I Had No Idea Tehran Was Such a Beautiful City


When Americans think about Iran, they usually picture something like this:



Or this:


Or perhaps this:


(All of the pictures above are from Saudi Arabia.)

But Tehran is apparently a beautiful modern city:

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  • In November 2011 – I came across two articles; one by the so-called ‘progressive Jew’, Gideon Levy, published in Israeli daily Ha’aretz (November 10, 2011) and other by Jason Smith who wrote about his personal experience while visiting Islamic Republic recently.

    Jason Smith’s article reminded me of a 2009 article written by American writer John Kaminski, in which he wrote: “I don’t know how many times I’ve said to my friends – and they can verify it. I wish we had a president as decent as Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, the current and outspoken president of Iran. I mean, just compare the two men as human beings. Mr. Ahmadinejad seems like a decent guy from the neighborhood, trying to tell the truth while being trampled by the demonic Jewish spin machine. And here is George W. Bush (interchangeable with Barack Obama, as have been all American presidents since U.S. Grant), revealing himself to the world as a lying, pathological killer. Hey, which one would you choose?”

    Zionist Levy writes, “Iran will apparently have an atom bomb and that is very bad news“. Israel already has 400 nuclear bombs and since they’re in the hands of Jews – ‘they’re not that bad’…..


  • jo6pac

    Where have you been in a cave? There was some great blog sites from Iran not only informative of daily life but some great pictures that could have been taken anywhere in Amerika. Then there was that little problem that we started and almost all of that stopped. Please try the below Rick Stevens links he does a really Great Job of showing Iran. The utube is ad free.


    Please when/if you visit the below sites don’t be stupid if you comment it only harms those on the other end. This young people show life as it was/is in Iran, very western
    Updated not as often as before

    The above site is no longer updated but some great pictures and it was fun to talk with her on the net.
    Yes, I’m not confused with current management of Iran but they’re not a threat to Amerika or any one for that matter.

  • Jed

    Its a beautiful country, but it lacks for beautiful cities……
    By one estimate, as of 2003, 44% of the urban Iranian population lived in slum settlements. I can’t imagine things have improved much since the imposition of stricter sanctions.


  • shervin

    Iran is really beautiful and attractive… just search the pictures of Isfahan , Tehran , Yazd, Shiraz , and Shomal ( Rasht, Mazandaran…) … you will get shock!! 😉

  • Martin

    Iran is a beautiful country full of friendly and welcoming peoples, I used to believe the anti-Iran propaganda of the EU and the US then I informed myself and travelled there to realise that Iranians are not hostile toward Westerners (at least no toward Germans in my case) and are in fact very charming and warm people, I was invited in peoples’ homes and served the traditional mint tea ceremony, when I seemed lost (Tehran is quite big) there was always people coming to ask whether of not they can help me. I don’t know about the government or the religious leaders, but the common folks are some of the nicest people I have ever met.