Dr. King’s 2 minutes to you: ‘Silence is betrayal… speak as one who loves America’

A year before the US government assassinated Dr. Martin Luther King, he asked Americans to end their silence over an unlawful, treaty-violating, and lie-started war killing millions.

The month he was assassinated by the US government, Dr. King was to march for their “Occupy DC” movement (the brochure).

You face similar circumstances today: a criminal war based on lies and in Orwellian treaty violation, and a chance to support our Occupy movement.

Your unique, powerful, and beautiful self-expression is breaking the relative silence that concealed US War Crimes. Your rejection of silence is breaking Orwellian lies of corporate media. Your support of Occupy will end economic and War Crimes, redirecting trillions for public benefit.

Your demonstrating love of American ideals is building the brighter future we’re all here to realize.

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  • Great, positive post. Keep up the good work Carl.

  • stubones49

    Martin Luther King was one of the bravest and finest Americans there ever was- He took a lot of heat from other Black leaders that wanted him to concentrate on “Civil Rights” and not the Vietnam War- King told them that poor white boys were needlessly dying over there too, so he spoke out vehemently about that war- He was one of the finest Speakers and Statesmen America ever knew- He knew there was A bullet out there with his name on it, just as JFK knew there was one for him, but that didn’t stop either of these selfless and brave Men…..
    Thank you for this fine site WB-