How Goldman Sachs Helped Corrupt Politicians to Screw the Greek People

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  • Greek lawmaker, Georgios Karatzaferis, irked the US Jewish lobby when he said: “While the Jews of Goldman Sachs enjoy huge bonuses, massive taxpayer subsidies, and unrivalled political influence – Greece hangs it head as Goldman’s “useful idiot” by ending up not only as the villain in the piece by losing it EU voting rights and ‘tabbed’ as the gateway to an EU financial dictatorship”.

    The New York Jewish Investment firm, Goldman Sachs, was engaged in a controversial “currency swap” with the Greek government in 2002 during Greek Jewish Prime Minister Constantine Simitis’ term as head of state. Goldman Sachs was the clear winner in the deal – with Greece being the clear loser. The deal involved a cross-currency swap in which some €10 billion in Greek-debt, issued in dollars and yens to Greece, was swapped for Euro-debt to be repaid in euros, using a “fictional” exchange rate. Goldman also earned a hefty commission on the trade, charging Greece $300 million as managers of the LOAN and later selling the swap to a Greek bank in 2005.

  • Matthew C.

    only the Greek? i’m sorry americans, i love your country, it’s so clean, right, and safe, but all the faults and “bad stuff” fell fully loaded on your government, my dream wish is to see the people behind it go to jail…for a LONG time.
    anyways, i’ll be posting here and in many other blogs about the corruption on the US Government, and hopefully others.
    let’s whisper the truth so loud, that people around the globe starts hearing us.