Impeachment for Libyan War of Aggression; 2-minute Pulitzer-cartoonist video

Activist Post documents and asks the question if enough Americans are prepared to state “emperor has no clothes” facts to impeach a US president in an important step to recognize and end US Wars of Aggression.

Importantly, war law prohibits the use of force, or armed attack by a nation’s military.

The US twisted this simple definition in their “legal” argument (section II, page 6) to claim their use of force in armed attacks on Libya was legal because:

  1. The US had an “interest” in using force.
  2. The US use of force without UN Security Council (UNSC) authorization helps the Security Council’s “credibility and effectiveness.”
  3. Use of force was “limited.”
  4. The goal of force is to help UNSC Resolution 1973.
  5. US military personnel were not physically within Libya’s borders.
  6. The above circumstances makes use of war legal.

Let’s consider each point stripped of its Orwellian veneer:

  1. Criminal war-murder is not excused because it’s of “interest” to the murderers.
  2. The US obviously undermines UNSC authority by war-murdering, and then claiming such murders help an agency with the specific legal purpose of preventing such murders.
  3. Criminal war-murder is not excused because the murderers claim they limited the number of murders.
  4. The UNSC has the authority to determine for themselves what is and is not helpful. Dictatorial usurpation of that authority is the opposite of help.
  5. War-murders are war-murders no matter where the murderers initiate fatal use of force.
  6. The above circumstances damn the “legal” voices as criminal accomplices.

Mark Fiore is a Pulitzer-winning political cartoonist. His 2-minute video shows US Orwellian hypocrisy in their war-murders.

Occupy is the opportunity for the 99% to recognize and end this Orwellian and juvenile US “leadership.”

Citizens: make the most of it to make us all proud. My contribution of resources to help are here.

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  • rbm411

    Yes! Finally. Some one that understands that it was sedition!

  • Dr. Frogg

    Well done! And don’t forget the radioactive dust, our gift that keeps on giving, from all the exploded DU bombs and shells that we rained down upon them. Ask the women giving birth to deformed babies in those countries and the growing number of U.S. military personnel who are serving, or have served, in the Persian Gulf (1991) , Iraq , and Afghanistan who have become sick and disabled from a variety of symptoms commonly known as Gulf War Syndrome. Depleted uranium (DU) weapons have been blamed for causing many of the symptoms and cancer clusters in the populations and veterans.

  • ErickDean

    You folks seem to miss the point of history for the last several hundred years. You are concerned about what our politicians have become, when they’ve been what they are all along! Kill lists were know to be vogue when the CIA was doubtless in on the assassination of Patrice Lamumba, and several central and south american leaders who refused to take U.S. bribes! The bank cartel folk who are running all these
    side shows from behind the curtain no doubt find it amusing that such a fuss is made about the ‘president’ and kill lists, when the Rothschilds were dethroning monarchs who dared to refuse their central banking schemes long before any of our great-grand parents were born! Go interview some of the Bilderbergs, Rockefellers, or the offsprings of Meyer Amschel Rothschild’s litter who crawled out of Germany’s Juden
    Gasse to take control of the world’s banking system instead of some do do brained, rightwing sapsucker!
    Erick Dean Tippett
    Retired Musician/Teacher
    Chicago, Illinois