Russia: “Should Anything Happen to Iran … This Will Be a Direct Threat to Our National Security”

Russia and China Would Consider An Attack On Iran – Or Syria – As An Attack On Their National Security

RT notes:

The escalating conflict around Iran should be contained by common effort, otherwise the promising Arab Spring will grow into a “scorching Arab Summer,” says Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s deputy prime minister and former envoy to NATO.

­“Iran is our close neighbor, just south of the Caucasus. Should anything happen to Iran, should Iran get drawn into any political or military hardships, this will be a direct threat to our national security,” stressed Rogozin.

Here’s what Rogozin is talking about (notice how close the Southern tip of Russia is to Northern Iran):

A Chinese general has also allegedly said that China would launch World War III if Iran is attacked. And see this.

While many Americans still believe that our government would not be crazy enough to attack Iran, economic – not national security – considerations may be driving the warmongers.

In addition, Iran and Syria have had a mutual defense pact for years. And China and Russia might also defend Syria if it is attacked. So an attack on Syria could draw Iran into the war … followed by China and Russia.

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  • All

    Have you seen this:

    Iran target of ‘false flag’ strategy?

    Perry asserts: “[an] Iranian attack on an American military vessel will serve as a justification and a pretext for a retaliatory move by the US military against the Iranian regime.” However, Perry identifies “a US aircraft carrier” as the likely target of this imagined Iranian attack.

    We beg to differ. There are major indications that the vessel of choice is to be the USS Vincennes. The fourth USS Vincennes (CG-49) is a US Navy Ticonderoga class Aegis guided missile cruiser. On July 3, 1988, the ship shot down Iran Air Flight 655 over the Persian Gulf, killing all 290 civilian passengers on board, including 38 non-Iranians and 66 children.


    • ezrider1967

      I think it will be the USS Enterprise. It is to be decommised next year and is a nuclear carrier that will be extremely costly to dispose of thus letting that part of the world deal with it on the bottom of the Arabian Sea.

  • Daisee

    According to reports, Ahmadi Roshan had recently met International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors, a fact which indicates that the IAEA has leaked information about Iran’s nuclear facilities and scientists. (This statement is all over the net without any citation)

  • Mansoor

    the title should have been
    “Russia and China Would Consider An Attack On Iran – Or Syria – As An Attack On Their National Security”

    not Iran And China…..

    • we should save life of our people we must STOP war we have to think for the next future of all man kind. Human are not perfect. so we must STOP our Crazy ambition to all nations Please STOP it now…

  • wade

    Typo. Headline 2, word 1. Cheers.

  • It is now impossible to find, but there was a straight threat against the USA, involving use of nuclear weapons, should there be a tsunami on the Chinese coastal cities. This was issued after Aceh, from the PLA General officer in charge of the Military Academy.

    Fukushima may not have been natural, but it is not clear that the perpetrator was the same as in Aceh. The increased reliance of Japan on hydrocarbon fuel is noted.

    Project Seal discovered much of the mechanics of tsunami propagation in 1945, preparatory to invading Japan.

    Glad to see your blog back to its fine standards!

  • Bat Sh*t Crazy

    If I weren’t such a stupid American, this would probably mean something.

    • Smart american

      then leave and go to Europe where you’re most likey to find those more similar to you…

      • PHIL BRYAN

        Sir, before you make remarks about my part of the world, take a moment and look in your own back yard. The greediest nation on earth, now on the brink! You are morally and financially bankrupt run by totally corrupt billionaires. You have been blessed again with vast amounts of new oil and gas so just butt out and sort out your own mess.

      • Rational american

        You must be one of those “Love it or leave it! America is the greatest country ever!!” types… the most brainwashed of us all.

        • Smart Ass American

          Yeah one of those unaware of the illumanati….

          • Logical Liberal American from California

            I wish we could stop the bickering and get to discussing the matter at hand.
            This is a war that could cause a billion or more to die.
            Let’s write to our heads of state/country and ask them to make a compromise. Decommission a certain number of missiles, make statements with Russia, and ensure that the world will stay in peace. Tell them that we overplay the economic situations and that things would be much, much worse in a world war.
            We can’t destroy ourselves before technology has a chance to truly bring us together. Tell Russia to back down on this bluff, that we need to work together.
            Have Obama say that he is determined to be a peacetime president. Our current wars are against terror. Yes, we go there to protect energy reserves, but we do it to ensure that terror groups don’t stop production so our world economy stays strong. We have the interests of the world in mind. We’re not going to succeed in invading each-other. Most countries have great legal systems in place that, while dissidents might tell you otherwise, are keeping the world in one of the best eras of human production ever witnessed.
            If we can get Obama to make another world peace speech we might get some more global credence and usher in a new era.
            Have him say (to make other nations take him seriously in this) that what seems like hypocrisy is the natural development of our government evolving out of our bloody human history. Then have him quote some of Carl Sagan’s “A pale Blue Dot.”

      • Americans are rejected Europeans.

        • Nololz

          Now just like a nerdy high school kid we got rich, powerful and laughed at the pretentious idiots. Nah but really all sorts of people immigrated to the US, not just Europeans. They did it to get a fresh start plain and simple, just the way most people are.

  • Rev. Reggie Jackson

    This is a very good indication that Russia and China are planning a 3rd World War against America and Europe. And they have always wanted to destroy the Great American Empire. Plus, the New World Order International Bankers/Illuminati/Freemasonry/Catholic Jesuits/Jewish Zionist also want there to be a World War 3; because they are genocidal eugenicist who want to decrease the population of the Earth; so that they can bring about their One World Satanic Government, that will enslave most of the whole world. But in the end; the Great God of Heaven will have them all spitting out fire and brimstone forever and ever. As the human soul and spirit never dies or ceases to exist!! Never!!

    • Kik

      exscue me but since when Russia and China planning the attack? it is well known that the US are planning this.. get the real information and stop accusing Rissia and China!

      • My opinion

        I do not consider that Russia and China are planning to attack. These countries have no reasons to burst, they are in economic growth, they have natural resources… if there will be the 3rd ww, it will be caused by the Group who controls the world, called itself Bilderberg, of which most of all are Freemasons, Illuminati bankers, monarchs and politicians . They want to rise the conflict in order to create their new world order : one world government .
        Whether you are American, European, Arab, Russian or Chinese, we have to stay united, fight for our rights and be aware.

    • Robert Berke

      And the other blogger calls himself bat sh_t crazy…

      • Smart Ass American

        You would be wise to listen to My Opinion

  • Pianki

    Americans ( or should I say white western oligarchy that portrait of white supremacy
    ), can’t stand to see the balance of world power emerge in an area where they are not welcome. For the last several years within the discussion regarding geo-politics one question that would seemingly always rise was “what are we goning to do about China”. White males talk shows such as CNN and MSNBC would always feature a host throwing those concerns out were as those listening would fear China. White americans need to get use to the fact that the world no longer look to them as being “all about that”. It is time to eat crow and enjoy that you can get that. That old line that “it is a threat to our national security” is not something that is asigned only to the U.S or her NATO posse.

    • Steve

      Ah, the “Evil White” Americans. Devils, right? Only the white man is evil. Never mind that EVERY RACE, Nationality, and Religion has committed genocide against others, and THEIR OWN as well! You are a racist and a fool!

      • Tyrone

        Well said Steve. Looks to me like Divide and Conquer is going as planned

        • Steve

          Thanks Tyrone! The question is, will humanity ever move beyond violence and evil, and finally live in peace? I certainly hope so! But I won’t be holding my breath, either! MOst likely not until ideas such as “Government”, “Religion”, “Race” ( the idea that we are all different), are discarded for newer, higher ideals, and ways of thinking!

          • steve

            Imagine theres no heaven,above us only sky!!!!

  • The US should consider that their track record of attacking little nations like Libya may not be good preparation for going against a country of 77 million with an advanced military and a unified population.

  • Anthony Ray Coleman

    I would hope that Obama and others has good sense not to mess with Iran. Look at the other countries that went to war with Iran. The United States can not defeat Russia or China much less both together. Our news media should do stories on the militaries Russia, China and Japan. Most, Americans have no ideas about the militaries of these countries.

    • Rebel_American

      *Japan has no military. It was disbanded awhile ago…Fail.

    • mike

      Russia and China have bodies.More than us.Thats there ONLY advantage.Our is technology.I’ve been in the military and seen what we have.You have no idea dude.And in the next decade most of our stuff will be robotic.We also have weapons on the shelf we havent even pulled out yet.Dont sleep on the US,we will crack this planet in half first.And that is just the point:Should we square off on them,it wont be a conventional war.It will be over very quickly.Straight nuclear.Iran is definatly a flashpoint.

      • anotherperspective

        Russia has technology comparable to the US, they’re not a country to just simply throw bodies in the fray and hope something can be done. There’s a reason Russia has always been regarded as a rival to the US in military might even after the fall of the Soviet Union (albeit that Russia was very much weaker after the Soviet Union’s dissolution, but Russia has come a long way since then).

        I won’t however disregard the capability of the US, the US is capable of taking on and most likely winning any conventional war with any country. However taking into consideration that in order to fight Russia and or China. The US would have to cross the Atlantic or the Pacific or Both (depending on the country, such as if it’s fighting Russia it would/could cross both oceans to attack Russia) to attack either of those nations. The cost to get the supplies to maintain a war would be huge, as China would probably attack Japan if Japan allows itself to become a part of the war, thus the US has to maintain a strong presence there to keep Japan safe, it also has to protect Taiwan. China has military numbers comparable to the US and I’m willing to bet tons more in reserve. And let’s also remember that China’s military isn’t going to be charging at the US soldiers while waving the guns in the air. Chinese soldiers are strong and capable and don’t forget well trained. Can we compare China’s military training to the US’s military training. That’s hard to do as China’s military ability is often kept secret, and only shown from what I’m able to find in controlled media. The only thing that China doesn’t have to credit it’s arsenal as you said is technology, but that disadvantage is closing fast. However if the US gets into a war with Russia as well there’s nothing stopping the two countries from working close together, which means China in a short period of time would have Russia’s designs and knowledge on the Sukoi T-50, and several other Russian techs that could close that advantage gap in technology that the US has.

        But ultimately your right when you say that a war with Russia and China wouldn’t be a conventional war, it would be straight nuclear.

        But ultimately I don’t think there will be a war at all as there are things that will keep those three nations from fighting each other. One Russia, China and the US have a large enough nuclear arsenal to turn the world into a glass bulb. Second China has a lot of US debt, and the US can’t simply just say “ah it’s no big deal” as simply putting that up in the market would crash the economy but that wouldn’t be good for both China or the US. And ultimately the US’s financial situation wouldn’t allow it to survive such a large and catastrophic war.

  • I doubt there would be any war.. they just want people to be scared and the americans to be scared of attacking but in reality it would set off a chain of events that would be the possible end of the world so i dont see it happening.

    • pigsalad

      First, don’t forget China wants to be the next country to have their currency as the worlds reserve currency replacing the US Dollar. China and Russia have been building up their militarys for decades, while keeping quiet on the sidelines waiting for the time is right. China, Russia, and Iran have been making trial runs at sabotaging the US infrastructures. If they succeed in destroying the US power grid first, then well, chaos and total collapse within the US. Then China and Russia’s militarys can invade at will. It can happen more ways than one, however, if they choose to take on the US and its Allies head on toe to toe, well it most likely won’t end well for China, Russia, and Iran.

      • Seth

        I would like to disagree as an American. China’s economy is becoming better as to India’s. China has a 200 million man army with the largest war budget in the world. The Chinese actually practice with grenades a Hop Potato to train my Army vet said, something we don’t even do. They have their martial arts down pact as that’s their skill to begin with. Russia has a larger army than America’s, though lots of them are at older age. Russia has the largest cell group in the world if it mattered to them. Iran is friends with Venezuela and Cuba. Cuba is 60 miles from Florida (where I’m located) and has a missile pointed at us if we invade. This is just naming what we know publicly. It will be a great fight but I give it to Eastern Civilization, sorry.

        • Seth

          vet friend*

    • Seth

      Never say never buddy, we use Hitler’s inspired weapon designs as they almost conquered all of Europe. They never wanted full domination. Chain of events happened twice. WW3 is been at question for a long time now.

  • BS Detector

    Complete fear propaganda by Russia. Neither Russia or Chinas army can match the highly advanced US forces unless the went nuclear in which everyone looses. They all know this and it’s the LAST thing either side wants. Doesnt mean they won’t make threats……

    What a bunch of BS……

    • oChimin

      HA HA so you think the U.S can defeat China?
      China can kick ass and along with russia they will
      just like they did in Vietnam
      Remember who was backing the North vietnamese?

      • Dorian Douglas

        Don’t forget, the US won that war, the Viet Cong capitulated and signed the Paris peace treaty. Of course, after the impeachment of Nixon, foreign and military policy were taken over by the Congress & News propagandists.

        But the war was won by the US!

        • Max Sinisi

          It all depends on how you would define “Winning”.. More Americans died in the Viet. War than in any other war in American history!!! At the end of the day, we did NOT get anything out of that war except deficit ! Same thing will happen if you go to war with Iran..
          Russia by itself can handle USA all the way!! Now imagine, China & Iran & Syria & hamas & Hezbullah join them! Imagine all the other terrorist groups join them!!!? Now what?
          You don’t think that far because the media ave you brainwashed lit’ kid!!! Iran is no Iraq.. is 5 times bigger.. and just FYI America did NOT win the Iraq war.. all we got was having Saddam killed.. that’s it!!!!
          you’re simply uneducated.. and you have no idea what kinda BS you’re posting my man.. go READ READ READ… average reading time is 3 minutes per day in America ranked 27th in the world.. I think that shows something statistically .. 😉 have a good day DUDE lol

          • Duane Wirdel

            Iraq defeated Iran in the war during the early 80’s.

          • Paris

            USA did not go full force at Iraq, theyre just after SH…same as to Vietnam war.. You just count the bunch of terrorist countries. try to consider the rest of the world against this idiot countries you mention. do they have a chance? clearly these idiot countries like Iran was sacrificing the lives of many civilians..

            If the US will go full force, no one will take a stand i’ll bet on that..

        • Baronov

          You have no idea. America thinks it has the greatest army in the world, which is wrong. Do not undervalue the possibility of losing and of being defeated by other countries…..

          • anotherperspective

            I agree it’s comparable to the Roman empire, they had probably the best army of their time, however they eventually went head to head with a military group that can match theirs and the Roman Empire suffered badly.

      • Admiral Chester Nimitz

        When I give the orders for the U.S. fleet of Trident Submarines to launch against all targets in both Russia and China. It will be the end of the Chinks and the Russians. I will then order a neutron bomb attack on Iran. I will give orders for Massive B-2 Nuclear strike on North Korea. I will then watch the nation of Pakistan crap thier pants, and in turn give up thier nukes.

        Admiral Chester Nimitz, U.S.N.

        • Smart Ass American

          Well what’s your freaking hold up?

    • Duane Wirdel

      Let alone the fact that the USA will have the UK fighting beside them and the British have the best trained soldiers in the world. What they lack in quantity they more than make up for in quality.

  • Yehuda

    The USA has no say in the matter. Israel wants another war and the United States is going to give it to them.

    • Dorian Douglas

      What war did the Israelis want?????????

      They fought to defend themselves. But want????

      They want to be left alone. But they will fight to defend themselves, and neither Russia nor China will come in. Watch.

      • Paris

        Iran wants war. they let thousands of Syrian people died, without taking action. and warned if someone intervene then it will be a war.. what a brain you have..

      • anotherperspective

        it may not be Israel that wants a war, but at the very least Netenyahu definitely wants Iran out of the picture. Whether it’s for honest or dishonest reasons I can’t say for sure.

  • RickRod

    If the Russians were serious about protecting Iran then they would have given them the S300 missle system that Iran wanted. The S300 missle system would have complicated any potential Israeli or Americn airstrike.

    • George

      @ rickrod
      If russia had started supplying iran with s 300 systems the enemy or in this case nwo of judaic banks will have to escalate their end game more quickly.


      Who knows? Perhaps the Russians gave them the system anyway? I mean, its not as if a government has ever said one thing in public and done precisely the opposite in private? You only have to look at the history of the Yanks, Brits and Israelites, etc down the years to see this tactic in action. Personally, I’d prefer it if the Iranians had it. It might just make the military option that much too had to carry out and force the belligerents to the negotiation table. I heard George Galloway once say that it was infinitely better to ”Jaw, jaw than to war, war”. I agree with him.

  • The Northern Army (Russia, China, Iran, Turkey, All the Arab Countries)
    And its Allies Will Punish The English Speaking World & Israel

    • This guy

      Says the guy speaking English!!

  • Chris

    The only and best way dealing with Iran is change of Iranian regime is in hands of the bright strong and intelligent young Iranians .. There is over 30 million almost half the population under the age of 30 years carrying strong voice and very brave .
    Two years ago in Tehran alone 3 million people rushed to the street against the mullahaes ..
    beyond anyones expectation .. !!
    Man there were many worried and scarred Ayatalohaes shaving the beard and changing clothes packed to leave the country.. lol

  • Lewis Venator

    This standoff and potential armed conflict poses a threat to not only the national interests of all countries, but also to lives of individual people throughout the world. I personally have not seen any evidence of an illegal nuclear weapons program in Iran, not even enough to substantiate a claim of probable cause and the issuance of a search warrant. Read the November 18, 2011 report from the IAEA and you’ll find only speculation and reference to an unknown “member state” that supplied an unknown cache of “documents” that raise “concnern”. One would think that the standard of proof for armed invasion would be much raise to a level higher and greater than speculation, conjecture, anonymous allegations, and unfounded accusations. Unfortuntely, things are sometimes only learned the hard way and I don’t see this ending well.

    • Robert Berke

      Agreed. The war mongers are out in force. Isn’t it strange that only one Presidential candidate speaks about it?

  • Tony

    Iran already has several Russian S300 air defense systems, and they have been very busy reverse engineering them for producing a home built Iranian copy.

    Make no mistake, Iran is not a nation of poor dim witted uneducated goat herders.
    They are a wealthy oil rich modern technologically advanced nation, capable of taking over and landing America’s most modern and sophisticated surveillance drone.

    America always makes the mistake of attacking small defenseless countries that have massive support from larger countries. Vietnam was a perfect example, and so was Iraq.

    Iraq was totally destroyed by Desert Storm and had no functioning military when Bush illegally invaded . The mighty conquering US military machine should have rolled up Iraq in one week.
    But a few rag head insurgents fought back and WON after ten years of warfare.
    How ??? Because every nation on earth was pouring money, food, weapons, training, medical aid into Iraq which went directly to the insurgents.
    Even countries like Australia and Canada were pouring aid into Iraq which directly put Americans into body bags. You will never read about that in the US press, but internet research will prove the real truth of the situation in Iraq.
    Only Americans were sniped and road bombed, Australians and Canadians and all the other 27 nations that had uniformed military in Iraq were never attacked by insurgents.

    An attack on Iran will just be a replay of Vietnam and Iraq.

    China and Russia will pour money, weapons and aid into Iran even if they never become directly involved fighting the US military. It will go on for years, and will not be the sudden overwhelming victory Americans expect it to be.

    If the whole thing goes nuclear, both Israel and America will cease to exist.
    And so will every other nation on planet Earth.
    And all because of Zionist plotting and lies, and the gullibility of the US public.

    Is it really worth it ?

    • Smart Ass American

      It’s not about all that, it is about the “end game”… THE NWO

    • Duane Wirdel

      The British were attacked by insurgents. That’s how the only ChallengerII tank to be seriously injured in combat happened. A home made bomb blew a tread off.

  • Pix

    Of course it’s about money, it always is. The arms manufacturers of the world never lose do they. And if they start feeling the pinch, why just go pick a fight, problem solved. For them at least, it’s usually at the expense of the 99% who pay for it, with their lives and out of their pockets.

  • GMB


    >>If the Russians were serious about protecting Iran then they would have given them the S300 missle system that Iran wanted. The S300 missle system would have complicated any potential Israeli or Americn airstrike.<<

    What makes you think the Iranians did not receive vital bueprints and more of the S300 ?

    Stupid Yanks! Win Afghanistan first. You're on your last legs.


  • GMB

    Time for Iranian special forces to clean up trouble in Syria.


  • Gustavo

    Syria and Iran have already been attacked. They are being attacked and will continue under attack until the demise of their regimes. I do not buy the media frenzy on “who will shoot first”…stream media is misrepresenting facts in a time-line that prevents any reaction by the victims because they will became “the aggressors” China & Russia are perfect partners in this necrotic dance…
    Syria not only has terrorist, mercenaries in their soil but has been invaded also with “observers” legalizing the mercenaries as opposition forces ! Iran, has lost two main depot of sunburn missiles and most of their scientific minds behind their missile program…plus another nuclear scientist lately…how the depot got busted out defines if Iran is at war or not? jajajaj masterpieces of deceit and deception, We ARE AT WAR …or not, just being witnesses of a massacre, ten times worse than Lybia while we eat popcorn, have some burgers, beers amidst the necrophilia propaganda broadcast by the media right there in our living rooms…

  • AfriSynergy

    Any scenario of war with Russia and China, the US would lose and should not look for a number of its European allies to stand with it. The world is beyond tired of the Zionists.

    T. West

  • PJ London

    Dear BS Detector,
    You should not be smoking that stuff.
    “Neither Russia or Chinas army can match the highly advanced US forces”
    America has not won a war in at least 65 years, (and in that one they had the Russians to thank for the eastern front, otherwise they would still be fighting the Germans.) You could not even beat the Somalis.Iran is not Grenada.
    There are 324 million “women” in the PLA, now add the men and see what you think will happen.
    Russia took just 3 days to invade and sort out Georgia, including the American and Israeli mercenaries.
    With the whole of NATO and over 11,00 bombing missions, you needed Qatari forces and Al Quaeda to beat the Libyan people, and it took more than 6 months.
    I know that it is nice and warm, and makes you feel safe with your head stuck up your A****, but take it out for a while, it significantly improves your vision.

    • Paris

      If America did not stand on Russia’s side. then there’ll be no Russia as of today just GERMANY.
      Could not beat Somali? you mean the Pirates? Those idiot people doesnt deserve to be at war with US..

      Invading is different from protecting.. If NATO’s main objective is to wipe out Libya, three days was way too long. but thats not the case because they were not just attacking but protecting..

      Dont compare it to the word INVADING

  • joe bassett

    The fact that Russia and China don’t have much in the way of aircraft carriers that could transports bombers. The only way to make Americans want to stop war if their cities were firebombed. If the US forces were tied upand they could hit with bombers and submarines and hit New York City they could make the Americans see what war war all about. We have bases all over the place in Europe. China and Russia have none in this hemisphere and we probably wouldn’t allow any. If we wouldn’t allow any I don’t know why they allow us to put all those bases in Europe.

    • Robert Berke

      …pst, just heard about a new weapon being developed called missiles.

  • panastation

    It is very true- usa has a large army, navy and airforce and some say superior tech. So did hitler in operation barbarosa, largest battle in world history*ever*..almost 90percent of all nazi troops Plus italy and other allies–their best were sent to kill the slavic race …they failed…
    –66 years later instead of mutual cooperation with russia, on space exploration, tech medicine ect.. they still want to take over its vast resources. Russians are very happy people, they love to party and drink and are very educated…but when they go into war for the motherland it aint a *joke* they are extremely patriotic and ruthless killers. And the wolrd community needs russia more than they think.

    • Seth

      Agreed to all. Check out my other statements. It will be Russia in itself ripping here over in America, a few new butt-holes. China’s 200 million man army is just back up….LOLOLOL xD -____-

  • Tony

    It is true, America (by itself) has not won any single war over the last sixty five years.

    It has however been involved in wars where America has been aided by other nations and won.
    Desert Storm is the most recent example of that.
    Fifty nations under the UN flag booted Saddam out of Kuwait, a great victory. But when America invaded and occupied Iraq a second time aided only for a short time by Britain, America has now lost that war too.
    Yet Americans imagine their military (portrayed by Hollywood) as being invincible, the real truth of history is very different.

    These days America is without friends or allies anywhere. Even Britain has now had enough, and cowardly little Israel has never fought beside America in any of it’s wars…… ever.

    Do you seriously believe that America can successfully wage war against Iran, China, and Russia combined ?
    Both Russia and China have pledged military support for Iran, and that pledge should not be taken lightly. The combined resources of those three huge technically advanced nuclear armed nations should not be underestimated.

    • Charlie

      China and Russia wont defend Iran. We are way more serious about attacking Iran than they are about defending it. A real shooting war is not going to happen between the super powers, especially over Iran. No one will start a nuke fight over that, especially since everybody knows that we are willing to destroy the entire world in defense of America. If Israel bites the dust in in a conventional fight (unlikely) than that’s it, o-well. If a nuke lands anywhere, the news wouldn’t even be able to tell us in time before WWIII is over.

  • jeff

    The globalist are doing everything they can to provoke an attack by Iran possibly at a naval vessel. Iran cannot sink the USS Vincennes CG-49 because she was decommissioned on 29 June 2005 at San Diego. As of 2008 she was slated for scrapping within the next five years.

  • bill

    Hey Putin, go F _ _ K yourself you communist piece of dog shit.

    • Steve

      I think he will be f#cking you soon enough you big mouthed ignorant ape!

    • Liberty

      You to the doctor did not try to address?

  • John Taylor

    Russia and China ought to be concerned. If your country doesn’t have a privately owned central bank you are a target. The public in the west has been programmed and dumbed down to the point they cannot figure out that the globalists have looted their countries through the banks and corrupted finanical system. At some point they will figure it out and that is why the globalists are formenting small wars to provoke a third world war. A huge war will rally the masses around their leaders and flag and make them forget about the pillaging of their respective nations. The masses need to be distracted and culled by a war so that the globalist program can reach it’s logical conclusion of a one world government. The globalists have been at this game for decades if not centuries and are quite prepared to tough it out in underground cities financed and paid for by the masses. This all plays into their philosophy of order out of chaos.

  • Tony

    A huge war will mean thousands of Fukushimas across the entire globe.

    A very quick fiery death for billions, and an only slightly slower and much more miserable death for the rest of us.

    This can now only end one way unless the US backs right off, which isn’t going to happen.

  • Bruce

    Iran has repeatedly threatenned both Israel and the U.S., and there is great reason to suspect Iran as being the major funding for Alqueada, even in the 911 attacks…One court even found Iran financially liable for 911 attacks……The US. andIsrael have the right to defend ourselves…..and threats of ww3 must never detour our resolve to defend ourselves…eventually, Iran would achieve the bomb and then the threat would re-emerge and war would follow, so why should we wait?

    • Nick

      Come on now, friend.
      You are the only person I’ve seen so far on these comments posting some half-assed attempt at justification for America’s actions.

      Get with the picture. The Billingburg group, and the other lobbyists supporting the central bank of America were behind 9/11, not IRAN lol… not Al Queda.

      This war is going to happen. I just hope it doesn’t happen before my sister gets out of the military, or she’s fucked. Then again, when it happens.. (and we need to realize we’re talking WW3 here, not Desert Storm, not Vietnam) We’re all fucked.

    • Liberty

      Yes that there. Give at once half of terrestrial ball in a flour…., for that to wait?

  • fatboy

    we all know where this will all end up. Gloom>BOOM>Doom.

  • Rocketman

    When the Shah of Iran was still in power over there the United States was a friend and ally to Iran. Just before 1979 and the revolution the U.S. sold them their top of the line fighter planes the F-14 tomcats. There are a lot of dissatisfied Iranians right now that want the current regime gone but do you know what will cause them to unite behind their leaders? An attack by the U.S. or Israel on Iran which will also draw in China and Russia. The U.S. should work with the dissident groups and support them. They are the best hope of getting rid of the leadership without blowing up the rest of the world. Once again Ron Paul is right.

  • Donna

    What you see taking place now has been prophesied in the Bible long ago. In the last days, Russia and China will become mighty nations and will attempt to destroy Israel. The “crazy man from Iran” is attempting to bring in the reign of the 12th Imam (the antichrist), and in the end Yahweh, the God of the Bible will destroy the antichrist and all nations that follow him. Our only salvation comes through Jesus Christ, God’s only Son, who was willing to die on the cross for us and pay for our sins so that we can have eternal life in Heaven. Without the shedding of blood, there is no forgiveness of sin. Jesus paid that price. I didn’t say this. God said it in His Word, the Bible. If you have a personal relationship with Jesus, then you don’t have to worry about the end.

    • Steve

      Ah, and your word of “God” (the bible), is the true word, while that other book, the Quran, is not? Hate to break the news, but BOTH were written by MEN. And have been (and will again be) the cause of much War and suffering. The whole idea of “Religion” is outdated and must be left behind if we are to ever evolve as a species. Organized religion was created as a means of CONTROL. While I most certainly believe in the Creator (God), I seek that Creator out on my own, and follow what the Creator tells my heart. NOT what any MAN, in some book that he has written, tells me I should do.

      • Nick

        Yeah. Don’t go pulling the God card in a realistic conversation, please. That’s irrational and pathetic.

    • rameshm2

      as they say “god didn’t creat man, man created god” By the way if you are religius, then you should now that the chriatianity is a copy of mithraism which existed between 600-2000 bc. in iran. and what you are preaching is a branch of zorastian caled mithraism and taged as chistianity, just google that. jesus reencarnation of mithra

    • Duane Wirdel

      They should have never put “Revelations” in that bible. It was written by a nut living in a cave on a Greek island, and yet the Gospel of St. Thomas was put in the Apocrypha. Go figure. Mumbo Jumbo. Want to scare people? Lets bring out “Revelations.” If the same kind of stuff was in the the texts of other religions, you’d call it “fanciful” or “mythology.” And I’ve heard Christians claim Hindus are weird because they believe in a multiverse. Phew.

    • Olorungbon

      What d commentators did not understand is word of God (bible) God plan for mankind, Israel can only cease to exist if d world come to end

  • Tony R

    First off I am not the “Tony of previous posts”. John Taylor I am having trouble understanding the word “formenting” I have never heard the word before can you tell me what it means?

  • The Mighty Phantoom

    Looks like there are some land and sea obstacles to both Russia and China landing troops in Iran. Do they have the capacity to do that?

  • The Mighty Phantom

    that’s “Phantom”-sorry.

  • It wasn’t so long ago that the US helped overthrow the Democracy in Iran, and install their ally, the Shah. This enabled US influence and control over the oil supply in Iran., that the democratically elected nationalist Prime Minister was a threat to. This later in turn resulted in the overthrow of the Shah and the rise of the Ayatolahs. Who removed US control of the Iranian oil industry. They then backed and armed Saddam Hussein, who attacked Iran. After not being able to bring that war to a satisfactory conclusion, Saddam attacked Kuwait, threatening US oil supplies ultimately from Saudi Arabia and the other Emirates. So the Americans removed him. Now they are returning to the biggest resistance to US domination of the Middle East and it’s oil supply, Iran. Call me cynical if you like. hypnohotshot

    Holistic Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy Los Angeles

  • Tony
  • PJ London

    Hey Bruce,

    When I read your comment I did not know whether to laugh or cry.
    Are you being deliberately provocative or are you abysmally misinformed? Iran has never threatened Israel or America, except in “if you attack Iran, you will suffer significant grief, as we will carry the war to you wherever you are.” (One cleric said that he wants the Zionist Regime to be wiped from the memory of man, and dumb Americans translated that to Wipe Israel off the map.)
    Al Qaeda was created and funded by the CIA, it is still being used for USA purposes in Libya and Syria.
    The court ruling on Iran and 911 has been pilloried by every American paper and TV channel, it is a joke.
    South Africa had 6 atomic bombs, and did not attack anyone, Russia has thousands of nuclear weapons and has not attacked anyone, North Korea, China, Pakistan, India, Israel, France and Britain all have nuclear weapons, and have not used them. The only country to use nuclear weapons is the USA (and I include the Battle of Bagdad Airport) The only country that cannot be trusted with Nuclear Bombs is America.

    Please do some research, beyond listening to your mainstream zionist media.
    Islam is not a threat to world peace, IMF, BIS, Exxon, Bank of America (and their cohorts) are the problem.

    • Nick

      Ah, someone with some real intelligence, and knowledge to back it up. This is what this conversation needed.

      Let me just clarify though that civilians anywhere are not the cause of this mess. The majority of us know what we are taught, and thanks to the internet (I could side branch here about SOPA and the same warmongers are behind that but I wont) people are finally being able to branch out and really learn about the tyranny of this world. Any intelligent citizen of the United States should by now know that their country is being led by THE MONEY and in the interests of MONEY.

      The people aren’t the problem, and of course, nobody wants to die in a war (it’s coming unfortunately whether we like it or not), but there comes a time when we as the human race: the average man needs to stand up and do something. We can prevent this war… but I daresay not enough people believe its coming.

      This article is straight up PROOF that it is coming. And I’ve known about the Pact between Iran, China and Russia for months now. If America – and by America I mean the Billingburg group aka “The Company” does what history tells us they are going to do… well fuck, there goes the world as we know it.

    • james street

      so “the day we have a nuclear bomb isreal will cease to exist” isnt a threat?

  • “THEY” must restore Chaos to have Order. NEW World Order.


    • Ron for REAL LIBERTY in 2012

      True, and if we don’t regain our system and restore some balance then we will ALL suffer..

  • patriot

    you all seem to forget that we the u.s.a. have the most advanced weponry of any nations. who the rest of the world want to mimic. but the truth is if china and russia went to war with us we would just wipe them out with our advanced drones(unmaned) and highly advanced weponry,we dont need to put our soldiers in harms way anymore. if they are smart…

    • rameshm2

      and they are gonna sit and watch.

    • Duane Wirdel

      Under the right circumstances quantity makes up for quality. German Panzers vs. American Shermans and British Cromwells in WWII for example. The little adventure in Korea where we provoked the Chinese would be another.

  • USA

    U.S.A no country can defeat us…we never give we all way get the W…China got 1.5 billion people…lol…one bomb will kill over 500 million…everybody pack together…enoth sayed…

    • Liberty

      Who cannot have the nuclear weapon, so it USA…
      All are ready to destroy, of consequences do not think. Anything except for war cannot?

    • rameshm2

      and the chinees have 3000 of them. what you americans don’t understand is the fact that most countries have very sophisticated defence system, but us millitary is based on offence/invasion and when it comes to defending us you see how fast they acted upon the regular planes on 9/11. they couldn’t even defend the pantagon against a bowing plane imagin that they have to protect you against atmic bomb or something suppersonic? the russian and chinees and in that regard iran defence is very well thoght of to defend their countries against invasion, but the us?

      • Igor

        I know a little about these defence systems. They are covering only limited terrirories and they has very limited capacity. There is absolutely nothing to do against even one fully-armed submarine except of return attack. In Russia we had system of return attack even for the case of destroing headquaters and government but I sure it couldn’t be ready for use now with all this international deals like (New START (SNV-III in Russian)). Good issue is that if missiles would become targeted – aims will be in political and economical centers and mankind will survive after global nuclear shooting session.

        In fact I don’t think that Iran and Syria are good guys in this world, but I think the same about Russia nowadays and I also think that it doesn’t give right to opened armed conflict for anyone.

    • Duane Wirdel

      Have you got a red, white and blue swastika somewhere up your ass?

  • John Pukimamarika

    Woiii amaricantos…. weak up , bunch of holywood brainwashed…
    HaHaHa.. what ar joke…. busted… watching axn too much… die infront of tv
    U.S.A no country can defeat us…we never give we all way get the W…China got 1.5 billion people…lol…one bomb will kill over 500 million…everybody pack together…enoth sayed…

    And this one……double patedic uneducated…brainwash with coke cola 100 % loaded with rubish….hahaha hahaha hahaha….joke of a day
    you all seem to forget that we the u.s.a. have the most advanced weponry of any nations. who the rest of the world want to mimic. but the truth is if china and russia went to war with us we would just wipe them out with our advanced drones(unmaned) and highly advanced weponry,we dont need to put our soldiers in harms way anymore. if they are smart…

  • Matt buckholz

    To say if the united states attacked Iran china would launch world war three is the stupidest thing I’ve ever ears… Get your facts straight.

  • Amit Parikh

    I was reading through the comments and saw references to America’s invasions of Vietnam, Iraq, etc, and how we apparently lost these wars. I just wanted to make clear that invading countries like Vietnam and Iraq is different than going to war with countries like China, Russia, and Iran. In Vietnam, Iraq, and Afghanistan, we are fighting more-or-less against guerrilla tactics – enemies running around in a country filled with relatively complacent civilians and weak bogus central governments. If America wanted to, it could light up these entire countries within a couple of days and “win the war”. However, we don’t do so due to civilians, etc. We are not fighting the country as a political entity – we are fighting insurgents. On the other hand, Iran, China, and Russia are all developed, prominent countries with strong governments and that do have a lot to lose. Therefore, going to war with them (hopefully not) would be a different matter and would be more like a conventional war. And the fact of the matter is that America has the edge in terms of conventional warfare.

  • james street

    when the russians sober up and start paying their military so their colonels dont have to moonlight as taxi drivers then we might need to be concerned. as far as china, they released a vid of their new “state of the art” fighter shooting down a drone. it looked really good. until it was discovered to be a scene from the movie “top gun” LYFAO and you pinkies think them the “mighty” chinese? you gotta do better than that if you have any chance at beating the champion. we ALL know who that is dont we?

  • Ming Yao

    Sigh…poor Americans, so divided and squabbling like children, hating on each other still. And my nation is rising rapidly. One can see how this will go.

  • bobtail

    Wake the fuck up, the United states is already at war with Iran – 3 high levelIranian nuclear scientists have been murdered in Iran by hit squads – hardcore international economic sanctions & asset freezing – & US foreign departmet has spent last 18 months seriously pressuring India/Japan/China/Europe to stop buying Iranian oil. It is all coming fron USA!

  • Dreamhunter

    “Wake the fuck up” is just the exact phrase that many Americans ought to incessantly drum to their own ears. But not necessarily about Iran. More about China.

    Maybe if America had nuked China in the early 50s they might have been on to something. But there’s nothing America can do about China now. It’s like standing next to a younger, bigger boned brother blessed with better genes, who’s still smaller than you now, but who’s definitely going to grow much bigger than you in a few years time. It’s just a gone case. You’re doomed to inferiority ultimately. Face it.

    Stop wasting time and resources trying to contain China. America will only bankrupt itself faster doing that. Just start learning some humility and submit to destiny. Like Britain once did.

  • Heath

    The fact that some of you assume that all or even most Americans are brain-washed coca-cola guzzling baboons is a testiment to your own ignorance. I live in Alabama. Does this make me an illiterate redneck? The mass media is losing its hold on us rapidly. CNN, FOX, and even local news stations are seeing, on average, a 50% or more decrease in viewers as of late. We are awake. We are not as ignorant as you might like to believe. The war machine is run by China, Russia, and the corporations, as well as the U.S. and Europe. It’s not about who could win the war. The reality is that everyone loses. Except, of course, the illuminati. Or whatever the hell they go by. The only way to fight it is to stick it to those evil corporations and corrupt governments. Here’s just a few that I, as an American, know of; The Monsanto Food Corporation, the World Heath Organization, The United Nations, Big Pharmaceuticals, the Mainstream Media, Congress, and the Senate. I’m sure that you in your respective countries can name a few more localized to you. Why not lead this divided conversation into a much more intelligent, united dialogue?

    As a post-script note, I am a Christian (Damn proud to be). I would like to encourage you all to look into religion. God is God no matter what the book. It’s not about your bible as much as it’s about the relationship you have with Him. You don’t need a book to feel Him. When you have Him in your life, the line between good and evil that has been distorted by those who wish to control and abuse becomes vividly clear.

  • German engineers will handover any high end tech China , Iran and Russia need in order to fight zog.

  • miseed a typo lol!

  • i hate this

  • obama should say he is sorry and he didnt mean it to Iran, china and russia. beg God for peace ,get impeached for his crimes in Lybia and against US Constitution. Go to jail for life with torture or die in the electric chair. Give up his family to terrorist for death or torture. give all his money to charity. and say sorry for his actions to the American people on TV then off with his head. It would be a good start!!!!!

  • The only terrorist out in the world that make ANY KIND OF DENT are the US government and military, the police in any state of the US. We the US are the biggest bullies in the world and we should be attacked by China Russia or anyone. We deserve it 100,000 times over and you know it. If a country bombed the Capital Im sure most people in the US would be happy and say” well what comes around goes around” Im sure we would be much better off without everyone in DC. and bombing the Federal Cartel Reserve that prints fake fiat money would be a blessing. P.S……buy gold

  • Potato

    Thank God I live in South Africa

    • IMMA

      dont you know that south Africa is also on that planning of processing nuclear weapons?
      this foreshadow the feature collision with word capitalist power;
      I wounder that any country that enter in confrontation with US is going
      to be published as international enemy while is USA enemies instead of calling USA’s enemies they name them terrorist why?

  • Someone
  • Anon

    It’s Israel everyone has to worry about. Not Iran, Syria, China, North Korea or Russia. The religious fanatics fron Israel.

  • Only Man

    Everyone seems to be making very crucial mistakes in referencing everything to ‘America’ and ‘Britain’, they have long been hijacked. History’s oppressors, the pharoes, romans, where did they migrate to? When ‘leaders’ of nations proclaim supremacy, might, de facto rulers of the World, well my friends, we only have to look at history to see what happened to their predecessors.
    Anyone who still defies the existence of the supreme creator is a plain ignorant and stupid creature. Now you wanna believe you came, or ‘evolved’, from apes, I say those that defy seem to have been derailed a few stages back in their so called ‘evolution’. And to say something came out of nothing? Well, why even go there!
    Iran is very rational and those who say otherwise are irrational, as it seems a lot of their so called ‘facts’ come from the well-proven and corrupt, spoon feeding media. All those who want to believe Russia, China and Iran are weak, well, just wait for it. The battle between good and evil has played since known time.
    Who was it that had the mighty, 9000 year old Persian empire and the long standing powerful eastern Roman Byzantine empire on their knees simultaneously? The 2 superpowers of their day who were crushed by a nation who brought to the World the Golden Age. They were known as the nomads from the desert, which has spread into the greatest and fastest growing nation in the World. Just a factual proven reference to illustrate.
    Israel will need to advance it’s borders to the biblical frontiers and then we shall see the emergence of their awaited one.
    Events now will unfold into their endgame soon, something that was set into motion centuries back. And do not underestimate the followers of the ultimate Sovereign One, followers who also annihilated the Mongolian advance and the barbaric Crusaders. It is destiny. Peace to all those true People of the Book, and the rest, well hope they find purpose soon!

  • colbert

    if america or israel try and attack iran, they would comfirm that iran has a nuclear weapon when it touches their soil.

  • Dave

    Who believes any of these wars or upcoming wars would exist if it weren’t for that devious parasite known as our “ally” (Israel)?

  • CCN

    Still think it’s easier the United States and Russia to join
    against China, than the union of Russia with China.

  • Lawrence

    We can not possibly win a war against Russia in the Middle East. Our military (personnel & weaponry) have been depleted by 10 years of conflict in Iraq and Afghanistan. In 1962 during the Cuban Missile Crisis, Kennedy “hinted” at using nuclear weapons against Russia. But let there be no mistake about it. The Russians have hinted at nothing. They are on record saying they WILL use nukes to repel an attack on Iran/Syria.

    And once we go to arms in the Middle East, Russia will also move on western Europe. This is a disaster of the highest magnitude. Worse than 1962. We’ve been out played on the political chess board………..!

  • xcxcxc xuphoriaa

    good, fuck the us

    • Suck-a-dick-foreign-prick

      Fuck YOU faggot…

      • pendejohonkykiller!

        if anyone is hosting ”GaY”’ pride parades its you white FucKeN FaGGoTS and LesbiaNS!

        • Edward Wasonoredjo

          Ya mad corny

        • fu eu

          eat shit and die you fucking beaner!

    • tinytim

      9/11 came out of no where so in response we invaded and fucked their shit up. thats what happens when you fuck with the us.

      • dumbass americans

        Lol it didn’t come out of nowhere. Did you forget your support for Israel? Creating the Taliban? Destroying Iraq in the 1990s? Placing troops all over the gulf so you can control the oil? God damn how stupid Americans are

        • Jane Doe

          I am American, and i agree with you….we are assholes and only a small percentage know exactly how big of an asshole our government is to other countries. Not all Americans are like that, just the assholes that run it and for that you have every right to be pissed…

          • Nazi Mincer

            I am an American Nazi. Nazi in Greek means mincing manner.
            Google it, Greece is a Nazi nation!
            Golden Dawn Greek Nazi bros mince Pakis!

          • ThirdworldS.A

            Why are you so apologetic. The Anti American Islamists does not care who the percentage is that does not agree with their own government. If they had the opportunity to kill all of you they will. So rethink trying to be so righteous

          • toni raska- Sams

            Excellent advice , please try using it yourself.

        • Merritt J Swift

          Taliban bad,Israel good,Palestinians hopeless,Oil, well we should just frack ours out of the ground.

        • Tim

          shut the fuck up

      • 9/11` came because you launched missiles into afghan training camps, you attacked Sudan and destroyed their pharmacuticals so people could not have medicine. You were occupying Muslim land, so why don’t you let the Saudis establish a Muslim base in the US.
        9/11 was a legitimate attack. If you think you can go around the world proping up dictators and not have blowback then your insane. Stupid racist pig.

        • Kyeesha Ali

          funny enough 9/11 was actually a inside job planned and ordered by bush the cunt, but i wish it was true what they made out that it was the so called taliban, it would have been the best comeback and a big achievement but unfortunatly bush got there before anyone elce and killed thousands of his own citizens
          now thats what i call a proper arse hole of a president. so now who are the real terrorists here. for all the americans that are soo ignorant to the truth please have a listen to the following song carefully and with an open mind: Black eye peas- ”where is the love” it says it all there a hidden message

          • Tim

            yea kyeesha, youre right..

          • ThirdworldS.A

            Where in heavens name are you from you Nazi. Clearly you have nothing better to do than overwhelm us with your terrible grammar and anti west sentiment. Look at what you wearing, what you driving, the handset, etc. Then bow to the American flag because that is where it came from. You a brainwashed opportunist that need to thank your parents for creating a hateful sod

          • Billy Jackson

            BUSH DID 9/11….

      • mazdy rik

        Israel carried out 9/11 you moron. Over 100 Israelis arrested on 9/11

        • jack francais

          another Jew hater Nazi dreamer. you are either stupid or must be mentally ill. sure Israel attacked New york city? You should go into bullshit fiction cause thats what this is pure bullshit.

          • Kyeesha Ali

            i think you are sincerely getting confused with your own bullshit, even bush really hates jews but wont let on he does until they are no use of the usa. you all will see one day just mark my words

          • fu eu

            fuck you you fucking dirty cunt!

          • javed

            All buster jew think they are innocent but reality is different they sucker the root cause of all destruction in the world. As regards 9/11 every one know the truth that mosad know this move and also provide some sport/help to bomber. If you are right then why approx all jew absent from their duties from world trade center (why only jews received alert SMS to avoid presence in WTC. Pls. come out the lexicon of foolish. and think & study about this happen.

        • Tim

          thats just not true

      • Kyeesha Ali

        9/11??? really?? are you kidding me you dont believe what your fuked up precious bush fed you, if you had half a brain cell you would know that 9/11 was a intelligently planned inside job, do your self a favour and brouse the net and watch a few youtube videos and educate your self of the facts, and then make allegations like that

        • javed

          there is no kidding that is a fact,

      • Karl Grosvenor

        America only ever picks on weaker enemies,they have never won a war by themselves, if they pick on Russia they will loose.

        • fuck finland

          you are a retard you pathetic moron!

          • Karl Grosvenor

            That’s rich coming from a coward who won’t show he’s picture.

        • Billy Jackson

          You havent seen the USA go too REAL WAR…ASK GERMANY and JAPAN how FUCKING WITH THE USA worked out for them ?..Go ahead ask them.

        • PS85

          US has ten aircraft carriers, all nuclear. Russia has one aircraft carrier, non-nuclear and in such bad shape that the Sixth fleet had to follow it around in case it sank. Nuclear war is unthinkable, but the US has by far the best deterrent in the world.

      • t

        You f’d their stuff up? Lol, you went in debt crashing your economy… hello new age without an america… ignorance!

        • PS85

          5 Million new Full Time jobs in the past 2 years, the American dollar the strongest currency out there-our economy is in good shape. A lot better than Russia’s, for sure.

    • jack francais

      like you said fuck us not the United states of America.

      • US troll

        If we were all Americans the would not be any war, only gang war. We must all be canisterized! – inside a can – all the same – with no god or usa above our heads!!!

    • FUCK USA

      US is a world bully

      • j1983

        Were not all bad. Many of US greatly dislike our corrupt government and it’s terrible foreign relations. Do you like everything that your government does?

      • Billy Jackson

        Well we are waiting china please attempt to attack thew mainland of the United States eas please that stupid!. No trade with western Nations means you collapse and your people starve. And lets not forget 50% of all privately owned fire arms BELONG to USA Citizens. I’ve got an American Flag on by back just try to burn it!. We WARGAME from the time we get our first tooth to well I’m 48 and I love my XBOX. I would love for our country to have a reason to end all trade with other countrys so our outsorcing company’s would have to move home or go bankrupt.An American’s OPINION!.

        • Justin

          Yes, because privately owned arms and call of duty on your Xbox will really be effective against armor and gunships. If there was a proper invasion they wouldn’t play games like we are doing, they wouldn’t have to worry about what the world said. Like if we were to use tanks against citizens of Iraq that wanted us out. When use of small arms by us soldiers against protesters are international incidents.

          • Billy Jackson

            CHINA wont get one peice of EQUIPMENT on US SOIL !. and if they doo We have the MOST POWERFULL ARMY IN THE WORLD. I wonder HOW CHINA WOULD FARE?..NOT TOO GOOD in the end. JUSTIN you keep dreamin..

      • fuck you all

        russia and china are the bullies!

        • Albert Ervin


          • Billy Jackson

            HA HA HA HAHAHA.. Thats the funnyest shit I ever seen. OUR ARMYS are LARGER than RUSSIAS WHOLE POPULATION !. CHINA ?..Well fuck them with TRADE TARRIFFS and STOMP THERE ASES TOO !. Go TRUMP GO TRUMP. I have been wanting WAR WITH CHINA FOR YEARS NOW BRING IT ON !

    • fu eu

      you are a fucking moron! fuck you!

    • KurodaKun

      I agree. I hope the U.S. gets what it deserves. Rotten country with nothing.

      • PS85

        That’s why everyone in the world lines up to watch American movies, because the US has nothing, right? And listen to American style music. Hell, the biggest industry in Russia is pirating American movies.

        • KurodaKun

          “That’s why everyone in the world lines up to watch American movies, because the US has nothing, right?” Not really. Not when you consider a considerable number of Americans also watch foreign movies more than ever.

          American style music? Pretty sure 1 popular song abroad from here is as quickly forgotten as it arrives. That doesn’t prove anything. And it seems that you don’t travel much to be saying that.

          “biggest industry in Russia is pirating American movies.” *sigh*

          Where’s your evidence for that?

          Russia’s Top 10 Exports (which one of these is pirated American movies?)

          1. Oil: US$288,361,702,000 (58.6% of total Russian exports) (largest

          2. Iron and steel: $20,202,919,000 (4.1%)

          3. Gems, precious metals, coins: $11,579,099,000 (2.4%)

          4. Machines, engines, pumps: $8,985,440,000 (1.8%)

          5. Fertilizers: $8,909,523,000 (1.8%)

          6. Wood: $7,638,190,000 (1.6%)

          7. Cereals: $6,972,489,000 (1.4%)

          8. Aluminum: $6,298,128,000 (1.3%)

          9. Inorganic chemicals: $5,079,839,000 (1.0%)

          10. Copper: $4,873,518,000 (1%)

          DON’T even tell me U.S. has everything when it relies heavily on the Sheikdoms for oil to fuel its wasteful causes like expand its useless, rascist, and largest terrorist group, its military. If US is so confident about its ability, why put 800+ bases abroad? Why veto laws in the UN? Why a big debt? Why segregation amongst demographic groups and oppression on the minority (cops murdering black people)? Sounds like an insecure nation with no wisdom to learn from the world except oppress and waste in excess for its own interest. Your precious military has deteriorating morale and the funny think is, the Byzantine and Roman Empires were obliterated because of the exact same reason. Look at this, the majority of people are spouting the exact same shit to perpetuate US propaganda like the mindless drones they are because they failed to be human beings. You and the rest who refuse to acknowledge the reality of this country deserve to burn with it and it will happen. Just try and fuck with the superpowers to the East and they’ll figure out how to demolish and hopefully invade and occupy the U.S. for good.

          You can only waste so much my friend, and the world with its endless opportunities, lies beyond the eyes of the West.

          • PS85

            Wikipedia doesn’t list Hollywood movie pirating as Russian exports because it’s illegal. You have to realize that besides petroleum, there really isn’t much in Russia at all. This is illustrated by the fact that Russia has slightly less than half the US population but only one eighth the US GDP. And falling.

            Americans don’t depend on Middle East oil all that much anymore, we have our own sources. Besides, since Russia’s only big industry is petroleum, they are hardly in the position of complaining about the use of oil in economies.

            Ah yes, complain about the US military. We’re in the Middle East right now ONLY because Afghanistan would not surrender Osama bin Laden to us after he used the country to plan the 911 bombing mission which killed 3,000 people. If they had turned him over, there would be no invasion. And Saddam Hussein conquered Kuwait, lost, and would not comply with the peace treaty and allow inspections for WMDs. If he did, the US would not have gone in. All Saddam had to do was comply with the inspection provisions, and he did not. Here is the UN Resolution 687:
            “UN Security council resolution #687, Pp 8:
            8. Decides that Iraq shall unconditionally accept the destruction,
            removal, or rendering harmless, under international supervision, of:

            (a) All chemical and biological weapons and all stocks of agents and all
            related subsystems and components and all research, development, support and
            manufacturing facilities;

            (b) All ballistic missiles with a range greater than 150 kilometres and
            related major parts, and repair and production facilities;

            13. Requests the Director-General of the International Atomic Energy
            Agency, through the Secretary-General, with the assistance and cooperation of
            the Special Commission as provided for in the plan of the Secretary-General in
            paragraph 9 (b) above, to carry out immediate on-site inspection of Iraq’s
            nuclear capabilities based on Iraq’s declarations and the designation of any
            additional locations by the Special Commission; to develop a plan for
            submission to the Security Council within forty-five days calling for the
            destruction, removal, or rendering harmless as appropriate of all items listed
            in paragraph 12 above; to carry out the plan within forty-five days following
            approval by the Security Council; and to develop a plan, taking into account
            the rights and obligations of Iraq under the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation o
            Nuclear Weapons of 1 July 1968, for the future ongoing monitoring and
            verification of Iraq’s compliance with paragraph 12 above, including an
            inventory of all nuclear material in Iraq subject to the Agency’s verification
            and inspections to confirm that Agency safeguards cover all relevant nuclear
            activities in Iraq, to be submitted to the Security Council for approval withi
            one hundred and twenty days of the passage of the present resolution;”

            See that now? All Saddam had to do was comply with the UN peace treaty, and no forces have to come in to look for WMDs at all.

            Meanwhile, Russia is trying to reconstitute it’s Eastern Europe Empire from the Cold War. At the end of WWII, Russia “liberated” Eastern Europe only to substitute it’s own oppressive system run by the Kremlin. When Russia imploded in 1990, those countries like Poland, Hungary and Czechoslovakia broke away and applied to the EU, under which they are prospering, and NATO,to prevent Russia from coming to get them. Russia’s annexation of the Crimea and her sending of men and weapons into Eastern Ukraine show the wisdom of those countries joining NATO. We can only pray that Ukraine has thecourage to resist Russian expansionism yet again, for Russia has once again proved that it regards Eastern Europeans as inferior people who are to do as Russia commands. Here are some examples of what happens when Russia is unhappy when Eastern Europeans do their own thing:
            Hungary uprising 1956



            Czechoslovakia 1968


            Poland 1956

    • Communist Hater

      defiantly, Fuck you right in the Ass Hole. We could blow up anyone we want with a push of a button. Especially little pussies hiding in a communist country behind a computer. You all will die with the wrath of the USA. Fuck You

    • Billy Jackson

      Anytime CHINA or RUSSIA wants too try. We are here waiting PUSSYS

  • theD3VILhimS3LF

    If Russia and China side with Iran there will be an all out nuclear war.

    • Merritt J Swift

      There is near limitless cannon fodder to expend before the elites will risk their necks and booty.Besides there is always a profit to be made in cash or political position during a crisis.Now Obama is a true beleiver ,he is scary.

      • PS85

        Nothing scary about Obama at all, he’s doing a good job with what he had to work with. Now the thought of the country electing another Bush-that’s scary.


    US, UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, Germany, France and all other NATO countries + South Korea and Japan VS Russia, China, Iran, Syria, North Korea. Interesting, it’s gonna be a good challenge, but no one can beat NATO in a war!

    • Rocky Racoon

      Fool once Russia and China get involved it goes nuclear and it’s the end of the world. They are not going to let America go unscathed as she has in two previous wars. America has no idea what a real war looks like. U have only fought 3rd world brown people and lost each time and AFghanistan is a loss as well. Russia won ww2 America cashed in after it was over.

      • I think your view point is a tad flawed Rocky! My cousin in the third grade has more sophistication. First of all, Russia could not have came close to Berlin had their not been the second front openng in Normandy that divided the German forces, not to mention the contribution of equipment and money the US provided Russia. In a 1 to 1 battle between just Russia and Germany. Russia loses or perhaps a draw! The US on the other hand, unlike Russia was fighting two major world powers at the same time. The Third Reich and the Japanese Empire! In the modern age, the US has over 500 global bases including forward operating bases on the borders of both Russia and China, China who lost a border war with Vietnam has a navy that is more like a glorified coast guard that has not been able to keep the global blue water fleet of the U.S that is larger then the next 15 nations combined from making the South China Sea it’s own private lake! In war China would first have to deal with all the us allies on it’s borders, each of which would give China it’s own personal Vietnam type wars before challenging the US. forget an invasion of the US because it would be a logistical nightmare for China! The first thing that would happen is a naval blockade of all eastern Chines ports, air superiority by the US over China would soon follow from US forward operating bases. All Chinese assets in the US would be frozen. All out nuclear is highly unlikely because all sides would get it and China’s biggest concern is economic. Nuclear war would destroy that and all their efforts! They also would have to deal with India and others! There is a lot of other details I could mention but my advise to you is to pick up a book and try some critical thinking. It will make you appear brighter then simply spitting out Anti-American propaganda like any first grader can do! As far as Afghanistan goes, that’s really not a gauge of how powerful a nation is. The Soviet Union lost there far more then the US I might add, they also lost in small Chechnia as well! Your entire argument is flawed! Go back to school!

        • FPScanada

          I like your points tom but, for your points about china you seem to forget that the war would not just be between U.S. and China. Many other countries would be forced into pick sides and many of the Russia-China allies are located in Asia. So a successful invasion of China is unlikely. China may have not be as advanced as the U.S. but there man power is far superior. Look at the Russians in WW2, they had terrible technology compared to the Germans but if 200,000 Russians died it didn’t mean much. When you have some 3 billion people there technology can only do so much. In Afghanistan the Russians suffered so many losses because of the U.S. supporting the Afghanistan rebels.
          When the U.S. entered the Afghanistan rebels didn’t receive as much support from the Russians making it easier for the U.S.’s “peacekeeping”. I personally feel that if China and the U.S. had a trade embargo the U.S. would be the one that suffered. If you look around your house take a look at what countries makes most of your items, the Chinese.
          As for the Russian technology look back at the cold war, the Russians were genius in there inventions. If you look at it who were the first people into space, Russia. Who took 11 tries (aprox.) to succeed in space travel? The U.S. This is a war that would result in major losses for both sides. No one would win, there would just be a side with a lower death toll.

        • Stupid yankee pig. the US was not a power at all until way after 1948. Idiot. IT was after the war that things changed. The US aquired a lot of german and ex-russian scientists. That changed everything. You know round about that same time where was some stupid yankee like you inthe 50s saying that China and India would never be able to rise up.

          Now your own press today fears China. Moron.

          Stupid bigot.

          • parkcity

            Yes, we are stupid Yankee pigs, every damn one of us. And we own your ass lot, stock, and barrel. Keep pouring out your hollow words because you don’t have anything to back it. You hide behind the keybaord, typical third world punk. At the end of the day the thing you and the kind of people like you cannot escape is our dominance, our clear control over everything you can rest your eyes on. But, the most ironic part of this cler and obvious dominance over you is that we allow you to breath, spill your idiological bs, and still we tolerate you. When in fact, we could silence you, your nation, and your entire world as you know it. Why then do you and those like you continue to waste your energy on this? Simple, you are so confused that it frustrates you as to why our quality of life is 100 times better, why we have some of the top educational systems in the world, why we take vacations and spend our hard earned money. The truth is we make that money off your back, off your family, off your future generations because you will never be in a psoition to capitalize on “good-fortune” or comprehend true captialism. It doesn’t matter if we’re wrong, right, or evil. What matters is we own it, we control it, and we will continue to dominate the weak, while at the same time taking care of them. Billions of our hard earned money goes to nations just like yours, to care for people just like you, “rocky”. Poor, poor Rocky, Kosh, and so many other sad examples of third world punks. You have no recourse, no standing, no leverage to engage any US Citizen. Your words fall of deaf ears, the strong have no tolerance for the self deprecated and useless skin-bags like yourselves. You’ll never know freedom, justice, or life. Because your world is closed and shrouded by an ideological facade. A painting with you in it, that is nothing more than you bowing to us, not by force, but out of pure fear.

          • Edward Wasonoredjo

            Hell yea see that’s called beautiful right there beautiful. I also want to say that NONE of these motherfuckers would say any of this to an Americans face. They’re soft. Iran can suck a dick too. Allah Akbar.

          • turLD

            I hope you are not serious, I’m not even going to argue against an american because of their stupidity, except once when I was visiting the USA I got into a huge argument with one fat idiot, however I digress. I would not visit USA again, the living conditions in my country (Finland) are WAY better in comparison to USA + our educational system is better than yours.

            I hope that you realize that you are the most propaganda influenced and brainwashed folk that has ever walked the planet.

          • Edward Wasonoredjo

            You just proved a good point to me of yourself. Thank you

          • fuck finland

            Every news in europe is propaganda. In fact propaganda is the only thing that europeans invented.

          • Jane

            I have read almost all of these posts, and it is just ridiculous. I think every American that has posted on here has no clue was our government has done and i feel like i have to go around and apologize for the shit coming out of their mouths. Not all Americans are like this..we are soo brainwashed by our government, so I just had to get that out there that we are not all like these idiots and the vast majority are sickened by the crap we are hearing. Eventually all of America will see that even our own gov has no interest in keeping us safe, and everything is based on control and money. So this whole page is sickening and I apologize for the shit some Americans feel they have the privilege to post, when they are ignorant to what is actually going on…

          • Kyeesha Ali

            Finally i have come across a single american with a brain cell, you are bang on with what you said and fair play to you for speaking out and accepting what ever is going on is unfair, unlawful and unjust i just wish there would be more people like you both in the usa and the uk like you said people are ignorant and deliberately become oblivious and turn a blind eye to the truth because of the mere fact that the truth hurts and what they hear they dont like and cant accept but the fact of the matter is that no matter how much you disbelieve it or dont agree with it it is not going to change the truth is it. the only solution is for the citizens to come together join forces and raise a voice against the people in power and out number them

          • ysmart1

            I second what Jane has written….I am an American and agree that about 1/2 the country is made up of brainwashed idiots that go through daily lobotomies by propaganda machines such as Fox News in order to keep them ignorant and are the reason our citizens are known as The Ugly American by our fellow neighbors around the world. Then there’s the other half of it’s citizens who are intelligent, have the ability to think for ourselves and are aware that our government is not always looking out for our best interests and that we have many problems to deal with…the main one being ignorance and self importance which seems to be prevalent among the less educated among us. We are all citizens of this world and I wish there could be a solution for world peace and honest mutual respect for each other despite our differences. Face it, most of us want to live in peace, prosper and see our children grow up and prosper and do better than we did. I know I want my children to leave this earth a better place than they found it.
            Peace to all, no matter what your race, color or creed is…..I wish you and your families the very best. 🙂

          • Ann

            Yeah fox news is totally the only news station spitting out propaganda bullshit… Both sides pop out propaganda bullshit you just happen to disagree with fox news viewpoint so it is automatically stupid propaganda.

          • fuckyouwhore

            And you still go to western countries… you’re the bigot and hypocrite like all of those US/west haters.

          • stiller

            oh really you idiot? and all those foreign bigots know what’s going on? every single one of them proves that they are ignorant and arrogant morons.

          • fuck finland

            Hardly you fucking euro-trash! You are also a liar since you’ve never been in US. And there was study done and there is NO european country (or any other for that matter) that has better education than US. The study was done by two companies which are both located in europe (Switzerland and Norway). US is number one country for students from all around the world. So I’m gonna say this so your limited capacity shit for brain you have can understand this: EAT SHIT AND DIE LIKE THE REST OF THE FOREIGN BIGOTS!

          • HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA. I am from a 3rd world country… Right get your facts straight whitey. I am your fifth column. Get it straight. And no I don’t hide behind a keyboard, where I live anglophiles like you bow your head and walk away from me. Because you do not have a leg to stand on.

            Yeah answer me then whitey, why does the US have bases all over the ME, let alone the world. If your so liberal and democratic what are you doing in the ME when the people don’t want you.

            Also tell me yankee, tell me when you guys were fighting in WWI claiming to fight for democracy you still had segregation ongoing right. In fact it continued after WWII. I think people like you need to realise, that we don’t want to stomach your crap anymore. America is surrounded by enemies, more so than the Israelis. I think White American people like you need to be REMOVED from the decision making process and everything will be fine:)

          • curious

            Kosh, feel free to come to America and remove any white people you want, anytime. We will be waiting.

          • Kosh

            Keep waiting behind that guest ID of yours, keep waiting.

          • qline

            Another dirty coward! All talk and no guts! So go and fuck you mama whore!

          • Edward Wasonoredjo

            It’s the press that fears china maybe. Not Americans. Plus I’m an afghan vet an guarantee I beat the living shit out of you till death

          • Kyeesha Ali

            edward an afghan?? really?? you would never have guessed. oh the irony

          • jack francais

            Yep alot of the so called jewish Rats that both hitler and russia killed or exiled. Funny how rats are so smart??? i guess maybe the Jews are a threat to all the evil people in the world.

          • jack francais

            Pigs are not as stupid as you think they sure have you upset and you cant do anything about it other than hate and waste your life hating and being lost in a fantasy land of foolish thinking. you should get a hobby like learning Jewish folk dance or something.

          • loves usa

            they shit in the street in India. Us took en China and N Korea.US won WW2 and war in pacific. i’m sure you also forgot we defeated British. We always kick ass. Are you educated or just watch tv and internet between jacing off to porn?

          • Kosh

            Your asking me if I am educated when you cannot start a simple sentence with a capital letter, spell the ‘US’ as ‘Us’, miss spell ‘on’ as ‘en’. Did you kick ass in North Korea, in Vietnam, in Iraq, in Afghanistan. What is ‘jacing’?

          • dir

            you are the stupid bigot! eat shit and die!

          • dir

            it’s the other way around you dirty pig!

          • fuckkoshyhepig

            This is another one of those euro-trash myths that were proven to be just that… myths.

            The fact is that Russia did acquired many german scientists after the WW2. There were some that escaped to US and most of them escaped to South America.

            America’s ingenuity is unmatched and almost all technological advancements are invented by Americans and it’s a fact. America became number 1 because of that. America accomplished in less than 400 years than all countries in all their pathetic existence. Also another reason that America became super-power is because it was forced to join the war which America didn’t want to. And then it was fighting on two fronts unlike other countries. And you still criticize? Fuck you! Funny thing about that is that when europeans start a war is everyone’s problem but when America starts a conflict (because that’s not even close to what europeans and everyone else in the world did) it’s America’s problem… who’s the bigot and hypocrite now you stupid foreign pig.

            And one more thing you fucking bigot. China and India are where their are because of AMERICA. It’s their products and inventions that they make. It is proven that China is the biggest thief in the world without stealing from everyone around them (mostly from Americans) they would still live in shit-holes.

            So shut you shit-trap you dumb, uneducated, ignorant, arrogant subhuman piece of shit. But what do you expect would come out of kosh’s whore pig mother… a fucking piece of pig-shit like kosh.

          • PS85

            You are an idiot. The General Eisenhower was the Supreme Commander of the Western Allies in WWII. Three quarters of the forces that faced the Germans in the West were American, the rest were English, Australian, Canadian and a few Free French. If America was not a power before the end of WWII, why did the Western Allies chose America to command them? Read your history, fool.

      • Merritt J Swift

        Unscathed my ass.

    • dontspeakforus!

      like hell india will aid you racist honkys we hate your guts! we are friends with russia go fuck yourself white north american colonial wetdog smelling venereal disease jerkoff!

      • parkcity

        This coming from a person who clearly bathes in a shit infested river… Nice one… And who controls your economy you little prick? We do, the United States of America does… You send hundreds of thousands of students here every year, for no other reason than to learn how to actually make a life for themsleves. Coming from you, a person who obviously lives in squaller it’s no surprise you would think Russia actually gives a crap about you. Go back to school and read some books… You’re in a for a rude awakening…

        • What do I see, the racist white man showing his true colours lol!!

          • koshisbigot

            you are a racist to you subhuman piece of shit!

        • PS85

          What makes you think that poster is really from India? It is very likely he was a paid Russian troll trying to get a negative reaction from an American so India will become closer to Russia. Fact is, the USA is India’s biggest trading partner, India being in the overrated BRICS will not change that.

      • iwillspeakwhateveriwant

        and you don’t speak for others you pathetic subhuman piece of shit! you fucking bigot!

    • Your mistaken. South Korea will not join in the war. The South Koreans have shown overwhelmingly that they do not support US foreign policy in any way, not even against North Korea. India WILL not join the US in the war. It will be the US, the UK and some token soldiers from Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France and thats it.

      You will be fighting against, China, Russia, Iran, Iraq, the gulf states, Egypt, Syria, Libya… Basically 90% of the world.

      • Edward Wasonoredjo

        Did you know I saw South Korean troops when I was in Afghanistan?

        • Di you know I saw a white American man without a leg and an arm and I laughed at him. Oh sorry he fought in Afghanistan. South Korea officially claims that they did not send any combat troops. So if you want to say the government sent some engineers and secretly they were troops, then I could buy that, but as I said the South Korean people are not interested fighting wars abroad.

      • Kyeesha Ali

        not forgeting, jordan, pakistan, bangladesh, kazikstan, turkey, saudi and if we ask nicely we might get the real IRA the irrish on our side to lol

    • Chin Ankh

      uh, India would not fight with the West..did you forget the hundred years you occupied, the British, their land and killed and raped their people? You have also forgot Pakistan, who has also pledged support for Iran militarily if need be. So, you have Russia, China, N.Korea, India, and Pakistan vs. Israel, U.S., Britain, France…5 against 4….and these are the Nuclear states which only matters…who wins…death.. 🙁

  • gamotcho

    iran does not need any one to survive. look at the history. America is an illegitamate country, surviving on gun point and masacaring millions of Indians. America is a made up nation, not a real one, when it falls it will take down all the stooges with itself. And Iran will prevails as always and will lead the world, as ever

    • weallhatewhiteillegalimmigrant

      and this is true east indian and hope all of middle east and asia wipe out all the honkys in this country america and canada and the browns and yellow will help you in internal warfare while you fight external warfare.

    • RedSoxfan100

      Your mom will prevail.

    • CanadaRox

      So is Canada, Mexico, evey country in South America, Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Russia, Germany, France, UK, etc. All countries are made up from smaller ethnic groups that didn’t want to be part of that country. Read a history book, or am I asking too much. In fact US is one of very few countries that is solid unlike most countries around the world, and lately many of them in europe, that are falling apart.

    • PS85

      America is an illegitimate country? More people want to move to that “illegitimate”country than any other! What fucking hole do you live in, asshole?

  • gamotcho

    long live Iran. Iran has been there for thousands of years and will be there thousands of years after the down fall of the Zionist Empire that has been established on blood of the innocents across the world

    • poop on gamotcho

      nigger, please… the vatican is more powerful than israel

      • Kyeesha Ali

        vaticans aint they the same cunts that killed jesus??? but fuk israel and fuk the veticans they both are bunch of santanic lunatics snm

        • Jesus is Nazi not Hebrew

          Yeah – fuck the Hebrews who killed our Hebrew Savior!

          Kill the Hebrews, praise their GOD!!!

        • ThirdworldS.A

          You are so full of religious hate its dripping off your tongue like a watery curry.

  • gamotcho

    I am sure sometime in the past, there were nice and decent Europeans who went to America to start a new life, but because this land was harnessed by the murderers, it will fall by the same thing from inside, we don,t need to lift a finger, just watch ,Iran on the other hand is the OLDEST LIVING CIVILIZATION ON EARTH WITH HIGHLY VIBRANT POPULATION. IRAN IS THE LEADER OF THE WORLD AND WILL ALWAYS REMAIN SO,COME HELL OR HIGH WATER

    • FPScanada

      you for real?

    • Jay

      stop doin drugs

    • bob

      if the usa should be invaded .it will not go under.nukes will be used on ever country that is still standing.and we will be back in the stone country will set foot on usa .they will have no country to return to.we will have to live like never will they.hungry will be.there will be no good water all are most food will be no you say iran will be standing .think again.

      • Tiffaney

        Dude if say china wanted to invade america they could. China got america by the balls. Our soldiers are getting killed up in a futile war plus there are more chinese and asian people than any other people so 300 millionn vs 1 billion not including the other countries america screwed over the odds are not in our favor.

        • Kyeesha Ali

          what ever goes around always comes back around its called karma. so i think its about time america got bitten on the arse by karma. america think they are invincible and untouchable. think again

      • Kyeesha Ali

        and that will be the end of the world as it is stated in major religious books that a WW3 will lead to the end of the world and the stone age will return all technology will be distroyed

    • parkcity

      Indeed, a leader is bullshit – last week they announced a new Stealth Fighter, no debunked as a photo-shopped piece of shit. Iran is nothing more than isolated zit on the worlds ass just needing to be popped.

  • Peace and Love

    Ohhh Jesus Christ Russia cant get into war if those tridents submarines are used Russia and the Us will blow the the fuck out of each other for christ sake peace and love brothers

  • I like the way our nation’s adversaries take responsibility for their bad acts. If we go on the offensive it becomes an act of war. Now, every potential adversary or enemy knows how to attack us for effect. Just as the Christians invaded Rome until a Caesar saw a cross of a sword Al Qaeda merely goes underground in our country the way our Revolutionary ‘Minutemen’ waited with explosives under colonial bridges for the British to march across and be blown up. Why should we be the world’s lab rats anyway. I say to Hell with everyone but us and if anyone wants freedom that badly they can fight for it like our forefathers did. STAY LOUT OF MY COUNTRY.

    • killcrackers

      this aint YOUR fucken country asshole you are a fucken influenza white germ that needs to defocate vback in your fucken dried up cum of a cave where you belong not in our north american soil illegal colonial dickhead!

      • parkcity

        Clearly posted by a very upset closeted gay-man… Your use of words only shows everyone on here that you need to come out of the closet and admit you like dick, just amdit your gay. We won’t judge you, we won’t mock you. Instead we will refer you to the Gay Pride website and you can become a member and live out your life on your knees, the way God intended for you to live. Oh wait, you’re already on your knees…

        • turLD

          Hah, calling people gay, you must be 13 or something. Just let the butthurt flow freely through your body as you realize that your nation is doomed to collapse in a few decades.

          • fuck finland

            euro-trash moron. you’re nation is already gone you fucking moron!

  • Joel

    The U.S. government is the largest terrorist!

    • Kyeesha Ali

      well said

    • Tim

      shut up asswipe

  • colonialkiller

    kill all american and canadian honkys! they are illegals here and need to get MassacreD!

    • parkcity

      Then who’s gonna mail you your welfare check?

    • fuck eu

      stupid coloured fucking monkey!

  • colonialkiller

    russia india,afghanistan,iraq,turkmenistan, syria, china, pakistan, iran, north korea, lebanon, egypt, behrain vs. usa, uk, israel

    • colonial

      you are a fucking, monkey eat shit and die!!!


    russia and china are just talk.they will not commit suicide over syria and iran


    if the u.s.does attack syria and iran,there will be no all out nuclear exchange.if that were to take place,there would be no life left and the bible has not been fulfilled. people predict and miss all the time,but on this one i can predict and i won’t miss.

  • Charlie

    Are we doomed to extinction? As much as I like the positive qualities of humanity such as love and respect, I hate to admit that this forum of conversation is looking awfully hateful and prejudice.

    If we don’t blow ourselves out of existence soon, maybe we can decide that such trivial matters as who’s nation is better that an others or which side has the biggest dicks, are completely irrelevant to our survival as a species.

    Do we really want to progress and make something great out of our kind, or do we want to be seen as a failed experiment of evolution that could have achieved much more?

  • the 15 year old american

    Why are we fighting like this? Why do humans, the species that has become the dominate species of Earth fight amongst themselves. A species that came from living in trees, to living in skyscrapers, from staring at the sky, to going beyond it. WE ARE ALL HUMAN. Why can’t we see that? No nation, country, or alliance should dictate humanity. We should work together as one conscious for our goals, not squander at what our corrupt leaders portray. Your opinions are all based on generalization, your saying because a few are bad they’re all bad. Yeah countries dominate others, they rape them of freedom and resources, but, when hasn’t that happened? When there were no countries! This is what we need one conglomerate state, a state of humanity and peace. A place to prosper and succeed and further our survival as a species.

    • American

      I am all for the higher being philosophy. maybe if there was a place with a sufficient and unlikely funding that only invited people who didn’t think so primitively, was completely detached from the outside populous, had a system that was fully sustainable with technology repairing, advancing, and creating abundance so people would have all needs and wants without the daily drag of work, except for an exceptionally motivated few to do what machines cannot. research the Venus project.

  • jack francais

    you have no idea what you are talking about, if a war like this ever breaks out aganist Iran vs usa. it will be a limited war and a quick response with a fury and firestorm like the world has never seen. russia and china will complain but never get into a war with the Usa over Iran. This is just big talk and no action. Do you think Israel will just sit back and let The usa be attacked and do nothing/ wrong if the Usa goes dowm so does Israel and they know that. Also same goes for France, and for sure England and even Germany. Russia and China will be asking for the end of all wars if they fire any shots at the usa, These countries want to survive and enjoy the power and might they have and they do not give a rats ass about Iran other than the money they get and make from them, but not enough to start world war 3 over. Iran better stop while their ahead meaning while they still have them attached to their bodies, what have Russia and china done when Israel bombed syria ?????? Nothing at all other then to complain about it. it is not their fight

    • Kyeesha Ali

      i dont think england will get involved because firstly we dont have the finance to get involved and secondly we got our own problems to sort out rather than spoon feed america

  • jack francais

    Israel might have to do it alone then what? you think China and russia will attack Israel? well if they try they may get alot bigger surprise than they have ever expected. They are just all talk. unless their countries are attacked then all bets are off but come on Iran? sure lets start a world war over Iran/ if you really believe that then i dont know what else to say. israel could take Iran out themselves if they have to.

    • Kyeesha Ali

      maybee so buy isreal are nothing but pussy’s. i tell you why that is because isreal is situated in the heart of the middle east surrounded by all these countries that if they make such a threat they will get bombed and attacked left, right, centre and from many other directions, that is the sole reason why isreal has not said a word about this whole situation and america and isreal are best buddies what happened to isreal backing america up. simple fact they aint got the balls

  • I <3 china and all other Asian country's – ps I'm Iranian from Australia.

  • When I went to visit Iran I saw soo many Chinese/Asians in Tehran airport so i think china is defiantly strong allies with Iran cause Iran ussually doesn’t let, or makes it hard for for other countries to come to and visit Iran but for the Chinese they make it soo simple and easy for them to apply for a visa or for buisness, so that shows that their infants very strong allies…

  • What are u guys talking about china has allready taken over most of the other western countries partially- Noting the population of the Chinese at many parts of the globe, spread out… Man u Americans are stuffed, move to middle east if u don’t want to be killed…. 🙂

  • jake the snake

    bottom line is the US dollar is not as strong as people think it is and the EU knows it US rain is common too and end as we know it there not no. 1 anymore

  • Bob

    What Russia and China are telling the US, is to understand that if its pit bull “Israel” should be turned lose on Iran or Syria in any way, that would be their red line.

  • misdirection

    This will lead to 7 years peace treaty by the Antichrist.Then tribulation starts.

  • Germany get off your knees

    Its a Jewish fuckin puppet show

  • curious

    Seriously? Russia has a third world military, China has a second world military. The US military could blast the Russian and Chinese military back a couple of years to the stone age with no worries. This is a bluff.

  • ∇`

    Humans are a stupid race. You love to kill and torture your species. You have no self-awareness at all!

    You even think that we are as silly as you are and we will invade you!

    Of course we won’t. You will study your slow evolution! Focus on “us” not on “me”.

    After many Billenniums your species will reach normalization.

    You are in the stage O. O means beginning or zero.

  • American

    I am an American too and I am ashamed of our country. I agree that this country is the most brainwashed bunch of idiots on this planet. If i had it my way, bases around the world would be donated to the occupied country, all soldiers would return home and only surveillance would be monitored. We need the money to improve our education system and poverty and not bully the rest of the world to follow a poor example of a country.

    • Harry Bagatestes

      Love it or leave it, you commie pinko bastard!

      • toni raska- Sams

        You are a rude and very stupid human, that evidently feels that you have the right to criticize anyone who has an opinion that you do not care for. You use the wording” commie pinko bastard”: which shows your ignorance.Communism is a SYSTEM of government , like democracy ( WHICH WE ARE NOT , WE ARE A REPUBLIC) or a dictatorship. The main point about communism in theory is that everyone is equal , there is no single person or group of people who rule the others. So no human is a commie pinko bastard that is language used by people who have learned a tiny bit of politics from Joe the plumber or billy bob at the corner bar. And because a person states what they think about the issues of this country does not mean they do not love it or like it and they sure do not have to leave it. That is called freedom of speech; which you are infringing upon this person’s right to express. Mr. Bagatestes, you are a fascist.

        • wvmtneer

          Name that one form of government in which all are equal. You can’t! Utopia is beyond man’s ability to reach and maintain. If you read history, you’ll find that man-made Utopian governments (Communism or Socialism), have been responsible for more mass murders than any form of government in history.

          • Serge Krieger

            America is Utopia 🙂

          • Rocky Racoon

            except capitalism.

          • Dew Free

            You get an A for paying attention to reality and not propaganda.

        • Harry Bagatestes

          You’ve been trolled. Have a nice day.

        • ezaspie

          He does have the right to criticize anyone that is our first amendment right. The first amendment does not entitle anyone to not be criticized for something they say. In fact it grants the opposite. We can criticize anyone on a public open forum, even if it is “rude and stupid” as you put it. The first amendment only protects US citizens against oppression from the GOVERNMENT, not from being criticized fairly or unfairly on a comment section in a newspaper.

        • Edmund Cornu

          he’s not rude, he’s indispensable. That’s America for you. Take it or leave it.

        • Banjo

          So…you actually believe that in communist nations, everyone is equal and there is no person or group who rules the others?

        • Dew Free

          You were lost i think before you were born .State owned ,you are welcome to leave as well.

      • gerard

        Now there is some good sarcasm mate!

    • lifsabsurd

      I don’t believe for a second that you are an American. You’re probably a Democrat.

      • toni raska- Sams

        And what are you? A delusional fool who thinks you have the right part ID, the correct way to behave, the right answers . No one cares if you think they are American. How do we know that you are one? I doubt you are neither Democrat or Republican but a simple minded jack ass that no one really has ever shown much interest in ,but wants so badly to be seen and heard.

        • lifsabsurd

          Democrats voted for a traitor. They are not Americans.

          • PS85

            Democrats voted for a statesman. Republicans voted for a leader who put this country so far behind economically that we almost went into a second Great Depression. And to make it worse they are talking about nominating the bum’s brother!

          • lifsabsurd

            Live your delusion.

          • PS85

            When Obama first took office, the country has LOST 6 Million Full Time jobs the previous year. Now the country has GAINED 5 Million Full Time jobs in the last two years alone. More and more people being put back to work after being thrown out of work before Obama got elected.

          • lifsabsurd

            You don’t even know what the employment-population ratio is, do you? Or that jobs should increase in proportion to population numbers.

            Here is the real record of how well Obama has done on employment:

          • PS85

            Dude, you just linked to a chart which shows the employment population ratio in total freefall when Obama took over, and then it stopped under Obama and is now going up! You DO realize that line is going up, right?

          • lifsabsurd

            It fell from about 63% to about 58.5%. After about another 5.5 years of Obama it has crawled back up to about 59.2%. Live your delusion.

          • PS85

            Set the graph for 1993-Clinton’s first term. Look where Clinton took the employment population ratio, and where Bush II took it. Look where Obama’s predecessor started, where he ended up, and in what direction it was going when Obama took over. Obama inherited the WORST drop in employment population ratio since the 1920s. Yet he put a halt to the freefall and has it going up.

            You are the sort of person that if you are a passenger on a bus rolling down a hill headed for a cliff, and a hero stops the bus from going over, saves everybody, and slowly pushes the bus back up the hill, would complain the hero isn’t pushing fast enough.


          • lifsabsurd

            Clinton was dragged kicking and screaming into “triangulation.” Dick Morris, Newt, and the Republican congress did that. Read about the Contract with America.

            No one in their right mind gives Bush more than a small role in the responsibility for the subprime mortgage crisis.

            Obama’s total record is dismal. His foreign policy mistakes are not just stupid, but downright traitorous.

            But I have no doubt you will never be able to see that. You really are delusional.

          • PS85

            Oh, the Republicans did all that? Gee, the Republicans didn’t get any majorities until 1995, yet I see that employment-population ratio going up for the two years before that. How can that be, if the reason for the rise in employment population ratio is the work of Republicans? Sorry to ruin to your cherished version of the past, but facts are facts. The Contract With America of 1995 didn’t do squat economically-it was all well underway before the Contract ever existed. And your own statistic proves it.

            Hope you are sitting down, I wouldn’t want you to fall over from shock. Because so far you have given charts and graphs proving that Clinton was great, Bush II was the worst, and Obama is damn good considering what he had to work with coming in.

          • lifsabsurd

            You may believe the economy is improving but the first quarter GDP says otherwise. The economy is stagnant. It is not growing the way it needs to in a real recovery. And meanwhile Obama is destroying foreign relations as well.

            The truth is that Obama is the worst president of my lifetime.

          • PS85

            The economy is, obviously, improving. The first quarter this year was bad this year because of the winter in the Northeast, but funny thing, the Midwest got snowed under for a bad first quarter in 2014 but we ended up the with a 3.0% GDP growth rate for the year. That’s pretty damn good. All I see is Full Time jobs being added on at 2.5 Million a year, and the Replacement Rate for Full Time jobs is 1.5 Million a year. Be glad to do the math for you on that if you want me to. The more people get working Full Time jobs over the Replacement Rate the better off the economy and the country gets. Considering Obama came in with 6 Million Full Time jobs being LOST the year before he even took office, I think he’s done a damn good job.

          • lifsabsurd

            In a real recovery the GDP should be considerably higher. If you honestly believe the story about weather doing this I feel sorry for you.

            You are back to touting job numbers that are meaningless. The graph of employment-population ratio tells the real story and you just ignore it or argue that Clinton’s record proves something good about Obama. All it proves is that Obama sucks.

          • PS85

            Well if it wasn’t the weather, why did the economy come back so strong after last winter, hmmmmm? 3.0% GDP growth for the year. At any rate, the conservatives made the mess, the worst mess since 1929, so the conservatives don’t get to complain and be taken seriously. 11 Million Full Time jobs lost from 2008-2009. I’m glad you think the employment population chart shows everything, because all your chart shows is an insane fall from the Bush administration which stopped under Obama,and the jobs coming back at an accelerating rate. And the part that will no doubt gall you is that the rate is likely to accelerate further.

            Feel free to luxuriate in your delusion that things are not getting better-much better-than they were.

          • lifsabsurd

            Weather is the excuse of the desperate.

            A GDP growth rate of 3% in a supposed recovery is dismal. During Reagan years we had one year over 6%, three years over 7%, one year over 9%, and one over 11%. A GDP growth rate of 3% is not a good recovery rate.

            The job losses cannot be attributed only to Bush nor only to Republicans. The mortgage meltdown had far more to do with what Democrats did.

          • PS85

            If weather is not the reason for Q1 last year being down, please explain the economy’s immediate rebound in Q2 to 4.6% gain and further rebound to 5.0% gain in Q3. I’m just dying to read what you come up with.

            Where did you get your numbers for Reagan’s GDP recovery from, a Crackerjacks box? For somebody who loves to tell people to “live their delusion” you are in La La land. Using REAL numbers, that is the Bureau of Economic Analysis’ chained 2009 dollars which account for inflation-the only numbers which matter-we find that:
            Reagan had ONE year as high as 7% GDP increase, (7.3% in 1984), not 3 years.
            Reagan had NO years of 9%, or 8% increase for that matter.
            Reagan certainly had NO years of 11% increase. Or 10% increase. Just the one year of 7.3% increase.
            You also neglected to mention that Reagan also had a positive first year, (2.6% GDP increase), before having a negative second year, (-1.9% GDP DECREASE). So he didn’t inherit that from Carter.

            Overall, though, I have to hand it to Reagan. He had a pretty good recovery, he did well. However, you cannot compare the situation Carter handed Reagan to the situation Bush II handed Obama. The year before Reagan took office, the country has lost 230K jobs. Not good, certainly, but not a horrible setback. The year before Obama took office, the country has lost 6 Million Full Time jobs. Comparing Reagan’s recovery with Obama’s recovery is like comparing the times of two runners, one who starts 100 meters from the finish line, (Reagan), one who starts out a mile and a half from the finish line, (Obama). The ratio between 1.5 miles and 100 meters is the same ratio as a 6 Million Full Time job loss is to a 230K Full Time job loss. Even you have to be able to see that difference.

          • lifsabsurd

            The numbers are here, not inflation adjusted, nor need they be:
            Even if one uses inflation-adjusted numbers Reagan’s recovery was real and Obama’s is not. Look at the relative numbers in the table and compare Obama to Reagan.

            One explanation of the first quarter GDP is manipulation of the data by the Obama regime. Such manipulation was posited in 2014. It was actually predicted beforehand that Q2 would be made to look higher in 2014. Turned out Q3 was where the prediction was fulfilled. No doubt Q2 will be made to look better this year also. The Obama regime LIES:


            You are basically conceding that the Obama “recovery” is poor, yet you keep arguing things like: Obama is doing well considering the problems he inherited. That is just a cop out. The economy is being propped up by QE. And Obamacare, Obama’s supposed great achievement, is a mess which is hanging over the heads of businesses.

            As I wrote earlier, you are living a delusion.

          • PS85

            Sorry, I cannot accept your ridiculous idea of forgetting about inflation adjustment in calculating GDP rise. If inflation is different from one year to the next-and it often can be-you are giving credit for GDP rise to a President or an economic program when all it did was create inflation. As far as the Business Insider article you referred to for justification of this, all it stated was that the government used two different ways of calculating inflation, the BEA used one and most government agencies used another, which has been true for many decades. The article says that if the BEA decided to switch inflation measures away from the one it always uses and used the other one instead, the figure for GDP would be different. But that has always been true, the BEA is using the same inflation measure that it used to calculate GDP during the Reagan era that it does now, so the article is advocating the BEA switch horses in midstream merely for the purpose of making GDP look lower this quarter. Pretty stupid. If you want accurate judgments, you have to use the same method year to year, and that is what the BEA is doing. Here are two explanations from the minneapolis fed explaining the difference between the BEA’s method and the BLS’ method. Doesn’t matter though-consistency demands the BEA use the same measure year to year, not switch to please conservatives’ need for the economic figures to be bad.

            As far as what zerohedge says, first it neglects to mention that many people DID NOT GET the ACA care until May of 2014. So that throws “Tyler Durden’s” analysis out the window. And also ZeroHedge is a Russian troll site devoted to boosting Russia’s viewpoint, it might have started out neutral but it is completely taken over now by Russian trolls defending the Crimean annexation, Putin’s divinity, and all the rest. It will be a cold day in Hell when I listen to Russkies trying to run down the US while their own dump crumbles.

            I would argue with your rejection of Full Time jobs as the best measure of employment, but before I do I will post the figures for employment for age groups and employment. As you will see they are picking up in the last year especially and also the younger groups are picking up faster than the older groups.
            Employment population ratio from May 2014 thru May 2015:
            For ages 20-24: From 63.1 to 63.9. That’s +0.8%
            For ages 25-34: From 75.4 to 76.8. That’s +1.3%
            For ages 45-54: From 76.0 to 76.5. That’s only +0.5%

            Younger people are improving more in employment population ratio than older people.


            Reagan had better GDP numbers than Obama, but Reagan inherited a much better situation than Obama. When Obama took office, the GDP was plummeting at the annual rate of -8.3% annually. What did Reagan inherit from Carter? +1.0% annualized. Since the proper way to measure anyone’s performance is to see where they started and where they ended up and take the difference, and Reagan started when the GDP, (in real numbers, I’m not falling for the nominal number fad), about 9.3% higher than Obama, we’ll just add 9.3% to the GDP each of Obama’s years and compare. How does that sound? You keep on trying to ignore what Obama had to work with when he started, and how much more Reagan had to work with when he started, and how much more Bush II had to work with he started as well. But it won’t work. Even at only 1% annualized GDP for Q1 2015, that’s still 9.3% better annualized GDP than the quarter before Obama started. Way better than Reagan ever did. Like I said before, Obama stopped the bus from rolling down the hill off the cliff, and his detractors are complaining how long it is taking him to push it back up the hill, when they should be thanking him for still being economically alive.

            As for the economy, Full Time jobs tell the story about as good as anything else, unemployment rate contains so many factors that give misleading results. The Replacement Rate for Full Time jobs is 1.5 Million yearly, and we are adding 2.5 Million Full Time jobs yearly. That means 1 Million more people are working Full Time jobs than to qualify as mere replacements, and that is how we are making up the jobs hemorrhage of 2008-9. With the employment population ratio going up nearly a full point in the last year and accelerating, there is an excellent chance Obama will end his term at or very near the employment population ratio that he inherited, with all the jobs lost in the crash replaced and even a large part of the jobs of the new people added since 2009 taken care of. In short, he mostly got us recovered from the largest setback since 1929. The voters will likely be pleased when they choose his successor.

          • lifsabsurd

            An economy propped up by the Fed in a way that is unprecedented, jobs still not even close to being back to pre-crash levels, lie after lie from the Obama regime, and Obamacare the most ridiculous economic nightmare ever foisted on a country. Obama is a radical socialist. Live your delusion.

          • PS85

            I never said Obama would catch Reagan in GDP, I only pointed out that Reagan had nowhere NEAR the GDP numbers you were spouting. 11 percent-are you drunk? Reagan had ONE year of 7% and a few good ones besides. I said the guy had a pretty good run, you want to put him in Fantasy Island. Oh, I couldn’t find the GDP growth numbers either. I took a calculator and figured them out. Something you wouldn’t be able to do, your idea of research is to Google and look through right wing blogs. However, as long as we are on the subject, I should point out that the quarter before Reagan took over, the GDP grew at PLUS 7.2% annualized. Obama inherited a GDP that the quarter before SHRUNK at MINUS 8.2% annualized. Look it up at, and bring your calculator if you know how to use one. That means that using your own figures of +4.1% per year for Ron, Reagan’s GDP growth was MINUS 3.1% per year from what he inherited. Again using your own figures, Obama’s GDP growth is +1.9% per year, which is 10.1% HIGHER than what he inherited from Bush’s last full quarter. Obama improved drastically on the GDP growth he inherited, Reagan let the GDP growth rate sink.

            What I DID say was merely that Obama was likely to have an employment population ratio pretty close to or at what he inherited, with the economy crashing around him when he took over. I meant it. With the 25-34 age group gaining 1.3% from last year, as I pointed out before, and 2.5 Million Full Time jobs being created a year, which is 1 Million over Replacement Rate, he just might make it. Which is why Obama got re-elected. The voters didn’t expect great things to happen after the Bush disaster, they just wanted someone who could stop the madness and start rebuilding, and that is what they got.

            Another thing-your admiration for Reagan is boundless, I notice you keep trying to talk about him instead of Bush II. Wonder why. Anyway, let’s compare the record of Full Time jobs for Carter, who was supposed to be a disaster, Reagan and Obama.

            Carter was president for four years. 8.1 Million Full Time jobs were created during his term. From 74.963 Million on 1/77 to 83.070 on 1/81. That’s 2.03 Million Full Time jobs a year.

            Now, when Carter left office the jobs were going down a little, and he lost a quarter Million his last year. Reagan lost a Million his first year which probably shouldn’t be blamed on him. So we’ll add a Million to Reagan’s total. He came in with 83.070 Million working Full Time, he left on 1/89 with 96.500 working Full Time. That’s 13.430 Million, add a Million because he lost a Million his first year that might not be his fault. That’s 14.430 Million, or 1.8 Million a year. That’s fewer per year than Carter.

            Now Obama, he came in with 6 Million Full Time jobs being lost the year before. On 1/2009, there were 115.818 Million Full Time workers. His first year, five more Million were lost which really weren’t his fault, by your own admission. So, like with Reagan, will discount his first year’s losses. Right now, 6.5 years later, there are 121.402 Million Full Time workers. That is 5.6 Million Full Time workers Obama has added with the first year’s job losses, and 10.6 Million Full Time workers if you discount those job losses. That’s 1.63 Million Full Time workers added a year, not far behind Reagan. And with Full Time jobs being created at the rate of 2.5 Million a year for the past few years, Obama is in position to tie Reagan’s average. Discounting Reagan’s 1st year losses, which he did not deserve, and Obama’s 1st year losses, which he also did not deserve, Reagan and Obama should average out about the same in number of Full Time jobs per year. Yes, Reagan had inflation, but Obama had the whole damn economy crashing down and 20 times more job losses the previous year. So if anything, I am being generous to Reagan with this comparison.

            Here are the Full Time job figures since Carter’s first year in 1977.


          • lifsabsurd

            “ said that Obama has not made back as many jobs as he lost his first year..”

            That is a complete lie. I never said or implied any such thing.

            And the rest of your unbelievably long rant is drivel too. What a fanatic you are. Paragraph after paragraph of futilely trying to make Obama look better. And none of it means anything. Clearly, the truth has touched a raw nerve with you and set you off into near hysterics.

            In any case, I am tired of wasting my time with such a completely delusional Democrat. You are beginning to scare me. I respectfully suggest you get professional help. You may have the last lie, which I will ignore.

          • PS85

            You’re the one who started comparing Full Time jobs under Presidents. You admitted that the 5 Million Full Time job loss Obama’s first year was not his fault, since it was a continuation of Bush’s six Million Full Time job loss before Obama ever took office, I just figured I’d return the favor and consider the 1 Million Full Time job loss in Reagan’s first year Carter’s fault instead of Ron’s. So I eliminated Reagan’s first year job loss and found Reagan averaged 1.8 Million Full Time jobs a year, (outside that first year). Then I eliminated Obama’s first year job loss and find that he is averaging 1.63 Full Time jobs a year, (outside that first year)-pretty close to Reagan. Just for the heck of it, I’ll eliminate Bush’s last year job loss, since I’m sure that you don’t think he had anything to do with the crash, and discover what Bush created When Bush II took office January of 2001, the country had 114.262 Full Time jobs, and seven years later it had 121.435 Million Full Time jobs. That means that in the seven years before the crash, under Bush II were created 7.17 Full Time jobs for an average of 1.02 Million Full Time jobs a year. Compare that to Carter’s 2 Million, Reagan’s 1.8 Million and Obama’s 1.6 Million a year so far. So what’s the problem, you Republicans don’t like to look at facts?

            I did make one mistake. I mistakenly thought you said that job numbers are nowhere near when Obama first took office. I reread your post and you said job numbers were nowhere near when before the crash started. I stand corrected. However, you still are wrong. Taking January 2008 as being before the crash started, we had 121.435 Million Full Time jobs, and now we have 121.402 Million. That’s pretty damn close. In total jobs, you are even more wrong. In January of 2008, we had 146.378 Million jobs, and now we have 148.795 Million jobs-almost 2.5 Million more jobs total. So I was wrong for mistaking what you posted-but so are you for posting untrue information. Here are the figures so you can check.
            Total Jobs:

            Full Time jobs:

          • Dew Free

            The funny thing here is ,there is 3 republicans that brought back their states from deep in the red to making profit in traditional democrat states .of course the commie Democrats will attack and attack until they get a hold on one or more of those states and crash it very quickly again.These people can talk numbers around the World again,yet they can not keep anything afloat anywhere.These facts always appear to allude them.history spells it out ,so what do they do ,they try and hide history.The same old game as always.

          • PS85

            Don’t cherry pick states. The fact is that when Obama first took office the country had LOST 6 Million Full Time jobs the year before under Bush, and now the country has GAINED 5 Million Full Time jobs the past 2 years alone, and 9 Million Full Time jobs the past 4 years. Probably the reason those states are doing better now is that nationally, more Full Time jobs are being filled across the board. Those Republican governors just happened to be in office when the Full Time jobs came back nationally.

          • Dew Free

            great manipulations going on across the board to hide the numbers .Rule changes like the one that brought you the disaster ACA which by the way in not Constitutional no way no how ,regardless what the 9 Obama bitches said

            I appears that no matter what ,these nuts will vote in p reference to their leadership rather than what the document actually says.I keep one in my pocket at all times.The bench lawmakers are nothing more than traitors to the document,and Obama is to the entire ideal of what was the Constitution.

          • PS85

            There are no manipulated numbers AT ALL from the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The numbers are compiled by lifetime statistics professionals with degrees, mostly on Civil Service who work for both Democratic and Republican Administrations during their careers. So they are not going to risk that career and pension by doctoring numbers to screw the “other party”, which party they might be working for after the election. Grow up and accept reality, Obama’s plan is working.

          • Dew Free

            They forget that full time job now is 32 hours week and part time is below 18.all previous numbers in previous years before Obama changed the way statistics were counted ,were 40 hour jobs.They frustrate us with piece meal numbers and refuse to reflect by means of control the real numbers based on full time employment being 40 hours a week .if that was the case then and we are talkng about during Reagan years the number would be much higher and still would reflect ass whooping on Democrats as to the numbers .lol

          • PS85

            That’s baloney. The Bureau of Labor Statistics counts Full Time hours the same as always-35 hours per week, usually. Keep your nose out of the right wing blogs, turn off the AM radio jocks, and come up for air a minute. It will clear your mind.

            Here’s a stat for last November, Full Time jobs. See-it requires 35 hours a week, same as always. You’re welcome.

          • shaheem1776

            Making money is making money bro, who cares the amount of hours. Ps85 has been making all you republicans look like idiots hahaha.

          • Dew Free

            Good ,if you think so ,then put all your money in the bank and let it sit there for awhile.

          • PS85

            The people who put their money in the stock market when Obama took over certainly aren’t complaining.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            ya, I live in mid west, where Republicans control everything but the governorships!lol, next?

          • PS85

            So you live in the Midwest. Do you have a point?

          • PS85

            You’re right, for about a year starting in 1995 the graph shows the employment population ratio started dropping. I should remind you that the Republicans took over Congress and the Senate in the 1994 election. So the stat went up under the Democratic House and Senate for Clinton’s first two years, then fell when the Republicans took over in January of 1995, then turned around a year later and resumed rising like it had before. So clearly this shows the Republicans first tried to ruin an improving economy but then they thought of the country for once and decided to work with the President instead of against him. Things you can never accuse the current crop of Republicans of doing.

          • lifsabsurd

            Nonsense. There is simply a lag time in economic affairs.

          • PS85

            But it was going UP for two years under the Democratic Congress, it only went down when the Republicans took over. Face it-you got confused and thought the Republicans took over in 1996 instead of 1994 and tried to credit them with the resurgence of an economy that you mistakenly thought had started to run down under the Democrats. But it didn’t decline under the Democrats-it declined under the Republicans. LOL!

          • lifsabsurd

            No. I lived through the events. I know that people were unhappy with the economy and that there was the perception of it weakening before the 1994 Republican victories.

          • PS85

            Oh, so now you quote employment population statistics, and when those figures show your side taking control and turning a good situation bad, you replace statistics with “perceptions”? How New Age of you. The employment population ratio went up for two whole years under Democratic Congress control, don’t blame the downturn the first year of GOP control on the Democrats.

            Love your reference to the employment population ratio as asking me to look at 2007 and then 2015. Apparently, you find it reasonable to put aside that from 2008-9, the country LOST 11 Million Full Time jobs, by far the largest single Full Time job loss since the 1929 Great Depression. Apparently, for you to make your point, such as it is, one has to ignore that. Are you crazy? When 6 Million Full Time jobs are lost the year before you take over, Job One is to stop the hemmorhage, which Obama was able to do in a year, and then start replacing those Full Time jobs. And it won’t be easy, and it will take time. Just like a 10 story building takes perhaps 90 seconds to come down, (I’ve sure you’ve seen the videos), but a year or more to erect in the first place, so too does an economy take much longer to build than to tear down. 11 Million Full Time jobs are NOT going to be replaced in a couple of years. Since it takes 1.5 Million Full Time jobs yearly to keep pace with the population increase, when you add 2.5 Million jobs a year you are not only keeping pace, you are adding 1 Million Full Time workers over and above that. Yes, there still are workers left over from that immense job loss in 2008-9, and they are being added back year by year. There is no other way. It is hilarious to hear the side under whose watch this debacle started crying that the recovery is not fast enough-that’s like the arsonist complaining the fire trucks didn’t get there fast enough to save everything.

            I never stated there was no job loss in 2009. I assumed you know Obama took office in Jan 2009. Are you trying to say that by inheriting an economy losing 6 Million Full Time jobs the year before that Obama is now responsible for the job loss his first year? Seriously? The job loss ended early in 2010 and we’ve been building our way back up since, 9 Million Full Time jobs in the past four years. If you know of a better way to replace lost Full Time jobs than to add jobs at a greater rate than the Replacement Rate, please let us know.

          • lifsabsurd

            So, in 2009 the continued drop in jobs was due to what had happened before Obama took office, but in 1995 the decline in GDP started the very day Republican’s took congress and was therefore their fault? You want your cake and eat it too. Economic responses don’t happen in a day or a month after a change in policy or government.

            Obama has now had 6.5 years. The data shows that employment-population ratio dropped about 4% and has come back less than 1% in that time. At that rate it will take more than another 3 x 6.5 years to get it back to pre-crash levels? This is what you find acceptable?

            Your first problem is blaming Republicans or Bush for the mortgage meltdown. That is the big lie that Democrats get away with because they control the major media. That happened on Bush’s watch but he and Republicans had less to do with it than Democrats.

          • Dew Free

            What you consider a full time job dummy is yesterday part time job.I can not believe you would go to such peril for your dummy president .The traitor ole dummy from Kenya.

          • PS85

            No, you are wrong. I have been quoting Full Time jobs here. Fact is, for the past four years there have been over 8 Million Full Time jobs gained and only 200,000 Part Time jobs gained. That’s over 40 Full Time jobs gained for every Part Time job gained. Here are the figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

            Part Time jobs
            Nov 2010: 27.568 Million
            Nov 2014: 27.77 Million
            Increase: 0.2 Million, (201 thousand).

            Full Time jobs
            Nov 2010: 111.320 Million
            Nov 2014: 119.482 Million
            Increase: 8.3 Million

            That’s over 40 Full Time jobs for every Part Time job created in the last four years. Sorry to ruin your day with facts.

          • Libertybelle

            You realize those stats are fraudulent, right?

          • PS85

            Those stats are not fraudulent at all. They are put together by the professional statisticians at the Bureau of Labor Statistics, as they have been for many years. The professionals at the Bureau work under both Republican and Democratic administrations so there is no incentive for them to cheat in favor of one side or the other. Besides, since all these many statistics are mathematically related, if you fudge one number you have to fudge them all and everything will be absurdly thrown off. Sorry to break this to you-Obama’s economic plan is working, no matter what the blowhards on the radio tell you.

          • Libertybelle


          • PS85

            The numbers are real. You might wail with your Obama hating conservative friends about them being fake, but then conservatives these days are getting more and more convinced that everything they see, hear or perceive in any way is a fake. A few more months and most conservatives will be in the corner, rolled up in a ball and calling out for their toy bear.

          • Libertybelle

            Don’t be hateful. Thank you.

          • PS85

            Not hateful at all. Fact is, the conservatives are getting farther and farther out there with the conspiracy theories. If the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers showed bad news for Democrats, conservatives would not only accept them, they would bring them up as often as possible. But since the Bureau of Labor Statistics numbers are showing very good job growth, they disparage the numbers and call them fake. You can’t have it both ways.

          • Libertybelle

            I will decide what hateful is.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Obama only got elected by promising people other peoples stuff. The middle east is on fire, thanks Obama, our kids future is going to be spent paying down demoncrats debts. Black vote for the very party that wanted them enslaved, see 1800’s and civil rights act written by Republicans. And the last house/senate election gave full control to Republicans, #1 reason….people gave….stop Obama!!!!

          • PS85

            When Obama first took office, the country had LOST 6 Million Full Time jobs the previous year. He stopped the jobs hemmorhage after the first year, and in the last four years we have added over 9 Million Full Time jobs in the last four years. Average weekly pay is now HIGHER than before the crash, despite the lies of Republicans trying to say these are burger flipper jobs. The US Dollar is now the strongest currency around, and our debt service is paid off by only 7.7% of Federal revenues, which is very light. I bet the guys on the radio you spend all day listening to don’t mention that.

            Democratic President Johnson pushed for and signed the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which gave blacks the right to vote for the first time in 100 years in some jurisdictions. Name one important bill the Republicans introduced that did something for Civil Rights.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Says the sissy

          • PS85

            Fuck you cocksucker.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Word. And we have had 60 million drop out of the workforce because jobs are gone. Lowest workforce participation in American History.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Wrong, under Clinton the Republicans controlled house and senate and passed bills that allowed dot com to boom. And Clinton to his credit came to the middle, because the left leaning failed….everywhere…See Venezuala

          • PS85

            Fool, take a look at auto sales over the years. See how they zoom up from 1993 through 2000 when Clinton was president, crash down in 2005 when Bush was president, and then zoom back up when Obama became president. People have money in their pocket, they buy cars. Is that all due to the dot com boom-twice? Check the chart.

            Oh, are you one of those lame-ass Republicans saying that the House and Senate have more to do with the economy than the President? Really? Because Reagan had a Democratic House and Senate. If you Republicans think Congress is more important than the Presidency, then the next time I hear a Republican talk about the 1980s, I want to hear him say “Ronnie who? Three cheers for Tip O’Neill !”.

          • Banjo

            The twilight zone called Obama…they wanted their foreign policy back!
            His “deal” with Iran is so bad that not only are Arab allies in the middle-east siding with Israel (I never thought I would see that!), but many Democrats in Congress do not trust the “deal”. Obama wants his “legacy” so badly, that he is willing to do what ever it takes! Even if that means a nuclear arms race in the middle east and their possible annihilation along with the possibility of us…the ONE place he was charged with protecting!!

          • Banjo

            You are the sort of person that if you are a passenger on a bus rolling
            down a hill headed for a cliff, and a hero stops the bus from going
            over, saves everybody, and slowly pushes the bus back up the hill,
            would complain the hero didn’t let the bus go over the cliff because ‘merica is such a bad place and deserves to burn!

          • PS85

            You have me confused with Republicans. They are so pissed off that Obama’s plan is working, even though all their theories say it was destined for failure, that are actually wishing America would crash. That’s how much they hate this man. PS: In any choice between Obama and Putin, the conservatives will cheer for Putin. They love the guy.

          • Libertybelle

            But Putin is an honest guy and Obama isn’t. So, what is wrong with admiring his honesty?

          • PS85

            I find Obama to be at least as honest as his predecessor, and probably more so. I don’t find a guy who beats up the opposition to be honest at all. Take a look at this video during the Sochi Olympics-remember none of the those uniformed thugs got arrested or put on departmental trial, and the women did get arrested:

          • Libertybelle

            I find Obama to be as dishonest as his predecessor.

            Neither he nor Bush nor Cheney no Hillary are in jail for their crimes against humanity. Yet, you defend Obama?

            Have you no integrity?

          • PS85

            Putin is not remotely honest. Aside from his opponents seeming to end up arrested or dead, there is the issue of the Crimea, where he sent armed men from the Sevastopol Naval Base to take over the Crimean government, throw out the democratically elected leader and install Putin’s hand picked choice,Aksyonov, as head of the Crimea. That is not honest. At that moment the Illegitimate Aksyonov government called for a referendum on whether the Crimea wanted to join Russia, which they had no right to do since they were not democratically elected. Then the illegitimate Aksyonov government did the “vote count” on the referendum, which they had no right to do, and we don’t even know if they actually counted the votes or just made up numbers to show secession from Ukraine winning. For this reason, the UN refused to recognize the results of the “referendum”. Then Putin announced he would follow the results of the illegitimate “referendum”-the very referendum being the very reason he installed Aksyonov in the Crimea-and annexed the Crimea. Phony as hell. And you say Putin is honest? What a laugh.

          • shaheem1776

            You are so educated compared to these guys trying to argue for the republican party but yet has no knowledge in politics.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Clinton also got lucky with a dot com boom, that he had nothing to do with, just good timing. FACT!!!!!

          • PS85

            False!! Clinton introduced the Economic Stimulus Package, which got the country rolling in short order. Republicans don’t believe Economic Stimulus from the government can work, even though that is what got us out of the Great Depression. Clinton’s Economic Stimulus package is what got us out of the economic problems the first Bush left us with. Although I must say, Bush the Father wasn’t that bad, the economic problems we had under him were not that terrible. Now George W, his son-Holy Cow! That retard set the world’s record for recessions. And the GOP is talking about nominating his BROTHER for president? Why do you guys hate this country so much?

          • Dew Free

            yes your right .350 exec orders in 6 days will do that.dummy.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            You are right, not to mention the endless golf trips and hosting of Muslim brotherhood in the White house

          • Dew Free

            The actual number is 12 million jobs.all that were added by previous leadership.the fight of the war that never ends is still going on.I think the 50 cal bullets they used in the beginning was better.

          • PS85

            Are you drunk? The country lost 6 Million Full time jobs in 2008 under Bush, and we have gained over 9 Million Full Time jobs in the past four years.Obama took office in Jan. 2009.
            Full Time Jobs

            Jan. 2008: 121.402 Million Full Time jobs
            Jan. 2009: 115.818 Million Full Time jobs
            Loss: 5.584 Million Full Time jobs under Bush in 2008


            I have no idea what you mean by previous administrations or what. These are the figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

          • Libertybelle

            You realize the feds are lying about those numbers, right? And the jobless stats are currently now worse than the Great Depression, right?

          • PS85

            No, I don’t realize that at all. The figures are put together by professional statisticians with degrees who will work for both Democratic and Republican Administrations during their career, so there is no incentive for them to fudge the numbers to make one side look good. Besides, since there are many, many different economic numbers and they all are used in the formulas, if you fudge one number you have to fudge them all, and pretty soon the whole process falls apart by itself.

          • Dew Free

            Look at the job numbers and try again .XXX

          • PS85

            I did look at the job numbers. When Obama first took office, the country had LOST 11 Million Full Time jobs under Bush. Now the country has GAINED 5 Million Full Time jobs in the last 2 years alone. 9 Million Full time jobs in the past four years. Median weekly pay, adjusted for inflation, is where it was before the crash, which is pretty good when you the country went under the severest setback since the Great Depression of 1929.

          • oh god

            Here’s a dose of reality.If is so great they can’t raise rates .25 percent.I worked in finance in the 90s we overnight lending @3.5 percent to the fed.

          • PS85

            Here’s another dose of reality. All the skeptics were saying last year that the FED could NEVER end it’s $85 Billion monthly bond buying program, or even taper it down. They said this even as it was tapering down in front of their eyes. Now it has stopped for a year, and we are doing well. Nobody said we are fully recovered, but all the things that get better in a recovery are getting better. Much better.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Government jobs are the bulk, he increased spending, added more to our debt than all other presidents combined. Dems are the only party that think you can spend your way out of debt. See Detroit Chicago, New York, all democrat ran, all bankrupt

          • PS85

            Stop lying. Percentagewise, there are fewer government jobs than before Obama took office. A much, much higher percentage of the jobs that Reagan added were government jobs than what Obama has added. Almost all the Full Time jobs Obama has added are private sector jobs-additions in government jobs are very slight. Why do you post all these lies-do you really believe this crap?

          • oh god

            Come on this isn’t a 2 dimensional space.Read up on campaign donations.Don’t give the citizen united crap either.I had people tell me I the 90s lots bribery going on.Lots of drug money floating around.You think like a child a bag of cash spends the same as a super pack.People just can’t fathom the corruption of both parties.

          • PS85

            Regardless of corruption-and when money changes hands there will always be a degree of that-there are real and important differences between the parties. As for the thing about drug money floating around, well maybe. But we don’t know how much, to who, or if it even approaches the amounts the corporations throw around.

          • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

            Out of your mind! Look at all the Democrat ran cities, Detroit, Chicago, New York, 50+ years of demoncrat control….all Bankrupt with the highest murder rates, and highest poverty rates….lol, those are facts!

          • PS85

            Cities have always had issues that rural areas don’t have. You don’t have immigrants moving into the middle of farm areas because there is no steady work-they move into cities where the work is. Fact is, FDR got us out of the Great Depression before WWII by applying Keynesian economic principles and using the government to stimulate the economy, and helped to set up a whole century of prosperity to follow. Take a look at the auto and light truck sales-people by cars when they have money. Notice how the sales picked up in 1993 when Clinton took office, and in 2005 when Bush was in office they plunged down, and then zooming up a year or two after Obama was took office in 2009?
            Why do people have money to buy cars when Democrats are president, but don’t have money to buy cars when Republicans are in the White House?

          • vlad the impaler

   that how you explain the democrats are better,truck sales?probably because they allowed illegal aliens to finance vehicles.

          • vlad the impaler

            Obama outspended bush,so by spending money the democrats have gotten our economy back in shape?obama is a usurper and a traitor.

          • infowolf1

            idiot, an American is an American citizen, not adherent to some mythic ideal of yours.

          • lifsabsurd

            An American is someone loyal to the Constitution of the U.S. Democrats want to fundamentally transform that. Democrats can go to hell.

      • Dew Free

        very funny.LMFAO

      • Rise above name-calling

        • lifsabsurd

          I see no reason whatsoever to believe that Democrats are still Americans.

    • Edmund Cornu

      Same goes for our disgraceful excuse for a government in the UK.
      We’ll probably end up as the 51st state of America once the yuan replaces the dollar and China takes over the world.

      • PS85

        What makes you thing the yuan will take over the dollar. There are several reserve currencies right now, the dollar is only one. The pound is another. Did the UK go broke when more people started using the dollar instead of the pound? This “takeover” stuff is all hype, mostly Russian hype.

    • Billy Jackson

      You are welcome too leave any time you want…In the USA you have that RIGHT !. Go too RUSSIA and say that about RUSSIA…See what happens or CHINA..

      • nomadspy

        He can say whatever he want here in Russia and nothing will happen. It’s not USA. We don’t torture and execute people. The only people that could punish you for your speech are the common people of Russia.

        • Leave Hamitic people out of it. Leave Black Soldiers out of it. Hamitic People should not be fighting or working for USSR USA CHina Austraila,rather: each to his own. all return to own corners; try to get along,away from the guy you don’t trust. Keep your weapons to yourself.

        • David Marolda

          Wow. You are an idiot

      • Mo Bajraktari

        The last I checked Chelsea Manning was slapped a 35 years sentence for only voicing her god given RIGHT to tell her version of the Iraqi “liberation” as a FREE American citizen (as you’re implying). What on earth Snowden has done so wrong that those buffoons commentators on CNN/Fox news have been clamouring for his assassination when the only crime he committed was telling the world that the US government is spying on its own citizens ! So where are those precious American rights gone you condescendingly spoke of, uh? Keep munching on that grass ….

        • Joe (Semper Fi) USMC

          Manning, whom is a guy, not a girl by way, you can’t BECOME a girl, was, giving away Military secret information. HE should of got a bullet, not jail time!

          • David Marolda

            Ahmen brother

        • vlad the impaler

          fuck off you goat herder,we live a lot better than you ragheads.

        • infowolf1

          the excuse they have to use is national security and so forth. they can’t do it on the basis of words alone but information in the words and context of speaking. not like you make out. people speak out such things all the time and don’t get punished including people who were there and come back with stories.

      • Christopher

        If everyone that could see there was something wrong with America just left? Then America would be 100% Stupid and die by advance of other nations. Go pray for a brain.. Because rubbing a magic lamp is stupid right?

        • Billy Jackson

          You still RUBBING that lamp ?!…..

      • John Smith

        Billy – you should correct your English prior to spouting off telling someone else to leave his/her own country! Too leave or to leave?!? And, by the way, how desperate are you for attention that you even mark up your own posting?

        • David Marolda

          Billy is right. You should leave.

      • tim bassett

        Well said and iam a brit to many people slag of there own countrys

    • Libertybelle

      Our education system is ruined by government tampering.

    • glen

      Get da fuck out then u piece of shit

    • Mike Smith

      As an American…we are all buying arms…the US as you know it…may be led by a bunch of idiots…but the people…we have arms by the tens of millions…we are ready for war…russia..china..iran..north korea… cannot take on the US and the rest of the world.

      WWIII is soon to come…the US will be devastated by their losses…but we will win…we can’t be invaded.

    • tim bassett

      Off u go then live in china

    • David Marolda

      Pack up anf get out

  • Tarek Fawzi

    Do not leave syria to comfront USA on its own even if it is a surgical attack.with the signed pack agreemeny this will hurt russia creditability which is a crucial element to place russia back on the global map.

  • AmericanSailor

    Fuck the dirty Russian and flat faced gremlin Chinese scum. Anyone fuck with USA they get thrashed. Come fuck with us… See what happens.

  • Chris Hutchins

    I’m an American and I will not tolerate anyone who supports any Nazi, KKK bullshit hate group FUCK YOU NAZI SCUM

  • Honor and Country

    It’s a power move. Russia and China plan to do business with Iran and render the US dollar obsolete. I say fuck them. They wanna kill the dollar and declare economical war on us, then the prudent thing to do is move in and flex our military might. If they want some then let them try. They will fail and America will grow even stronger. At the end of the day it’s us or them people. Wake up. Our government is one step ahead of the game. For Love of Country!

  • rdm3850

    Not one person commenting on this article has mentioned that the only armies invading other countries are those of the USA, NATO, and Israel. No one else is sending their armies to other countries. doesn’t that tell us something?

  • rdm3850

    Not one person commenting on this article has mentioned that the only armies invading other countries are those of the USA, NATO, and Israel. No one else is sending their armies to other countries. doesn’t that tell us something?

  • commandonazi

    You are already invaded and you do not know
    1/6 “ISRAEL” is the Beast 666, ZION is Mecca
    2/6 ISRAEL is the Beast 666,ZION is Mecca:

    3/6 ISRAEL is the Beast 666,ZION is Mecca:

  • dgl

    les just get the shit over with,,, this freaking battle of who has the biggest balls and the most testosterone is starting to get old…. look at what we got ,,, john kerry,—->aka mr.jane fonda, barak obama (well i will just leave it at that) now do you really think anyone is afraid of them , paaaaaaaaleeeeeease

  • JohanK

    Wow, people are so dumb, especially all those bigots that hate America and West. They all showed how ignorant ans arrogant they are. Firstly, it’s funny how they all think that US would be alone in this. They would not. And how Russia and China would have all that support. They would not. And if there was a WW3 every country would be pulled in, Russians and Chinese are stupid but not that stupid. Not to mention that China, according to research made by many companies from around the world, is the biggest polluter and the most hated country today… this is a fact. So not very many would actually support them. China is in pissing contest with many countries including Russia. Secondly, since this article was posted, Russia signed many agreements with the US and very few with China. Not to mention also Russia has all the military exercises with the US and none with China. Russia was also supporting the US in Afghanistan, Iraq, and Pakistan, most people don’t even know it. Putin actually said all that on television in an interview. Thirdly, US military alone is far superior to the Chinese and Russian combined. And forthly, people talk about propaganda in US but they are the ones with nothing BUT propaganda. In fact in comparison US has much less propaganda than any other country. They are so brainwashed that they believe everything they told by the propaganda filled media. At least Americans are intelligent and smart to question what they hear and see on TV unlike Chinese and Russians and pretty much everyone else in the world. And I know a bit more that anyone that posted here since I’ve lived in 6 countries in Europe, 4 countries in Asia, 5 countries in South and North America and Australia. And when I say lived I mean lived and not visited them on vacation. And of all the countries I lived in I prefer US and the Americans because, even with some faults, they are still the best people. Actually the world would be much better if everyone was like Americans. And I’m talking about people and not the government since America is the people and not its government.

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  • Mark

    Good thing writer of article is clueless about military or the title would be frightful.

    Truth is; Russia is on a leash and hates it. Russia know it can’t invade a NATO nation & the States will in fact attack Iran before Obama leaves office & there is not much Russia or China can do about it.

    This Congress and the one to come including the President have no intention of allowing Iran to gain nukes as was allowed in North Korean. It’s know what a mistake it was allowing North Korea to build nukes while the States invaded Iraq without reason. Iraq didn’t even have a military and certainly had nothing to do with 911. Saddam was like Hitler but he was also a coward & would never had done something on purpose he knew would have lead to his death.

    The US, Russia & China know that even in a world war; nukes can’t be used. This is just old fact because no one survives. Russia & the States know a Cold War never really ended. Russia had less money than the States so the USSR went broke first, the States is doing so now and China reaps the rewards of that. Russia expects the States to breakup through the political division it promised it would cause in the early 60s through what most know of as talk radio and of course political divided news arguments on US TV. If the political division continues in the States; Russia might get its way on that

    As for a world war; if one did happen it would NOT be the States attacking Iran or Syria. Israel just attacked Syria and there is no world war so case closed on that one HOWEVER; if Russia were to make the mistake of invading a NATO nation or makes the mistake of a military buildup that looks as if that is intended or the States gets trigger happy and makes a mistake there would be a world war.

    What would happen during a real world war and who if anyone would win? To know the answers to this one must use statistics and some knowledge of who has what in military conventional means.I happen to know both these facts as do many Americans because it’s not a big secret but is hard to find. The States alone is ten times more powerful than Russia in conventional military strength while Russia has one of the best Marine force on earth. The States also has a somewhat secret defense system to prevent most ICBMs or sub launched nukes from detonating in an area that would cause more than 15% of Cities to be destroyed and remember, nukes that do damage do it in the air not hitting the ground. The most dangerous weapon is electromagnetic impulse which leaves all buildings standing but not even a car battery working for a thousand years so forget computers or electricity if that happened. That is a WMD that would not be used. 200 million Americans would die the first year.

    In a world war; NATO, the States vs Russia, China, Iran & North Korea since Syria & Israel as destroyed week one. Those are the two nations that are not left standing. The Queen would declare war and only she can for UK & its territories which would be on side of States & NATO. The US coastal Cities would take hits like England did in WW2 with some major damage in some inland Cities such as Atlanta but not mid nation. 30 million Americans would die during such a war with the US military heavily damaged. Above ground military bases would be destroyed on coastal areas. Russia would have its military totally destroyed other than that that prevents invasion and the same with China with 50% of population of Russia taken out and 20% of that of China. Iran would be in rubble as would North Korea. Both Russia & China would have more damage than they have ever had in any war but so would the States. It would last 4-5 years and Martial Law would be in effect in the States. At the end of the war; Russia and China would come out with the strength Iran has now and economies about that of Iran. The States would prevail and reconstruction would cause a boom and financial glory within the ten years post war. The States would be the only superpower and it would be called the Americas since the States would at that time rule the entire continent. All people would have rights in Americas to vote in elections that would have more than on President but all three working together. It would be the last world war and a time of peace would start and continue. There would be no major problems in the Middle East. There would not even be an Israel or Syria to bicker.

    It would be horrible during the war but the outcome would be one Russia and China would not want and since they know how it ends there will not likely be a world war.

  • pigavans .

    ww3 have already begun in this forum !

  • al-ikhlaas

    Well we know Iran were supported U.S to invade Iraq directly and Iran was so excited the Death of the hero saddaam Hussein and you can see in u tube today, how hero he was when they put
    what they call a court the gang of Shia militia, how he was responding for their shit talking and that even proofs he was not just man but a hero who neclected from corrupted muslim world, we also know iraq invasion was ordered by isreal and U.S is just tool to use the job, but today it looks like very much, iran have to pay back what they have been doing to iraq and that will happen very soon what
    you will be expecting is Tehran looks like Hiroshima and Nagasaki in (1939-45) when they start throwing stones on isreal for sure history will repeat itself well done Isreal.

  • Bobby Maynard

    I too am an American. I have saw the videos of 911 being an inside job. And to be honest, I really don’t want to believe it, but there is questions I feal ” we the people” need answers to. We became the world leaders in most part, because we were fair and honest people. We defended those that we’re being bullied, now it seams like we are the bullies. I understand we need to destroy terriost groups. But the burden should not be ours alone. We are not the world police, but the leaders we have now seam to think we are. We once had our own civil war, we should let other countries have there own, no need for us to put our big noses in it. Who knows, maybe we need to take a few steps back and reclaim our own country.

    • Bobby Maynard

      Read the bible people, these days we are living in May be our end days if we, do not change our ways. I really hate to bring religion in a political debate, but they really do go hand in hand.

  • D

    First off our own government caused 9/11 if you watch anything on the facts of the twin towers and actual builders of the twin towers they were designed to collapese like a pancake with all major beams still standing. After they investigate the actual structure of the towers it was shown that the major beams were cut at an angle, and days before the attack there was construction being held in the basement of the towers. Hands down our country wanted war so they sacrificed many to start it. In every government there is corruption, manipulation, and lying. Our quote un quote great nation is one of them. We care nothing more than power an money. Same goes with federal taxes which has never been properly radified in the constitution but yet we are so money hungry they threaten us with imprisonment if we do not pay federal taxes. Politics strike a nerve with everyone and everyone has their right for opinions, why shouldn’t we but instead of coming together and standing as one nation as our four fathers wanted it we are a broken nation. We have more violence than any other country. Just because we aren’t posting it and videotaping it such as other country’s doesn’t mean it’s not hear. Instead of focusing on the gang violence, the murders that go on, on a daily basis that makes us no money they focus on the violence in other country’s when we should keep our noses out of it. Again this is my opinion doesn’t mean it’s right or wrong it’s just my own. There are facts,truths, and opinions. I understand why other country’s hate us so much and if I had the money is move somewhere far away. I fear for my family and friends because of the poor chpoices our government has made. I’m not a hippie, I’m not a liberal, I’m a realist.

  • tex

    Fuck the chinks and the russians.

  • Rafasa Arandas

    Why does Russia support Iran? Surely it is not as if their history is friendly…

  • homayoun

    Israel is a liability for USA, just like an expensive girl friend is,
    Iran, on the other hand, can be a source of income and an ace for stability of middle
    east………Finally, if the issue is Iranian nuke, then lets no one to have it. World will be
    a much better place for all of our children.

  • Darkness

    It is vital to Biblical Revelations that ALL the nations of the world converge and attack Israel. This global alliance is doomed to be incinerated at Armageddon. In the end, ALL of our glowing ashes will be trampled into the radioactive dust after the Apocalypse . Have a nice day!

  • Brandon

    I don’t think the U.S. would attack Iran.

  • roottinna

    i think you are sincerely getting confused with your own bullshit, even bush really hates jews but wont let on he does until they are no use of the usa. you all will see one day just mark my words

  • Jonathan Galt

    I am a South African and all we do is sit in the middle and listen to the arrogance of the USA who are under the impression the world wants their help. Being a citizen of Africa it is very clear to see where the USA insists on giving help – countries that are worth money to them, not countries that need help. We listen to the propaganda on CNN. How the USA fought for the rights of woman without education in Afghanistan etc. We do not see the USA helping at all where more woman are being KILLED in africa because it is not of financial value to the US.

    The ANTI USA sentiment in South Africa is growing and so is the PRO RUSSIAN and CHINESE growth. The FreeState, a province in SA now has the biggest Chinese population outside China. The conservative city of Bloemfontein has more than 5oo Russians, more than any other foreign group such as Greek, Jewish, Lebanese etc.

    I am learning Russian. you can now hear it being spoken in malls and shopping centres in the conservative christian Free State.

    At least 43 holiday resorts in Russia is concentrating on South African tourists and people like myself that can speak Afrikaans, English, Russian and Zulu are in massive demand at these resorts.

    If you speak to most South Africans, we will stand AGAINST the USA and Europe in a coming war. Most of Africa’s military leaders were trained in Russia and China during the struggle years. We do not forget our friends. IT IS NOT THE USA or should I say GOD as the americans think they are.

    • Waiting4Rain

      Whoopie Friggin’ doo my friend. Shipping lanes are international, and a majority of the trade around the cape is to Europe and South America, having nothing to do with the US.

      South Africa is not relevant. Sit this one out and let the big boys play. That’s what John Gault would do.

  • Nigger

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  • haunani

    While things are stated by Russia and China, They also have to project power. To start a world war over Iran, a semi client state, is not really militarily feasible. Surely the US would be damaged both militarily and diplomatically, but these nations haven’t actually fought a war of survival in 70 yrs.

    In that time, for better or worse, the US has it down to a science when it is army against army and force against force. The US is proven to do far less better at asymetrical warfare, rebel warfare, etc. Too big a force for too little a force is actually a detriment as we have provenly seen in Afganistan and Iraq and even VietNam. If Iran attacks Israel with duplicity and conniving, all bets are off if support for them would be there. Both Russia and China, while very very capable, want at all costs to keep that capability. You can be as ashamed of America for their militaristic stance as you want to be, however, push come to shove, you will be glad that that militaristic stance was there from the beginning.

  • Tony Gill


  • 855 volt

    It’s like a chess game.

  • Alene S. Ammond, Former NJ Sta

    Barack Obama is the worse President the U.S. has ever had in modern times. He is deliberately destroying us from within. A Treaty with Iran will have the effect of ultimately buying them another
    year to build their bomb. Iran were the bombers of Khobar Towers, a US military installation in
    Dhahran, Saudi Arabia in 1996. 19 US Airmen killed and at least 505 wounded. Also murdered
    were Saudis who lived in close proximity to the base. All Bill Clinton did to retaliate was to
    bomb a Saudi Aspirin factory. In the meantime the mothers and family of the airmen killed
    never got over their deaths because it was not as if they were killed on a battlefield, but
    in the Apartment Building the Saudis gave to the U.S. military. The perimeter fence surrounding
    the complex was very close to the main buildings. Not until that attack take place did the U.S.
    military move the Perimeter fence further out. Iran can never be trusted. They are laughing
    at us and our naive President. Or is this President actually an enemy of the U.S.

    Only a huge segment of our population can stand up and at least try to reverse this
    horrible Treaty. Iran has killed many and will just wait for the completion of their bomb
    to attack Israel and the U.S. on our soil.

  • fy

    would you dumb idiot americans chat in yahoo or whats app ?

  • Abbadon

    HA! HA! HA!
    Hey, president osama, you’d better pull all of your u.s. citizens out of all those isalmic countries. Putin’s comin’ after your muslim pals and anyone else who gets in the way.

  • oh god

    I am not suprised.Let me explain I am not even sure who the president is.But no matter a construct of the deep state or maybe part legitimate we have crossed the Rubicon of insanity.The people running this country behind the scenes are 80 to 100 year old.So the dementia seems to be setting in.One great example is we have a soldier being kick out for attempting to stop a child molester.So not only is this country run by maniacs here and abroad but by people that are suffering from dementia.I am not even sure if they understand all of their actions.Putin understands obamo is not the problem.People like Soros,Kissinger,Brewniski and Royalty are the issue.

  • ImajWalker

    Here we are 3 years later… and the USA is TRYING to use the MEDIA PROPAGANDA against Russia. How funny & hilarious! ISIS is created, weaponized & financed by the USA. Russia taking out ISIS is why the USA is ALL FOR needing your support against Russia. Who are the real criminals? I pick the USA / U.N. (One World Order) and the Vatican (that’s pushing for a One World Order).. you can pick your own! I’m awake!

  • Clif Vandemyer

    now i know what is was like to be a german citizen during world war ii our empour isnt listening to anything but his was mongering buddies

  • Clif Vandemyer

    nato or putin needs to bring charges up on the west and save us from getting nuked you know obama would sacrafice any amount of americans while he is safely tucked away

  • Clif Vandemyer

    and the gop is just as corrupt its not just obama , its mCain , Graham etc –

  • Making money is making money bro