Largest mass shooting in US history? Try three massacres on Native Americans

The US government committed the largest mass shootings in national history by opening fire on peaceful families of children, the elderly, women, and men at Wounded Knee, Sand Creek, and Bloody Island. These followed repeated US treaty violations to remove Native Americans by armed military force from their lands.

Each mass shooting killed about 150 innocent people.

But the US government also averages war-murdering 500 human beings every day since 2001.

This is relatively good news because the average since 1945 is 1,000 to 1,500 every day. This totals to 20-30 million since war law made armed attack by military unlawful.

Corporate media is lying in commission and omission when they claim the recent event is the “largest  mass shooting in US history.”

Had enough of these psychopath 1% liars in corporate media, government, and finance?

Demand their arrests. War-murder and lying about it is a good place to start the criminal argument.

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  • dionysus23

    trivial compared to your example but the this man killed one more that the present clown at the univ. of texas.

    • Carl Herman

      Yes, trivial compared with US mass shootings of 20-30 million since 1945.

  • Good point, Mr. Herman!
    Let us never forget.

  • barnetnetdotnet

    “Violence is as American as cherry pie”
    H. Rap Brown

  • It’s said that British Crown signed 400 treaties with the Natives of of British American Dominion – and broke 399 of them. Only one was broken by the American Indians. As the result, over 60-80 million Indians were killed. But since most of the victims were non-Whites – their slaughter cannot be called “the Holocaust”.

    James Holmes’ resume’ posted on Monster com, includes his work at Los Angeles Jewish children camp, being member of Phi Beta Kappa Honor Society and a doctorate student at the University of Colorado Denver. Holmes also Worked as a student intern at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, founded by the Jewish Dr. Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine and allegedly conducted illicit medical experiments on mental patients.