California Slammed With Fukushima Radiation

Fukushima Radiation Plume Hit Southern and Central California

The Journal Environmental Science and Technology reports in a new study that the Fukushima radiation plume contacted North America at California “with greatest exposure in central and southern California”, and that Southern California’s seaweed tested over 500% higher for radioactive  iodine-131 than anywhere else in the U.S. and Canada:

Projected paths of the radioactive atmospheric plume emanating from the Fukushima reactors, best described as airborne particles or aerosols for 131I, 137Cs, and 35S, and subsequent atmospheric monitoring showed it coming in contact with the North American continent at California, with greatest exposure in central and southern California. Government monitoring sites in Anaheim (southern California) recorded peak airborne concentrations of 131I at 1.9 pCi m−3

Anaheim is where Disneyland is located.

EneNews summarizes the data:

Corona Del Mar (Highest in Southern California)

  • 2.5 Bq/gdwt (gram dry weight)= 2,500 Bq/kg of dry seaweed

Santa Cruz (Highest in Central California)

  • 2.0 Bq/gdwt = 2,000 Bq/kg of dry seaweed

Simon Fraser University in Canada also tested North American seaweed after Fukushima:

  • “In samples of dehydrated seaweed taken on March 15 near the North Vancouver SeaBus terminal, the count was zero; on March 22 it was 310 Bq per kilogram; and by March 28 it was 380 Bq/kg.” –Vancouver Sun
  • Seaweed in Seattle also tested positive for iodine-131; levels were not reported –KIRO
  • No results after March 28 were reported

In addition, radioactive debris is starting to wash up on the Pacific Coast. And because the Japanese are burning radioactive materials instead of disposing of them, .

Of course, the government is doing everything it can to help citizens cover up what’s occurring. We pointed out in January:

Instead of doing much to try to protect their citizens from Fukushima, Japan, the U.S. and the EU all just raised the radiation levels they deem “safe”.

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that high-level friends in the State Department told him that Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing that the U.S. will continue buying seafood from Japan, despite that food not being tested for radioactive materials [see this].

And the Department of Energy is trying to replace the scientifically accepted model of the dangers of low dose radiation based on voodoo science. Specifically, DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley Labs used a mutant line of human cells in a petri dish which was able to repair damage from low doses of radiation, and extrapolated to the unsupported conclusion that everyone is immune to low doses of radiation….


American and Canadian authorities have virtually stopped monitoring airborne radiation, and are not testing fish for radiation. (Indeed, the EPA reacted to Fukushima by raising “acceptable” radiation levels.)

So – as in Japan – radiation is usually discovered by citizens and the handful of research scientists with funding to check, and not the government. See this, this, this, this, this and this.

The Japanese government’s entire strategy from day one has been to cover up the severity of the Fukushima accident. This has likely led to unnecessary, additional deaths.

Indeed, the core problem is that all of the world’s nuclear agencies are wholly captured by the nuclear industry … as are virtually all of the supposedly independent health agencies.

So the failure of the American, Canadian and other governments to test for and share results is making it difficult to hold an open scientific debate about what is happening.

And it’s not just radiation from Japan.  An effort by the Southern California Edison power company to secretly ramp up production to avoid public disclosure may have led to a leak at the San Onofre nuclear power plant.

And see these articles on California radiation exposure courtesy of EneNews:

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  • Has anyone checked for “put options” on Jetblue stock?

  • Twirrim

    Bearing in mind the half-life of Iodine 131 is 8 days… I’d be looking for a source closer to home that Fukushima.

    • JQ

      You may have a point, the San Onofre Nuclear powerplant in CA has been shut down for leaks due to aging equipment, and there are over 100 aging Nuclear plants in USA, who has the money to fix and upkeep them, not to mention the millions needed to decommission them.

      • Prospero

        Just curious . . . How would your model account for the Anaheim readings, if San Onofre is your posited source?

    • If you are looking for alternative sources, you obviously don’t understand the term half life. Eight days is not how long it takes to become “safe”, just the time it takes to become half as radioactive. If there is a spike in radioactivity, even after the eight day, eight month, or eight year mark, that just means that the original bolus of radioactivity was massive. Keep in mind these three things, Iodine 131 is only a tiny fraction of the material that is hazardous, it is just one of the easier isotopes to use as a tracer for many of the other radioactive material. Part of what makes this isotope interesting is how easily it is taken into the body (and the propensity of this material to continuing damaging cells over long periods of time because it is not eliminated from the body once it is introduced) and that the only good thing that has come about because of the tsunami is that one of the most nuclear countries on Earth is now down to only one reactor that is still producing electricity. That teaches by example that it is possible to meet our “need” for electricity with other sources.

  • JQ

    There’s a US based company that has anti-radiation water filters which also filter fluoride, may be helpful for those concerned about water issues:

  • Kevin Schmidt

    Twirrim, did it ever occur to you that since the half life is only eight days, that the amount of radiation coming over from Japan is twice as large as what is being reported? Or perhaps four times as large?

    Meanwhile, all the other evidence also points to Japan as the undisputed source of dangerous radiation falling on California.

    By the way, California is the nation’s produce basket. So if California gets nuked, then so does the nation.

  • neoconned

    “Anaheim is where Disneyland is located.”

    Now we can’t be sure that sparkly stuff in the air is pixie dust.

  • KC

    How about chemtrails?

  • JMcIntyre

    Hi, George Washington:

    I wanted to get your opinion given your article above about the Fukushima plume hitting California, and the other article on high cessium levels on milk found in San Francisco.

    If one is to take a 2-week vacation in San Francisco this year(*2012), would one be taking a health risk?

    Appreciate your feedback/insights.


  • j.michael carney

    i have been taking iodine (lugols) 12mg a day with tea also i tried zeolite powder 1 teaspoon 2x a day then switched to diotomaceous earth 1 tbs a day .We were on vacation when this happined and I never get headaches and three days after i had a very strange head ache . never before or after and it lasted about 2 days..It may have been just me but what i m taking won t kill me. They have been using zeolite(a volcanic mined mineral) that is negatively charged and removes radiation , in japan . They have been adding it to bread etc for the people .They also used it in russia in there accident. Diotomacous earth has the same negative charge and it also picks up heavy metals mercury and aluminum.

    • joe

      Microplant powder may do the same thing,

    • joe

      Probably your body going thru detox.

  • Goes perfectly with the UN’s published AGENDA 21 plan to depop most areas except major cities.

  • Alan8

    The lack of action by the U.S. government to protect citizens from radiation exposure goes way beyond irresponsible to criminal negligence. This criminal negligence is bipartisan.

    Yet another reason I vote Green Party.

    • Macduff

      Me Too! That criminal negligence irresponsibility goes for the lack of climate action, employment action, health care action, food safety action, fresh water action, clean air action: the list seems endless and growing. Everything promulgated by government policy has become contra-citizen oriented.

  • gozounlimited

    The easy approach to negating the 1%’s BS (without need for scientific studies) …. is to get the vinegar outside. Knocks down decaying radiation, chemtrails, dust, pesticides, etc. My health, and the health of my neighbors and the environment, has improved exponentially since the Central Coast and Valley are hummin the juice. The mouseoles are still out there spraying for dollars and death …. but no care …. The shit is hittin the ground …. baby!

    • gozounlimited

      Having to do with Chemtrails, weather modification, geoengineering, global warming, climate change, going short on weather derivatives, and controlling the market while committing genocide.

      Weather derivatives market grew by 20% in 2010-2011, says WRMA

      by admin on May 22, 2011

      The weather derivatives market while not receiving a huge amount of press in the last year, has been quietly growing in size as end users of weather derivatives and associated weather risk management tools increase in number and diversity. The Weather Risk Management Association has announced the results of their latest survey of the weather derivatives market, which they conduct with the help of PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC), at their 13th annual meeting in Houston, Texas on Friday. read more:

      Weather profits: Weather derivatives and the commercialization of meteorology
      The organization of meteorology in both countries increasingly reflects a political—economic approach that treats science as an economic entity in which market-based criteria can be used to allocate scientific resources. read more:

      Video – Patrick Lynch on Chemtrails … – GOZO-unlimited – Newsvine…/10258486-video-patrick-lynch-on-…
      Jan 28, 2012 – Patrick Lynch returns with the second half of his presentation on Chemtrails, Geoengineering and HAARP. Patrick Lynch of the FreeTruth Show …

      • gozounlimited

        You might be interested in this ….. GEOENGINEERING at PLANET UNDER PRESSURE 2012 CONFERENCE, LONDON see video:

        Update from Planet Under Pressure
        For the past few days, I have been attending the Planet Under Pressure 2012 conference in London. While geoengineering has not figured prominently here, two individual sessions were devoted fully to the subject. The first of these, titled “Geo-Engineering: Engineering Constraints,” focused primarily on the apparent technical limits of specific strategies, in particular CDR techniques. Enhanced weathering came off especially badly, with one presenter noting that the physical infrastructure required to support global-scale silicate weathering would effectively constitute the largest industry in history. Other carbon approaches such as A/R were also criticized for inherent ecological, economic, and resource constraints, and the general tone was one of discouragement regarding current technical potentials.
        read more:

      • joe

        A note about Climate Change.

  • Victory

    I noticed the daily spray planes started last year march. The chemical cloud cover is unnerving and what’s so scary is people walk around with a clue that the white stuff above them is not cloud. I see the lines daily and haven’t seen more than 4 clear plane free days in the last year. 2 of those days just happened I be when O scama was in town.

    Is this chem trailing connected to the radiation? Are they actually trying to help or causing the problems?

    I never saw this plane activity before the Japan plume arrived.

  • M.E.

    I just found a live bird in my backyard, at the feeder, here in Sisters Oregon, with the red swollen eyes of radiation poisoning!!! blind, with half its face off..
    It is everywhere!
    We must DEMAND no nukes, ever!!

  • Sandi

    Thank you Enews. Keep going with the facts, so we all can decide whether we should holiday or remain living in Radio Active States!

  • MD

    The U.S. Is without a doubt fukushima’d

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      ya and thats starting in the white house

  • jgp
    Same article here. Curious: Why no mention of the article’s author on this site?

  • mrsmurple

    How about an actual Geiger counter reading, instead of speculation and fear?

    • phil scott

      The readings are posted all over the web… they are off the chart, govt ceased reporting them 3 weeks after fukushima to prevent panic… major scientists post these videos…

      Search youtube with the terms, ‘fukushima, rain, snow, gunderson, busby, msmilkytheclown, radchick. That will be a good start… these all post actual readings. extensively.

      (my background as a mechanical engineer includes significant nuclear lab involvement, I have testified before congress on these issues)

  • so was enviroreporter lying to us the whole time?

  • cherylmeril

    Yeah, what about a Geiger counter reading?

    • phil scott

      The readings are posted all over the web… they are off the chart, govt
      ceased reporting them 3 weeks after fukushima to prevent panic… major
      scientists post these videos… these are not reported in the controlled press at all

      Search youtube with the terms, ‘fukushima, rain, snow, gunderson,
      busby, msmilkytheclown, radchick. That will be a good start… these
      all post actual readings. extensively.

      (my background as a mechanical engineer includes significant nuclear
      lab involvement, I have testified before congress on these issues)

  • Boeser Wolf

    The whole world is Fukushima now. We have been and are all exposed to much higher levels of background radiation than at any time in the past.

  • jhgf trenrwe

    amazing what people will do to keep their jobs. all these scientists seem like great people until somebody with power tells them to choose between doing the right thing and keeping their jobs. then their true lack of character shows and they become the weak pathetic criminals they’ve been hiding within themselves.

    • ChrisWithTheRealNews

      Real courage is rare… very few will step outside of what they “think” they know, and/or their comfortable lifestyle to discover for themselves what IS really happening on earth and to become more aware. They would rather continue poisoning themselves, their family, friends, and every other Living creature on earth, for a buck, maybe two.

      There’s always a better way to do business that is in-tune with the natural environment.. without the natural environment to support us, there’s no us.

  • t.Michael

    Its absolutely real.i live on a cliff and can view so many cities and I tape so many chem trails its frightening .have u ever seen the ones that drop looking like a jet flying towards the groung stop on in dime and linger in one postion its bizzar we see those everyday.I watch these 747. All white planes release the fatest lines of chemicals that linger and slowly drop on every inch of every city I can see but on this cliff. Its right above us all day .then I watch a white 747 come back every three minutes in a pattern to go reload and they r not llanding at the airport that I can see runways from this cliff.I had not seen any in two weeks and I was like hmmm back to baby blue sky instead of grey and today 6am to 5pm was like chemical war in the sky.they were everywhere .we counted ten in one instant today at once just a distance apart from eachother.but point is we saw it seemed like hundreds cause it didn’t stop .the weather is not normal anymore and ill go against anybody with more pictures and video of the fatest overwhelming evidence that these planes r dumping massive amounts of chemicals on us .certain trees r just dead everywhere that were thriving a year ago plants.the weather.never seen this cold and drop chems and here some rain and wind to choke on.sample rain u guys I’m normal guys.I have 2 pressious son 1 and 4 that I’m worried about .we have military in alot of family and we know contrails. These are not.wake up were in trouble.Anaheim hills california go figure .to u that claim its all bull u have no business tagging to dicredit people who know somethings going on and were all at risk.wame up weve seen clear evidence of video and picture proof or airliners with no s eats and huge drums connected to big tubes with giant nozzles at the tails of these planes ready for playing god.and this is just a conspiracy .lol.wake up cali were

    • irrosey2

      I had read that the chemtrails are released to work in conjunction with HAARP to cause rain. I am not a scientist but it would be good to have confirmation. I wonder if any seafood is ok to eat now. Do I need to get a Geiger-counter to test my tuna?

  • Marisa

    Is our marine life going to go extinct because of this? Why is this not on the news and why is this being taken as not such a big worry? What else is going on that we don’t know about? Anyone?…

    • guest

      I don’t think anyone knows the answers for sure. this the first time in the history of this planet that this has happened on this scale. There are no precedents. government doesn’t want to scare everyone by telling them that the radiation levels are far higher than acceptable because theres nothing they can do.

    • disqus_PLo7cLiqVJ

      Barry will explain it all.

  • loara71

    We’re more apt to die from having Obamacare than the fallout from Japan. 🙂

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      exactly owebona has cause more lasting damage to the usa than a nuke bomb

  • mark jacobson

    i also read that the contaminated water they have been retaining at the site, water they used to cool the core, is slowly degrading their containers and will soon go out to sea, fully loaded with radiation. the article I read said this is inevitable and that they have no place to put this water and cannot let people near it.

  • Old Golfer

    Yah! That good old Geiger Counter!
    There is much more efficient equipment today.
    Was a test done to see how much radioactive material floated over in the air after the disasters and landed on you, your wife, your kids, your home and what the half life of the material is?
    The best thing that could have been done is anywhere you see dust; wash it down.
    Keep your and your kids hands washed and clothes changed often.
    Still you might ingest small particles of the radioactive material.
    If you believe that you have then get your body scanned for radioactive material.

  • Russell Schiwal

    Any time you want to exaggerate a threat, use percent rather than actual numbers. 500% is 1000% more threatening than “5 times.” What I would like to know is this; what is the level of radiation, what is the standard level of radioactive iodine?

  • john

    its amazing how the media has nothing to say

    • fedupwithmentalcases

      with owebowel in charge they will gloss over everything that could possible make him look bad

  • john

    the united states caused this mess,,,,,,,,,,i.e………remember the u.s. navy ships just happened to be right where the epicenter was,,,,,,,,,,,,,we all forget so soon,,,,,,who do you think caused that sumami

    • AbbyNormyl

      john you are exactly the sort of fukwit that needs to be culled from the population.

  • Richard O. Mann

    Well, we can now all glow in the dark, which should help cut down on our electric bills for home lighting. Duh. Oh well. It’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.

  • fedupwithmentalcases

    good thing its only in krapafornication ..who cares about that kraphole let its new owner mexico clean it up