The Tianamen Square “Tank Guy” Was Even Braver Than We Knew


This is the iconic picture of the brave protester facing down tanks in Tiananmen Square:

Here is another photo, with a slightly wider view:

But this newly-surfaced photo with a much wider view shows that he didn’t face 4 tanks … but scores of tanks:

And watch this incredible video of the man getting in front of the tank as it tries to maneuver around him, and then climbing on top of the tank:

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  • justoneguy

    i have always thought of this picture as being a CNN setup. the whole Tienanmen incident had several signs of being a US-led operation – remember the ‘goddess of democracy?’

    think about it for a moment. the government and military there supposedly had no problem mowing down hundreds or thousands of protestors, but this one guy was able to stand up to en entire column? why didn’t they just roll over him like they supposedly rolled over everyone else?

  • Sharon

    WOW!!! LOVE THAT THIRD PICTURE!!!! Maybe this is retarded, but what happened to the item that was in his right hand in that first picture that is shown in the other two????

  • aleks mici

    If you lks carrefuly to the pictures you will see that are different fake pictures.
    It is a scum worst than Spielberg idiotic Jurassic BS

  • PrissyPatriot

    R.I.P. that was one brave man.

  • Graeme

    Mao was a Rothschild like Hitler and Stalin