Republican Delegates Can Ignore Any “Committment” to Vote for Mitt Romney, and Can Instead Vote for Ron Paul If They Want

ALL Republican Delegates Can Vote Their Conscience

We noted last week that it’s still possible for Ron Paul to score an upset win over Mitt Romney.

Indeed, the nonpartisan Center for Voting and Democracy (CVAD) reported last December that the the legal counsel for the Republican National Convention said delegates can vote for whoever they want at the National Convention:

As set out in the Rules of the Republican Party, delegates have the ability to vote according to the delegates’ preference, even if that is contrary to the outcome of each state’s primary. According to one source, the legal counsel for the Republican National Convention in 2008 stated: “[The] RNC does not recognize a state’s binding of national delegates, but considers each delegate a free agent who can vote for whoever they choose.” Thus, if a delegate were to challenge his or her ability to vote as a free agent, he or she would have grounds under Rule 38.

Ironically, the legal counsel rendered her opinion when a Utah delegate wanted to vote for Mitt Romney in the face of the Utah delegation as a whole going for John McCain.

CVAD continues:

For further clarification on the meaning of Rule 38, it is instructive to look to the debate in 1964 when the RNC debated whether to strike the Rule 38 language from a proposed amendment that was adopted that year. The debate begins on page 64 of this source. The RNC voted 59 to 41 to keep the rule in the amendment, noting that it helped to clarify a longstanding practice that a delegate was free to take exception to the roll call, and was free to vote his or her preference. Those who sought to strike the rule feared that its inclusion in the rules would give delegates freedom from both a non-existent legal obligation and a moral obligation to vote according to instructions from their state. However, even these opponents of the rule admitted that there never has been any legal obligation for a delegate to do so.

In other words, all Republican delegates – no matter what state they are in – can vote their conscience … even if someone tells them they have to vote for a particular candidate.

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  • Ron Paul is the only Republican candidate who has the slim chance to dethrone Barack Obama who is supported by a great majority of ‘Israel-lovers’. Ron Paul, on the other hand, is despised by the Israel lobby groups.

    On May 9, 2012 – Ron Paul angered the Israel lobby groups by opposing H.R. 4133 – which was mean to spend billions of more US taxpayers’ money for the expansionist policies of the Zionist regime.

    • Daniel

      I am an Israel lover AND a Ron Paul Lover.

      • John

        Aye aye! Me too. Israel doesn’t need support, they can take care of themselves. Just like every other country in the world.

  • Thanks for getting to this, GW. This is HUGE. Our controlling would-be masters have another war on their hands with the problem that the 99% will nominate Ron Paul and no amount of spin or cheating will stop that outcome. Will the 1% attempt blackmail, threaten to assassinate Ron Paul’s family members, murder Dr. Paul by poison that mimics a heart attack, or… ?

    The “masters” will weigh those possible outcomes; they have so far declined surrender.

    We each, and in teams, have ways to voice and act for the future of our choice.

    • Greg

      Carl…Republican convention? Representitive votes? Our presidental election is open to the SAME! The electores can vote for whomever they want. Just generally follow their state outcome. This raises many possibilities. Given resent history, this to could come into play.

  • The only problem is that there’s way too many brownshirts in the party that brought us Bush and Cheney.

    In a brokered convention, the most likely outcome is not the Ron Paul win we’re all hoping for, but the appointment of a criminal like Jeb Bush.

    The last time the delegates changed their vote, they brought us Reagan – and along with him, a certain vice president who turned out to be worse than Hitler.

  • Harv

    I love it. Slowly the truth is coming out. Ron Paul in not such a long shot after all. Kind of like the Derby winner. A win by Ron Paul is victory for freedom through out the world but only if he can manage to stay alive. That is a big if.

  • gozounlimited

    That deserves an ADOUMA Celebration! ….. see video …..

  • On 05/25/2012, Ron Paul Supporters across America should gather together to discuss the idea of Dr. Paul running on an independent platform and brainstorm a clever strategy on how to launch a parallel campaign in the event he is denied the opportunity of becoming the Republican presidential candidate. The end goal is witnessing Congressman Ron Paul announcing his presidential bid as an independent the same day America celebrates Constitution day: September 17th, 2012.

    A very interesting video clip indeed.

  • Wes

    @Tobias, why would Dr Paul consider running as an independent when he can and will get the GOP nomination??? I suggest you reread this article because you didn’t get the gist of it. Dr Pauls delegate strategy is working perfectly!!

  • DanD

    The primary reason I will vote for Ron Paul is because he IS anti-war. It’s a plus that he’s also anti-Fed Reserve. That he’s additionally NOT religiously insane is just a cherry on top.

    But Diebold and ALL its “children” are wholly owned by global fascism, of which both BarryHO and Romney whorship. Hook and crook was way too easy for them in 2000, ’04, ’08, … mostly because the Dems were in on it too.

    They will not let Ron Paul survive as a winner.


    • Al Dove

      That’s me, bro. Starting in 2003, I read ALL he’s stuff on . He is a little bit too busy to be a regular contributor now.

  • Howard T. Lewis III

    If people want to vote for crooks who destroy the economy for their ill gotten Wall Street gains, a crime has been committed. compensation. if somebody moves their factory out of the country, tariffs to bring goods back in. china is loveable and our government has sold us down the river and blames China and Japan. That is the job created for prancing, mewling, lying, cheating poltroons. President Obummer and congress should be cleaning up The Gulf of Mexico beaches and bayous with their hands and plastic bags. The people behind the scenes for the Fukushima mess have earned worse.
    Vote Dr. Ron Pul for president and dump the Fed and cut off The City of London at their kneesocks.

  • Vince W

    Doesn’t this rule just make practical sense? I mean any delegates that went to Santorum, or Gingrich in the earlier primaries would now be essentially “lost” if this rule did not exist, as they are no longer in the race at all. Should those delegates be required to cast votes for candidates that no longer exist?

  • Alan

    Whilce I agree with Ron Paul on a number of issues, he has zero chance of becoming the GOP nominee. I admire your loyalty but your conclusions are delusional.

  • Shirley Wilkie

    If Ron Paul wins nomination, Obama will be a shoo-in. General public will not vote for Paul, he’s
    too extreme on some issues.

    • John

      If you saw the turn out at liberal berkeley campus, you might change your tune. I was there and the 2100 seat auditorium was over-booked. They had to move the speech to a field about the size of a football field. The entire field was full, easily 4000 people (just like all his other turn outs.) It’s funny, everyone says “I agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says, but he’ll never win.” Stop listing to the media and wake UP. IF debbie downers like you vote for him instead of claiming he’ll never win, he would be the next president.

      • Fishwarrior

        Yup…QUIT LISTENING TO THE MEDIA!!! He can Win if We Vote Him In! I will be there to Vote Dr. Paul in~~~Please join me and do the same if you think he is the best candidate. I Know he is the Best Candidate and is the Best & Most Wonderful Human Being that will save our country from ruination.

  • Rocketman

    It’s wonderful news but I’m more worried than ever that someone is now going to assassinate Ron Paul. More than likely I think that the Republican Party is going to pull some grand trick at the convention to prevent pro-Paul delagates from being able to take their seats. The establishment is not going to give up without a fight and they fight dirty. They have too much to lose if Paul takes office.

    • Fishwarrior

      Can’t let FEAR be the dictator! Dr. Paul is manning up and going against the FEAR.

  • Well hello, Yes the establishment has much to loose if Ron Paul wins. But if he dose’t
    win we have much more to loose . We would loose our great Nation , It’s ether We win.
    or die. as a Nation . Of course that’s the way the Establishment looks at this Election also.
    It they don’t win they will loose control of the world .
    Let’s Be a winner Vote for Ron Paul and Save our Nation for the next generation .
    It just might be that we could once more become the Envy of all the world The greatest
    Nation on Earth .

    • Fishwarrior

      Right On Lyle!!!!

  • Bill Dixon

    It is true that Ron Paul has many stealth delegates to the National Convention and I happen to be one from GA. I will vote Ron Paul first round. But unless we can convince other delegates to jump ship at the National Convention we are going to loose. It is just that simple. So if you know of a Delegate to the National Convention then by all means talk to them, try to get them to vote Ron Paul first round. Tell them they can do that because of Rule 38 and Rule 37, Section (b) of the RNC rules. People we only need 1144 Delegates to win this thing. Surly some of you out there know of Delegate and have access to them. So if you do call them or better yet go and see them. By all means be respectful when you speak to them. Have your game plan laid out before hand, know what you are going to say. My guess is we need about 600 more delegates to flip flop at the RNC. Surly we can convince that many. If nothing else see if you can find their email address and send them an email. But again be respectful and stay with the facts, let them know what RP stands for. Believe it or not a lot of these Delegates to the RNC know very little about RP.

  • Great, thank you for time in putting this together.
    I think this years primary will be a very interesting one.
    We need to make sure all delegates know this, any ideas?