‘Dear Mr. President’ music videos, 2006 & 2012 versions

The artist, Pink, in her powerful 2006 song asks understandable questions how political “leadership” could possibly want the wars, devastation, and poverty they enact. The same questions continue in a 2012 version:

By addressing a president, Pink displays pre-Enlightenment conception of king-type leadership. One of President Bush’s major contributions was to make clear that his role was sales, a teleprompter reader-in-chief. Indeed, his “performance” displayed tragic-comic gap between real leadership and his juvenile self-centeredness, lack of interest in global affairs (or their improvement), and weak propaganda.

Perhaps Pink now recognizes the oligarchy/1% that choose presidential candidates, and work through their corporate media to develop what they hope will be a public personality Americans will believe.

The question now is how much longer presidential propaganda will survive at all, as Americans recognize escalating policies of war and austerity as criminal. As more and more of the 99% begin acting upon their “emperor has no clothes” insights, it’s just a matter of time before the obvious criminals are arrested. The charges will be lies and crimes centering in war and money that annually kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions.

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  • Joseph

    The greatest crime of the 21st Century is old news now, just fish rap or bird cage liner in the print version. No one was arrested for 911. The criminal invasion of Iraq and the subhumans who executed it is rarely mentioned. Obvious perps for lesser financial crimes are never challenged. So seems to me your confidence that any US imperial murderer will be called to account is unwarranted. The world’s other super power, the mass of people, as Chomsky styled us, will have to mobilize on a scale a bit more impressive than Occupy to make any impression on the psycho/sociopaths in power. A citizen’s uprising on a very large scale sustained over a period of time, and not intimidated by mobilizations of the National Guard and other attack dogs of the state is the only force that will put some fear into the cold, black hearts of the reptiles in power.

    • Carl Herman

      We’ll keep moving forward and discover what develops. It is exactly a critical mass of public recognition that I see happening. If this behaves in a natural growth curve (exponential growth), we could be very close.

  • And this is warning to Mr. President, if he ever dared to crossed the Israel Lobby.

    Jeff Gates posted a warning on January 6, 2010, under the heading “Will Israel Assassinate Barack Obama?”, saying: “To assassinate an American president with impunity requires pre-staging. For Israel to succeed would require an Evil Doer on whom the deed could plausibly be blamed. The emerging fact patterns suggest that such pre-staging is well underway…… in the U.S as manipulated impressions become the mental building blocks to create a plausible culprit from an Islamic nation. Keep in mind that repeated reports of Iraqi WMD created a generally accepted “consensus” truth – regardless of the facts. Oft-repeated reports of the threat of Iranian WMD have steadily created the impression of a nuclear weapons capability with no basis in fact. But facts are not the point when pre-staging an Evil Doer. The point is what a targeted population can be induced to believe.”


    • Carl Herman

      Fair enough, AND what kind of leader allows a million children to die every month from preventable poverty, expands wars, and works for economic enslavement rather than fight that battle to blow-open the “wizard’s curtain” for the 99% to see?

  • MountainHome

    “Men fight for liberty and win it with hard knocks. Their children, brought up easy, let it slip away again, poor fools. And their grandchildren are once more slaves.” D.H. Lawrence

    Don’t overestimate that most Americans want someone else to win back their freedoms.

  • Bertex

    O tak pjn to kompletna porazka!