5-minute video: uphold rule of law, arrest obvious US economic & War Criminals

The two worst common crimes a government can commit are unlawful war and economic enslavement.

The facts show the US is guilty of both in “emperor has no clothes” clarity. The challenge for the literal 99% of humanity who reject crimes of death and debt-fraud is to support humanity’s intellectual integrity and moral courage to enforce basic laws.

I appreciate Tragedyandhope for artistic expression of this purpose.

War law states that a nation’s use of armed attack is criminal unless in defense from another nation’s government’s armed attack. This is the legal victory all our families sacrificed to achieve through two world wars. The US  rejected this rule of law; US leaders must be arrested if we are to reclaim this basic Right to Life. US war-murders will continue until enough people can think, speak, and act to uphold and enforce war law.

The fraud of using debt rather than money, that the 1% create from nothing and then demand repayment with interest, is the foundation of today’s tragic-comic economic crimes to loot and enslave the labor of the 99%. Americans won’t have obvious reforms in money, credit, and audits of public accounts until enough people demand arrests for escalating looting in the rigged-casino of US oligarchic economics.

How do we get to where we uphold these basic laws, and obvious criminals are arrested to prevent their further murders and economic devastations?

I don’t know. Neither do I have anyone I work with who reports confidence in any such prediction.

I do know that I’ll continue moving in that direction, and discover what happens along the way.

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  • Joseph

    What is an interest rate? Why do you pay back more than you borrow?

    You’re paying somebody else for the use of their money. The user cost is arbitrary, say, Fed funds, plus this or that, and you get a loan at 5%. The “market” is supposed to determine Fed funds or Libor, but actually, there is no free market. The big players make the market. Always. The bottom line is nothing more complicated than the banks’ need to make a profit. For banks to exist, lending money must be profitable, so an interest rate will be determined to allow this to happen, REGARDLESS OF WHETHER THE ECONOMY IS GROWING OR NOT.

    Banks should never be permitted to set interest rates. Banks create inflation and devalue the currency through the charging of unjustified interest rates.

    What justifies an interest rate in the first place? Economic growth in the real world. If GDP is growing at 1% and banks charge users 5%, not only are the banks sucking liquidity from the marketplace, which is called deflation, but they are simultaneously devaluing/inflating the currency by assigning billions to themselves that reflect no production.

    Banks are the problem. Every monetary system in the world should be nationalized and no rate of interest should be charged that exceeds the rate of growth in that economy. Banking should become a non-profit business and if you want to get rich, you should not be allowed to do it as a banker!

    • Carl Herman

      It’s worse than this: banks do not “lend” “money;” they use fractional reserve law they wrestled into existence to create credit out of nothing, write it into their books, and then transfer it to the “borrower” at interest.

      This is Orwellian opposite of a national money supply, it’s a national debt supply causing ever-increasing aggregate debt that can never be repaid.

      This is the first fraud: using debt rather than debt-free money to directly pay for public goods and services.

      The rest of the fraud gets more complicated, as the criminals fight each other over who gets to loot the most from the victims.

  • The great majority of the 44 American Presidents have been involved in wars and regime change without declaring wars or being threatened by its victims.


    • Carl Herman

      I’m happy to just arrest the living ones. I’m confident the dead ones have found justice. The point is to end the killing and devastation. As we’ve wrote many times, we recommend Truth and Reconciliation and/or surrender of the 1% as the easiest policy.