This 2nd American Revolution simply affirms US laws, ideals

“Constitutional governments and aristocracies are commonly overthrown owing to some deviation from justice…the rich, if the constitution gives them power, are apt to be insolent and avaricious… In all well-attempered governments there is nothing which should be more jealously maintained than the spirit of obedience to law, more especially in small matters; for transgression creeps in unperceived and at last ruins the state, just as the constant recurrence of small expenses in time eats up a fortune.” – Aristotle, Politics, Book V. 350 B.C.E.

 “The people — the people — are the rightful masters of both Congresses, and courts — not to overthrow the Constitution, but to overthrow the men who pervert it.” –  “Abraham Lincoln, [September 16-17, 1859] (Notes for Speech in Kansas and Ohio),” Page 2.

As Occupy and related lawful actions approach the endgame of the criminal 1%’s surrenders and/or arrests, it’s important for Americans to understand three things:

  1. This 2nd American Revolution simply enforces existing and basic American laws to prevent War Crimes, stop economic looting, and uphold ideals and law in US foundational documents of the Declaration of Independence and the US Constitution.
  2. The criminality of the 1% centering in war and money is “emperor has no clothes” obvious with no rational defense possible; the crimes are Orwellian and only possible with cooperation of oligarchic control in political “leadership,” banking/finance to pay the 1%‘s minions, and corporate media to lie and distract the 99%.
  3. Peace instead of war, obvious economic solutions for money and public credit instead of debt slavery to banksters (including full-employment for infrastructure), and the unleashing of suppressed technology will quickly end poverty, initiate abundant creativity, and transform this beautiful planet to nourish success for 100% of its inhabitants.

The 2nd American Revolution has petitioned our government to act within the decency of law. In return, the American 99% receive:

  • assassination of Americans upon the non-reviewable dictate of the president,
  • control-drown/waterboarding anyone dictated as a “terrorist” despite all US and international case law finding this to be torture,
  • NDAA 2012 and 2006 Military Commissions Act that state a president can dictate any person as a “terrorist suspect,” and then disappear them without challenge,
  • presidential executive order saying the US government can seize any resource, any person, at any time for “national defense.”
  • US wars and armed attacks that expand into more and more countries, despite treaties after both world wars that make use of military unlawful unless a country’s government attacks first (Kellogg-Briand and UN Charter).
  • US agencies’ official reports that show all “reasons” for war on Iraq were known to be false as they were told that are unacknowledged by the 1% and not prosecuted.
  • all “reasons” for war on Iran are easily and objectively proven as also false as they are being told in the present, yet the 1% continue to press for war.
  • tripling of the US national debt since 2001 while we ignore obvious solutions to create money for full-employment and infrastructure investment (here, here, for examples).
  • the King Family civil trial found the US government guilty for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The King family’s conclusion of motive was to prevent Martin’s “Occupy DC” for the summer of 1968 until the Vietnam War was ended and that funding directed to ending poverty. The 1% never acknowledge this.

These are the simple reasons for the arrests of the criminal 1% that are coming, and similar to the majority of the original Declaration of Independence listing their government’s violations of law despite petitions to uphold the laws. Enjoy the reading by many of the US leading actors (first 14 minutes – this was the highest quality I found).

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  • May Day! May Day!

  • nomdeguerre

    2nd American Revolution terminology is the way to go (as well as the truth). OWS needs to take it up.

    From a comment of mine: “It’s OWS that’s returning to the vision of our founders. We represent the constitution and the ideals of the American Revolution.

    In the words of an earlier poster, we’re wrapping ourselves in the flag and if you want to fight us you’ll have to trample it under. Welcome to the 2nd American Revolution, purely in defense of democracy and nonviolent.”

    • Carl Herman

      well said, nomdeguerre; thank you.

  • There exists no real democratic system in the world. What we see is a 1% elites charade to fool the rest of the 99% through election-frauds.

    • Carl Herman

      The elections are rigged through electronic voting, of course. Corporate media is owned to spin the 99%, of course. Part of Occupy is to have the 99% recognize these CRIMES, arrest the obvious criminals, and then we’ll see what we can create.

  • Longjohn

    Tear it all down and start again, this system is always has been and always will be inherently corrupt.

    It’s patriarchal (it’s biggest flaw) top down pyramid based like nearly all European based systems of governance and also nepotistic.

    This is easy to prove …. In the 1930’s FDR and Congress forced this system of government on the 500+ Federally Recognized Indian Nations.


    I hate to break it to y’all but you do NOT have a more perfect union that the Iroquois or the Seven Council Fires of the Allied Ones (Dakota Sioux) …. You just don’t …..

  • Thanks Carl. Chilling when you listen to it and understand the parallels. Sadly the sheeple don’t get it and the MSM will never represent as it should.

    • Carl Herman

      You’re welcome, shanky. Leadership goes first; that’s what we’re doing. We can provide choice and opportunity, but Life is a team sport.

      People have choices: to be sheeple or the persons they’ve always wanted to be are among them. Corporate media is being polarized to bet their lives on the 99% or the 1% criminals.

      Perhaps our job is to do nothing more than help facilitate choices. I feel it’s time for exposure and victory of 100% of Earth’s inhabitants, but hey, I’ve certainly been wrong about a great many things 🙂

  • Lock and load.