CA CAFR shows $600 billion tax surplus, 1% criminals cover-up, demand ‘austerity’

Clint Richardson details California’s Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) to reveal $577 billion in Californian taxpayers’ investments. This public evidence makes Governor Brown’s claim of a ~$16 billion budget deficit with no option than “austerity” a criminal lie of omission. This is similar if the governor claimed the public checking account didn’t have enough money for our children’s schools while he covered-up a savings account with over 30 times the claimed shortage.

Clint notes on page 107 of California’s CAFR that the $6 billion annual interest cost and $164 billion in state debt are also cover-ups when contrasted with taxpayers’ investments. The criminal economic fraud of the 1% expands with cover-ups of the policy options to issue its own credit and money to directly pay for public goods and services.

These facts at the state level in California are repeated by the two main political parties’ “leadership” in all states (explore here). They also reveal the US national debt as similar criminal fraud. Here are three simple points to explain:

  1. The US does not have a money supply; we have its Orwellian opposite as a debt supply. This is because the US leading banks won legal right through passage of the 1913 Federal Reserve Act to have private banks and the Fed create debt for what we use as money, and then charge the 99% for its use.
  2. The policy choice of a debt supply compounded with interest causes ever-increasing aggregate debt that can never be repaid. It can’t be repaid because this is what we use for money. The US national debt now pushing $16 trillion has a gross annual interest payment over $400 billion a year; ~$4,000 per US family of $50,000 annual income (if your household earns $100,000, then your gross annual interest payment is ~$8,000 every year).
  3. Monetary reform creates debt-free money that extinguishes the debt (details here), and allows government to become employer of last resort for infrastructure investment (hard and soft). This creates full-employment, optimal infrastructure, and falling prices because infrastructure historically creates more value to the economy than cost. Credit reform allows for public loans (interest directly pays for public goods/services) as another monetary tool for stable money supply (credit reform details here).

I understand that most Americans find these facts difficult to embrace. My personal experience working with both parties’ “leadership” for 18 years and two UN Summits where they rejected ending poverty, even when it produces a profit with Microcredit, revealed the 1%’s character.

The solution to the 99%’s looted trillions is as old as law and justice itself: arrest the criminals, disclose the comprehensive facts, rebuild in good faith for policy in the public good.

Until the 99% demand arrests and justice, the 1% will continue to loot, lie, and demand we accept austerity on our knees.

It’s our assets. What will you think, say, and do to reclaim them? Until we collectively act, the 1% psychopathically rules us to kiss our own assets goodbye.

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  • Americans make a little over 4% of world population – but consumes over 40% of world’s resources. The US has world’s highest numbers of billionaires (450) and millionaires (320,000) – but 80% of them belongs to country’s 1% rich minority. The new census data released shows that over 49 million Americans (16%) live below poverty line. America has the worst wealth inequality among the industrialized world.

    America still is the largest economy ($14.6 trillion), thanks to US$ being world’s reserve currency. However, its military budget ($680 billion/year) for Zionists’ war has already bankrupted the nation. The world’s future emerging economies are China ($10 trillion), Japan ($4.3 trillion) and India ($4 trillion). According to World Bank’s projection – Asia and Africa will leave behind North America and Europe during the next few decades. That’s the main reason for Qaddafi to be eliminated.

    • Carl Herman

      The 1% try to eliminate all who oppose their psychopathic control. But we present a choice on the eve of the 1%’s final exposure and defeat: act upon a “Scrooge conversion” and reclaim your heart; take acts that only those within can take for the 100%’s success and an end to the lies, looting, and murders.

  • gozounlimited

    What do criminals do after they terrorize, rape, and beat the crap out of you? …. they KILL YOU …. to destroy the evidence. The US (California) tax payer has decided the three strikes law has been activated due to this revelation, and we folks here in reality land, are ready to prosecute …. LINE UM UP!!!!!!!

  • Chris Adams

    I hope you are using the “1%” as a euphemism for the 0.0001%. Unless you make this crystal clear articles like this, no matter how thoughtful or otherwise accurate they are, elicit class warfare….where in actuality it’s the 6 thousand screwing over the 6 billion!

    The biggest chunk of the “1%” you refer to are folks that make more than $100K but less than $1M; these are not who you need to worry about…..Actually it’s the fantastically rich tyrants who control the worlds finances, media, politics, and military. This needs to be ABUNDANTLY obvious!!!!

    • Carl Herman

      Understood and agreed, Chris. That said, at the 1% level I observe we’re still dealing with many dangerous minions, especially when were talking about thousands of government agencies with CAFRs.

      Part of what we’re doing is polarizing the 1%, splitting them with the choice of where they will bet their lives and futures. Many of those minions can make unique contributions to free humanity if they choose the side of love and 100% of Earth’s inhabitants’ success.

  • Sean Schrader

    Great Article!!

    Clear,concise and straight to the point.

    • Carl Herman

      Thanks, Sean 🙂

  • I agree with this article. Walter Burien led the way to recognized this ouroboros of incorporated robbery, which Clint Richardson picked up on. However, neither went far enough, beyond political economy into the human ecology, which was its context.

    Everywhere in the world, the human top carnivores are engaged in maintaining their financial frauds,
    or engaged in military activity to advance them. As always, the problem with “monetary reforms” is that they MUST have some murder system. The real solutions must be monetary revolutions!

    What exists now is human ecology and political economy that is consistent with energy laws and general systems theory. The history of war has made those who were the “best” at being deceitful become the triumphant Fraud Kings. The supreme organized gangsters, international bankers, or the banksters, acted as the top carnivores inside human societies. It is NOT possible for there to be no human ecology at all. It is possible for there to be different ecologies. The established systems are unified money/murder systems. No monetary reforms that leave out the murder system aspects are sufficient, since the existing systems were the result of the historical triumph of militarism.

    Human problems have been amplified to astronomical sizes by progress in sciences such as physics and biology. Everything there was understood through energy laws and systems theory. Those also explain WHY whomever was the “best” at dishonesty became our new royalty, the Fraud Kings.

    No solutions that are not consistent with energy laws and systems theory can work. However, our postmodernizing science to do that must also be reconciled with ancient mysticism, since we go through tunnels of infinite deceits when we deal with the combined monetary and military systems.

    The 99% who are the sheeple, ruled over by the 1% of vicious wolf-people, can NOT resolve their problems without a radically different system of death controls, within the context of the debt controls. As long as the impossible goals of stopping all robbery are our spurious ideals, then those must backfire in the real world. We should deal directly with scientific social facts. However, we now run the world through triumphant deceits that get away with deliberately ignoring them, while most of their controlled opposition promotes impossible ideals that equally ignore social facts, and propose impossible ideals as their solutions. We need a better human ecology, manifested through our political economy, whereby the sheeple understand that they should be wolves too. Those are possible genuine solutions. Alternatives that exhort us all to be better sheep are guaranteed to fail. Such fake “solutions” have no genuine ecological understanding of energy laws and systems theory. The sheeple should better resist the top carnivores, by understanding how their whole system works. However, that does not mean they can stop it, but only transform it, by participating with a greater use of information in its evolution.

    • Carl Herman

      Well said, Blair; thank you. If you’re not familiar with The Venus Project and Zeitgeist movies for an alternative economic paradigm (and the work of Bucky Fuller), I recommend them.

      • Yeah, I am aware of those …

        Another, younger, creative genius that I recommend being synthesized with Buckminster Fuller is Nassim Haramein on the topics of Sacred Geometry & Unified Fields. He was also featured as one of the speakers in the first part of the Thrive movie. (Love the Internet, that allows us these kinds of alternative sources of information, that would have be practically impossible to access before!)