22-minute interview: CA CAFR $600B ‘pension fund’ pays only $1B for pensions

Infowars Nightly News interviewed me for 22 minutes to discuss how states’ Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports (CAFR) reveal taxpayers have abundant assets already in government hands to pay for all public goods and services multiple times.

Summarized here, California has $600 billion in cash and investments, with all state government agencies combined having $8 trillion. These amounts translate into $50,000 per household retained by the state, and a staggering $650,000 per household combined total.

This is why CAFR data disclosure is one of three obvious game-changing solutions a critical mass of the 99% can command to reclaim economic success from the current capture of the 1%; the other two are monetary and credit reform.

This objective and independently verifiable data also communicates the need for Occupy victory for the 99% to recognize and end obvious malfeasance/crimes centering in money and war. This victory literally saves millions of lives, helps billions, and returns trillions of the 99%’s hard-earned money.

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  • windcatcher

    Great Job Carl!
    You will find that most government entities, even down to the local city government, keep two sets of books: One set is the budget which everyone sees and the other set is the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report which is never mentioned but hidden in plain view at most libraries.
    Seek and you shall be rewarded!

    • Carl Herman

      Thanks, windcatcher. Most local governments are honest about “rainy day” accounts. That said, these people might become powerful allies if they understand that in California, for example, we have $8 trillion in total tax surpluses ($650,000/household) and the need for “rainy day” accounts is solved with public banking (at-cost credit access).

  • Javy

    Wow! Carl Herman for president! Bravo! Keep us informed!

  • Connie Criscitello

    Hi. I’ve been reading on this very good site for the last couple days and I can see you are hungry for great, truthful media as I am. I wanted to share a couple videos on CAFR with you from a guy on youtube I just love. He is a pleasure to listen to and spot on as far as I can tell. He has high quality videos on many subjects, but here are the 2 he has on the CAFR: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T2aif0Wk9E0