Ron Paul Crowds Dwarf the Size of Romney Crowds

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  • As I posted before, Rep. Ron Paul has no chance to enter the White House no matter how large crowds he gets – because he is despised by three very powerful lobby groups – the military establishment, Israel Lobb and the Zionist CFR. They all fear that Ron, as President will give priority to Arab interests over Israeli interests in the Muslim East. Israel Lobby, on the other hand, is worried that Ron Paul administration may have more anti-Israel officials as compared to pro-Israel officials in administration under Islamophobes Mitt Romney or Rick Santorum or Newt Gingrich or the current Obama administration.

  • On 05/25/2012, Ron Paul Supporters across America should gather together to discuss the idea of Dr. Paul running on an independent platform and brainstorm a clever strategy on how to launch a parallel campaign in the event he is denied the opportunity of becoming the Republican presidential candidate. The end goal is witnessing Congressman Ron Paul announcing his presidential bid as an independent the same day America celebrates Constitution day: September 17th, 2012.

    A very interesting video clip indeed.

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