Dennis Kucinich: heroism to end US War & Economic Crimes, initiate peace

A great member of Congress had the intellectual integrity and moral courage to rightly call the US president a treaty-violating, war-murdering liar, and who should face Congress to account for a criminal War of Aggression. Both parties’ “leadership” and media responded with lies of omission and commission, attacked the honest member of Congress, and had his voice removed from government.

That Congressperson, Abraham Lincoln, was later elected President of the United States. I predict a similar position of honor for Congressperson Dennis Kucinich.

I recommend Glenn Greenwald’s article explaining how Dennis Kucinich was removed from Congress through gerrymandering, and then attacked by corporate media as “wacky.”

Dennis was removed and slurred because he stated “emperor has no clothes” obvious facts of US government crimes centering in war and money. The purchased six mega-media corporations propagandize rather than communicate that Dennis expresses heroic leadership that:

The American public have a choice where they will stand:

  1. With Dennis and millions of awake Americans to recognize obvious US crimes, arrest the criminals, and build a brighter future for all Earth’s inhabitants, or
  2. With Obama, Bush, and the War Criminals who annually murder millions, harm billions, and transfer trillions of the 99%’s wealth to their psychopathic 1%.

We already know the choice and imminent victory of Occupy.

That said, please do your part in your unique, beautiful, and powerful self-expression. The brighter future we all want is only possible with your full self-expression.

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  • natalie golovin

    Pat Buchanan, Ross Perot, Ralph Nader, Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich-all marginalized or cut off by media. Goldwater scared the “Masters” and no one will be allowed to get traction again. Breitbart??
    Why no word on all the heart troubles he was supposedly bothered by in 2010? Privacy a good excuse for anything. Didn’t used to be a conspiracy type, but have lived long enough to see patterns.
    Read “Freedom Betrayed” Edited by George H Nash from Stanford’s Hoover Institution.

    • The good news is that this is a polarizing time of choice. The “1%” are splitting between those reclaiming their hearts and rejoining all humanity (and 100% of Earth’s inhabitants), and those who want loveless slavery.

  • Good post about gerrymandering.

    Gerrymandering has been ignored to our demise, and to the rise of those who use it.

    Some political scientists are quite alarmed.

    Thanks again Carl.

  • Former Congressman Dennis Kucinich is latest victim of the AIPAC. He was against privately-owned Frederal Reserve and wars on Syria and Iran. Last year he along with his wife visited Damascus to dine with Syrian president Bashar al-Assad. In January 2012, Dennis Kucinich told Obama to back off threatening Iran for Israel – as even if Iran become a nuclear power, it will pose no threat to the US which already has more than 9,000 nuclear bombs.

  • Peter Phippen

    I worked on Congressman Kucinich’s attempt at the Whitehouse in 2003. I was very excited to have ‘the Department of Peace’ candidate running for President. I was active in the ‘impeach Bush’ movement at the time as well, and had a pile of research on his administration, including Katherine Yurica’s “RICO” article, with four points to indict the Bush-Cheney crime organization on. RICO stands for Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization. The full article can be seen here:

    I wanted Congressman Kucinich to put some teeth in his accusations of Bush being a liar, that he seemingly said at every opportunity, but the substantive part of this accusation was missing. Here I thought was the answer to this, and all with an official act of Congress (RICO) to back him up.

    At one of his rallies that I attended in Derry, NH, I stayed for the organizational meeting afterward, and had an opportunity to speak directly to him after the meeting. I handed him this Yurica Report article on RICO, and excitedly told him we had Bush and Cheney with this info, and if we pursued this line of argument, we were sure to gain a lot of media attention, and possibly get the coveted candidacy for President. After a few seconds of stark fear on his face, looking me in the eye, he said ‘That is not what my candidacy is about.’ And that was that. I was shocked and disappointed and then I got really pissed, because the only hope I had of unseating the criminals in the Whitehouse wasn’t interested in substantive or actual charges against them, which I felt could truly propel Congressman Kucinich into the lead among the democratic contenders.

    After that, I left the campaign, and have not been active politically since. To this day I can’t comprehend his comment to me ‘That isn’t what my candidacy is about.’ To unseat a criminal, lying, murderous thug takes a lot of leverage, and I still feel that was a moment, a real moment of possibility for de-lousing the highest office of the land. Kucinich’s face will be forever etched in my memory, it went ashen and the fear was seriously palpable. So I feel that Congressman Kucinich knew a great deal more than what he would say ‘outloud’ and didn’t want to be the target of the criminal cabal that would stop at nothing to be re-‘elected’.

    Sorry to be a party-pooper on Kucinich. But if I had been in his shoes, being martyred for the cause, like Senator Wellstone, may have had more of an impact than his failed candidacy for the Presidency.

    • signalfire

      So you wanted him to stick his neck out so far that his private plane would be targeted along with his family and the pilots?

      You first.

      The Bush Crime Family has had the power in this country along with the Rockefellers, etc., since WWII at least. They were involved with the killing of JFK, Wellstone, JFK Jr., possibly MLK and RFK. It was Bush I’s biggest supporter’s son who attempted to assassinate Reagan, just months after he took office (with Bush I as the VP). Anyone want to explain to me how Hinckley knew where Reagan was going to be that day, how he got a hold of a gun, and why he looked hypnotized at the time?

      The Bush family are psychopaths and sociopaths, as are most of the people in power today. Kucinich realizes that. I can’t believe you think he should put his family and himself in complete jeopardy by crossing the Bush family line. It’s enough that he has done what he has, that’s more than 99% of the population.

  • Ed Snowed Us

    GO UCK YOURSELF, or instead if you HATE America so much,
    go live with Saint Snowden under the grace of Vladimir Putin.

    May need to know Putin really hates those “queers” and is responsible for the horrible number of deaths inflicted by Assad in Syria, by providing the weapons and ammo and chemical weapon rocket shells.

    • Ed Snowed Us

      YES, Obama needs to strike Assad after fair warning:
      NO WAR CRIMES or Assad will be BLASTED.

      Yes that includes gang rape and torture, which if now prohibited, wil cause many Assad loyalists to quit, with all the ‘fun’ gone out of the War.

  • Ed Snowed Us

    GO UCK YOURSELF, or instead if you HATE America so much,
    go live with Saint Snowden under the grace of Vladimir Putin.

    May need to know Putin really hates those “queers” and is responsible for the horrible number of deaths inflicted by Assad in Syria, by providing the weapons and ammo and chemical weapon rocket shells.