The Difference Between “Obomney” and “Robama” Is Only Skin Deep

Obama and Romney are both backed by – and pushing legislation which helps – Wall Street.

Obama and Romney both want to get us into a bunch of new wars.

Obama and Romney both want to strip away even more of the few remaining liberties which the American people possess.

Underneath the fake left-right dog-and-pony show, there’s no difference between Obomney and Robama. Romney is a white Obama. Obama is a black Romney.

Any difference is only skin-deep.

Lambert Strether created the terms “Obomney” and “Robama”.

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  • Presidential politics are usually a distraction from important issues we have more control over, like local politics/organizing. It’s not that there’s nothing we should be paying attention to, it’s that 95% of the stuff we do pay attention to is junk that’s forgotten in a matter of months. Nothing is going to change unless we move the discussion away from presidential horse races and sound bit wars and towards a discussion of how to actually make a difference.

    • Like yor comment.

  • Thanks for the hat tip.

    Take ObamaCare — Please. It derives from a policy proposal by the Heritage Foundation that was devised explicitly to head off single payer. That policy was first implemented in Massachusetts by none other than Mitt Romney. (At the Federal level, ObamaCare was crafted as legislation by Liz Fowler, a WellPoint VP on secondment to Max Baucus). So that’s Obama’s signature domestic initiative, and it’s Republican clear through. ObamaCare is RomneyCare. What does that tell you?

  • jo6pac

    I’m the left and totally agree with this, health care corp won and as usual Main Street get the bill.
    Thanks Lambert for staying on this.

  • Zachary Smith

    Before starting I want it understood that I’m in 98% agreement with this post.

    The part where I do differ somewhat is here:

    “Obama and Romney are both bought and paid for by the super-elite, and neither are the least bit interested in doing what the American people want our leaders to do.”

    I’ve a gut feeling there are some differences among the “super-elites” as to which puppet they prefer. Obama is definitely the choice of Big Banking, and that bunch has got an AWFUL lot of money. I’m not really clear who (if anybody) among the American super-elites really wants Romney. Possibly some billionaires repelled by the dark skin of the Uppity Socialist Kenyan Usurper, and possibly others (like the Koch brothers) who want to see the US turned into Libertaria a little more quickly than BHO is proceeding in that direction. ???

    It’s been pretty clear to me for several months that Obama had (under usual circumstances) a lock on the 2012 election. All the fun-and-games and all the shouting was a charade for the peasants. Last month I’d have given 20:1 odds on BHO’s re-election.

    A recently discovered wild card in the upcoming Election Theater is Israel. Netanyahu really does seem to hate Obama, and the dislike seems to be mutual. BHO is looking out for number one – his precious self – and that blessed outcome doesn’t necessarily include the imperial hopes and dreams of God’s Favorite People.

    Israel wants the US to continue to do its heavy lifting in the middle east. If Romney becomes president that outcome is guaranteed. It’s only a good possibility if BHO wins.

    So I figure Netanyahu is going to do something he thinks will really hurt Obama, and if at all possible throw the election to Romney, his bosom buddy. The prospect of Netanyahu using Romney as a sockpuppet the way Cheney did with the Awol Airman Bush is wet-dream material for Israel.

  • Simon Holmes

    An inspirational video clip…Congressman Ron Paul running on an independent platform for the Presidency of the United States:

  • Rev D

    Obama is a white Romney….Seriously?

    • par4

      Yep! Hell Eminem is blacker than Robama.

  • stan bemis

    the word liberal has a fine and nobel history.Geo h. came around and gave it a negative conotation and i sat up and thought,what the hell? communisism had been replaed as the demonic factor.But it is easily forgotten that words are simply words and like everthing else subjet to change.I would like to believe,however,that the l word still has some milege to it.But what is imperative is the realization that it is what ‘s behind any given word that’s important.