War & money: Obama’s been a vicious 1% hoax for ‘hope, change’

President Obama and Democratic “leadership” expanded policies of President Bush and Republican “leadership” in unlawful wars and looting of literal trillions of the 99%’s wealth to a 1% oligarchy.

This is Orwellian-opposite of Obama’s campaign rhetoric for “hope, change,” and accelerated from usual war-business and rigged-casino economics throughout US history. Let’s look:

More unlawful wars:

War law is crystal-clear in letter and intent: military armed attack is illegal unless another nation’s government is attacking. This is the legal victory all our families sacrificed to win through two world wars. It also upholds the first unalienable right to “Life” from government murder.

Rather than declare the “emperor has no clothes” obvious that US wars are unlawful, Obama and Democrats acted as the Left arm of one fascist war-mongering body to:

  • reject prosecution of the unlawful wars and related War Crimes, such as torture,
  • expand unlawful armed attacks with drones and NATO invasions,
  • continue easily proved lies to expand war onto Iran: Iran never threatened Israel; all fissionable material is fully accounted for lawful use in energy and medicine. In contrast, Israel “wipes Palestine from the map,” and the US openly violates the Non-Proliferation Treaty.

More economic looting:

To make the point and for brevity’s sake, let’s only focus on a few sensational facts that prove no change, and no hope in Obama’s “leadership” anymore than hope from Bush’s “compassionate conservatism”:

  • the unlawful current wars’ long-term cost is $4-$6 trillion ($40,000 to $60,000 per US household).
  • poverty is at a 50-year high and affecting 100 million Americans (one of every three); a staggering irony given technological advances for accelerating economic productivity and efficiency.
  • unemployment, when adjusted to count underemployed and discouraged workers, is at 23% (Great Depression levels).

Perhaps most importantly and consistent with US economic history, current 1% “leadership” reject obvious solutions in money, credit, and honest accounting while allowing oligarchic members to hide tens of trillions of parasitically drained assets (multiple times the investment to save a million children’s lives every month from preventable poverty).

And the good news is…?

The tragic-comic contrast between rhetoric and reality is so great, the 99% have tremendous opportunity to recognize the psychopathic 1% for what they actually do, arrest them for obvious crimes centering in war and money, and employ game-changing solutions for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants’ success.

This is what Occupy is about.

This is what you are about, true?


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  • Professor Cornel West (Princeton University), who, along with millions of Americans were fooled by Obama’s ‘we can do it’ – now says: “Obama must stand up and defend and fight for the plight of the poor in this country. But he has become a ‘Black mascot’ of Wall Street oligarchs and a Black puppet of corporate plutocrats. America needs a war on poverty rather than a war on terror”.


  • Wooten Berston

    Barry Seotoro didn’t become anything. He always was what he is. Those who actually believed his lies have only themselves to blame for their lack of due diligence. Those who voted for him because they knew what he was but thought the other candidates were worse.. well, they made a rational choice but was it the correct rational choice?

    • Carl Herman

      Well said, Wooten. That’s really what both parties are: saying whatever necessary along with corporate media lies to give an image while the actions are criminal and for 1% greater control.

      People might have an inkling of the truth who vote for him, but the 99% would never support such a psychopathic mass-murderer and trillions-looter under ethical informed consent.