Humanity will never have Truth until criminal 1% arrested. Will YOU demand it?

The annual cost of US 1% “leadership” lies and obvious crimes is death to millions, harm to billions, and looting of trillions of the 99%’s wealth.

The 1% lie about wars, then do exactly what war law exists to prevent: offensive and illegal Wars of Aggression. They lie year after year as the wars kill millions and cost Americans trillions of their dollars.

The 1% lie about economics, banking, stock market “trading,” and cartel looting while suppressing breakthroughs that would tremendously benefit 100% of Earth’s inhabitants. This costs Americans trillions every year.

The 1% corporate media lie by omission, commission, and distraction, as Pulitzer Prize-winner Chris Hedges explains in this 5-minute video.

Arrests end the lies and crimes, murders, damages, and looting.

The arrests are for obvious leaders in “emperor has no clothes” obvious crimes.

Will you demand the arrests?

Will you ask law and military enforcement to do the job they want to do, exist to do, and you’re paying them to do?

The alternative is what history shows us: ongoing lies, wars, looting.

What will you think? What will you say? What will you do?

My offer to help the 1% criminals for Truth & Reconciliation stands. I will advocate their pensioned and peaceful “retirement” in exchange for peaceful surrender and return of the 99%’s stolen assets. I invite their “Scrooge conversions” to reclaim their hearts and love.


It’s what 99% of the minions serving the 1% want, and will have with the intellectual integrity and moral courage to stand with 100% of Earth’s inhabitants to have.

Will YOU demand love, truth, and justice?

This is important, why you’re here, and you know it.

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  • hpd

    hey george.

    remember what uncle hpd said when this fukushima thing first started in march 2011? people laughed and told me i was nutty as a fruit cake. i said this would be the end of japan. i am now not the only one saying this. however, looks like it will happen faster than i thought. shazaam………..

  • James Crow

    And just who might the 99% demand do this deed of arrest? Shall we expect the 1% in control to arrest themselves? Write to our “congressmen”? Surely you jest…

    • Carl Herman

      James: the best leverage point I see is war law. All our families sacrificed dearly through two world wars to achieve the legal victory that nations can never use military force unless under attack by another nation’s government.

      Because 1% criminals have lied and are lying in all aspects of these wars that kill and harm Americans along with the millions in other lands, cost trillions, and are a disgrace to the 99%’s morals as well as our laws, just ask for those with responsibility to do their job.

      Part of our job is to polarize issues, to make the gap between choices broad and easily understood. I can’t and won’t choose for anyone, but I will do my best to make the choice clear and urgent.

      If you have a better idea, James, now’s the time to voice it.

  • August Woerner

    I agree with this strike, but it isn’t just the 1%’rs but also the hard right wing leaders of our country need to be held accountable. We must be specific as who are included, so that people like Buffit aren’t painted with the same brush. In addition we need to include the Republic party leaders. All the leaders need to be included who are against collective bargaining, and dystopian endeavors of certain state leaders who have enacted extreme anti-democratic laws to overturn democratic elections. Those whose efforts disenfranchise the poor, minorities, students, and elderly are. Leaders who want to tax the poor and give to the very rich. When you include these people you also point out a disturbing and real possibility that these leaders, at best are trying to develop a one-party system (Republicans,) and at the worst are trying to take over ownership of our country.

  • gozounlimited

    Power really does corrupt as scientists claim it’s as addictive as cocaine Daily Mail (May S)

    More than a hundred years after noted historian Baron John Acton coined the phrase ‘power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’ scientists claim the saying is biologically true.

    The feeling of power has been found to have a similar effect on the brain to cocaine by increasing the levels of testosterone and its by-product 3-androstanediol in both men and women.

    This in turn leads to raised levels of dopamine, the brain’s reward system called the nucleus accumbens, which can be very addictive.

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    and last but not least….a giggle…….
    Sunday Morning Comics – Abraca-Tax-Cut Edition
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    Brought to you by Nothing Has Changed Corporation – We Give Rhetoric, Platitudes to Make Sure the Game Stays Rigged.

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    • gozounlimited

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  • Just wanted to mention that this is a good post from Carl Herman. I despise the birther stuff because it’s so divisive (and loopy IMO)… but more posts like this, please.

    • Carl Herman

      Thanks, Stark. The only thing in professional claims of facts that is loopy here is your non-factual statement about it. For all readers: you all know that when people are serious about facts in an area, such distractions are only helpful to clearly understand it distracts when the facts are not addressed.