The Government Wants Us to Speak With One Voice

From a reader:


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  • jo6pac

    Thanks Reader that’s about it in a nut shell.

  • There is an obvious almost silence in the degenerating mainstream media about the matter.

    There should be outrage all day long.

    The senators have become an increasing part of the danger to us, along with the mainstream media.

  • Javani

    They wants us as ONE… They control media, they control our voice. We’re divided in groups because its easier to control. Whats the difference of gangs like the bloods and the crips killing eachother and our military killing people of other countries? Absolutly nothing. They trace down “radical” groups because those are the prople that stand out. Those are the people that pose a threat to this government. In the consitution it is the duty of “the people” to overthrpw our government. They hide this right behind constant propoganda of patriotism. Those who cower under the government are the “patriotic” ideal americans. Its the “individuals” our government fears. Its the people who believe in an exterior meaning that our government persecutes. They are terrified of uniquness yet they encourage it because they know the media will stall it. The media keeps us in order. Honestly im drunk, but my thoughts are so well written out i could turn all you into believers. Just read what i said and think about it. If you have the capability to challenge the government you will realize my point..