US war-murdered 20-30 million since WW2: arrest today’s War Criminals

US covert and overt criminal Wars of Aggression caused 20-30 million deaths of human beings since World War 2, according to the outstanding documentation of James Lucas of The US use/support of armed attacks is documented in 37 countries, and in direct violation of treaties after both world wars (Kellogg-Briand and UN Charter) to forever end armed attacks unless first attacked by another nation’s government.

The end of this gruesome and psychopathic history of armed attacks and war-murders in the Orwellian names of unalienable rights and freedom will end upon the demand of enough in the 99% to arrest the obvious current War Criminals.

What will you think, say, and do at this historic moment in US history?

What would make your family and you most proud, with consideration of your relatives who sacrificed dearly in wars?

What is the future you will work to earn: the continued path of lies, destruction and death of the 1%, or building a brighter future for 100% of Earth’s inhabitants? As you know, choosing 100% demands your intellectual integrity and moral courage to help expose and end the crimes of the current 1%. So this question is more: what is your life really for?


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  • Carl,

    Some facts can’t be “swallowed” if you know what I mean.

    It would perhaps be a better introduction to use the phrase “some within the U.S. government” in place of “US murdered” thus and such.

    Truth is a function of emotional thought in our realm, and in every other human realm for that matter:

    Probably 98 percent of your reasoning is unconscious – what your brain is doing behind the scenes. Reason is inherently emotional. You can’t even choose a goal, much less form a plan and carry it out, without a sense that it will satisfy you, not dis­gust you. Fear and anxiety will affect your plans and your ac­tions. You act differently, and plan differently, out of hope and joy than out of fear and anxiety.

    (Professor Lakoff).

  • Hi Dredd,
    I appreciate the art of communicating challenging areas of fact.

    I’ve tried several approaches since 1977 with work to communicate the facts of domestic and global poverty.

    For the moment, I’m with Gandhi that it’s more important to recognize Truth as God rather than God as truth.

    More accurately in this case, it’s “US political leadership of both parties, in partnership with propaganda from corporate media” war-murdered those people.

  • akaGaGa

    Even more accurate: US political leadership of both parties, in partnership with propaganda from corporate media, as well as an ignorant, selfish population that doesn’t care how many people die as long as it doesn’t personally affect them, war-murdered those people.

  • gozounlimited

    Now it’s our turn …. with a 3.5% pension return from the hedge funds it’s easier to murder you than explain why your pension dissapeard. Works great for clearing Social Security roles as well.

  • Help

    I love your title. It says it all. The question is how can we arrest this war criminal??

    • Carl Herman

      Good question. I say simply ask for those with arrest authority at all levels of law enforcement and military to exercise it.

  • jbanana

    Good post. The time has passed to do something. We as a country have failed. This government “of and for” the people has made us all murderers. We let this happen, we weren’t viligant. The criminals work for us, and they control us, and we let them. The world has good reason to hate us.

  • irvingwood

    This should be widely promulgated throughout the USA, especially in schools. The next study must be to calculate how much the British Empire cost in terms of human life, and how much wealth was looted from these subject nations and siphoned back into the City of London.

  • Constitutional Carrie

    Good points!

  • Christian Abel

    Illegal war… blablabla

    Pointless moronic crap

    • N30rebel

      Ah, yes, let’s hear it for bullet point moronic crap.