4-minute video: Matt shows humanity wants dancing, not 1%’s wars, lies, debt

Let’s be clear: current US-led wars are only possible by a 1% “leadership” in government and corporate media who blatantly violate war law, and then lie with whatever shifting BS they think will sell. War law is crystal-clear in letter and intent; the legal victory all our families sacrificed to win from two world wars: no nation can use military armed attack unless under attack by another nation’s government.

Let’s be clear: debt-damned economics is only possible by the same 1% “leadership” joined by a banking/finance 1% who create debt out of nothing and then lie to us that it’s the same as debt-free money.

Let’s be clear: these 1% “leaders” employ the strategy exposed by Gandhi to keep the 99% distracted and confused:

First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win.

Matt shows us humanity’s heart wants cooperation, love, and our literal and figurative dancing together in building a brighter future.

Our 1% want more war and debt. We know that’s what they want because that’s what they do in the face of obvious alternatives of lawful peace and obvious economic reforms.

Do you notice the 1% never talk about love and what that means policies should look like?

The 99%’s endgame and freedom is the 1%’s surrender or arrests for obvious crimes centering in war and money. Every year, the 1%’s crimes kill millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s dollars. The 99% must have stronger thoughts, voices, and lawful acts for endgame victory.

The 1% have two options: a “Scrooge” conversation to reclaim their hearts and dance with us, or to double-down as minions for death, lies and debt.

This choice for all of us is perhaps our most important of this lifetime. If Life is just and we receive what we earn, this time now is the truest test of character.

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  • Wooten Berston

    “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. And then you win.”
    –Then they assassinate you. Then your corrupt relatives take over and run the state as a private fiefdom for a long time. Then they get assassinated too. Then some religious maniacs take over and continue to get filthy stinking rich while the people languish into the worst poverty in the world.

    I don’t think that guy is necessarily the guy to turn to for advice on how to achieve political goals.

    Just sayin’, Carl. Just sayin’.

    • Carl Herman

      Hi Wooten,
      If Life is just, then such assassinations will cause even greater access to justice in the long term. Faith is a simple issue: either you trust in Life or you don’t. If you trust, then choose your highest self-expression and go for it in confidence that all is fair, all is managed with integrity.

      So, Wooten, I’m just sayin’ that you have something to say beyond denial of a summary credited to Gandhi.

      What do you have to say in building a brighter future, and being the person you’ve always wanted to be?

  • gozounlimited

    Join ME>…….DANCE To The Fire Drums….. video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4LLVwVPHL7w&feature=fvwrel

    We Shall Live Again……Ghost Dance……..see video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3PKQL4J088k&feature=fvwrel

    • Carl Herman

      Dance goes deep into our collective memories. The arts in general dissolves our differences and bonds us in the beauty of self-expression, both specifically in whatever artistic expression and in the ideal we all recognize as what’s possible for us.

      Dance/art/beauty is ever-new, ever-creative, and what we want rather than the eternal soap opera of lies, wars, and debt of our 1%.

      The human heart and mind must demand more virtue if we are to have it.

      Keep moving forward 🙂

  • Great post Carl.

  • outstanding video! i will be my video to watch when i’ve got depressed about the human condition.

    just like this video:

    Free Hugs Campaign – Official Page


  • steven andresen

    You said,

    “The 1% have two options: a “Scrooge” conversation to reclaim their hearts and dance with us, or to double-down as minions for death, lies and debt.”

    Do you think anyone who has a lot, like the 1%, is persuaded to change their ways, i.e., the stealing and the murdering to maximize their wealth and power, through some “Scrooge-like” experience?

    As I remember, Scrooge was shown that he went over to the dark side because of some woman or because he lost out on some thing he really wanted at the time, and so, he became embittered, and so on. He was shown that the girl wouldn’t have wanted him to be the miser he had become…or some such story. He was also shown that if he didn’t mend his ways, things even for himself would get worse. And so, he chose to become a better person.

    I may not be correct about what Scrooge was shown by the ghosts, but isn’t this what you are imagining? He is given moral lessons about the wrongness of Scroogism.

    But, I have to ask, is anyone ever changed by moral lessons? We tried to say that stealing and murdering in Vietnam wasn’t right and would only lead us to a bad end. I don’t believe any of the moral arguments given to the powers-that-be ever persuaded them to give it up. Getting out of Vietnam was surely not about recognizing the moral wrongness of our involvement there.

    And now, the powers-that-be are swindling the 99% out of all they have. There might be a lifetime of moral lessons that we could make about the wrongness of what is happening and the 1%’s responsibility for it all. But, I believe, they will no more understand these arguments or take them to heart than they have ever understood or heeded the lessons we might have given them about their foreign wars of aggression in the last 60 years.

    Blowback is not just about what foreigners would like to do to us because of what we have done to them. It is also about how when the powers-that-be can no longer obtain through theft and murder what they want from those outside our country, they will inevitably start robbing, pillaging, and murdering from us in-country to get what they want.

    Moral arguments and Scrooge-like experiences have not stopped them in the past, and won’t do anything to help us in the future.

    • Carl Herman

      steven: the 1% are supported by 10x or more of their numbers in minions who would love to bust the 1% as part of their “Scrooge conversions.” The minions are held be blackmail, threats, money, and almost all would love to reclaim their hearts and good standing with the 99%.

      For the 1% of the 1% who are the “leaders”, well, choices, choices.

      We are guests on this planet, steven, and in almost all areas of life have no authority in our conversations but to point-out choices in good faith.

      We are free to choose, steven. All of us. Choices will have consequences, of course. If Life is indeed just, perhaps the 1% can have their life upon 99 other lives at the effect of some other 1%’s wars, lies, and debt-slavery.

  • ML

    Here is a wonderful quote heard on NPR today. The idea of eusocial evolution is what is being discussed above. Nature is vying for this emergence.
    “The most advanced stage which humans have is called eusocial evolution, and it entails cooperation based upon altruistic behavior. And it is now, I think, inevitable that we turn in both the two dozen cases that have occurred in the history of life that we know of – only about two dozen cases – of species reaching that very high level. Many of them were social insects.

    And we will – there is no way now that I can see putting all of that information together about how it happened, you know, and how the great destroyer, Homo sapiens, actually arose without putting heavy emphasis on group selection, group-to-group selection, and altering a lot about our previous beliefs concerning kinship in generating altruism during evolution.

    This is the way it’s going. There’s been a game change, a paradigm shift, and it’s already beginning to take off in terms of drawing in more scientists eager to perform – do more theory and design more experiments in it.”

    by: E.O. Wilson, biologist and author, The Social Conquest of Earth and On Human Nature
    On NPR 6-25-2012 Seeking the Micro, Scientists Find the Big Picture on Talk of the Nation

  • guest

    it is strange that you talk about love on this blog…