Tokyo Soil – Blanketed With Fukushima Radiation – Would Be Considered “Radioactive Waste” In the United States

Tokyo Slammed with Radiation

We noted in August that some parts of Tokyo have more radiation than existed in the Chernobyl Exclusion Zones. And see this and this.

There are indications that radiation levels are increasing in Tokyo.

Nuclear engineer Arnie Gundersen took 5 random soil samples in Tokyo recently, and found that all 5 were so radioactive that they would be considered radioactive waste in the United States, which would have to be specially disposed of at a facility in Texas:

Tokyo Soil Samples Would Be Considered Nuclear Waste In The US from Fairewinds Energy Education on Vimeo.

Indeed, shortly after the earthquake, U.S. government officials noted widespread contamination throughout northern Japan, including Tokyo, and said:

Entire region would be required to be posted as radiological area.

No wonder the potential evacuation of Tokyo has been quietly discussed by Japanese officials ever since the earthquake hit.

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  • Thanks for keeping us posted.

    Man, will the nuke psychopaths ever leave Japan alone?

  • JCortez

    Were these samples tested in Tokyo at all? Was the amount of radiation that these samples were exposed to during the flight from Japan back to the US ever accounted for?

    In a study done in 2000 by Friedberg, for a flight from Tokyo to New York the radiation exposure is 55 mrem per 100 block hours.

    Friedberg W et al. Radiation exposure during air travel: Guidance provided by the FAA for air carrier crews. Health Phys 79(5):591-5; 2000.

    * Seattle to Portland: 3 mrem per 100 block hours
    * New York to Chicago: 39 mrem per 100 block hours
    * Los Angeles to Honolulu: 26 mrem per 100 block hours
    * London to New York: 51 mrem per 100 block hours
    * Athens to New York: 63 mrem per 100 block hours
    * Tokyo to New York: 55 mrem per 100 block hours

  • Dave

    A couple of weeks ago a teacher that was in Tokyo, came home to see his family and set the Geiger counter off like it was never heard before, in Boston Logan air port, they let him go!! da what is that!!

  • Heather

    Boeing parts from Japan set off geiger counters.

  • Peter Lynch

    I am constantly amazed at reactions to Nuclear power and these Japanese reactors. I really think it
    is obvious and the numbers speak for themselves

    1. Nuclear power is NOT economical. Without subsidies and the American public unknowingly insuring the industry – Price Anderson Act of 1957. There would be no nuclear industry. No one in their right mind would invest in a nuclear plant (unless the Gov backed it 100%). Why ? Where else can you invest $10 BILLION, wait ten years and then have the entire investment go to zero with
    HUGE liability in 1 minute ?? Answer : no where else but a nuclear plant.

    2. The risk to return ratio is absurd. The risk is catastrophic – certainly in the hundreds of billions and the return is over priced power ?? Hello ??

  • flo


    • square

      nothing ends

  • world class disaster requires world class management not in the cards

  • ugly, but true.