Obama Executive ‘Order’: US can seize any person, any resource, any time

“A mere demarcation on parchment of the constitutional limits (of government) is not a sufficient guard against those encroachments which lead to a tyrannical concentration of all the powers of government in the same hands.” – James Madison, Federalist Paper #48, 1788.

President Obama signed an Executive Order for “National Defense” yesterday that claims executive authority to seize all US resources and persons, including during peacetime, for self-declared “national defense.”

The EO claims power to place any American into military or “allocated” labor use (analysis here and here).

“American exceptionalism” is the belief that a 200+ year-old parchment in the National Archives has magical powers to somehow guarantee limited government from 1% tyranny, despite the specific and clear warnings of the US Founders, despite world history of repeated oligarchic/1% tyranny claiming to be for the “good of the people,” and despite US history’s descent into vicious psychopathy (short version here: US war history in 2 minutes) hidden in plain view with paper-thin corporate media propaganda.

I don’t know about you, but both my grandfathers were in the US military during the gruesome WW1. My father, father-in-law, and only uncle were in a brutal WW2. Both wars were functions of colonialism; a 1%’s vicious and rapacious greed.

Now, we’re all looking at WW3 that includes official policy and dark rhetoric for US first-strike use of nuclear weapons on Iran. This, after multiple current lie-started and treaty-violating wars surrounding Iran, increased US military preparations, multiple war-propagandizing US political “leaders,” and recent history of US overthrowing Iran’s democracy and 35 consecutive years of US war on Iran that killed over one million Iranians.

I don’t know about you, but I’m teaching the obvious crimes in war and money, destruction of Constitutional Rights rights (see specific links below), and asking students (of all ages) what they see to do about these clear facts. The first answer people see is to help people get over their “American exceptionalism” to recognize these massive crimes, and demand arrests of the obvious criminal “leadership.”

I don’t know about you, but I refuse to be silent in face of lying and criminal government policies that annually murder millions, harm billions, and loot trillions of the 99%’s dollars.

What will you do?

Here is the US government claiming it can Constitutionally assassinate Americans upon the non-reviewable dictate of the leader, as these criminals take psychopathic steps to murder Americans who expose their crimes.

Here is NDAA 2012 where US government claims it can Constitutionally disappear Americans and then appoint a tribunal with death sentence authority (unless unlimited detention is their choice). Here is the 2006 Military Commissions Act that says the same. This is fascist terrorism to silence Americans from communicating that the 1% are War Criminals to arrest NOW.

Here is US government claiming it can Constitutionally control-drown (waterboard) anyone they declare a “terrorist” as a 1% terror-tactic to silence Americans.

Again, what will you do?

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  • Grekko

    I’ve had just about enough of this BS. When they come to redistribute my supplies they will find me unsympathetic to their plans. I worked for it, I’m going to feed my family with it. It was my sweat and hard labor that provided any bounty I now have for my family, and all the government has done for me has made it much harder by constantly devaluing the dollars I earn. My goods will not go to some other family decided on by a bunch of nameless bureaucrats. I’ll do the redistributing of what I have, and I’ll start (and finish) with my 9mm’s, followed by 30-06 shells. When I run out of bullets, they can have my guns. If they then try to take my food, I will destroy it so nobody has any.

  • The plutocracy has spoken. It wants to eat all of us.

  • mn

    This sounds like the communist party line. It is marxist ideology that hates American exceptionalism. World Wars are not about money. They are about world government. Americans need to arrest marxist ideology.

  • Bruce

    The Baracktionary is Chicken George’s (W’s, that is) C.S. (Constitutional Scorcher) surrogate.


    I think that if that’s the only war they are plaqnnig on, they have missed something because there will the be a civil war between the aqmericans and the federal government. that’s what i believe. Just how much they think they can rob from us before we fight? Not much more right now.

  • Lynn

    Obama and Soros want to cause a chaotic event to happen at election time. OWS was the original cause…if they can get those lazy asses to resurrect! If not they will think of something. He has been too cocky, he has a bag of dirty tricks. He knows a straight up battle with Romney will end in defeat. If there is chaos in the streets he now has an executive order to declare martial law and stop elections..we are hosed!

    • patriot

      then we fight, it will be bloody, long and hard but we can’t quit. If you know someone in the military, police, dea, fbi or etc., find out where they stand. We will need them. We have the numbers but they have the organization and nice toys. It sucks that our leaders have destroyed this country.

      • Java Joe

        I am with you. It really is sad what the power hungry money grubing whore mongers have turned this country into. There will come a day. Dont watch them knock on your neighbors door hopeing they will skip yours it will be to late then!



    • Java Joe

      The land belongs to Isreal! They occupied it 3000 years before the palestinians laid claim. Do some research!

  • IAMone2

    The Lord God hears and will not abandon us!
    These satanic invaders that have brought evil upon all Americans will soon be
    praying for the rocks to fall on their heads!
    They will not take America for this land belongs to the people of the almighty Lord God!
    I ask in the precious name of the Lord Jesus Christ and by the power of the Holy Spirit that
    these demons are turned back from our Christian Nation and remain underfoot and without.
    Never to enter our Christian Nation again!
    Greater is He(the Lord God) that is in me than (satan) that is in the world.
    Peace be unto you

    • Dawn Carroll

      Well now that will just work won’t it…let us aaaaaaaaaaallllllllllllllllllllllllll pray. Whoooo hooooo….

    • Java Joe

      Couldn’t say it better myself!

  • Lon

    Since 1950, Our Presidents have issued Executive orders like this one. These orders are reviewed and revised to reflect the times for applicability, then signed by the President and then they are available for public view.
    Up until the current President, there has been very little fanfare in the orders a President would issue, now however, everything he does or doesn’t do is under a microscope and is overly scrutinized. Several websites have been taking liberty with the truth about this Executive order by mixing what it really says with their own slant and their resulting story is enough to scare the boots off a person.

    • I hope you are aware that Obama is not a US citizen, was not born in the US, is a Muslim Marxist, backed by Soros, the Saudi’s, communist unions, and Russia.

      • Dr.Kure

        OMG! Ignorance is an affliction that can be cured with the truth. PLEASE try over medicating!


  • Justin Bays


    I have been giving Obama and his administration a lot of lee-way from day 1, my elementary approach has left me open to much criticism from friends and family. I don’t say that I believed every thing he put forth as his platform in his effort to be elected President, but I did see a very intelligent person with new ideas for a great nation. I had hoped his ideology and actions would make us a much greater nation among nations. I was told that I was badly mistaken in my evaluation of his platform and ideas, well they were right and I now admit I was badly mistaken. Having no prior knowledge and relying on the mechanism of our elected officials to properly investigate and explain his aim in regards to how this nation should proceed was not done by all elected officials, but some did put forth warnings that things were not as they were representative of the actual plans and intentions that he held in secrecy to himself and those selected few that would help him push his ideology onto the American citizens regardless of what the wishes of the majority of this nation. I became more alarmed as I have been trying to keep abreast of mandates, laws and executive orders and other governmental tentacles that choke off our freedoms and rights as American citizens, that he and his administration has had a direct and indirect affect of bring to fruition. I am still in wonderment about why the other elected officials in our government have not made the general public more aware of the direction that he has aimed this nation in, without regards to customary practice of government and the direct violation of our Bill of Rights and most importantly our Constitution. The media has assisted him, just as the majority of the elected representatives in Washington D. C. by their inaction in terms of not taking any action to make the citizens aware of what has and is happening to our nation. I think that three things that I have read as much as I have been able to retrieve information about is defining what he intends for this nations future. Attempt to read as much as you can find on the Patriot Act, National Defense Authorization Act, which was signed in near silence over the holidays of 12/11, and then this last proclamation via an Executive Order dated 3/16/12 for “National Defense.” which in essence is this
    right and power to claim all of the rights and resources for the purpose of National Defense, however, this is also a condition that can exist in a non war condition. Everyone, that is remotely aware of what has happened since the election of Obama must reach their own independent conclusion about what all of the things that have happened under his administration will mean to The United States of America. I would be amiss if I didn’t mention that Obama only expanded the National Defense Act it was a prior Executive Order but not wielding the power that it does at this time. I have a great fear for our Republic’s continuance, I think that if an election free of fraudulent actions are held and President Obama is defeated, then there will be a peace time Marshall Law declared. I cannot reach any other conclusion based upon what I have read, heard and seen. I do not believe that Obama will ever capitulate his power base in this nation, he does not hold the values of independent freedom for the individual as one of his higher goals. Socialism has been the drift for years in this nation and now I feel the final touches will be put on it through President Obama. I can only say that I lived in a quasi-free life under the current form of government and will refuse to live under any other system other than one that grants even more freedom to the American citizen.

    • Bill

      Well said.

  • Lorn Richards

    The time has come for Americans to come together as Americans and put a stop to this madness once and for all. Here s a possible scenario which will unfold prior to the election. There will either be riots in the streets this summer which are already being stoked by OWS and of course the uproar being created over the Trayvon Martin case where NAACP is fueling things nationwide. or there can be a “terror threat” alert by the Dept. of Homeland security, both of which would lead Obama to use his power to declare martial law, postpone the election and retain office.
    This is a hypothetical, but i is a real possibility that something will occur between now and November that will shake the core of this country. Every American needs to be prepared to stand up and be counted and to take a stand against Washington. Not by e-mail, not by phone, not by TV, but by confronting Washington face to face. It will be now or it will be never.

  • Bill

    I cannot stand the stupidity of people blindly thinking that nations have any meaning….big comrporations control everything, also politicians and so on…so it’s capitalism itself that loves to play the “communist” and control everything….there are companies that have revenues and turnovers that are bigger than GP of entire nations….you got banks that with fractional reserve create money out of thin air and you are still talknig about the anti-communist/anti-muslim/we-are-the choosen-people/we-love god theories like in the fifties?
    Do yourself a favor, study, and grow up.

    • Dr.Kure

      Ditto. TY!

  • Madeleine

    People wake up!!! Obama is part of a plan to destroy the American economy and so far he is succeeding at it in leaps and bounds. When he took office gas was $1.72 /gal . It is now $3.77/gal. What has he done to improve America? Nothing. What has he done to destroy our economy? Lots of things. This is the straw that broke the camels back. He is truly doing things to cause civil war in our country and chaos so we won’t notice as his people move in and take over. Vote for any one who runs against him, even Romney. Do not vote for a third party because it is the electoral college that elects the President.

  • This is just gone TOO FAR! I’m tired of the government taking liberty with my rights without consent! Check out this news interview just released about Obama’s heresy…YES HERESY. He is going against our CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS and trying to steal them away without our authorization. We have to stop this NOW!

  • Aulë

    1) A President can make any executive order that he wants, but the order is just paper unless it passes muster in court once anyone objects to its execution. SCOTUS will likely strike it down.

    2) Failing that there’s still the 5th Amendment and 19th Amendments for the administration to consider: “No takings without just compensation.”. The administration would have to provide a “fair” price for seized property, goods, and labor. The administration would also have to pay for seized labor. You should demand a receipt, and then use that to demand payment in either goods, services, or cash.

  • Lawyers and ongoing B.S. from people who defend terrorist through some form of misguided loyalty like a parent who can see no wrong in the actions of their child have caused this law to be written like this. U.S. Citizens like John Walker Lindh will always try to buy a defense once arrested who will use the excuse that this man was an American Citizen. He was a traitor and not only aided the enemy on strategy, but actually by his own hand, killed American soldiers. He should have been tried for murder but it happened on foreign soil. His case was so strange that there was no legal precedent that could be used at the time. People are whining that “American Citizens” can be detained and held without a warrant, search and seizure, proper arrest notification (making them aware of the charges that might be collected while holding them on suspicion) for a limited amount of time. The news media is trying to provoke fear about this because some of them are so paranoid about their own loyalties (and the opposite) that they want you to be afraid for them since everything they do is disloyal to our country and our national security by inciting hate and distrust against the people that are elected to serve them and keep them safe. They want you to believe the myth that it will become like Nazi Germany in the United States and people will be looked up, marched out of their house in the middle of the night, and thrown in Guantanamo Bay for inconclusive or fictitious reasons by the United States Government. Anyone with half a brain can smell that fear mongering that stokes up the conspiracy theorists who are still hiding in their basements, waiting for “the end of days” to come. No where in the new law does it state that one can be arrested without being suspected of a crime against national security and still fall under the jurisdiction of this form of penalty. Time to get serious people and something beyond the title and the list of fears that some blogger wants you to believe so, like the news media who showed up the planes hitting the twin towers several times an hour for days after nine eleven wanted, that we will be in a state of fear, waiting and watching, expecting to receive some instruction of how we should proceed next. Some stayed glued to the TV waiting for another attack because some members of that presidential administration made up terrorist “warning levels” which is really ironic sense they originally received an FBI warning two weeks previous and disregarded it at “unactionable intelligence” as if the FBI memo was sent just to kill time (taken from the testimony of Condoleeza Rice during the “9-11 investigation committee hearings”). The people in the media who were – and still are – sympathetic with that administration, are still trying to frame everything about their incompetence and lies and sinister behavior as the fault of the present administration. That shows you how much these media idealists are to be trusted when they have their own agenda. They want a carte blanche open media platform to spread propaganda under the first amendment right. They want you to believe that if they are stopped from lying, then, they are having their rights violated as if American Citizens don’t have the right to hear the truth. During World War II, American troops were able to listen to radio broadcasts of “Tokyo Rose” which was the generic name for more than two dozen Japanese women who could speak English fluently and used this talent to deliver propaganda with frighteningly accurate details about American military strategy in an effort to discourage the troops and drag down their moral. After the war, many of these women were sentenced to time in prison for their lying efforts. Today we have people like that who advertise themselves as members of our news media, although after a while, most people who actually do investigate facts and use logic for themselves, end up seeing through them. Those people should be charged, in my opinion, with the same crimes that those Japanese women received and labeled by a jury as just what they are, The Modern Day Tokyo Roses of America. They know this and don’t want their lives destroyed like they suggested we do to others during the patriot act that they supported when it said, “…the provisions introduced by the Terrorism Act 2006 … that constitutes incitement to discrimination, hostility or violence and Article 5 of …. that ‘it is clear that speech and other forms of expression can incite terrorism, …” so when some political candidate or pundit says, “We need to keep them in our crosshairs” and some nutbag shoots a U.S. Senator, shouldn’t we be charging them accordingly? They know this and want you to be “VERY AFRAID” of laws that are meant to protect the loyal, non threatening, citizens. They know that their time is coming later on for being the “Tokyo Roses” of America so they want all of us to insist the laws about terrorism are “deregulated” into uselessness before they get arrested for being the treasonous liars that they are.

    • Carl Herman

      Steve Walker, thank you for your testimony.

      Readers: propaganda to destroy Constitutional rights and distract from Orwellian unlawful US wars all began with known lies does not get more polished than Steve’s (if that’s his real identity).

      I’ve documented what I see as objective facts that US “leadership” in government and media are the “treasonous liars,” as Steve frames it, for literal war upon American soldiers based on known lies and not even close to lawful, war on the US Constitution, and continuous media lies to obfuscate these facts.

      Steve is welcome to support whatever acts of such US leadership that he chooses. I caution him to choose carefully: he may just have the future he works for.

      He’s even welcome to lie and evoke fear when he defends this Executive “order” by pretending dictate of the president of being a “suspect” is somehow Constitutional.

      Steve does well to present the choice facing the 99%.

  • Gov.org

    Treason a felony in this USA is being over looked. Social Services has been giving rights to take away our children from families and yet the federal constitution is steped on just like old glory. No laws protect us. The police does what they want. Have we given all are rights up? NO but our government will come after us for opening our mouth. I told our governent about the DHS taking away our Constitution and how they are commiting Treason against a FREE People. What a laught. Oklahoma has stated the Governer has NO Power over the Jay Oklahoma Human Services….What else are we the people are loseing.The government is scared of shadows..IRS (to add another name) ARE YOU? Are you being taxed over and over again and never to owe that shirt ?

  • And on top of these, presidents have been signing executive orders and, in the case of George W. Bush, National Security Directives saying the same thing for decades. And they keep right on slipping under the radar.

  • David A. Laibow

    The message for the Executive Order putting the entire American economy under government control is that the downturn you’re presently experiencing is going to last (in my judgment) from 2000 until 2050. As the economy progressively declines, government will have to exert more control over people and resources (the name I like is star-spangled fascism), to preserve some semblance of order, and to make sure that adherents of the Democratic Party get first crack and what’s available. My wife and I retired to Asia from the U.S. in 2009, and we’re watching investment capital pouring into Asia from Western Europe and North America like a flood building up into a tsunami. I’m a Jew, and if I had been a German Jewish head of family in 1926, the year after Adolf Hitler published “My Struggle”, I would have had my money, my family, and myself out of Germany by the end of 1927 — more than 5 full years before Hitler became German Chancellor on January 30, 1933! I’m David Laibow; I’ll never charge a cent for giving advice, and you can contact me at any time at “davidlaibow1215[at]yahoo.com” for advice on how to leave the United States for a freer country.