While the Whole 2012 Thing Is Bunk, the Alignment of Our Solar System MAY Cause Periodic Extinction Events on Earth

Are Periodic Mass Extinctions on Earth Caused By Variations In the Alignment or Movement of Our Solar System?

As I noted Wednesday, the “Mayan 2012 prophecy” is bunk.

But – digging a little deeper – it appears that some scientists have proposed that regular variations in the alignment or movement of our solar system over the course of many millions of years – perhaps even alignment with the galactic plane – may periodically cause mass extinctions on Earth.  See this, this, this, this and this.

This theory:

  • Is still being hotly debated between scientists
  • Even if true, would be on a completely different timescale than the 2012 myth.

In other words, this is something which would be interesting – and perhaps valuable – to study in the long-term … but there is no urgency to figure it out this year.

For more amazing science, see this, this and this.

For incredible tech breakthroughs, look here, here and here.

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  • Gravity is a very weak force, compared to magnetism, and the like.

    As a consequence, the moon has more gravitational effect on the earth than all the outer planets, and all stars beyond the solar system, even when they are aligned. IMO.

  • gotnoscript

    Also, see the works Mike Baille, Victor Clube, and Bill Napier for evidence on relatively recent episodes of cometary impacts. There’s even a group working out of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory looking for tell-tale chevrons caused by oceanic impacts during the Holocene (Holocene Impact Working Group). The danger is more real than you think.

  • gotnoscript

    I wrote this article for SOTT.net a few years ago, although I am no longer affiliated with that group.

  • Seen

    “Are Periodic Mass Extinctions on Earth Caused By Variations In the Alignment or Movement of Our Solar System?”

    “■Has nothing to do with the New Age theory about 2012”

    Interesting. I guess that I’ll largely back track in my comment.


    “Contrary to a widespread myth – as parroted by the History Channel, the movie and Internet buzz – and contrary to all of the hype from Mexican tourist agencies, the Mayans did not prophesy that the world would end on December 21, 2012.”

    1). The History Channel focuses primarily on the minority of literal and technical 2012ers that the December 21, 2012 is the end of the world. Interestingly, the largest group of literal 2012ers are a subgroup of NWO believers who believe that in the transition of the era of Aquarius also holds occultic meaning to the societies seeking to impose an Authoritarian New World Order. The second largest is the enlightenment crowd who believe on December 21, 2012 that humanity will spiritually and consciously evolve, which many even within the debunker community don’t have a beef with. Apparently, they never really read what this group has to say, and how remarkably similar that this group is to the transhumanist movement. In fact, the enlightenment crowd largely believes those who fail to evolve spiritually and/or conciously should be purged not so undifferently as people who do not undergo transhumanism should be purged.
    The end of the world as we know it crowd is actually technical 2012ers; they don’t subsrcibe to December 21, 2012 being of any real significance at all. The only real universal among the groups categoized as 2012ers is actually the need to be prepared for the unexpected (like an economic collapse), and there is the distinct possibility that at some time a disaster or series of disasters can and could utterly decimate civilization, which is largely a synthetic system.
    Contrary to popular belief, the 2012er movement actually seems to had begun in the 1980s (not as a result of the movie “2012”, which Patrick Geryl largely advised film staff with [definitely a profiteer) that may have actually been directly linked to the man-made global warming movement prior to branching off, which appears to be derived by the triggering mechanism. The tipping point according to global warming alarmism was 2015 before it would be considered largely too late and the effects were believed to be occurring at a faster rate due to people’s actions on the planet. The princple difference being that the cyclic nature of the planet and astromonical mechanisms was and is beyond human control.
    According to the 2012 lore, the alignment and planets movement up to and including the precession of the equinox, which also happens at an estimated 26,000 years cycle to coincide 65 million years ago (I’m a dino-nut; it’s an interesting evaluation to me).

    There’s definitely some whacky opinions or at best hypothesis on the topic, which definitely can be construed as an understatement. Personally, I read the material of both sides of an issue.

    Good article, George Washington.

  • Man with no name

    Quite right. For those interested in the topic I recommend “Space” narrated by Sam Neil.
    A “must see” documentary series on the topic, and deals specifically with the issue of precession-based terrestrial extinctions.

  • World may end due to natural or man made nuclear disaster, however universe and life out there will go on till the real end arrives. The the real end is the end of time. If you really knew what time really is and what is time reversal. That may happen when the universe begins to contract. Reversal of time can reverse gravity as well….a catastrophic happening. Reversal of time will raise mankind from the dead. The veil will be then lifted and we will see the truth with clearer vision. What we see as reality now will appear like a dream.

  • Marie

    I wouldn’t believe one word out of the POPE’S mouth, he is 100% for THE NEW WORLD ORDER, and I am Catholic! ILLUMINATI ALL THE WAY. No one knows the answer to what will happen 12-21-12 until that date has come and gone, all speculation! But just in case I am leaving our BEACH HOUSE IN FL. Heading to higher dryer ground for this eventful day!