Japan is Poisoning Other Countries By Burning Highly-Radioactive Debris

Fukushima to Burn Highly-Radioactive Debris

Fukushima will start burning radioactive debris containing up to 100,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium per kilogram. As Mainchi notes:

The state will start building storage facilities for debris generated by the March 2011 tsunami as early as May at two locations in a coastal area of Naraha town, Fukushima Prefecture, Environment Ministry and town officials said Saturday.


About 25,000 tons of debris are expected to be brought into the facilities beginning in the summer, according to the officials.


If more than 100,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium are found per kilogram of debris, the debris will be transferred to a medium-term storage facility to be built by the state. But if burnable debris contains 100,000 becquerels of radioactive cesium or less, it may be disposed of at a temporary incinerator to be built within the prefecture, according to the officials.

Within the 20-km-radius no-go zone spanning across Naraha and five other municipalities along the coast, debris caused by the magnitude 9.0 quake and the subsequent tsunami has amounted to an estimated 474,000 tons, much of remaining where it is.

How much radiation is that?

It is a lot.

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen has said that much lower levels of cesium – 5,000-8,000 bq/kg (20 times lower than what will be allowed to be burned at Fukushima) – would be sent to a special facility in the United States and buried underground for thousands of year. See this and this.

It is comparable to the levels of radioactivity found within the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone. See this and this.

And even the Japanese – who have raised acceptable levels of radiation to absurd levels – would normally demand that material with this radioactivity be encased in cement and buried:

According to plans by the Ministry of Environment, if the radioactive cesium concentration is less than 8,000 Bq/kg, then it is possible to dispose of it by burying it. Rubble that has 8,000 ~ 100,000 Bq must be encased in cement in order to prevent contact with water before being dumped. For rubble that exceeds 100,000 Bq, it must be encased in concrete walls and stored temporarily. The disposal place must be approved of by the Prefectural Governor.

In addition, some allege that debris surpassing 100,000 bq/kg of cesium will be burned, after being mixed with less-radioactive materials.

And many of the incinerators are located smack dab in the middle of crowded cities, and are not equipped to contain radiation.

Other Parts of Japan Are Also Burning Radioactive Debris

And it’s not just Fukushima.

Tokyo and many other areas in Japan are burning radioactive debris as well. And see this.

Burning to Continue for for Years

Mainichi reports that the radioactive debris will be burned for years … through at least March 2014.

Poisoning Other Countries

Burning radioactive debris does not destroy the radioactivity. It merely spreads it.

Gundersen says that radioactivity from the burnt debris will end up not only in neighboring prefectures, but in Hawaii, British Columbia, Oregon, Washington and California. Gundersen said that burning radioactive debris is basically re-creating the Fukushima disaster all over again, as it is releasing a huge amount of radioactivity which had settled on the ground back into the air.

Steven Starr – Senior Scientist, Physicians for Social Responsibility, and Director of the Clinical Laboratory Science Program at the University of Missouri-Columbia, who has advised numerous countries on issues of nuclear non-proliferation – writes:

Burning radioactive debris will only serve to further randomly spread radiation across Japan, as well as the rest of the world. Not only will this lead to more morbidity and mortality within Japan, but it will further complicate epidemiological studies of the Fukushima disaster. Raising “acceptable” levels of radioactive fallout is a false solution to a serious problem. It is possible for the government authorities to do this because radiation is invisible to us, and at lower doses, the consequences of exposure do not manifest themselves for some time . . . thus it is a poison that is easy to hide and ignore. Sadly, the children of Japan will be those most seriously affected by this man-made environmental catastrophe.

It is bad enough that radiation from Fukushima is spreading across the Pacific to the United States through air and water, that the Japanese are underplaying the enormous threat posed by the spent fuel pools, and that the Japanese have engaged in a massive cover-up of the severity of the Fukushima crisis. But intentionally burning radioactive debris to try to cover up the problem – and spreading radiation worldwide in the process – is an entirely separate affront.

Postscript:  In addition to burning radioactive debris, Japan intends to build tents over the leaking Fukushima reactors. While this sounds like a way to contain the radiation, it would actually funnel it straight up and spread it globally:

My reaction [to the announcement that the Fukushima nuclear operator would build giant tents over the reactors] was hope that the tents would at least keep radiation from spreading worldwide through the air, even if they didn’t do anything to prevent contamination of Japan’s groundwater or the Pacific Ocean.

But nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that the tents – while helping to protect workers at Fukushima – will actually increase the dispersion of radioactive gases. Specifically, Tepco will pump radiation out through stacks, which will push radiation up to a higher elevation, dispersing it even further around the world.

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  • gozounlimited

    And our chemtrail cowboys are doing the best they can to smother Californians with chemical clouds holding in Fukushima radiation while the rest of the nation ignores it. Just like your homes and investments dissapeard, so will your life. Wake Up America!

  • xaxado

    hara kiri goes viral. I send your links to friends in Japan — typically they don’t know about any of these issues. Thanks for your incredible service to all life.

  • gozounlimited

    A link of interest: GLOBAL WARMING & AEROSOLS

    It can be demonstrated that the introduction of essentially any metallic or metallic salt aerosol into the lower atmosphere will have the effect of heating up that lower atmosphere. The impact is both significant and measurable. Those that seek and express concern on the so called global warming problem might wish to begin their search with an inquiry into the thermodynamics of artificially introduced metallic aerosols into the lower atmosphere. The direct injection of massive amounts of particulate matter by aircraft into the atmosphere for more than five years establishes the foundation for this inquiry. An examination of the specific heat characteristics of an altered atmosphere will provide the path for the realistic conclusions that can be made.
    read more: http://www.carnicominstitute.org/articles/sh1.htm

    Links to Help You Learn:

    YouTube – Atmospheric Chemistry and Climate in the Anthropocene
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    Chemtrail Central
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    Chemtrails, chemtrails, chem trails, what in the world are they spraying?

    • gozounlimited

      No one has the right to use the Earth, or Earth’s atmosphere, as a giant experimental physics laboratory due to the unknown consequences of such actions.
      State and U.S. Congressional Hearings should be immediately held in order to completely investigate the consequences of proposed and ongoing geoengineering experiments by any individual, state, county, private corporation, the U.S. military, university or U.S. government agencies on agriculture, crop production, human health, and our oceans. There is a lot at stake and all of us should make our voices heard in this debate.

      Professor Benford (U.C. Irvine, CA), wrote the following regarding the public in a Reason.com article in 1997: “…But perhaps the greatest unknown is social: How will the politically aware public react–those who vote, anyway? If geoengineers are painted early and often as Dr. Strangeloves of the air, they will fail. Properly portrayed as allies of science–and true environmentalism–they could become heroes… A major factor here will be whether mitigation looks like yet another top-down contrivance, another set of orders from the elite. Draconian policing of fuel burning will certainly look that way, a frowning Aunt Bessie elbowing into daily details…In contrast, mitigation does not have to push a new camel’s nose into our tents… Technical solutions can play out far from people’s lives, on the sea or high in the air…Once we become caretakers, we cannot stop…(they) must be carried forward in the shadow of our stewardship…”

      Instead of questionable geoengineering experiments all reductions of greenhouse gas emissions and other pollutants, at their source, should be regulated by the Environmental Protection Agency and all funding should go to the EPA for developing alternative energy and transportation. Scientists and researchers should be funded to invent ways to use waste energy from currently operating energy plants to produce clean, green power, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions is where funding should be directed…not to those programs and experiments that will not reduce our impact on Earth from various types of pollution sources. The energy of the geoengineers should be redirected to solve pollution problems not add to them.

      On June 10, 2010, the U.S. Senate voted to uphold a 2007, U.S. Supreme Court Decision, that allows the EPA to regulated and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. There is no reason to initiate global geoengineering programs when we have the ability to reduce pollution under our laws. Reduction is the preferred alternative to pollution…not adding more toxic contaminates to our atmosphere that will impact life on Earth as we know it.

      Our local, county, state and federal representatives should take immediate action to stop these geoengineering scheme deployments until scientists from every field, agriculture interests, ocean scientists, marine biologists, and the public have had time to thoroughly investigate these schemes and their effects on the Earth’s environment. read more: http://agriculturedefensecoalition.org/geoengineering

      And ….

      The CME group ….

      WEARING lots of layers and a decent waterproof coat is one way to guard against changeable weather. Firms facing losses because of a big freeze or baking sun do not have that option. Insurance companies have long offered cover against flooding, hurricanes and other catastrophes. For less calamitous changes in the weather, derivatives are a better option.

      This is still a “niche market”, says Tim Andriesen of CME Group, the exchange where most weather contracts are traded. According to the Weather Risk Management Association, an industry body, the value of trades in the year to March 2011 totalled $11.8 billion, nearly 20% up on the previous year, though far below the peak reached before the financial crisis took the steam out of the business. In 2005-06 the value of contracts had hit $45 billion.
      Weather derivatives had an inauspicious start: the first trade was done by Enron in 1997. The instruments were initially used by American energy companies to hedge against the effect that unseasonal temperatures could have on gas sales. But abundant shale gas in the United States has rendered hedges against mild weather less important. Energy companies are still the biggest users of these trades and contracts based on temperatures (hottest March on record due to blocking LaNinia with chemtrails), continue to be the most popular form of weather derivative. But Europe is now the largest market, according to Jürg Trüb of Swiss Re, a reinsurer. And demand for sophisticated and flexible over-the-counter products, which involve other variables such as rainfall, snow and sunshine and are tailored to meet customers’ specific needs, are growing far more quickly than standardised, exchange-traded contracts.

      The weather-derivatives industry hopes that farmers will pile in to purchase hedges against
      sun and rain that can affect the size of their harvest (and they did, farmers allowing self immolation for greed, how stupid can a farmer get!) Subsidised government-insurance
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      • gozounlimited

        one more …. notice how the devil cleaned up on last years geoengineered heat wave ….

        Weather derivatives traders cash in on heatwave

        by admin on July 22, 2011

        The U.S. has been suffering from unusually high temperatures, dry weather and heatwaves across many regions in recent days and weeks. High temperatures mean weather traders are busy as companies and traders seek to hedge their weather risks using instruments such as weather derivatives.

        Savvy weather traders are apparently cashing in on the high temperatures as prices for certain degree-day weather derivative contracts on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME) have soared.

        Those who bet that the temperature would rise have seen the value of their contracts increase dramatically. This article on the Toronto Globe & Mail news website says that some contracts on the CME have jumped by as much as 60% in the past month. read more:

        • gozounlimited

          This explains allot …. Genocide-Endorsing Climate Alarmist Calls For Global Tax on Carbon Emissions

          NASA global warming alarmist James Hansen, who previously endorsed a book that called for acts of environmentalist terrorism and genocide to return the planet to the agrarian age, is set to call for a global tax on carbon emissions in an upcoming speech.

          Physicist Luboš Motl responded to the speech by pointing out that Hansen is basically calling for a dictatorial global government.

          “People around Hansen have stopped interacting with scientists or sensible people in general many years ago. They’re not even trying to hide anymore that they have switched from attempts to find valid answers to scientific questions – a challenge in which they have failed miserably – to pure political activism. Hansen also wants to introduce a global government:

          Under the global carbon tax proposal, the mechanisms for controlling fossil fuel use would be taken out of the hands of individual states influenced by energy companies, and politicians anxious about winning elections.

          “Can you imagine how such a thing could possibly work so that it would be anything else than a global dictatorship? How would this international carbon tax agency behave if they were told the truth, namely that they’re stinky thugs and thieves who should f*ck off and who won’t be given another penny? Would they also have a police or army to fight against the dissatisfied? Does Hansen expect that individual nations will dedicate their army to an international junta whose very open goal is to cripple the nations’ sovereignty and take the power of human fates from the people, something he explicitly states? Has he lost his mind completely? If you’re a maniac who wants to get a control over the mankind against its will, you will have to shoot through all the gates yourself.”

          “The comparison with slavery is particularly ironic because Hansen’s plan to introduce a global tax is nothing else than a form of slavery, a method for a self-appointed groups of alarmists to steal money from those who actually work, from those who are creating the values for mankind which often if not usually requires to emit CO2, the gas we call life, along the way, and to force them to work even more intensely in order to compensate for the money lost through the tax.”

          Hansen will make the call for a global tax after receiving the “prestigious” Edinburgh Medal, an exercise in alarmists back-slapping each other that has previously been bestowed on ecologist James Lovelock, who in 2010 demanded that “democracy must be put on hold” to combat global warming and that “a few people with authority” should be allowed to run the planet because people were too stupid to be allowed to steer their own destinies.

          read more: http://www.prisonplanet.com/genocide-endorsing-climate-alarmist-calls-for-global-tax-on-carbon-emissions.html

  • Randa

    Apparently there is a radioactive wave heading towards the USA:


    • gozounlimited

      Thanks for the heads up …. I watch RT now that Current is off my list….no way I am going to support Al creepy Gore. We also had radioactive gas emitting from four steam generators at San Onofre nuclear plant in California compliments of Southern California Edison (and Japan).

      California nuclear plant shut indefinitely amid hunt to find cause of problems

      Apparently steam generators were recently replaced, but have failed spewing radioactive gas into the atmosphere. Question is …. how long did this activity go on before shutting it down.

      read about it here: http://www.cnn.com/2012/04/06/us/california-nuclear-plant/index.html?hpt=hp_t3

  • Jojo

    Japan is Poisoning Other Countries By Burning Highly-Radioactive Debris
    “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” said Nietzsche. [lol]

  • Longjohn

    Seriously, how is this any different than a Terrorist Organization setting off a dirty bomb? (Actually more like dozens of dirty bombs)

    And what exactly is Japan holding over our heads to get our government to agree to “Share the Pain” of all the nuclear fallout from this burning debris? It’s got to be a lot more than just guilt *Which the Government never seemed to have anyway) over Hiroshima and Nagasaki …

    I’m guessing several US nuclear weapons including a couple we gave to the Japanese under the table ….. That would probably be enough to get the government to agree to burning nuclear waste and sending it into the 4 Winds ….

  • Teresa

    They’ve been burning for the last year, Yokohama was one city I remember doing it but not the only one, this was LAST year. I would suggest that the FACT that the Russians and the Chinese have been regularly dumping radioactive materials at sea, that the Russians left that leaking nuclear sub off Norway since the early 1980s, since Chernobyl is STILL leaking and the Cesium counts have NOT dissipated, that the Japanese are doing similar. The non-1st world nations are NOT the same in attitude.

    May I please speak bluntly, while Americans, and Swedes and English folks try to preserve animals and environment, just as in Africa, while Lions are being poisoned, whales hunted by the Japanese to the brink of extinction.

    Obama let Japan get away with this, boy he sure went after Libya and Syria and Iran but for this NOTHING.

  • Teresa

    I did wish to state that Obama approved NINE new nuclear power plants for the US, 3 are on the board in Georgia, and others in South Carolina, others to join soon.

    This is MADNESS, it is EVIL. I think there might be a devil and it resides in Washington DC.

  • AKbeachcomber

    A petition is up on the web re Fukushima, asking President Obama to join in a worldwide effort to help Japan mitigate the radiation situation reported above. http://wh.gov/QUi

  • Maria

    Japanese officials must have lost their minds. They are insane. They haven’t evacuated people from highly contaminated area. In those areas, many children have been exposed to radiation internally and externally everyday. They have food safety standards, but instead of re-enforcing them, they are depending on local governments and commercial industries to check the contamination levels and hoping that they will follow the regulations. Some Japanese people are taking matters in their hands and checking their food. Unsurprisingly the contaminated food (milk, flour, rice, mushrooms, fish, etc) are sold in grocery stores. Many Japanese people are against spreading contamination all over Japan. Many Japanese people also protested against the restart of Ohi nuclear power plant. However, Japanese government is totally ignoring its own people’s voice and used forces to breakup the protests. I think that international community should pressure the Japanese government because the radiation contamination is not only a matter of Japan now – it is a global problem.

  • No

    I don’t see any other nations coming to the aid of the Japanese. I don’t fault the Japanese government for burning caesium into the atmosphere. If any of you United States citizens have a problem with Japan burning the caesium into the atmosphere, I suggest you provide the Japanese people with a better solution for how to make their land more livable after such a horrible, toxic accident that happened to the equipment the United States provided Japan decades ago(after having dropped bombs on them a few decades before that). Its just absurd that white Americans should complain about radiation falling on them; think about the living conditions of the Japanese.

  • anon

    Should be considered an act of war!

  • Akshay

    This is really Dangerous situation. price compare

  • garry greenwood

    Meet some of those madmen behind this burning: http://alltheemperorsmen.com/madmen.html