Twitter: Helpful Or Not?


I’ve been so busy at my day job (I’ve got a demanding professional career) that I haven’t Tweeted my last 20 or so posts.

Has anyone noticed? Does anyone care?

Is it worth the effort to Tweet?

Are readers reading the post anyway, through visits to the site, feeds, or links on other sites?

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  • wblogreader

    Yep, it lets me know when you have something new. I do not know how to use RSS or whatever to otherwise track changes at websites.

  • Bill

    Many people read your blog. There should be a way to get your blog to automatically tweet anything that you post. I have mine set up that way,

  • Twitter is useless to me. I read everything you put out, but via the blog or my reader program.

  • DocP

    I don’t Tweet or even have a decent idea of what it is. What I want to express is my gratitude for your taking the time out of your obviously busy and demanding life to continue to post on this blog. The information you share is invaluable, and the values you reflect are true American ideals that too many citizens have forgotten.

  • Curt Swanson

    I get them on rss. Don’t follow on twitter.

  • M.

    Yeah, I’ve missed the tweets — my hands-down preferred way to keep with your posts. And I’m happy you — or anyone — have a day job.

  • I tweet my articles and Facebook them because they’re both “one click” to do, but never look at Twitter and don’t follow anyone. I scan down Facebook for social activism trends, and my posts get only a few shares there and usually no comments.

  • bob

    I just visit once every morning…I don’t use twitter, rss or anything else…

  • Joe

    Although I have Twitter, I rely on RSS feeds to find your latest and greatest.

  • Kieran Dayzero


    That’s because it’s . . oh never mind 🙂

    Keep up the good work here, and my answer is; No. Twitting is not needed.

    All the best . . .

  • VyseLegend

    The people who read your site probably come here because its a priority of theirs. RSS and Twitter tend to just be time wasting mechanisms for me, personally.

  • Actually I was wondering why you weren’t writing… Now I’ve seen you actually were – only you didn’t tweet your new posts. So yes, I follow your twitter account and use Twitter to know when you have new posts.
    Anyway, keep up the excellent job!

  • Pat

    SHOOT! I just went to follow you on twitter only to find out you’d stopped tweeting in March.

    I don’t use RSS feed. Just because it’s CALLED really simple doesn’t mean it is, at least I haven’t found it to be. For me, twitter is an incredibly useful centralized place to get wind of what’s going on. AND, unlike RSS, one is able to do simple quick searches on topics to find out what others, whom one doesn’t follow, are saying, and in very conveniently concise format. I sure hope you find out how to automatically tweet your new entries! This is a wonderful blog.

    Understandably, many seem to look down on twitter. I feel the same way about facebook. But the truth is, twitter (at least) can be used to GREAT benefit.

    Also, twitter’s algorithm for recommending whom you might want to follow has improved vastly over the last year. I am CERTAIN many people would find you in that way who might otherwise not. In fact, I found you because someone tweeted a link to your LieMore article.

  • Carol

    Keep tweeting! Twitter is incredibly useful for keeping up on the latest blog posts and news. IMHO.

  • (I arrived here from your post on the dangers of a two-party system. Good stuff.)

    I use the social share plugin AddThis. With it, you can tell just how effective shares on social media outlets are. For example, if I share something on Facebook it will tell me how many people clicked on the link and visited my website. Same with Twitter, etc.

    I found out that I get a great click-through rate on Facebook but an almost non-existent one on Twitter. However, I don’t have too many followers on Twitter. Yours might be a different story. Whatever the case, AddThis is the only thing I’ve found to do a good job of measuring the social media analytics.