Government for the Super Rich: Top 0.01% Control Political Process #GetMoneyOut

By David DeGraw, and [See this for DeGraw’s role in organizing the Wall Street protests.]

For the top one percent of the one percent (that’s the top .01 percent), donations buy an incredible amount of influence with elected officials. Just how much influence do they have? Check out our handy infographic below:

Source: United Re:public

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  • One of the top contributors to American politicians running for elections – is Israel Lobby (AIPAC), a front for over 50 pro-Israel Jewish groups. With the powerful mainstream media in its hands – no American President can dare to say no to Israeli demands.

    Any politically-aware person will tell you that US President Barack Obama is totally defeated and humiliated by the Zionist-regime and its supporters in the Congress, Senate, Wall Street and Zionist-controlled mainstream media in almost every field especially in Washington’s dealing with the Muslim world……

  • Lois Gagnon

    Check out AmpedStatus. com. David has done a wonderful job with getting Occupy off the ground. There are some great people on the social network. It’s a great place for sharing information.

  • John

    great website!! from Anarchadia!

  • Sometimes it seems strange that the plutocrats would align themselves with right wing religion, but that is not a mystery anymore, and as it turns out, it was ultimate “strategery.”

  • JosephConrad

    As long as the 39 MILLION Euro-Amerian males are committed to Gay Marriage, Abortion & Non-White Racism INSTEAD OF THE FUTURE OF THEIR CHILDREN, this nation will continue to be a FAILED DEMOCRACY serving the needs of just .0001% of Wealthy Old White U.S. Men…