Congress Voting to Audit the Fed TODAY: July 24, 2012

Congress Votes on Auditing the Fed

Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Fed – HR 459 – will be voted on TODAY, July 24th.

As of this writing, it has 274 co-sponsors, although that number is increasing by the hour. Given that there are 435 voting members of the House, and 274 is  more than half of 435, the bill should pass in the House.

The question would then become what the Senate does with it.

The American people overwhelmingly support this billSo do economists.

Flashback:  See this for a reminder on what happened to Ron Paul’s previous version of the bill.

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  • Pat McKenna

    Where does this come from?? How do these Republicans come up with these statements: “The American people overwhelmingly support this bill” ??? Do they have a survey even to support this statement?? Did they put it to a vote of the American People?? They seem to say this a lot about everything they promote or want to have passed to support their agenda. This is just a bunch of total BS just like everything else they come up with!

    • A Barrett

      You must have your head stuck up a cave if this is the extent of what you know about the FED which is neither federal nor American. The Republicans did not make this up and this is a very American issue that affects all of us! Do your due diligence before you spout off!

    • John Hendricks

      Apparently, you oppose auditing the Fed. I can’t understand why you would think that. Don’t you think the people have a right to know what is being done in their name, and for which they are responsible?

  • fallingman

    This bill is being voted on under suspension of the rules, which means no amendments are allowed. As such, it requires a 2/3rd vote for approval.

    It will pass the House and be defeated by the Fed’s stooges in the Senate. I’m talking the likes of Schumer and Kay Hagan.

  • Even if the bill receives blessings from the Congress – it will be dumped either by the Senate or AIPAC friendly Barack Obama. Why?

    Last year, former Rep. Dennis Kucinich tabled the NEED Act 2011 asking that the Federal Reserve be placed under control of US Treasury, and also implement new rules for the financial industry to narrow-down the gap between the 1% vs 99% American population. Dennis Kucinich, is a longtime advocate for reform of the Federal Reserve, sharply criticized the Federal Reserve after Bloomberg news reported that the Federal Reserve secretly committed nearly $8 trillion in support to American and international financial institutions during the 2008 bailout.

    the Federal Reserve is not a government agency. In fact the US government has never owned a single share of Federal Reserve Bank stock. However, the US President do appoints the Governors of the Federal Reserve Board who are then confirmed by the Senate. The secret author of the Act, German-born American Jewish banker Paul Warburg (died 1932), a representative of Rothschild bank , coined the name ‘Federal’ from thin air.

    In February, Israel-Firster David Horowitz, had accused Rep. Ron Paul of being “a crackpot” and “vicious anti-Semite“.

  • I for one support auditing the Fed and even ending the Fed. They have no business corning the market on our currency. The Fed are both foreign and domestic enemies of the State, and nothing less and should be abolished. Of course, that’s only my opinion but Thomas Jefferson would also agree and already has eluded to this when he talked about the dangers of banking institutions being akin to “standing armies”.

  • Audits are better than “trust us”, especially when they are not trust worthy.

  • Concerned American

    Pat it’s people like you who infuriate the rest of us most… This isn’t a republican or democrat pushed agenda. This is the voice of the people wondering why 16 trillion dollars was dispersed to US and International banks (an amount that would pay off our current national debt) under the radar. I would hope you represent a minority of Americans who feel bernanke should operate under secrecy. I also hope pat you have taken an intro economics class that taught you the pitfalls of printing money with no backing (counterfeiting). And how that may effect US tax payers. But the biggest point is… If they are acting on our best interests, what is there to hide???