3-minute video: Expanding humanity’s worldview to build a brighter future

We know from personal experience that competence is often a function of seeing a bigger picture of our work. Applied to our work of having a planet that works for 100% of its inhabitants, a literal universal perspective might be required for competence.

Let’s look at four aspects of the big picture of our planet’s existence:

  • size of the literal universe/universal context,
  • dimensions of reality,
  • spectrums of energies,
  • historical planetary evidence extending furthest back in time.


The 3-minute video shows us that our planet exists in a solar system that is one of ~200 billion in our galaxy, and our galaxy is one of ~100 billion visible galaxies. Whatever the source of our planet’s existence includes solar systems more numerous than all the grains of sand of all the beaches of our planet.

Whatever one’s spiritual, religious, philosophical, and scientific ideas, one’s practical and accurate worldview must take into account that our planet is far from alone.

Dimensions of reality:

Our human perspective is limited to three dimensions of perception. Mathematics defines dimensions as adding an extra degree of freedom in space. This mathematical understanding allows us to imagine a fourth dimension, with physics providing clues to additional dimensions of reality.

If spacetime is a dimension that’s accessed, then it’s obviously possible from what we already know about added degrees of freedom in space that such access could enable what we enjoy viewing in Star Trek and Star Wars: intergalactic travel.

I once attended a talk by Stephen Hawking to discuss time travel. He said that he worked on it for a few years, thought it was possible, but there were two variables he couldn’t isolate and couldn’t imagine solving. He opened his talk with the question: “Why do humans remember the past and not the future?” which would seem impractical if not posed by someone who takes dimensional reality seriously.

Therefore, if one is viewing our planet seriously, and its future, then we must also contend in our worldview with “hidden” realities from our three dimensional containment in human experience.

Spectrum of energy:

We know that human sight can perceive only a fraction of a percent of what we can measure in an energy spectrum of what exists. We know the same is true of the percentage of reality accessible to human hearing and smelling. Humanity has speculated on what this means with beings existing on and/or having access to these other frequencies of existence.

Whatever we bring to our planetary consideration, we must also embrace that our “ordinary” ways of sensing reality may be laughably handicapped to sense the big picture with accuracy. Obviously, some planetary beings in our immense visible universe more numerous that Earth’s beaches’ grains of sand (and consider what universes might exist beyond our visible senses and equipment) might have access to energy spectrums that give them command over unimaginable realms of reality to us; technology that would seem “magical” to us.

Are ideas of beings with access to other dimensions and energy frequencies hypothetical and disconnected with our best understanding of history?


These ideas become literally grounded on our planet when history is professionally and honestly considered.

Historical planetary evidence:

Literally set in stone, megalithic architecture is the planet’s oldest physical evidence and astounding in technological accomplishments that cannot be replicated today. For examples, consider Baalbek and this documentation.

If one is serious about building a better future for this planet’s inhabitants, then one MUST take into account the overwhelming physical evidence that this planet’s history includes ancient episodes of advanced civilizations, with compelling historical documentary evidence claiming extraterrestrial involvement.

For briefing on this history, I recommend works of three bestselling authors Graham Hancock, Michael Cremo (Forbidden Archeology), Jim Marrs (Alien Agenda and Rule by Secrecy) and the videos of David Icke’s full briefing and Secrets in Plain Sight. For those who are unfamiliar with these powerful and professional accounts of evidence not included in corporate media history texts, please consider the “emperor has no clothes” obvious lies corporate media tells you today in attempt to hide crimes in plain sight centering in war and money.

So what does this mean in practical terms of building a brighter future on this planet?

First, it doesn’t mean anything because meaning is an interpretation that’s up to you.

Second, as a professional teacher of history, I wanted you to know because comprehensive factual data is essential to competence. As Jim Marrs says, “We all know more working together than any one of us does separately.”

Third, if this evidence contributes to your conclusion that building a brighter future on this planet includes the factor of beings with access to dimensions and/or energy unknown at least to the 99%, and perhaps their participation in our future includes a “prime directive” dependent on humanity’s evolution and willingness to meet our neighbors, would you like to ask openly for their assistance?

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  • Joseph

    How about we ask the “aliens” among us, the politically dispossessed toilers in the arcane field of energy from the vacuum, such as Tom Bearden and his crew, who have developed proof-of-concept devices to demonstrate there is potentially unlimited, near zero cost electrical energy available to humanity. Steven Greer & his Disclosure Project is another name that comes to mind. Technology suppression is a fact of life. We have all we need.

  • Wooten Berston

    Ikke?? Whom I insist on calling “Icky”.. is certifiably insane. And not very bright.

    • Carl Herman

      Wooten: When you begin your “argument” with refusing to spell the man’s name accurately, then name-call, then insult twice, those of us serious about these topics instantly recognize that you’re not serious about the facts I point to in this article.

      I recommend you choose your future carefully with what you think, say, and do. What you display here in your comment doesn’t speak highly of you.

      • While I agree with David Icke on many things, such as reptilians and the NWO, I do have reservations about the Lucis Trust New Age religion he pushes and his aggressive attacks on Christianity. While it is true that mainstream Christianity has been usurped by the World Council of Churches steered by the Committee of 300, the core message of Christianity speaks of the power of the Holy Spirit of God that, when accessed, gives us power over external influences and brings us into harmony with creation and the Creator.

        Ancient alien theory is biblical, serpent in the garden, The Nephilim, The Watchers, Ezekiel’s Wheel, etc. One of my favorite websites, EarthHistory.uk, gets into the latest archaeological evidence that points to the same things you are speaking of.

        Peace and blessings!

        • Carl Herman

          Fair enough, L. Charles. My experience with David Icke is that he only attack hypocrisy, whether in Christianity or wherever. I have never heard him mention the Lucis Trust or any personal religious belief. For those who are curious, I recommend David Icke speaking for himself at the link.

  • Jeff MacQuarrie

    Mr. Herman, this post is a pleasant change of pace, and a reminder of the biggest mysteries of existence. I just finished reading the works of Immanuel Velikovsky, whose references and scholarship are outstanding. His work helped me finally integrate my understanding of history, and his theories may explain some (not all) examples of the numerous ‘ooparts’ (out of place artifacts) well documented in Cremo’s work.

    • Carl Herman

      Thanks, Jeff. As Harry Truman said in his autobiography: “The only thing new in this world is the history you didn’t know.”

      Part of what arrests of the criminal 1% will accomplish is the release of our true history/identity.