PuppetGov video: Why resistance is essential

The artistic power of PuppetGov‘s Why resistance is essential video communicates to a different part of us than academic facts, no matter how professionally communicated.

Let this art touch, inspire, and move your actions.


US overthrew Iran’s democracy 1953-1979, helped Iraq invade 1980-1988, now lies for more war (and an analogy if the US were the victim of empire)

What Iran’s president said about Israel, and how US War Criminal 1% lie for war

What IAEA reports on Iran’s nuclear energy/medicine, how US War Criminal 1% lie

US constantly violates war law: arrest Obama before ‘false flag’ war on Iran

Analogy: US wars on Iraq, Iran as US criminal gangster “business”

Occupy This: US History exposes the 1%’s crimes then and now (6-part series)

Are US wars in Iraq and Afghanistan well-intended mistakes? What we now know from the evidence

US war laws explained, why Afghanistan and Iraq wars are unlawful, how to end them

US war history in 2 minutes: arrest US War Criminals to stop war on Iran

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  • Pragati

    Thnaks for the video and such informative post

    • Carl Herman

      You’re welcome, Pragati.