Bruce Springsteen Slams Wall Street Pillaging of America In Powerful New Anthem

Here are the lyrics:

No cannonballs did fly
No rifles cut us down
No bombs fell from the sky
No blood soaked the ground
No powder flash blinded the eye
No deafening thunder sounded
But just as sure as the hand of god
They brought death to my hometown
They brought death to my hometown

No shells ripped the evening sky
No cities burning down
No armies stormed the shores for which we’d die
No dictators were crowned
High off on a quiet night
I never heard a sound
The marauders raided in the dark and brought death to my hometown, boys
Death to my hometown

They destroyed our families’ factories and they took our homes
They left our bodies on the plains
The vultures picked our bones

So listen up, my Sonny boy
Be ready for when they come
For they’ll be returning sure as the rising sun

Now get yourself a song to sing and sing it ’til you’re done
Yeah, sing it hard and sing it well
Send the robber baron’s straight to hell
The greedy thieves that came around
And ate the flesh of everything they’ve found
Whose crimes have gone unpunished now
Walk the streets as free men now

And they brought death to our hometown, boys
Death to our hometown, boys
Death to our hometown, boys
Death to our hometown

This makes me want to record my own song “Feel the Power” even more.

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  • The Wall Street crowd has many psychopaths, according to a recent study, so imagine how many D.C. must have!

  • Thomas

    Will he be playing this at the White House?

  • paul

    Isn’t Springsteen nearly a billionaire himself? Didn’t he help get Obama elected – along with Shephard Fairey, I might add. Has either of those two apologized for this? To hell with both of you, Bruce and Fairey. I see you two as the lowest dogs there are.

    • Michael Merriam

      Don’t be such a cheeze head, what do you want? for everybody to vote for a republican
      ( to double the US debt). Republicans are too hateful and greedy and corrupt, the democrats are a little less greedy and corrupt, you gotta vote for the lesser evil, IDIOT.
      GROW UP hateful republican, I guess it’s hard to be civil when you have no class and you ONLY EXPOSE YOURSELF TO republicans, YOU ARE ANTI AMERICAN

    • Ron

      Do we as citizens of the United States have the luxury of dissing on people who might now see it our way yet didn’t in the past? Neil Young was all for “let’s roll” against the bu$h projected enemy. When he realized it was bu$hit he sang out against war. I’m glad general electric/nbc is paying to have a verse in a song that disses their bankster masters.

  • Barnetnetdotnet

    This makes me want to record my own song “Feel the Power” even more.

    Self promote much?

    • urstoopid

      i reckon a person can say whatever the damn well hell he pleases on his own blog.

      stupid comment fail much?

  • Mr. Mojo

    Springsteen’s music isn’t even worth stealing, er, I mean copying.

    • Michael Merriam

      Apparently you have too much time on your hands.

  • I wonder if Bruce Springsteen will be taking that anger and looking into the facts of the 9/11 Truth movement and those attacks. We’ll see if he has the courage or whatever he claims to have for this country if he has the balls to speak out and look into that false flag attack.

  • Cyndi Hobson

    I see some people feel the way I do and boo’d him on Jimmy’s ajow. Or were they saying “Bruce”. I would hope they were smart enough to boo him. I agree most of his music isn’t worth copying.

  • Joseph

    It’s a great song. It warms the blood. And Springsteen doesn’t write songs to get rich. He’s an artist. It’s not his fault our culture rewards minstrels and film stars so extravagantly. You snarlers and snivelers just shut up.

  • Bobby

    Blame the UNIONS for wringing out every sent any business made holding them hostage and then saying No one else can have a job here but UNION. The businesses left America and Wall street said Let’s get it before they do