“Reaction to Referendum Shows that the West Is Not Really Keen On Democracy in Syria …Syrian Voters Are Non-People for the West”

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  • YEP – Ahmadinejad’s re-election in 2009 with 62.3% votes was ‘fraud’, Russia’s recent election was ‘fraud’ – but George Bush’s election confirmation by the Supreme Court was ‘not fraud’.

    The Syrians are been slaughtered for their support for anti-Israel Hamas, Hizbullah and Iran. It’s not the Americans who want wars against Syria, Lebanon or Iran – but the powerful pro-Israel Jewish Lobby.

    In July 2011 – Israeli and French Jewish group, Democratic Change in Syria, held a meeting in Saint-Germain in France. The meeting was attended by French Jewish leaders, Israeli officials and Moulhem Droubi representing Syrian Muslim Brotherhood.

    Now, a new US-sponsored ‘Friends of Syria’ meeting is scheduled to be held in Tunis on Friday. China, Russia and Lebanon have announced they will not be attending the meeting as it is meant only to support the opposition to bring a pro-USraeli regime change in Damascus…….