Tea Party Founder Calls for Movie Boycott

If the Motion Picture Association is Pushing Web Censorship, Should We Boycott Movies?

One of the founders of the Tea Party – conservative Karl Denninger – is calling for a movie boycott:

Perhaps it’s time for Americans to boycott the movies….

Reinforcing the fact that Chris Dodd really does not get what’s happening, and showing just how disgustingly corrupt the MPAA relationship is with politicians, Chris Dodd went on Fox News to explicitly threaten politicians who accept MPAA campaign donations that they’d better pass Hollywood’s favorite legislation… or else:

Chris Dodd wrote..

“Those who count on quote ‘Hollywood’ for support need to understand that this industry is watching very carefully who’s going to stand up for them when their job is at stake. Don’t ask me to write a check for you when you think your job is at risk and then don’t pay any attention to me when my job is at stake,”

This certainly follows what many people assumed was happening, and fits with the anonymous comments from studio execs that they will stop contributing to Obama, but to be so blatant about this kind of corruption and money-for-laws politics in the face of an extremely angry public is a really, really, really tone deaf response from Dodd.

Well I have a solution to that: Americans need to boycott the MPAA.

That, my friends, means no more movies.


I do not like this sort of threat, especially when what is being demanded is ineffective and does nothing to address the real issues when it comes to intellectual property and piracy.

The real problems are resolvable through trade sanctions — and short of military action, only through that path. You cannot force another nation to adopt your laws, but you can prevent them from having free and unfettered access to your markets if they are going to behave, and allow their citizens to behave, in ways that you find offensive.

The corruption between “business” and Washington DC has always been present but this particular display is especially brazen, coming from a lobbyist and spokesperson who’s last gig was screwing the American public when the banks ripped everyone off and then went and begged DC for a bailout.

To Doddering Dodd and the MPAA: That sound you hear is my wallet snapping shut.

Could a record boycott be far behind?

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  • Kuro-chan

    I have no problem with this concept, at all. I have already run a personally-motivated boycott of the movie industry for going on 14 years now, following a severe back in jury I sustained while working at one and having everything in my existence threatened if I tried to seek any attention about it. In addition, I have not had a cable subscription in over 6 years too, finding there is nothing of consequence to watch anyway. If I want accurate information, I go online, because that is where I will stand the best chance in finding it.

  • Thetech

    I haven’t been to the movies or purchased a DVD or a music CD in more than 10 years after I decided I didn’t like the way the entertainment industry handled their business. Guess what? I haven’t really missed it. Eventually every song comes on the radio…or can be heard on pandora radio etc, and most movies will appear on non-paid television, I’m patient I can wait.

    I think a widespread boycott of the entertainment industry is in order especially considering what they’re trying to do to our internet.


    Way ahead on this…when the price went out of control years ago…that was the LAST time they received my money.
    Screw the zionist shills IN ALMOST EVERY MOVIE THERE IS A BOO HOO….everyone hates me cause I am a jew bull. There is always a reference overtly or not…sick of this…really!
    De niro is a shill…never will I watch his movies…
    If we don’t buy it or support it then THEY DO NOT MAKE MONEY…keep it in your pocket.

  • Dilapidated Irritation

    You know, the movie industry will just chock it up to pirates, and the theater owners will suffer needlessly. Did you know that movietheatre (cinema) owners do not make one cant off ticket-sales?
    They get their money through mostly popcorn and drink revenue.

    So how about we go to the movies, but only to get some popcorn and a drink?
    This way we could show the MPAA that we are not pirating, we are actually boycotting them.
    The theatre owners will not needlessly suffer, and we might be able to engage in conversation with them, make them understand that we are actually on their side, and that the MPAA is wrong.

    They will relay the information to the MPAA, and we can be sure not to have our boycott bunched up with “them ebil pirates”.

    How’s it sound?

  • Flyover

    Got my vote on this. I currently refrain from going to most movies. First of all they (Hollywood) lack intelligence, lack presentation of any morals, generally historically tampered (for films depicting the past). A usual scan of producer, director, and writer names is quick test of what film is schlock and what is not.

  • Yoda

    Haha, Grand Ayatollah Denninger, is now one of the founders of the Tea Party? Do your research before publishing grossly erroneous information.

  • Apparently filesharing Hollywood films and downloading them onto portable external hard drives and passing them around your community has taken quite a bite out of Tinseltown’s profits.

  • I would be happy to boycott movies produced by MPAA members. I assume some independent films (for example, “Real Estate 4 Ransom”) have no connection to the MPAA. Problem is, I cannot find a list of MPAA members nor any way to find out whether a particular film is MPAA-affiliated. Any ideas?

  • Jason

    I am boycotting movies. I e-mailed the MPAA to let them know. I suggest everyone else do the same. Here is their e-mail address: contactus@mpaa.org

  • Talen Storla

    Strike already started. The best answer to the movie and recording industries is to totally boycott them. The large labels contribute nothing of value and should be hung out to dry.

  • Kuro-chan

    Actually, Talen, they do contribute something. They drain our public services and resources through their obsessive need to use what we pay for to enrich and preserve their profits that they think they are entitled to, (AKA courts, police, etc.) especially since they barely anything more than a penny of it anyway. >_>