Monetary & credit reform realizes Venus Project infrastructure: new video to brief YOU

Credit and monetary reform is a transition phase between the rigged-casino economy of today and The Venus Project’s resource-based economy. The present and future of the US economy can be understood in three steps:

  1. A critical mass of the 99% recognize the credit and monetary system we have is a rigged casino; a conspiracy of a 1% and their purchased minions in banking, politics, and corporate media. This awakening is a goal of Occupy with the endgame to arrest the criminal 1% who annually kill millions with war and poverty, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s wealth.
  2. Monetary and credit reform replace today’s debt slavery; creating debt-free money and public credit for direct payment of public goods and services, full-employment, and immediate infrastructure needs. Human needs are fully funded for the first time in recorded history. We have world peace. Media is freed from being a propaganda tool of the 1% and shine light on building a brighter future for all Earth’s inhabitants. Humanity lives in unimagined creative inspiration, love, and discovery.
  3. As technology is unleashed and suppressed breakthroughs brought to light, humanity embraces a resource-based economic model because automation can produce all human needs most efficiently for everyone without accounting of a monetary system. Machines do most of what we do today for work. Humanity is free for creative acts and unprecedented  outer and inner discovery of what it means to be human. Please invest 48 minutes to watch the video and be briefed.

If you care about the successful future of humanity and planet, please invest the time to be briefed by this video

If it helps:

  • I was personal friends with Buckminster Fuller for the last two years of his life and affirm through personal study that this video is our most likely kind of economic near-future.
  • My background of working with “leadership” of both political parties shifted to economics and historical research in 1997.
  • The lives of millions of human beings are at stake, well-being of billions, and trillions of our dollars. Current “leadership” will only engage in more wars, looting, and destruction. Your beautiful, unique, and powerful self-expression makes a difference, for one kind of future or another. Now is the time to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.
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  • gozounlimited

    “Now is the time to be the person you’ve always wanted to be.” ….. I AM ….. POWERFUL!

  • Eric B.

    This slick video promotes what it calls a “resource-based economy”? But all economies are based on available resources, so a “resource-based” economy is nothing new.

    The video shows nice scenes of everyone having a very pleasant and delightful time amidst wonderful futuristic architecture, but who collects the garbage? Oh, yes, machines. But where do they put it? Oh, yes, they feed it into other machines, which (as a result of the intelligent inventiveness of the technocratic elite) converts it back into all those goods which are free for the taking. Sure.

    Also the video says nothing about whether in the proposed world everyone would be ruled by the technocratic elite, or whether people would be free to do what they wanted, whether or not the technocratic elite approved? But in fact the system envisioned would be a technocratic totalitarian system in which everyone had to do whatever the computers decided was best for all (and, of course, in particular for the technocratic elite).

    Like your tipple or joint? Then the computers will decide that you are an alcoholic or a drug addict, and you will be “re-educated” (see the FAQ on the website of the Venus Project), no doubt in special camps (surrounded by some future electronic version of barbed wire). Of course, you won’t be free to leave. Such a wish will be interpreted as anti-social and inconsistent with the wisdom now inherent in the new system. Persistence in your anti-social views will no doubt be “fixed” by electroshock or sedatives.

    Nothing is said in the video about how to get from the present state of the world (controlled by the corporate/financial/military elite) to what is envisioned. Is a magic wand needed? If we go to the Venus Project web site we find the answer in the FAQ. It seems that first there must be a complete collapse of the financial and social systems. “The Breakdown
    The Venus Project can not be put into practice on a global scale until the economic systems of the world fail to provide for the needs of people.” So in the midst a social catastrophe in which billions of people are dying from heat, cold, disease and malnutrition the Venus Project will rise to transport us all into a glorious future where all our wants and needs are satisfied by machines. Sure.

    All societies and economies are based on energy, so where does the energy come from for this proposed world? On the website of the Venus Project there is a section concerning energy. Four suggestions are made: Geothermal Energy, Underwater Turbines, Bering Strait Dam and Solar Power. While these are all worth developing, it’s very unlikely that they could provide sufficient energy to drive the ambitious scenarios presented so seductively in this video (and are these intended for just a few million selected individuals or for the whole population of the Earth?), and there is no attempt to show that the suggested energy sources will provide energy in anywhere near the amounts needed to develop and maintain the proposed utopia.

    The scenarios presented would be possible only on the basis of practically unlimited energy, a.k.a. “free energy”. Research and development by private inventors suggests that this is possible. But such research has been suppressed by the corporations who are making humungous profits from coal, oil and gas, and this suppression will very likely continue until our species becomes extinct.

    Don’t be fooled. The Venus Project is a project for the elimination of human freedom and the institution of a dictatorship of machines. And perhaps eventually the machines would decide that the humans were not really needed — they could run things just as well by themselves.

    • Carl Herman

      Eric: I appreciate your thinking on this topic, first of all.

      Let’s look at what we can build upon here: this IS new because it approaches an economics argument of optimal efficiency that removes the requirement of having a job. This builds upon Bucky Fuller’s work.

      As technology becomes more efficient, this is our future. With all respect, get over it. Economic needs can, and should, be produced without waste and for all. This also means not using money for basic human needs.

      We should take this engineering possibility and run with it, Eric. THIS IS DISTINCT FROM A GOVERNING ARGUMENT. Moreover, humans will get punked by any solution if they lack the brains and heart to shape good ideas into workable and upgradable reality. For example, marijuana will have the votes when we’re free to be used freely despite any minority opinions.

      How do we move forward? Dude, the three steps I wrote somehow isn’t clear???

      With the arrest of the 1%, we’ll have free information to see the facts on the table for our consideration.

      Get rid of your fear, Eric. It doesn’t serve you.

      • Eric B.

        Thanks, Carl, for your reply.

        I agree with you completely that monetary reform is needed. The Federal Reserve system is a nearly-100-year-old scam that enriches the 1% and which should be abolished as soon as possible (which won’t happen while the U.S. Congress is controlled by the 1%). The use of tax-free local credits to replace Federal Reserve notes is to be encouraged. But my objections to the Venus Project are not based on considerations of monetary reform. Of your “three steps” the first two mention monetary reform, whereas I see nothing on the website of the Venus Project about monetary reform, except that money should be eliminated.

        Money is a system which facilitates exchange of goods and services. A well-designed monetary system need not enrich the few at the expense of the many. The problem with the present system is that it does exactly that. The solution is to reform the system. Simply asserting, as the Venus Project does, that money should be abolished is not a solution. You say that economic needs should be produced for all (and made available for free). At a minimum economic needs consist of food and shelter. So who grows the food, and who builds the houses? And since the people who do this expend time and effort (based on skills that they have taken years to acquire), how are those people to be compensated for their time and effort? The answer of the Venus Project appears to be: It will be machines which grow the food and build the houses (so it’s not necessary for any people to do anything, so no-one needs to be compensated, so no money is needed). This is a fantasy, literally a “deus ex machina”.

        You mention “the arrest of the 1%”, but I don’t see this happening. Do you expect it to happen? How?

        You say that “when we’re free” it will be possible to use marijuana because such use will “have the votes … despite any minority opinions”. And how to we become free? And does the utopia of the Venus Project include some political system whereby a minority may not impose prohibition upon the majority?

        Or is there to be no political system, because everyone will be contented and happy because of their ability to take whatever they want from the shelves of available goods without having to pay a cent? So happiness will result from unlimited consumption of material goods? How does this differ from the crass materialism and greed which is characteristic of contemporary society — except that (in theory) the greed will be satisfied?

        But if you wish to grow your own marijuana or magic mushrooms (and give them away — not sell them, of course, since money will have been abolished) then will you be classified as a “drug addict” and slated for “re-education” — see Question 97 in their FAQ: “drug addicts … can be educated out of the need for requiring artificial stimulants.”

        You did not address most of the points I raised in my previous message, such as, “Who collects the garbage?” and “Where does the energy come from for this proposed world?” If this utopia is to be at all credible then an analysis of energy needs and energy sources is required.

        At the bottom of every page on Washington’s Blog there are tables of fossil fuel energy production and world energy consumption in units of billion BTUs. So where is the Venus Project’s report on how many billion BTUs will be needed for its ambitious project? And where is the report on how many billion BTUs can be provided (especially in the context of The Breakdown –see Question 14 of their FAQ) by wind energy, geothermal energy, tidal energy and solar energy? If it turns out that the latter is less than one-fifth of the former then the Venus Project is a non-starter — unless it can somehow remove the suppression (by bribery, violence and threats of violence) by the big coal/oil/gas industries of research into sources of unlimited energy.

        But apart from these issues the question remains as to the wisdom of creating a society which is run by computers and machines they control. Machines do not care about human values. Computers do whatever their programmers instruct them to do (until such time as the computers begin to instruct themselves, and what happens to us then?), and those programmers do whatever their paymasters tell them to do (such as to spy on the email messages of everyone). What we need is not more central surveillance and control but rather less. Local grass-roots self-sufficient communities (using their own forms of money which can’t be used to pay for tanks and missiles) are the way out of our present problems, not some vastly “efficient” computer-controlled totalitarian system such as envisioned by the Venus Project.

        Carl, I applaud your support of monetary reform, but I don’t believe that you should espouse the Venus Project’s simplistic proposal that the solution is simply to abolish money. How about abolition of the Federal Reserve system? This would be a major boon to the 99% (who would no longer have to pay money to the 1% for the “privilege” of using money) and, unlike the unrealistic (but seductive) utopia envisioned by the Venus Project, it is a goal possibly attainable in our time.

        • Carl Herman

          You’re welcome, Eric. Thank you for your thoughtful life 🙂

          I will try to address all your points.

          I do see the 1% arrested. It will happen when the minions revolt and join a critical mass of the 99%. How? That is unpredictable, and will happen when enough people stand and act for it. When? You got me; I have a human brain just as the rest of us and can only choose to act for what I see and only see so far. I predict the minions and significant numbers within the criminal class will choose love when forced to choose a side. This is political polarization.

          The Venus Project is engineering. Period. Their opinions about drugs have zero political weight. Zero. These are distinct, separate categories. Opinion polls seem to be clear that Americans want de-criminalized marijuana.

          The idea of a practical city based on such engineering can, and should, be subject to professional and independent cost-benefit analyses. Those numbers will inform trial runs if positive. In the meantime, the end of debt-slavery provides full-employment and infrastructure regeneration. A free media will finally allow thoughtful political participation. The Fed is indeed a scam, and will end its slavery when the 99% demand their own release.

          I’ve previously documented in their Energy section to document suppressed energy breakthroughs. This, and other areas such as garbage collection, will evolve with freedom to the likely endgame of technology doing most of the work. With humans free from mandatory labor, we will have a new game design for what it means to be human.

          What will we do? I will find out the same as you, through living it.

          Look up Bucky Fuller’s Old Man River project, like this 3-minute video and Bucky’s explanation, to see how whole city designs are practical and cost-effective:

    • charles

      i have one word for you- PARANOID

  • ML

    Jacque Fresco is the kind of “father figure” I wish I had had. I am willing to follow his admonishment to pledge allegiance to the Earth and everyone on it and to declare Earth’s resources as a common heritage. How else can “WE” attain sustainability?

  • I discovered the work of Jacques Fresco and Peter Joseph in late 2008, when I first noticed the wheels coming off, macro-economically speaking. The end of work is real, the waged labour paradigm is dying an unnatural death, it should have been put out of its misery 50 years ago but certain interested parties didn’t see it that way and so we find ourselves at this cliffs edge. We can’t go back, we cannot uninvent and we cannot apply the brakes and hope to maintain some sort of stasis. I do everything I can to share these ideas and expand upon them and in my learning I have discovered many incredible people with fascinating ideas that are intended to function outside and beyond the money market system. IMHO it is our only hope of truly evolving.

  • Ivan

    To everyone viewing this as a first video ever about the Venus Project, this video is not a documentary or a full demonstration of the society in any way. There are tons of interviews and movies about this on the web, Youtube and download and you can look it up to further investigate on this project. I encourage you not to make any static opinions about anything until you do some research on the topic.

  • ChewyBees

    OK except…

    I like these ideas, except that Gaia doesn’t exist as a static form of life. She tends to send ice ages and meteorite impacts to make her position clear. While I love the dream of a utopia, we are animals in a 3 dimensional capture, on a planet called earth. To create a reality outside of the universe is folly. Sorry to burst the bubble, but…