CAFR criminal complaint update: Independent Review attorneys, Ombudsman notified

The content of the following e-mail to the parties greeted gives the update:

Dear Office of Ombudsman and Office of Independent Review attorneys,

Senior Media Advisor Steve Whitmore recommended I contact both your offices to respond to a criminal complaint that I am simultaneously reporting as an economics journalist. Steve is also requesting guidance from the Sheriff’s administrative finance director; I will request Steve inform me of that status, and I will advise you of their findings.

Please read the initial e-mail below for the content and documentation of the complaint, and the questions I request answers for regarding what appears to be a massive crime.

Please acknowledge receipt of this e-mail, and advise me when I can expect an official response. Please also note what I stated to Steve that all our conversations will be published regarding this public matter of the public’s literal trillions of dollars.

I am willing to work with anyone to understand the data you’ll find documented below; please feel free to call on me.

Steve Whitmore provided prompt, thorough, and professional response that I am proud to report to the public. I would be delighted to do the same for the Office of Ombudsman and Office of Independent Review. Indeed, this process has begun (here, here, here to start, overall CAFR articles here).

Respectfully as a Los Angeles County resident standing for the public good,

Carl Herman

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  • Victim

    Oh Sacramento…. Oh California…. Oh City Council….

    Time to kick the “directionless, leaderless” OWS out of city hall!
    Time to kick the iclei, sustainability, carbon tax, UN Agenda 21 lovers out of office

  • gozounlimited

    How we end up here …. example…. In the MSM’s rush to ordain Jamie Dimond King…they have reduced themselves to propaganda and lies reporting that the Volker Rule would control what JP Morgan Chase can do “with their own money”. NOT TRUE! It separates JP’s money from fixed investment accounts held for investors who have no intention of risking it with junk.

    It also reduces fraud and insider trading by reducing their adviser/creditor practice.

    Definition of ‘Volcker Rule’

    Trading restrictions placed on financial institutions. The Volcker rule separates investment banking, private equity and proprietary trading (hedge fund) sections of financial institutions from their consumer lending arms.

    Banks are not allowed to simultaneously enter into an advisory and creditor role with clients, such as with private equity firms. The Volcker rule aims to minimize conflicts of interest between banks and their clients through separating the various types of business practices financial institutions engage in.

    • gozounlimited

      Secondly, Seems Capitol is replacing Debt as the new buzz word. Mr. Dimond reported to the Senate Banking Committee that even though he believed BASIL requirements to steep, it is necessary to build capitol by restraining the Volker rule thus opening main street to investment gambling and losses. Since Mr. Dimond is still unwinding his synthetic credit swap debacle he could not testify to the amount of money he has made or lost. What was clear, is that the stockholders will take the hit. ( Is that how you build capitol?)

      Mr. Dimon also complained that he just couldn’t understand how to interact with regulators and regulations … he complained that they are just too complex for him ….. and yet, at the same time, he wants us to believe he “gets” the synthetic credit default swaps traded under his nose on the London desk (which is not regulated). Wasn’t long ago I recollect being told credit derivatives were too sophisticated for usin folk to understand. The Senate committee was quick to give Mr. Dimon an out during the hearing, by agreeing to meet in private so that his amazing proprietary trading skills could be protected.

      Mr. Dimond also mentioned to the enthralled panel, that if he doesn’t build capitol in the US of A the capitol will be built offshore. But where Mr. Dimond? … in Taiwan? London? Dubai? NOPE! Capitol is built on the backs of 311,591,917 productive people liveing in the US. Ya think London is going to control our economy? ….. dream on.

      What I did like was Mr. Dimon’s offer to all the folks … to just contact him with mortgage complaints and he will personally see to it that each client gets fair treatment. It’s up to you, however, to contact your Senator in order to access the red carpet treatment established through the mortgage fraud settlement. (Repeat….is defrauding mortgagors a way to build capitol?)