mated with healthy butterflies that weren’t affected by the nuclear crisis, the abnormality rate rose to 34%, indicating that the mutations were being passed on through genes to offspring at high rates even when one of the parent butterflies was healthy.

    The scientists wanted to find out how things stood after a longer amount of time and again collected more than 200 butterflies last September. Twenty-eight percent of the butterflies showed abnormalities, but the rate of mutated offspring jumped to 52%, according to researchers. The study indicated that second-generation butterflies, the ones collected in September, likely saw higher numbers of mutations because they were exposed to the radiation either as larvae or earlier than adult butterflies first collected.

    To make sure that the nuclear disaster was in fact the cause of the mutations, researchers collected butterflies that had not been affected by radiation and gave them low-dose exposures of radiation and found similar results.”

  • Hmmmm – David Icke’s name spell anti-Semitism among the Zionist crowd. On September 3, 2011 David wrote: ‘Being labeled an “anti-Semite” is an honor these days. All it means is someone who is against the Jewish criminal gang that dominates the global power structure. In our Orwellian world, “anti-Semite” and “American patriot” are actually synonymous. Simply accurately describing the most influential faction of the crime gang that sits atop the global power structure, which controls the United States government, media, and banking system, is anti-Semitic according to a lot of people, and that’s fine with me. We need to continue to point out that these are the same people who did 9/11, and if that’s anti-Semitic, so be it.’

    To put more fuel to the fire – Islamic Republic’s Fars News Agency, recently held an International Occupy Wall Street Cartoon Festival in Tehran to draw global attention to Americas’ popular protest movement against capitalism which only serves 1% of country’s rich and powerful minority (mostly Zionists).


    • Carl Herman

      The best way to sort this out is without labels. Individuals in the US and Israeli governments led the lying for unlawful wars in neighboring nations, and lie today for more war on Iran. These are massive crimes. The crimes have nothing to do with the individual criminal suspects’ religious claims of affiliation.

      The quote from David Icke you provide describes the “anit-Semite” label one is in danger of receiving upon any criticism of the Israeli government.

      My point is to recognize and arrest obvious criminals in the US, Israel, UK, and other nations leading the unlawful wars and debt-fraud.

  • crazy_inventor

    David Icke is not a credible source. (neither is alex jones)

    Peak oil IS real.

    Focusing on butterflies is a classic distraction from the human toll which is being covered up.

    I can’t air this..

    • Carl Herman

      crazy_inventor: your comment, as stated, is simply denial regarding David Icke. As anyone serious about factual consideration knows from professional and academic standards, denial isn’t a credible statement. You fail to address anything from the video, zip, nada; all you offer is ad hominem.

      Next, your comment about peak oil didn’t address either of the legitimate criticisms I stated regarding oil cartel testimony as to supply and suppression of energy alternatives that make oil-reliance obsolete. You also provide zero documentation to support your claim. So again: what you offer is not credible.

      Butterflies as symbolism goes deep, yes, and of course I encourage you to share only what makes sense to you.

  • crazy_inventor

    David Icke- Humans transform to Reptiles! – YouTube

    At the heart of his theories lies the idea that a secret group of reptilian humanoids called the Babylonian Brotherhood controls humanity, and that many prominent figures are reptilian.

    I’m not saying the points he makes in this video aren’t credible, I’m saying he’s not a credible source, when people see (hear) him, they remember his reptilian humanoids theory, and thus discredit anything he has to say.


    Oil field decline

    “Of the largest 21 fields, at least 9 are in decline.”

    They’re turning to tar sands, deep water drilling, and fracking, because regular oil deposits are becoming hard to find.

    re: Butterflies

    you’re tap dancing around the point I made, that the human toll is being suppressed, see


    a some recent posts –

    Gundersen: Japan gov’t attempting to cover up health effects — A lot of deformities and cancers will be identified by citizens in next couple of years (AUDIO)

    (notice the AUDIO, see now this is something I can air)

    Professor who met with Fukushima physicians: Thyroid diseases already apparent — Diseased newborns and Down’s syndrome still kept secret.

    Fukushima Mother: We suffered from nausea and diarrhea — I wondered why the government didn’t help us evacuate, did they abandon us? (VIDEO)

    Pregnant women used for decontamination activity after Fukushima disaster -Report (VIDEO)

    ‘Alice in Wonderland’ was used to convince children in Japan nuclear power is safe (PHOTO & VIDEO)

    NHK broadcasts warnings about internal radiation exposure — Doctor: “Even a low dose will cause damage” (VIDEO)

    (this ^ I’m airing now, plus charting the radiation level here plus radiation alerts here as required)

    people will dismiss insects there, but will take the issue more seriously if it involves people, and radiation here in the U.S. (I do stories and post charts about contamination and radiation here in the U.S. focusing on human health effects and radiation here)

    • Carl Herman

      Yes, “crazy_inventor”, as your chosen name suggests many ideas are first seemed as crazy. Human perception is a fraction of measurable reality: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2012/07/3-minute-video-expanding-humanitys-worldview-to-build-a-brighter-future.html

      I think best-selling author Jim Marrs says this well: “I know enough about PR to not publicly say that the Queen of England is a shape-shifting alien. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t true.” For people who are interested in the ideas and evidence about aliens, they are certainly welcome to look. I personally worked with US political leadership for 18 years and testify they are at least a different kind of human: without empathy. With curiosity to look into history to explain what leadership is doing and why, it’s impossible to ignore the pathways of evidence that at least suggest the hijacking of planet Earth by a parasitic alien species. I’m just interested in the truth, won’t argue, and have provided the link above for those interested in exploring a line of research in that area that I am unable to refute (nor affirm in entirety).

      There’s much more to oil and fracking than meets the eye and oil cartel testimony. But this is another area I won’t invest the enormous time to research and command those facts.

  • crazy_inventor

    Well Carl, this isn’t about me (the messenger) but the message. However I chose that handle because over the years I’ve designed and built things that the average person would consider crazy to build. Illegal things that have helped hundreds of people save many tens of thousands of dollars. I can’t go into any further details.

    It’s not however about mere crazy ideas but actual devices that have actual practical uses.

    Aliens and other easily decredited ‘crazy ideas’ (not in the context of proof vs lack of proof, but strictly the public’s acceptance of them) are not suitable for over the air broadcast, when so many corporate media forces are so eager to capitalize on any such perceived kookyness. To be taken seriously I have to stick to well scientifically supported issues and avoid persons ‘tainted’ by ‘crazy ideas’. I’m not able to debate the issue of aliens due to lack of data. However peak oil is well supported by data.

    Peak oil news is suitable for broadcast, shape shifting aliens are not.

    From the looks of it, if you invested half the time to look into peak oil as you appear to have with aliens, perhaps you would have command of said facts.

    There are millions of websites, While the number of good pirate news stations are very few and far between.

    With the personal risk I take to engage in this activity, I hold the credibility to a tight standard. It’s not easy to find content to air, any effort a good investigative journalist might make to do say a podcast would be much appreciated. I end up typing much of what you post into neo-speech Julie for broadcast, which is time consuming and sub-optimal. It requires special formatting, editing, resampling, filtering, chorus and normalization. A podcast could be aired as-is and save much time, plus you would get the satisfaction of knowing your words is going out over the air – a rare event compared to blogs or even bitcasting.

    I believe the key to turning the tide, the critical mass required, is reaching people in venues where corporate media most dominate. The internet is the choir preaching to the choir. TPTB want us on the ‘net – they do not want us on the air.

    “If Voting Made Any Difference, it would be illegal”

  • Dear Mr. Eastwood,

    Mr. Eastwood, I am a Republican. I am an angry Republican. I will NOT vote for Mr. Romney.


    Mr. Eastwood, I am surprised that you are so easily misled.

    An Angry Republican

    P.S. Mr. Eastwood, you get to say “make my day” and have a good laugh and be an entertainer while my country is being destroyed by people like Mr. Romney and Mr Obama. Mr. Eastwood, maybe now you know why I am not laughing with you.