The 5-Minute Speech that Got Judge Napolitano Fired from Fox News

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  • I hope someone else hires him to do the same kind of program.

    • D. Brown

      I can’t think of another network that would put on the kind of show he delivered…

    • joe

      i hope he get another job because he is right in every thing he sez,we are doomed,most people dont see it,they will be in 4 big surprise

    • Eric

      Seems that Fox is being very cautious.(Threats by the Feds?). The judge should hook up with Glenn Beck. Isn’t it odd he recently did his take on H.R. 347 and now fired while exercising freedom of speech!

    • Dana Stilwell

      Fox you screwed up this time. Putting yourself in the same ranks as CNN. I thought you was better than this. Well now your building a rap sheet and that is not good for the network. You should rehire him and appologize to him.

      • The Judge is correct. A Paul-Napolitano ticked would be a ticket made in Heaven

    • Chris

      How About Napolitano For VP 2012 Run With Freedom Ron Paul

  • The best exposé in quite a while.

    There is a professorship in Agnotology waiting for him.

  • David

    Fox News may be fair and balanced in their opinion, but they are not seeking the truth nor are they proponets of free speech. Fox is no more than just another government news outlet similat to NBS or Pravda.

    • deanbob

      This is 1 of the reason Glenn Beck left Fox to start his own internet network (GBTV).

    • Cello

      There is nothing about FOX News that says FAIR AND BALANCED. It only pushes the conservative agenda on Americans. Now that Napolitano said it like it really is FOX has to shut him down before FOX viewers start believing that indeed most americans don’t fit the republican or the democrat mold.

      • PC Bob

        Fox doesn’t even push the conservative viewpoint. They hold back when they should be strong and cave in when backed into t corner. They certainly do NOT represent the views of real conservatives or even real Republicans. As noted, they are just another facet of the govts agenda. Use the internet and find the truth for yourself. Fox has $Billionaire backers, too, just like the OTHER left-leaning outlets.

        • Sick-n-tired

          Fox is NOT about true Conservative values.
          They’re all about the neo-con/NWO agenda.
          A wolf in sheep’s clothing.
          At least at NBC…you know you have PravdaII
          What we need is another Joe McCarthy…to ferret-out all these anti-American maggots. And a Congress w/ enough balls to do something about it!!

      • Shirley Fischer

        Well done!!! About time someone speaks up for the many others who think the same way. Mybe he could replace Andy Rooney every week. Might wake some others up!

        • Moe Badderman

          Andy Rooney died last year, Sherlock.

          • Will

            Why do you think she said REPLACE, SHERLOCK?

          • Jack

            Yeah…Moe…I think there are two other stooges waiting in the idiot line for you.

  • Manuel

    I agree 100%. We need someone like Judge Napolitano to keep us thinking about what is going on. We are so close to the problem that we do not see the reality. What changes have happened in the last twenty years. I mean real changes as the Judge states. Only the players have changed but the same policies keep showing up no matter who is in the White House. Carry on Judge!

  • And Napoletano has just had his Howard Beale moment, without the Howard Beale charisma.

    One does not go off-rightwing narrative on FOX and keep one’s job.

  • Michael

    Napolitano’s fault was “Telling the truth!” Fox ‘Bidness” is to be repremanded severely for silencing the only voice of questioning on the Network! Fox is buckling under the Establishment Cabal to destroy Murdoch and protect those who aid and abet Crime in the Department of ‘Justice?”

    The Republicrat establishment Party have had my vote for the last time! I suggest that anyone who asks the same questions as Glen beck and Judge Napolitano await the same fate at Fox.

    Imagine that, Fired for asking questions? “Fair and balanced?” Methinks not. – Certitude.

    • Wendy

      Ditto! I was lucky enough to have heard him speak. I hope he pops up somewhere else…

  • This is an unbelievable happening! This country has hit rock bottom and continuing to fall at a rapid pace. Judge Napolitano should jump into the Presidential race. He is smart, honest, knowlegeable, and tell it like it is. A real breath of fresh air. I hope he decides to run for office because we need a man like him to go in and clean up Washington, D.C. from the corruption on both sides of the isle. We need to clean house with all the incumbents that talk out of both sides of their mouth. God Bless the Judge for his honesty and integrity. He will be missed for sure from the viewing audience. What a shame and for sure a black mark on Fox News for letting this happen. They must be part of the crooked system Judge Napolitano is talking about. Disgusting!

    • amagi

      Yes, Mr. Bernard, then let us hope there are enough honest people in this country to
      make him Preident. I fear for this. By the way, Ron Paul said he would be glad to make
      the judge his VP. What a team !

    • joe

      the problem is,that those politicians dont care anymore what we think,they just follow they own interest,and one more think,i think the elections are just joke ,they should just give presidency to highest bidder and cut the crap

    • Debbie

      Well said!

  • Steven

    First Beck…Now Nepolitano……Fair and Balanced???? REALLY?????

  • Dan Truthspeaker

    Someone better give the Judge a show, and his voice back! Unreal that they cancelled the best show left on the networks…my favorite show! Fox is no difference than the rest of them now. Get you news from the internet blogs folks. Wake up more people to what is happening!

    • David Batchelder

      Every one that is or are reading this blog, constact me on my email.
      But first, go out and purchase the book by Austace Mullins
      The Secrets of the Federal Reserve.

      This book is just what the Judge stated. Yr by Yr. Please send this to everyone who are on your email list.

      They need the truth to be hidden from the public. It is all a lie. All of it.

  • Wesley Whittaker

    What if Fox News is just the right side of same propaganda machine, with MSNBC the left side and CNN on the bottom? What if the Federal Reserve was a wholly-owned subsidiary of City of London, Inc.? What if Rupert Murdock was a Rothschild lackey hatched out of the same laboratory as George Soros? What if we had taken the blue pill instead of the red pill and woke up in a world where right was right and wrong was wrong? What if you turned on your television tomorrow and discovered that everything you KNOW… is wrong?

    I’m cancelling my cable.

  • Bud (I’m an AMERICAN)Woods

    I have always felt that you would get the real story from Fox,unlike all the other stations that only gave you what they wanted you to know. Men like Glenn Beck,Bill O’Reily and others who made us aware of the lies,corruption,greed,and intent to destroy all that is symbolic of the nation called America. The religous values that have always been held in high esteem are gone and thus now is gone the last network we could believe in. Will our service men and women refuse to defend our shores,Will we become a second rate country,Will those get what they seek,the demize of the middle class,Are there no real americans who are going to stand up and say BULLSHIT. To all you grandpa’s and grandma’s are you going to leave this world knowing what your children and grand children are destined for. We have all sat on our contend fat asses and have allowed our country to come to this. Not one of us had stood up and gone to bat for America,the illigals and the professional welfare folks m,arch in mass anytime sdomethjing doesn’t go their way. The gays raise hell for equal rights as normal married couples have. The atheist protest anything concernin god and the government listen and changes the rules. We have allowed our constitution to be a worthless peice of paper that is only befitting those who undermine it. Us baby boomers have done well.

    • luluthebeast

      Oh please, FOX News has admitted in open court that they lie in their newscasts and it is perfectly legal to do so. The court agreed with them, so you can get NO truth from FOX News!

    • William WAGENER

      FOX has always been the Fake Conservative Network carefully pretending to be outraged,
      and always down playing the real Constitutionalist RON PAUL. 2012 is just more of 2008 horrific open BIAS against truth.

  • Jim Harben

    The comments from the judge was correct. Fox news “fair and balanced”? This is exactly whats going on in our government. Why has nothing happened since the house was taken over in a land slide election. Why is there still no budget? Why do we get excuses from the electorate. Nothing has changed since the tea party rose. Why? Because there is not a lick of difference in either party. Freedom is slowly leaving the USA and the politicians are the trojan horse. The tragedy is people won’t believe it.

    • CW

      More correctly freedom is rapidly leaving with what little of itself that remains.

  • Linda

    I have long disliked Judge Napolitano as he believes his opinions are etched in the same stone as the 10 Commandments (he thought Scott Peterson should not be tried in the death of his wife and infant child as there was ‘no cause of death determined). Napolitano’s speech is no more than a ringing endorsement of candidate Ron Paul, nothing even close to being ‘fair and balanced.’ I say farewell to bad rubbish.

    • His show is an opinion show, not a news show. People give all sorts of opinions on that network. While I understand that you don’t like this commentator, it should concern you that he was fired for speaking his opinion. And after all, it wasn’t broadcast live, they could have cut it before it ran if it was so offensive. They made their decision AFTER it aired, which can only mean that they were responding to pressure from the establishment. Doesn’t that worry you at all? Next time, it could be someone expressing opinions you like, so don’t be too quick to be happy when misfortune befalls someone you dislike. If it happened to him, it can happen to anyone else.

  • Mel Bohnert

    Just a little more proof we better keep our mouth shut and be careful of what we say, as in KGB. or was it as simple as the Judge took too many people away from the big Bill

    • luluthebeast

      First they came for the communists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

      Then they came for the trade unionists,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

      Then they came for the Jews,
      and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

      Then they came for me
      and there was no one left to speak out for me

      Lesson: ALWAYS SPEAK UP!

      • Thank you Judge! A patriot indeed, for a country in need! “luluthebeast” quoted the long forgotten, but needed reminder of Nazis in WWII:
        First they came for the communists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a communist.

        Then they came for the trade unionists,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a trade unionist.

        Then they came for the Jews,
        and I didn’t speak out because I wasn’t a Jew.

        Then they came for me
        and there was no one left to speak out for me

        Lesson: ALWAYS SPEAK UP!

  • Taylor

    Sad, but not at all surprising. There no longer is anything of value on television.

  • steve

    Frankly, I was surprised when they hired the judge in the first place. He is clearly a Lew Rockwell sort of Libertarian which has only minimal overlap with the establishment Republicanism of Fox. It should be no surprise that he was eventually asked to leave.

  • Peter Brennan

    Fair and Balanced, the truth now is known. It is all Bullshit.
    The Judge got screwed and now everyone knows the truth about FOX.

    Looks like I will return to the reruns of Seinfeld, at least you get the full picture.

    PS: In your poll question you asked about the firing of Geithner, Summers and Bernanke. How about adding the worst of the bunch Holder? He should be at the head of the list.

    • Les

      Nope I & millions of other good Americans know the one who should be the 1st on the list and his name is very close and similar to Osama. And, really when it comes down to it there is very little difference between those two dictators either.

      • lyle c

        OSAMA —OBAMA Only the BS is different.

        • Nellpost


  • Balanced maybe. Between both sides of the same coin. But fair? They made a lot of hay out of Juan Williams being fired from NPR for expressing his opinion, now they fire Judge Nap for asking some very good questions? We’re scroomed! O’Reilly shouts down his guests and regularly makes dismissive comments towards the women he brings on to give their opinions, but he gets the ratings, so I guess he’s OK?

  • Sonny

    Fired? Fired?! For what!!! Telling the truth!!! — What if people finally woke up?? Wake up people!! Wake up! What did the judge say that was a lie? NOTHING!!!!

    • Les

      He got fired because he did not lie like so many others in the news media who are almost exactly like most politicians. If you lie to everyone on a regular basis and spend millions of dollars to find those lies that cannot be proven readily then you’re right in there good with all the Big Boys. Do you suppose that since things all sort of quieted down about the Mafia in this country that perhaps they are behind the scenes in politics and government and are really the controlling faction in America???

  • William Shafto

    We are avid Fox News listerners. We think he pretty much told the truth. If you didn’t like what he said then you should have cut it before it went on the air. Now you are starting to act like CNN & the rest of the Liberal Stations.

  • Nancy

    Here! Here! Let ’em have it! Stay true Judge for you have said what so many of us believe. This country is well worth saving.

    • Irene

      We all know the “WHAT IF” Questions DO make you think. WHAT IF we did not have the comments and questions asked by others? Would it put the subject mentioned into our minds? I seriously doubt it. Sometimes people do not take time to think about what is happening with their lives. They are so locked into the present they cannot see the future.

  • CJ

    Did he get fired because of the rant? Another website reports that a line of shows, including Napolitano’s, were cancelled because of low viewership.

    There is a way to figure this out. Is Napolitano still appearing as a commentator on other shows on Fox? I don’t happen to know the answer, but it’s a factual question.

    BTW, awesome rant. I used to be a big supporter of the Republican party until George W. Bush came in, with a Republican majority, and certain things that I expected to happen did not. Instead we just got more of the same old same old. And, the U.S. invaded a country because there might be a future threat from that country. As a former Marine officer, I couldn’t believe it . . . going to war is supposed to happen only when we have to defend our country, not when we don’t like some local bully.

  • Dr. Kerr, Ph.D.

    Not FOX nor any of the Main Stream Media want anyone to wake up and realize that every word The Judge said is ever so true! I say Draft Judge Napolitano to be Dr. Paul’s V.P. and place his name on the ballet as “The Judge”!

    • Les

      Amen to that brother!!! You know all politics, elections, etc., in America should be done by a total vote of it’s citizens and NO ONE ELSE, and by a majority of popular votes. All other means of voting should be abolished and I DO MEAN THE ELECTORAL COLLEGE SHOULD BE THE FIRST THING TO GO, and then secondly the way the Primary elections and Caucuses are done, which THERE AGAIN SHOULD BE BY ALL THE PEOPLE IN A NATIONWIDE VOTE AND THEN BY A POPULAR MAJORITY ONLY!!!

  • Turco

    As long as we stand by and do nothing about this kind of hitlerian actions, they will continue to happen. Does anyone remember what happened to Irv Homer who also dared to tell the truth on Philadelphia FM radio station? They buried him in an AM station that nobody could even hear. Sad times for America.

    • Les


  • The establishment wants what the establishment wants! What they don’t want is someone spitting out the truth! Isn’t it obvious? Judge Napolitano gets my vote and Ron Paul is already considering Judge Nap for veep!

  • Iris Callawaway

    I am absolutely outraged that Fox News would fire the Judge over this.
    Must be the truth !!!!!
    What has happened to our country? Very sad state of affairs.
    Hope the Judge continues on like Glenn Beck did!
    Judge, don’t let the media shut you up. We must have the truth.
    Shame on Fax News ! ! !

  • This was my favorite weeknight show! I am saddened that Fox has decided to terminate it.

    I personally think what did the Judge in, was his free political commercials for Ron Paul. He would occasionally have Gary Johnson on, but Ron Paul was the primary beneficiary of his air time. It most likely came up against some “equal time” FCC rule regarding campaigning. I’d bet you dollars to doughnuts that Santorum’s, Romney’s and/ or Gingritch’s people complained.

    If so, Fox should have granted equal time to the other candidates and kept “Freedom Watch” on the air. I would have loved to see a full on debate of the other candidates specifically with regards to libertarian issues. It is a shame that this voice was, if not silenced, at least severely muted during this election year.

    • Les

      Judge Napolitano should have been the one person who was asking the Republican Runners for President all of these questions, INSTEAD OF THE VERY BIASED, OBVIOUSLY LIBERAL NEWS MEDIA PEOPLE. I would have loved to heard the answers from Mitt, Newt, and Rick to all the questions that the Judge asked in this Video, then compared them to the answers from Dr. Ron Paul. Each and every candidate should be and should have been asked exactly the same questions as well, otherwise how do you ever make a valid comparison of what each person stands for?

  • Jay Mahon

    Judge Napolitano is a nut job of course, because he chose to think and speak for himself and he didn’t tow the b/s line or more light humour of this subject matter.

    As much as Fox is a bias information organization, Judge Napolitano has spoken in the true meaning of the laws and intent behind them.

    The truth is a danger to those who wish to keep us dumbed down and controlled.

    Just my arbitrary thoughts & suggestions.

    By: Jay

  • Doctor Raj

    This show had become Ron Paul, Ron Paul, Ron Paul all the time. The judge spent most of his time attacking all of the other Republican candidates. I’m not surprised – I stopped watching his show and went back to O’Reilly and when he disappointed me, there was always Turner’s Classic Movies or otherwise.

  • Hilbilly

    Wow, if this got him fired we’re living in a looking glass world, a parallel universe.
    I can find nothing wrong with what he said. It clearly was food for thought.
    In reality it seems that no matter who we elect we continue to get bigger government and reckless spending.
    He called a strike a strike and for that he gets the chop.
    Sad, very sad.

    • David G.

      @Hilbilly…… The “powers that be” of the two corrupt Parties don’t like food for thought. They prefer food for propaganda that keeps us average Americans either watching Dancing with the Stars, or more importantly fighting about mundane non important stuff so that they can divide us and claim this is why the Repubs are better then the Dems, or vice versa. They make it a total sham and convince stupid Americans it isn’t, while we go off and fight wars and bail out the thieving bankers. Napolitano is one of the few truthtellers.

  • Kim

    He is right.

    Two headed snake

  • Lynne

    I have been sensing a shift of political persuasion for several months @ Fox News. It has been very subtle and not easy to identify. I am just amazed that they have fired Judge Nepolitano. I guess my perception was not that far off the mark. Sad day for our country when you have to be so careful about everything you say and hide what you believe in.

    • Bob Walton

      I fully agree with you, Lynne. It has been a topic in our family that there is a not so subtle change going on in the FOX Network political spiel starting with the exit of Glenn Beck. This should serve as a warning to our next favorite FOX truth seeker, Lou Dobbs. It appears Lou has flip-floped lately on some of his responses to a few of the progressive lunes FOX chooses for his program. He may be deviating from Roger’s script. Be careful, Lou.! Easy come easy go at FOX.

  • Lee

    Shameful that FOX canned the Judge. I am trying to remember when FOX turned the corner on” fair & balanced” reporting. 3 things come to mind.

    Last year when Glenn stated that Roger Ailes had called him in for a chat.
    A few months later Glenn announced the end of his program and stated that it was amicable parting.

    I remember when PJ Crowley left the Center for American Progress ( Soros) to go to the Dept of Homeland Security. Shortly after he checked in to the Dept, FOX began using him for comments much like Goldberg, Tucker and Goldberg

    Rupert Murdoch is hit from all sides regarding the debacle in London and keeps getting hit.

    Something to consider.

  • Boyd Miller

    One of the best speeches I’ve heard on TV – ever!!!
    Fox is no longer watched by me…

  • Batwings

    After this crap, FOX can kiss my A$$. They are no better than MSNBC, CNN or any of the Alphabet
    I hope the judge WILL run as a VP on Ron Paul’s ticket. They would “Kick Butt”.

  • Chuck

    Should we be in fear to even blog here!!! WOW!!! The Judge speaks his mind, as he sees it, if Fox was fair & balanced why would they NOT just put up an opposing viewpoint.

    I think we are in deep doo doo when Fox fires someone for a Commentary!!! Is Hannity next????
    Is Laura Ingram next???? Fair & balanced means ‘give both view points’…. that is what Fox should have done. IS the Old Man (Murdock) is bowing now to the Administration??? Didn’t you think Murdock had more guts than this??? EVERYTHING SAID IN THIS 5 MINUTES IS THE TRUTH AS THE JUDGE KNOWS IT ~~~ ISN’T HE ENTITLED TO SPEAK HIS TRUTH ~~~ IF ITS A TRULY FAIR & BALANCED NETWORK??? You decide… as for me and my household we shall flip the channel for our news to BBC who truly does give more truths.

  • harrykarry

    What content of his editorial actually got him fired?

  • Jeanne Thomson

    Judge Napolitano is one of the VERY FEW VERY SMART independent thinkers in DC, along with Dick Morris, Charles Krauthammer, and Ron Paul. While I’ll vote for Mickey Mouse
    on a GOP ticket to SINK BARACK OBAMA, I would prefer a candidate with Napolitano’s
    intelligence, integrity and judgement. As for Fox News, FAIR AND BALANCED is a joke. Shep Smith
    is a great example of the “Peter Principal — rising to the level of one’s incompetence”.
    Put him back on the Sports Desk where he belongs. harrykarry’s question is a good one.

  • Jeanne Thomson

    Judge Napolitano is one of the VERY FEW VERY SMART independent thinkers in DC, along with Dick Morris, Charles Krauthammer, and Ron Paul. While I’ll vote for Mickey Mouse
    on a GOP ticket to SINK BARACK OBAMA, I would prefer a candidate with Napolitano’s
    intelligence, integrity and judgement. As for Fox News, FAIR AND BALANCED is a joke. Shep Smith
    is a great example of the “Peter Principal — rising to the level of one’s incompetence”.
    Put him back on the Sports Desk where he belongs. harrykarry’s question is a good one.

  • Jeanne Thomson

    what does “awaiting moderation” mean? Is Big Brother there with you? Are you really
    publishing my comment twice?

  • Amy Frederick

    We’re toast. No more Fox News in this house.

  • denise

    I suspect that Fox didn’t fire him because he supported Ron Paul. I suspect Fox fired him because he exposed the entire purpose of Fox News – to perpetuate a manufactured narrative.

    CNN – George Bush Stinks
    FOX – The Left says George Bush Stinks – Some say yes. Some say no. What do you think?

    CNN – We need the government to control (auto industry, gas, coal, health, guns, people)
    FOX – The left says the government should control “X”. Some say yes, some say no. What do you think?

    Go to a gym and watch all the news channels on TV at the same time. They all have the exact same stories at almost exactly the same time. Fox never, ever varies from the narrative I just noted above. Never. Ever.

    It’s all about controlling the narrative.

  • Bob Edwards

    It appears Fox is able to be intimidated and the 1st amendment is under attack

  • When you speak the truth, television doesn’t like it. Fox is the best alternative out there, but they are run by the Republican Party, and what Napolitano is talking about is all too true!

  • Richard Morris

    One of the greatest talks I have ever heard. Every voter should hear this speach.

  • Mary Worth

    This is ridiculous! People need to band together and tell FOX what we think!

  • andyg

    I am shocked that the Judge was fired especially after I watched the video. What did he say that was wrong? It was his opinion for God’s sake!! I hope GBTV hires him. He is brilliant and a true constitutionalist!

  • rabbott

    Judge, if you are listening: “You are right”. Don’t give up.

  • Patrick DePaul

    Sign me up for the revolution.

  • Rob Harrington
  • louie

    Fox F-UP Again, how about the crap that jerk O’Reilly says.

  • Will

    The fact is, FOX news, Sean Hannity, Bill O’rielly and Rush Limbaugh, have one agenda. That is to convince you that there is a difference between the republicans and democrats. They are constantly sending up smoke screens and hounding insignificant issues, to keep you from seeing that both are destroying your freedoms. Both are spending out of control. Both have no interests but their own. Napolitano simply can’t be out there encouraging people to think outside the media. That’s counterproductive and dangerous to their regime

  • Tom Marantette

    Very sorry to see him go. Yes, I hope that he gets another show. Shame on FOX Business for slamming the door on free speech. If they are going to stifle the Judge what else are they going to quiet just because he presents information that makes us think outside of the box. Good luck in your finding another opportunity.

  • R Sanchez

    I find all the political talk very sad. When will you realize there is no left or right. There is only one way of life as we know it(or dont), farmers and livestock. They have done such a great job at fooling you, most just cant see it for what is. Share and discuss..

  • Carl

    What if Judge Andrew Napalitino/Rand Paul were on the ticket in 2016?

  • Detlef Naase

    He nailed it when he said that there is NO CHOICE if you only have Republicans and Democrats History does speak loud and clear on that subject.
    I am very sorry not be be enlightened and inspired by Judge Napolitanos fight for freedom any longer. As an American by choice i do not trust Government, ours must be brought back into constitutional bounds we have lost a great fighter in that couse i hope he will reemerge on some other station perhaps Glen Beck’s

  • the snoop chick

    I agree with Napolitano…absolutely…we are screwed…politicians are not divided but going for the one world goverment. it’s not fox news’ fault…they are bullied by the saudis that own them…talk show hosts cannot say what they want…we need a network that can….anyone up for the challenge?

  • burdue

    All true, so what’s the problem?

  • Joe Cushing

    Damn Fox took the video down. I didn’t even know he was fired. I don’t keep up because I don’t have cable.

  • Kerry Wooster

    This video has already been censored on utube. I quit watching fox around a year ago when I realized how they were playing the public. I no longer pay any attention to any of the televised new programs. I use American Free Press, Natural News, InfoWars, The New American and a good many others for my news. Infowars has now surpassed MSNBC in followers. Although, I can not understand why anyone could ever follow MSNBC in the first place. I can understand being suckered by Fox. I was for a long time. Shame on me for being so gullible.

  • Stininkey Skunkenheimer

    Don’t worry about youtube censoring the video. The CIA will have the video back up in no time. Of course, it will have some actor dressed up as Napolitano killing babies and hitting on whores or some shit…

  • johnsmith

    Judge Napolitano for President. WE NEED HIM.

    • Steve W

      Fuck you, you racist piece of shit.

    • powerbase

      Judge Napolitano for President! I second it! Who else is there? He is always on the money and a rock of consistency for the last 5 years! Let’s grab him! He has been right on all the issues.

      • Kim Cosmos

        So he can declare war – weren’t you listening?

        • powerbase

          What War? Oh He already booted me off his gmail. Pariah I guess or was it the photos of Kennedy after He was shot? But there is still time to Prank the Vote! Anonymous, get ready. I still get pop3 to work with my gmail. Hmmm.

        • powerbase

          He turned me down. I do get banned a lot! No skin off my nose. I’ll go elsewhere! I’ve been known to.

    • MrsRealism

      We don’t NEED him! He’s full of shit. What’s wrong with you people?

      • adina

        I guess your one of those bleeding hearts on free handouts Mrs. Realism.

        • MrsRealism

          Ah, No-ooo. Dumbass. I just don’t want a jerk like him leading the country. Free handouts! Wrong-wing libertarian talking point garbage from the ‘news’ station owned by foreigners. He will never win a position of leadership in this country, despite the rapidly growing number of misinformed Fox viewers living here. Sanity will prevail.

        • MrsRealism

          No, but I guess you’re a moron, hmm? People who like the truth are bleeding hearts ‘on free handouts’? Sigh. YOU are what is wrong with this country.

          • MNE

            Realism…people who like the Truth? That would be Most Conservatives. I can tell you that your Golden Boy Obama and Girl HilLIARy have told so many lies and have done so much harm to America that you should be ASHAMED for even thinking…ooops, you are obviously NOT a Thinking person, of voting for her. Grow up. You can leave America, also, like the other liberals, after Trump is Inaugurated.

          • MrsRealism

            Feel free to expound on all the great things that Trump will do for this country and for the American people… I won’t hold my breath.

          • MrsRealism

            It appears that you consider ‘thinking’ as spewing wingnut talking points from Fox News and Sean “Waterboard” Hannity, amiright?

          • cmon-really

            Waterboarding is so horrible isn’t it? I mean all they have to do is just ask the murderers/terrorists/criminals nicely for the information that would save thousands of lives and I’m sure they would gladly tell them. And I’m sure that if they had the leader of a terrorist organization in custody who had kidnapped and held hostage one or more of your loved ones, you would stick with your belief that they should not be waterboarded to get information that would save their lives. That would just be horrible for a murderer or terrorist to be waterboarded only to save a few thousand lives.

      • Godabove09

        Did you listen to the video? If he’s full of shit, in your warped mind, then I would love to know what you think of Obama?
        Please contact your doctor about euthanasia.

        • MrsRealism

          Oooh, clever. Enjoy that never=gonna-happen libertarianism that you long for. LOL

          • Godabove09

            How clueless are you?
            Change your name to “MrsDelusion”.
            P.S don’t forget to cry like a big baby when Trump becomes president…because he will…lol.

          • MrsRealism

            Are you voting for him? If so, what is your excuse, other than being a nutjob bagger?

          • Godabove09

            lol…move along, shill, nobody is buying.

          • MrsRealism

            Very intelligent, well thought out answer, just as I expected!

          • MrsRealism

            Trump isn’t going to win, and shame on you for wanting him to. He would make a terrible president. Really clueless!

          • nysticks

            you seem to be the one with no clue

          • truthseeker

            This is all old New. Ha! Ha! President Trump has won.

          • MrsRealism

            Wow, I asked THREE MONTHS AGO what good Trump will do for the country. Your responses thus far are to call me names. LOL
            And judging by your moniker, you believe in God? I hope you don’t consider yourself a Christian. The God of Christianity would not support Trump the hater and multiple-marrier. Where are his tax returns? I need to see them to recall just how many times he has filed bankruptcy.

          • ken hulse

            are your really that naive? I am going to enjoy watching you wingers whine for the next 8 years just like I have enjoyed watching you all cry like babies during the last 8 years.

        • MrsRealism

          You talking to me, bagger? Don’t waste your breath. All I hear from you is Charlie Brown’ s teacher’s voice. But for someone with a name praising God above, I feel sure HE would frown on that last statement of yours,you religious hypocrite!

          • Godabove09

            Don’t get upset, shill.

          • Anthony “stalker6recon”

            What a shock, a fucking libtard chicken shit black lives dick sucking uberdouche opens his retort with a disgusting shot at a reply with your favorite activity, do you like black tea, yellow, or white?

            Bet you love oblowme and his little shitzu pet hilarity cuntin as well. Bet you have no problem with the direction they have taken the country, how they have dismantled and neutered our great military, how corrupt they are, the endless stream of lies, the random paid, the fact that they commit crimes that would send you to prison for the better part of your useless life, and I am sure you would flourish there, being the bell of the ball, the suppository for man jelly in every orifice.

            Idiot, bigot, lower, retard and my favorite, Etard© of the year award winner!

  • Rhonda Cirillo

    I would vote for him in a second. I see nothing here that should have gotten him fired from Fox. Maybe a little too much truth?

    • Steve W

      Fuck you, you stupid racist piece of shit.

    • edwin

      He is a straight up jerk. Obama hater, Clinton hater just the man for all the bigots and Tea Baggers.

  • Johnathan Rangel

    It is all possible, what he says, and maybe our freedom is slightly threatened, but I think Fox was angry because Napolitano ‘claims’ that the government is behind the social influence upon voting for the democratic or republican party. The truth is, he presented this speech with rhetorical questions, so nobody can actually say that he literally claims everything he says and that those are his views. They are simply questions asked for the audience to answer in their minds. Why did he get fired? I’m not sure, but it was under the disgression of Fox and the obviously did not like what he has to say. I give him props though.

  • does this mean we are not free

    Judge Nap struck the nerve! “The Nerve” is that “Government Dialectics: King Sargon Two Party Rule” which rules this “economic reality” with an iron fist. “The Nerve”, knows how to function only two ways, 1) it either engrafts you and a symbiosis takes place, wherein you become as corrupt as it is, which is why we look more and more like Greece everyday, or 2) it rejects you, and marks you as “the Enemy worthy of destruction”, which is what George W and the Ruling Class [the Corporations] declared before the world, after the 9-11 slapdown of world freedom, what little there was.
    Judge Nap, by telling the people how this brainwashing occurs, through “the manufacturing of consent”, aka “instilling brainwashing via the euphemism called public opinion”, to the point that the thought leaders at Faux News decided that they weren’t the Constitutionalists Judge Nap was claiming they were. “REJECTED” Faux News Corpse screamed!!

  • henry watson

    of course he was fired he dissed the Republicans an Republicans keep Fox in business.

    • usmcmailman

      Horse manure henry !

    • Marcos

      He dissed the Dems too

      • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

        He didn’t “diss Dems”. If you call telling the truth, pointing out when someone is breaking the law and ignoring the Constitution “dissing”, then he is.
        I call that being a good judge.

    • Randy Patton

      Exactly right Henry. The fact that he also dissed the Democrats was beside the point. He questioned the system. They don’t like that.

      • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

        He didn’t “diss Dems”. When someone breaks the law or is being unconstitutional, he says so. That’s just being truthful. He did the same thing to George Bush.
        He’s an honest judge.

    • Joe

      Simply put: Napolitano was considered a liability to Fox. His words may be true, but they are unpredictable. Fox, as a corporation, also following an agenda, cannot have that risk

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      He did not get fired! Liberals just like to spread rumors that he did. He still is Senior Legal Commentator on Fox News

    • powerbase

      You mean Fox is not the Republican Party? Does anyone else know?

  • SpencersMom

    I love the Judge. And here we are April 2013 and he is still on Fox. The only “nut job” is the person who finds offense with what he said. It is not about Republican or Democrats….It is about we the people vs government! Unfortunately people follow blindly. Common sense is gone. “Figures don’t lie but liars always figure”. That is the one thing all of Washington has in common. The Judge is asking you to simply stop and think! Pay attention! Get your news from all sides! Don’t allow Washington to divide us. Be informed. 1/3 of our population are Dems, 1/3 are Repub and 1/3 are Independent. Why would any logical thing person believe 1/3 have all the answers to our troubles? Someone once told me Dems lead with their heart and emotion. Republicans lead with their brain and logic. Both are needed to lead a healthy balanced life.

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      He did not get fired. Liberals just like to spread rumors that he did. He still is Senior Legal Commentator on Fox News. You’re right.

      • Beckah

        Obviously NOBODY has looked to see when this was posted. This was for the 2012 election, and the Judge is still on FOX.
        FOX is quickly showing it’s left leaning side, but it’s still better than watching the propaganda machine at CNN or MSNBC.

        This country needs a serious housecleaning, and there aren’t 2 parties, there are 2 classes; lords and serfs.

    • robinrob2

      December 2015, I’m watching him on Fox right now.

      • JWHacket

        You’ll have to tell us how you did that. What’s Apple selling for, BTW?

        • powerbase

          Are you a futures trader or would you still play it safe with options?

  • Bruce S

    This man should be the president!

  • superiormind

    Great speech! All independently thinking citizens agree that both sides are actually run by the same people, with the express purpose of misleading and exploiting the ignorance of the people who fall for their lies.

  • Doran

    I’d rather have him on the supreme court.

    • blackhawk132


      • Steve W


    • Steve W

      Go fuck yourself.

  • Doran

    I’d rather have him on the supreme court.

  • dominke

    This judge should be promoted as he is only one in media that tells truth. God Bless judge

    • edwin

      He wouldn’t know the truth if it bit him in the ass

  • pbob67

    Thank you Judge…
    and if that was not “fair and balanced” nothing is. however, it was done with absolute TRUTH and that is the thing that the “fair and balanced” News network really don’t use with the Republicans. as a matter of truth, they are no better than one of the mainstream media lapdogs, doing their best to protect the Right wing politicians but with out being as obvious about it.

  • kbabcock

    So what happened to freedoom of speech? The good judge is right on and he has fallen victim to the vicious disease of political correctness and hatred if free expression. Censorship of the media is the child of oppressive governmental interference with liberty and freedom……..


    What if three generations ago public school teachers didn’t stop teaching?

    • PHILIP

      Our youths have been dumbed down for the past 3 generations in our
      public schools, college instructors have pounded liberalism and
      anti-America lectures into our future leaders at the threat of failing
      grades, and the MSM crucifies anyone that isn’t all-in for anything

      Not sure how “The Judge” would effectively deal with islamofacism.

  • FreedomAboveAll

    I love this guy, he should run for president.

  • TIM

    he has it 100% CORRECT. a man who sees exactly that there is no difference between parties. there goal is the same. we see it taking place now. i always listen to what he says, because it is correct.

  • Limeriq57

    What if this man expressing his freedom of speech did not get fired by a network touting ‘We report, You decide????’

    • Joel Shane Nunley

      Educate yourself before you write. The viewers DID decide. Fox News is compelled like any business to follow ratings. If viewer ratings are too low, the show goes. He certainly has lost no respect from Fox. He’s the Senior Judicial Analyst and is all over the network as a contributor.

  • truthistreason

    <3 judge Nap

  • usmcmailman

    An honest Patriot will NOT be allowed to speak on Television ! Good Bye Judge Napolitano and may
    Almighty God Bless and keep you safe my friend !

    • Bob Khan

      Old video from 1.5 years ago. Fox still has the good Judge as a contributor, but I suspect that it is only because of viewer backlash over the decision to pull the plug on his show.

      I am not happy with FOX’s recent decision to push Hannity to a later time slot. Seems like anyone sympathetic to the the Tea Party Movement gets either cancelled or taken out of primetime.

      • Joel Shane Nunley

        I understand your point, Bob, but Fox News is a business, like it or not. And the news business (specifically cable) is solely driven by viewer ratings. If ratings are low, the hang man cometh with certainty. It has nothing to do with likeability. If Fox didn’t like the Judge, he would be totally gone. I watched his show, and though I am drawn to every word he says because he is a sage, I found the format boring. He’s more impactful as the panel contributor. Less pressure, more flexibility to be himself. I feel the same way about Judge Jeanine Pirro, but she is not only interesting to listen to; she’s quite easy on the eyes, even at her age.

  • jacktheleper

    This will forever be on the internet… truth

  • Remember Remember

    I don’t think fox news want people to know the truth.

  • FreedomWitnesser

    This is exactly what I’ve been saying to my friends, family, and everywhere for years. He’s right on the money.

  • Napolitanofor President

    Gotta love him. He’s so,,,,,,,,,honest!

  • taro-sama


  • C B

    He wasn’t fired, his show just ended under contract. he still appears on other shows, and will probably be awarded a new show contract shortly. The author of this page is an idiot.

    • ed_in_tx

      In fact he was on Fox & Friends this morning.

    • eyeopener

      we have yet to see him on fox ,i hope we do

      • Joel Shane Nunley

        Hey, eyeopener, follow your name and open your eyes. Only jesting, but he’s all over Fox. I just saw him on Special Report Online dated 11/20/2013. He’s an icon. The above speech is the most powerful speech I have ever heard from a news media person.

      • Larry o

        You do not watch FOX much !!!!

        • powerbase

          Maybe eyeopener doesn’t have Fox cable.

  • Evan Rogers

    He didn’t get fired?

  • Lucius Liu

    Frankly, I am amazed he lasted as long as he did. We should all support this patriot in his endeavors.

    • Joel Shane Nunley

      Do some research. He’s still on Fox, the Fox News Senior Analyst. Don’t believe everything people post as facts. But I agree with you that he is terrific. Love that guy. I guarantee he’s not going anywhere, unless another network fights to get him.

  • AFV

    He’s wrong. For every issue there’s only two answers. Yes / no, up / down, right / wrong, Aye / nay. Think about it. Gay marriage? War? Civil rights? Abortion? It’s why there are only two legitimate parties. Third parties simply muddy the answer. The judge isn’t thoughtful. Apparently it’s why he was fired.

    • Aaron Shannon

      Gotta love such thoughtful analysis. It must be nice to live in such a black and white world….

  • Lucius Liu

    This speech is clearly outside the realm of acceptable thought. I hereby nominate Judge Napalitano for the Supreme Court of the United States of America. Now, all we need it 8 more just like him.

  • TN

    Best most concise speech I’ve ever seen on a major television network! I can’t tell you how impressed I am with this man!

  • Susan Richburg

    The truth is so refreshing! If Fox really fired him, then Fox is no better than MSNBC………………

    • SB

      Just take a look at the sidebars on the Fox News website and tell me this is an upstanding bastion of proper truth telling of the news. GAWD, Fox is no better than the trashy magazines on sale at the checkout stand in the grocery store.

      • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

        The mainstream media, CNN an d MSNBC just spread propaganda.
        If you do your research, you will see that lots of journalists have relatives that work for this administration or work at the White House in the kitchen.
        MSNBC is the worst. They actually work for the White House.
        It’s all propaganda folks. They tell you what Obama wants you to hear and nothing else.

      • powerbase

        If you don’t like Fox why the o when you know it is about u?

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      He did not get fired! Liberals just like to spread rumors that he did. He still is Senior Legal Commentator on Fox News.

  • Trinnity

    He’s a real patriot and I’m losing faith in FOX turning them off a lot) these days because they seem more supportive of the establishment R’s (the LEFT WING of the R party) and helping the Left attack the tea party and libertarians. We need our constitutionalists now more than ever.

  • Craig

    What if Judge Napolitano was 100% accurate in his speech and got fired because our power hungry, greedy, self-serving politicians want our country to be like North Korea where if you even question their authority, you get fired, sent to prison or just disappear !! The “ruling party” in this country is beginning to look exactly the same as in any other communist or socialist dictatorship.

  • eyeopener

    i guess fox news is not so balance or fair

    • Tim Jim

      First, he did this on Fox Business not News. Second he pretty much said BOTH parties suck and are the reason we have so many issues. If you can’t see that for the simple truth it is then you are blind. He just laid out the overall theme of how we are being screwed by BOTH PARTIES!

      • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

        Yep, it’s true. The judge doesn’t use those words exactly, but that’s the idea.
        Because we have a Democrat President now (who doesn’t follow the Constitution), it seems like he is picking on Dems now. I can promise you, he did the same thing when Bush was president. He called him out.

    • powerbase

      Wait till you head stops spinning, I’ll bet it won’t stop there either.

  • eyeopener

    i want to let fox know how i feel but i can not find their web to leave message

  • eyeopener

    they got rid of beck too

  • Awadira

    He looks better fat

    • Joel Shane Nunley

      Hahaha. All these tongue wagers on this post, waxing attempts at eloquence, and I went right to your post. I was thinking the same thing! He certainly does look better with some pounds on him. But I still love the Judge, though. Too funny. I just heard him on the Special Report panel, introduced as the Fox News Senior Judicial Analyst. Doesn’t sound like he was “fired” to me. Maybe he lost his show (not sure about that), but that would be a dollars and cents thing assessed by ratings. Fox News didn’t become the biggest name in news by ignoring ratings.

  • Joel Shane Nunley

    Wow, what a speech. Excellent.

  • kokuaguy

    “What if” speeches are so easy to make — one never has to support or substantiate any of the implied claims. If contradicted, the speaker simply says — I was only asking questions.

  • Daryl

    He is delusional, I was blocked from his facebook page because he and his cohorts couldn’t handle criticism of his thesis. He is a fraud and doesn’t practice what he preaches.

  • Efreet

    balls. big.

  • Pth

    That’s the man we need. Not just need but must have. He sounds like me. The wife has to hear this.

  • blackhawk132

    WHAT IF Fox News is just another hidden liberal station whose leaders are no better that the Obama ,Rinos or progressive dummocrats ?
    Fox news needs to wake up with this “fair and ballanced ” BULLSHIT.Maybe O’Reilly needs to get a pair of balls.

  • Bugsytux


  • stephen feldmeier

    Sure we can fix all of this.

  • Mike W

    If FOX were smart, they would have started a new channel, called FOX Liberty (or The Blaze), and stocked it with talent like Judge Napolitano, Andrew Wilkow, and Glen Beck!

  • Adaj Parr


  • coachpan

    What’s wrong with the truths of the Judges narrative ?

  • FreemanAmerica

    An American Hero….

    • powerbase

      We don’t have heroes. They die for the Oligarchy. We have Champions.

    • ken hulse

      your standards for “hero” and American are pretty low

      • FreemanAmerica

        Maybe it is you who are mistaken on standards for a Constitutional hero..

  • MrHandyman1954 .

    I have been saying all that for a long time now. That is why things are as they are.

  • Patrick Norrie

    He’s been listening to George Carlin!

  • Dr Snake

    What if Napolitano ever came to a point–or a conclusion? 4 year olds can ask endless series of questions. Adults are supposed to come up with answers.

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      And the judge comes up with the lawful and Constitutional answer every time.

  • Bai Vlado

    YES, If Fox really fired him, then Fox is no better than MSNBC, shame on them!!!

    • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

      He did not get fired! Liberals just like to spread rumors that he did. He still is Senior Legal Commentator on Fox News

  • Rick Danielle Friars

    Miss this man wish I could still hear him on the radio

  • Mint Creek

    There is no place in US politics for common sense

    • powerbase

      Then there is no place for Politics in the US!

  • gatorman60

    Big mouth wind bag

  • Steve W

    Napolitano! Slavery was good? How about NAZI death camps, were they the good for the European economy? You stupid fucking wop. The sooner you and the racist pieces of shit on he supreme court are dead the better the US economy will be. You can’t outsource my hatred for you assholes and make a dollar, so fuck you.

  • Steve W

    Every one of you ignorant inbred assholes that posted in support of this major fuckwad can go back to fucking your sisters now.


    It was back in 2008, McCain had been the Republican nominee and although Obama vanquish H.Clinton had the nomination wrapped up, the Dem’s convention had not done the officiate anointing.

  • me

    He has his finger on something important, at least at the beginning. But he’s totally wrong about what “public opinion” is. There IS a pattern of public opinion on many things, and it is ALWAYS ignored whenever the 1% disagree.

    Obama IS a disappointment…..chose the wrong people to work in the finance area and then sold out.

  • Rose

    Judge Napolitano – the Voice for Ron Paul???
    No sale!

  • Susan Baumgaertner Fentz

    He did not get fired! Liberals just like to spread rumors that he did. He still is Senior Legal Commentator on Fox News (News that is closest to the truth)

  • Jim B.

    10/30 -Today’s show was about the nurse refusing to obey the self quarantine for potential Ebola infection. I would like to know why the Government can demand we the people wear a seatbelt to “protect” ourselves from harm and danger but we can’t be protected from the potential threat from this woman and others in this position? You can enforce law and protect me from myself but not me from someone else? Bull snot!

  • Jim B.

    Go Judge!

  • Edward S Scott Jr


  • Richard Lee

    he is exactly right

  • Glenn Festog

    Want your Representatives/Senators, etc. attention? Send a Certified Mail, return receipt requested letter containing the following:

    LEGAL NOTICE! You are hereby served notice that you are FIRED from representing me as an American Citizen, I hereby remove any and all consent, actual or implied, for you to Represent me in ANY fashion. My name is *****************, my S.S. # is ***-**-****, my state of habitation is *************. This letter represents my personal VOTE OF NO CONFIDENCE in you or the corrupt processes pretending to serve the public when they actually represent anyone who hands them enough cash.

    Have your signature notarized. They can’t pretend they didn’t get it, all politicians hate tracable communications; just look at Hillary and her e-mails. You want to see panic; watch what happens if this goes viral………..

  • 1pappap

    Ricky Santorum, with Trent Lott, got Clinton off. Then he voted for Ameri-Corps which paid VOLUNTEERS $20.00 an hour. What difference did he make on his stance against abortion? He’s nothing but your typical political hack. What difference is there between him and his successor, Dumbo Casey? NOTHING!!! They’re both pathetic and have towed the Washington agenda. God Bless you Judge for having the guts to expose them to our dumbed down electorate. We need not only a third party, but a fourth, fifth, etc Party.

  • El Razorillo

    I’m organizing a “REVOLUTION” for the very reasons The honorable Judge just spoke of. America will become whole again. Liberals will be targeted along with RINO Republicans. In ALL 3 branches of government.

  • Godabove09

    I am perplexed by the assertion that he was fired. The Judge was on Fox yesterday.
    I don’t think they’d have fired him and then bought him back so soon.
    I would suggest the video title is inaccurate, either deliberately or accidentally.

  • Calvin Mahoney

    put Andre Napolitano on the supreme court !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Laborde

    Napolitano for president.

  • ChaCubed

    Well that didn’t last long. Nowhere near long enough.

  • AJ

    He is telling the truth. Both parties are basically the same, in it for power and nothing changes that much. Still the same 535 cretins we seem to hate BUT let stay in office year after year.

  • Brian Wilson

    Fri PM, the Judge and I had dinner again at our favorite restaurant in Ramsey, NJ. Once again we laughed and marveled at the non-stop ignorance displayed by the regular posting of this utter bullsh*t. Once again, I can tell you with absolute certainty, this monologue, like all the others, written by him that evening, did NOT “get him fired” from FOX. Obviously, he remains at FOX as Senior Judicial Analyst. The cancellation of his show on FOX Business Channel was simply a matter of the network’s market penetration, ad sales and other basic realities common to broadcasting. After 50 yrs in the business and a decade of friendship with AndyNap, anyone who still believes he “was fired from FOX” is both delutional and terminally stupid.

  • penprick

    The judge is simple asking questions. And every question raises a legitimate issue. And there are more such questions that have not been asked.

  • Friday Bridge

    Four years ago, could anyone imagine Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump ALMOST winning the White House? These candidates are JOKES except to those who are as “mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore”.

    In a normal election year, comedian Pat Paulson would have gotten more votes than either Sanders or Trump. Something is going on, and the politicians had better take heed. WE THE PEOPLE are starting to see that ‘politics’ is a show designed to get us to take our eye off what is REALLY going on.

    Clinton sabotaged Sanders. Virtually every Democratic AND Republican politician is trying to sabotage Trump. Dear reader, DO NOT TAKE YOUR EYE OFF THE BALL! This is a protest movement, plain and simple, and it should be supported by the public as vehemently as the politicians are denouncing it.

    WE THE PEOPLE cannot be allowed to be beaten down by WE THE CHOSEN FEW.

  • Donskoi

    Very honest assessment what has happened and is happening especially from our New World Order.

  • Linda Lewis


  • Constance Georgia Simari

    Fox are your out of your mind for firing the Judge. You fire The Judge but keep Shep Smith. Fox is becoming a more democratic news, analysis, and commentary net-work. The Judge tells the truth and the truth offends some people. HIRE HIM BACK YOU FOOLS.

  • haifisch8587

    Napolitano is a class act and pointed out why I hold both the DNC and RNC with equal distain. When FOX hires him back he should insist on a substantial settlement. I would have expected this from CNN, Msnbc and the other psudo news outlets…

  • RobertoRM

    He has been re-hired by Fox News. What a mistake!