The Hidden Influence of the Nuclear Lobby on Climate Change Legislation

Is The Nuclear Lobby Behind Bad Climate Legislation?

Nuclear power is expensive and bad for the environment.

Investing in nuclear technology crowds out developing clean energy.

But the nuclear industry spends huge sums on lobbying.  Indeed, it spends more on p.r. and lobbying than on safety.

The Progressive reported in 2006:

While nuclear industry lobbying is widespread and aggressive, its impact is not always readily apparent. Take, for example, the Lieberman-Warner climate change bill, which the Senate is expected to debate this summer. The bill—also known as S.2191, or America’s Climate Security Act—does not mention the word “nuclear” once in its 200-plus pages. Yet an aide to Senator Joe Lieberman called the measure “the most historic incentive for nuclear in the history of the United States,” according to Environment & Energy Daily.

One section of the Lieberman-Warner bill says that “25 percent of all the funds deposited into a new climate change worker training fund shall be reserved for zero and low-emitting carbon energy that has a rated capacity of at least 750 megawatts of power,” notes Tyson Slocum, the research director of Public Citizen’s energy program. “That’s a huge threshold, so that’s going to exclude wind and solar right off the bat. . . . The only thing that could possibly meet that target would be nuclear power.” Similar language in another section of the bill effectively reserves another half a trillion dollars for the nuclear industry, according to Slocum.

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  • Zachary Smith

    A very large part of the problem outlined here is that the US House and Senate are staffed by ignorant and corrupt people. The nuclear lobby has lots of money for buying influence, and that’s something the elected people understand better than anything else. I doubt of many of them have even attempted to really learn about the US energy situation – any understanding might inhibit their money grabbing. So we’re left with the terrible biofuels made from food with a probably net energy loss. The incredibly profitable oil companies continue to get every imaginable tax break and almost no regulation. And the nuclear industry gets the licenses of dangerously old reactors renewed for another 40 years.

    We never were infinitely rich, and nowadays the US is really wobbly in economic terms. We can’t afford to waste money on dangerous old technology, but that’s precisely what’s happening.

    Sixpack Joe out in the sticks generally doesn’t know what’s going on either, but he has more excuses than do those elected vultures. He never did learn much about science and technology, so he’s at the mercy of the propagandists. And understand this: somebody has it in for clean energy.

    Consider the efforts of a single organization –

    The subtitle: “It now appears that wind farms may have no benefits at all”

    Unless wind projects are studied to death, they are “a violation of the United Nations Economic Commission for Europe’s Aarhus Convention on Human and Environmental Rights”.

    Wind power will waste billions of European taxpayer euros, destroy 2-5 jobs for every one it creates, “stalls the recovery of the EU economy, threatens the existence of the euro, destroys the tourism potential of countless natural and cultural assets, causes losses in property value in the billions of euros, affects the health of wind farm neighbours (noise + infrasounds), is driving many species of birds and bats to extinction, etc.”

  • gozounlimited

    Chemtrail Weather Modification Sold as Derivatives by Psychopaths
    see video:

    • gozounlimited

      GOOD NEWS! Chemtrail Geoengineering Lawsuit Moves Forward as Citizens Set To Provide Evidence

      Al DiCicco, an independent journalist and activist in Mohave County Arizona, has spoken out and rallied against the ongoing geoengineering of our skies at various local city council meetings and other public hearings.

      Now, after being involved in a series of tests that proved that he had high levels of barium and aluminum in his blood, Al and a group of concerned citizens are moving forward with a lawsuit to attempt to stop these dangerous chemical trails.

      see video:

      • gozounlimited

        Just like I predicted …. now that the Cherry Blossom Reason To Spend Money is over … you’ll are getting your regular Spring Weather back and not only is your tan fading, your nature (forced to bloom early) …. is freezing …. Still loving geoengineering? Great if you are shorting weather derivatives, or going long commodities. Your (chemtrailed, heavy metaled) disease and death is keeping the banksters hedged and in business while ripping off countries, states, counties, cities, farmers, etc. Had enough yet? Any critical thinkers out there?

  • whiteyward

    With national and military efforts to change the weather there is no way to deny some type of climate change. The capitalist effort to make money and gain controls on others money by selling climate changing projects and products is the scam. Nukes and the nuke industry are a closed club with a monopoly on uranium and the other minerals or processes for nukes. The capitalist have hijacked this science and compromised most others.