Beware false flag attack on Chicago NATO Summit by US War Criminals

Imagine that you are an evil advisor to the criminal 1%, and faced with this problem: the 99% are developing geometrically-increasing recognition of the 1%’s “emperor has no clothes” obvious War Crimes and economic looting, despite corporate media’s propaganda to lie and distract from those crimes (full documentation here, PuppetGov video to see it here).

You look to the future and see eventual arrests of those you advise. One recommendation is obvious:

  • deliver a false flag attack greater than 9/11,
  • plant evidence to blame Iran and domestic terrorist “leaders” (who are also the most effective at exposing the 1%’s crimes),
  • implement NDAA 2012 to “disappear” domestic threats to the 1%’s control, now and ongoingly as needed,
  • initiate war on Iran.

Because the G-5 nations are all involved in support of War Crimes and looting (US, UK, France, Germany, Italy), a false flag attack killing G-5 members at the NATO Summit in Chicago May 20, 21 is the preferred target in order to propagandize “outrage” and greater dictatorial control in all those nations. If any of the G-5 nations wanted to expose the War Crimes, they would have simply stated war law makes it illegal for a nation to use armed attacks unless attacked first by another nation’s government. Because these nations do not defend war law, we know they have political agendas consistent with war-murders.

I’ve written about the likely plans of US criminal 1% “leaders” to use a false flag attack to initiate war on Iran (as have many others), and independent writers are now warning of a false flag attack at the Chicago NATO Summit (for example, here). These blogs/articles are widely re-posted, as the links show.

The endgame is to either arrest the 1% criminals or to allow their further “leadership” to remove opposition to their policies that annually kill in the millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s wealth.

If this was a test to determine your future, and the future you receive reflects the quality of your choice, are you ready for your choice to be evaluated?

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  • Cheyenne


    I believe you’ll find this film to your liking:

    It hits head-on 2 of your favorite topics: (1) fraud caused the financial crisis, and (2) the fake left-right divide.

    It premiered in Chicago 2 nights ago. I wrote it and made it.

    • Carl Herman

      Cool, Cheyenne 🙂

  • A controlled nuclear explosion (dirty bomb) targeting a major urban concentration in continental United States may be the event that these misanthropes have in mind. This video speaks for itself:

  • I bet the Ziocons would rather prefer to carry-out a false flag operation at 2012 London Olympics to kill more people than they could do at the NATO charade. Furthermore, it will be much easier to blame Iran for the London event – as it was the only country which threatened to boycott the event due to games’ objectionable official logo which looks like the word ‘ZION’ instead of ’2012′.

    Now, the Zionazi media is floating the rumor that Ahmadinejad wants to attend the Olympics to cheer Iranian team – but Israel-Firster David Cameron don’t want to see the Iranian President in London.

    The British government has allocated nearly one billion dollars for the security of the event – more than 10% of Olympics total budget. However, the Israel-Firster government of David Cameron was not satisfied with the capability of UK’s own secret service (MI5) and invited Israeli Mossad to train MI5 operatives. Israeli daily, YNet had reported on May 12, 2011 that Mossad officials participated in a security drill at London’s Olympics park. The drill stimulated a scenario based on 1972 Munich Olympics, where atheletes were held hostages by (Palestinian) terrorists. The Munich hostage-taking was Mossad’s false flag operation to pit the West against Palestinians.

  • The damn evil government elites has the FEMA camps ready for the protesters and they have like 50 snow polling trucks ready on the sidewalks…. something is about to go down!

  • gozounlimited

    This …… Obama: “Unless you run a financial institution whose business model is built on cheating consumers or making risky bets that could damage the whole economy, you have nothing to fear from Wall Street reform.” I swear I’m not making this up! ……read here:

    Makes this seem true …… Obama Is Under CIA Subliminal Mind Control

    Through the president’s earpiece the CIA is able to piggyback subliminal messages onto Secret Service communications with the president. The subliminal messages are transmitted as audio stimuli played below audible volumes. At these levels the president is not aware of the stimulus being presented. The CIA has developed this type of mind control technology to induce a hypnotic state of mind so that they can subliminally instruct through hypnotic suggestion what the president should say or do.

    read more:


    White House Insider: Obama and The CIA Mind Control Device

    Can you tell us more about Obama Barack and the CIA mind control connection?

    Insider: Yes, I can and I will.

    Most recently CIA obviously deployed mind control device in the White House!

    President Obama is clearly under control and full supervision of some very powerful and very influential men…

    They are evil…

    read more:

    CIA Plant, on Mind Control? shock (NWO) 1 of 3 President Obama New World Order

    see video:

    Our Presidents 180 degree change in consciousness since he has become president seems to point to either the development of a severe mental disorder (requiring psychiatric intervention), he is a liar, phoney, front for _________, or is being mind controlled. Most people probably wouldn’t notice his change in behavior …. because they too are afflicted with one of the above….perceiving him as normal.