College Board bars AP Government from teaching US Constitution, US wars

I have been removed from the Advanced Placement (AP) Government listserve for documenting US Constitution promises compared with these recent US ‘laws’ and actions:

  • assassination of Americans upon the non-reviewable dictate of the president,
  • control-drown/waterboarding anyone dictated as a “terrorist” despite all US and international case law finding this to be torture,
  • NDAA 2012 and 2006 Military Commissions Act that state a president can dictate any person as a “terrorist suspect,” and then disappear them without challenge,
  • presidential executive order saying the US government can seize any resource, any person, at any time for “national defense.”
  • US wars and armed attacks that violate treaties after both world wars that make use of military unlawful unless a country’s government attacks first (Kellogg-Briand and UN Charter).
  • US agencies’ official reports that show all “reasons” for war on Iraq were known to be false as they were told.
  • all “reasons” for war on Iran are easily and objectively proven as also false as they are being told in the present.
  • the King Family civil trial found the US government guilty for the assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr. The King family’s conclusion of motive was to prevent Martin’s “Occupy DC” for the summer of 1968 until the Vietnam War was ended and that funding directed to ending poverty.

There are ~ 2,000 AP Government teachers worldwide; my communications via the listserve documented these important policies that was news to many who only look to corporate media(who also publish our texts). With these communications to teaching colleagues, I used my “academic voice” rather than the “civic voice” I use as a writer. The difference is my academic voice stays to the law and facts without my interpretation and policy position.

I was informed by the listserve moderator that a Bill Tinkler of the College Board had deemed these posts “non-academic,” of “personal nature,” and “unsuitable” for consideration of teachers in a college-level course on government.

Mr. Tinkler ordered the moderator to remove me from the listserve.

Mr. Tinkler never communicated with me to ask any question or state any argument.

I assume that such action would apply to any teacher who juxtaposed the US Constitution with US policies and wars. Therefore, I’m taking Mr. Tinkler’s initial indirect communication with me to voice the College Board’s opposition to AP Government classes teaching the US Constitution as applied to our most important current events. I welcome Mr. Tinkler’s clarification.

I e-mailed our moderator that:

  1. Bill Tinkler will have opportunity to explain his position and cite the evidence.
  2. If Mr. Tinkler cannot support his censorship, he will reinstate me and I’ll post to our 2,000 teachers the professional academic standards of refutation for factual claims. If he can support his censorship, I’d be happy to correct my behavior both to the listserve and to the public audience of up to two million views a month.
  3. Mr. Tinkler will have two choices: either academic professionalism, or my  ongoing public voice of my findings of AP Government leadership.

I invited our moderator to join my voice of obvious US War Crimes and destruction of the US Constitution, and to help our colleagues overcome cognitive dissonance.

I promise to write with Mr. Tinkler’s response.

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  • windcatcher

    I am just a layman, and this is a professional crowd that doesn’t use layman language so let me express myself in layman terms when addressing the assemblage of the AP, their charter, and peer review.

    “You are a bunch of rotten, no good treasonous, and globalist N.W.O bastards! You are not going to get away with open treason to the U.S.A Constitution and American sovereignty! The American People will bring those guilty to justice for Treason and complicit conspiracy to overthrow our Democracy and sovereignty, you S.O.B’s!”

    That’s a real tough crowd you live with Carl of course academia, science, President, Congress and government -even down to the county clerk- have been totally captured long ago by the N.W.O globalist emanating from the Trilateral Commission, CIA, IMF, World Bank and the Counsel on Foreign Relations.

    Look at the totally captured Robert’s Supreme Court, that have set themselves up as fathers to a new global Fascist (corporate government) nation our Democracy (government of, for and by the People) is gone!

    Wear you blackball with honor, Carl, you are one of the few with integrity.

    • Thanks, windcatcher 🙂

      The “controllers” for this listserve were slacking, and I had 3 months of steady communication with teachers on our most important topics. They had previously censored almost all attempts to communicate about wars, torture, etc.

      We’ll see what the College Board chooses to do next. I predict they’ll just ignore me:

      “First they ignore you. Then they laugh at you. Then they fight you. Then you win.” – attributed to Gandhi

  • I have wondered what grades k-12 teach about the recent changes in the law as well as the erosion of the rule of law. It seems to many that recent laws have made it difficult to say the U.S. is still a democracy or a country ruled by laws instead of by men (people in authority.) Given these changes I have wondered whether school teachers now point these changes out and draw the conclusion that the country isn’t the same, and that it may appear to be a democracy, but it no longer is.

    But, I also suspect that teachers in these grades do not mention any of the issues raised in this post. They don’t because school learning isn’t so much about understanding facts and realities as about creating shoppers. It’s not about creating factory workers, either. It’s just about keeping people shopping. You can’t have people worried about their situations and whether the world will be uncomfortable.

    Say, it became known that the President has an assassination team of ex Navy Seals and international drug runners that go around killing selected ruffians, skeptics, and political activists. I doubt if this fact would be considered relevant in any college prep course. I suspect the argument will focus on the nature of an institutional account of government. If it isn’t recognized as an institutional function or common behavior, then it is anomalous and not reflective of the “true” nature of that government. Given this focus, even a government that has “death panels,” assassination squads run by the President, two tiers of justice where the 1% are rewarded for their crimes and the 99% are severely punished, etc, etc, would be considered a democracy.

    • steven: in the 3 uncensored months I had, I received 5-10 personal e-mails from teachers thanking me. They did not have either the courage or factual command to voice themselves on the listserve. About 10 attacked me on the listserve, and these were easy to show as ad hominem and never ever ever ever ever addressing the factual content.

      My sense is that many were reading with interest, and learning. We’ll see what develops.

  • This is a good story.
    I hope that you are vindicated in the end.
    Keep us updated, yes?

  • Westcoastliberal

    The America I grew up in is finished. Stick a fork in it, it’s done.
    We now live in an empty shell where once democracy and freedom ruled but treason now reigns. As in Orwell’s “1984” war is peace, history is temporary, Big Brother is watching.
    Undeclared wars against countries that did not attack us. Torture and killing of innocent civilians. Endless wars based on concepts (war on drugs, war on terror) to feed and strengthen the military/industrial complex and line the pockets of the 1/10th of 1%.
    I admire you, Carl, for speaking truth to power. Keep it up for as long as you can.

  • JosephConrad

    In 1959-60, I had a 2yr. Civics course at the Jr. H.S. I attended. At its core, the course taught me the fine points of the Counstitution, the Bill of Rights and ‘mechanics’ of the U.S. government. Today, th vast majority of Americans have no idea how a bill becomes a law or a clear understanding of ‘civil rights’, freedom and the meaning of justice in a representative democracy. As a consequence, most Americans are totally devoid of any knowledge or undestanding of nation in which they live and th extent to which it has deteriorated since 2000. Their largely willful ignorance will be the ultimate painful death of this nation at the hands of increasingly sociopathic Wealthy old white men and their paid minions – the Courts, Congress and ‘bought’ government appointees. Like sheep to slaughter, MILLIONS of Americans will see a 200yrs. old experiment in Liberty & Equality dissolve into Self-Aggrandizement, Greed & Nazism.

    • JosephConrad: Oh, we teach the Constitution and fine points to a level of mindless recall. That’s part of the problem. What’s missing is any reality check to see how/if they apply to real-world politics.

      Corporate media, the lying sacks of spin that sell us wars, torture, NDAA 2012, etc. also print our textbooks.

      Part of the 99% that needs to awake to “emperor has no clothes obvious” facts are our teachers.

  • Keating Willcox

    Fix bayonets. By the way, also in the trench next to you is the court of appeals judges who gave the three page single spaced assignment to the DOJ today. It’s not nice to anger an appellate judge…

  • David Swite

    Why not download the U.S. Constitution by XIMAD for Android: & NOOK: ?

  • If you are being silenced, consider filing a lawsuit. If you can’t afford an attorney, file without one. See

  • six

    This is one of the many reasons I unschool. We get to learn the truths hidden from us in the mainstream class.
    I thank you, and those like you, that help us find that which has been hidden , twisted, and lied about.
    I hope to give my kids a headstart and not have to relearn history . I hope that not having tested them into believing half-truths they will be able to see beyond the smoke.

  • ShankyS

    Wow. Watching generations of children learn from rewritten history books is horrific. Total control state.