NASA Announces Game-Changing Energy Breakthrough

Low Energy Nuclear Reactions Will Lessen Reliance on Fossil Fuels and Nuclear Power

NASA has announced a game-changing energy technology:

Narrator: While the world is drastically dependent on fossil fuel, researchers at NASA Langley Research Center are working on another way of producing energy-efficient nuclear power.

Dr Zawodny: This other form of nuclear power releases energy by adding neutrons. Eventually they gain a sufficient number of neutrons that they spontaneously decay into something of the same mass but a different element.

Narrator: The different element is cleaner than traditional nuclear fuels, and can be produced by raw materials such as nickel, carbon and hydrogen.

Dr. Zawodny: It has the demonstrated ability to produce excess amounts of energy, cleanly, without hazardous ionizing radiation, without producing nasty waste.

Narrator: This clean form of energy is also powerful, able to support everything from transportation systems to infrastructure.

Dr. Zawodny: The easiest implementation of this would be for the home. You would have a unit that would replace your water heater. And you would have some sort of cycle to derive electrical energy from that.

And then it would dump its waste heat into the water or air handing system for the building. So it would be a dual use thing. It would be sitting there producing heat; and you’d drive electricity from it to run your electronics, power the house, power the building, power the light industry. And then the waste heat would be used for environmental control [i.e. heating, air conditioning, etc.] and warm water.”

Narrator: NASA’s method for Enhancement of Surface Plasmon Polaritons to Initiate And Sustain LENR in Metal Hydride Systems, a clean nuclear energy for your power- operated technology.

As Zawodny’s patent application shows, this method involves “low energy nuclear reactions” – or LENRs for short.

Zawodny is not a rogue scientist.

The head scientist at NASA’s Langley Research Center – Dennis Bushnell – said in a fascinating interview in June that LENR is a very “interesting and promising” new technology that is likely to advance “fairly rapidly” and that – if it is invented – would “solve both climate and energy”.  He explained that NASA is doing research into alternative energy because more efficient energy sources are needed to power spaceships.

The U.S. Navy’s Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center also reported detection of energetic neutrons using a heavy water electrolysis set-up and a CR-39 detector.

And Royal Dutch Shell is funding research into LENR.

These are photos purporting to show a portion of the LENR process, courtesy of India’s premier nuclear research facility (Bhabha Atomic Research Center, in Bombay):

This is a very exciting breakthrough, which could in the near future reduce reliance on oil, gas, coal and nuclear.

For more exciting energy breakthroughs, see this, this and this.

Update: A reader points me to Zawodny’s personal blog, where he explains:

It is my professional opinion that the production of excess energy has been demonstrated when the results of the last 20+ years of experimentation are evaluated. There has been a lot of work done in the past 20+ years. When considered in aggregate I believe excess power has been demonstrated. I did not say, reliable, useful, commercially viable, or controllable.  If any of those other terms were applicable I would have used them instead. If anything, it is the lack of a single clear demonstration of reliable, useful, and controllable production of excess power that has held LENR research back.

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  • Yes, this is tantalizing. Perhaps we’re poised for a breakthrough, finally, in energy.

    Thank you for the report, GW!

  • Here is the actual Langley NASA facility web page:

    BTW: Langley Center is engaged in space missions. The buffoons in your videos above have no idea what they are talking about, elements that absorb extra neutrons are isotopes.

  • Olinda

    This may be a breakthrough at this moment, but it has been known and kept under wraps for a very long time. There are even more exciting and viable techs that NASA has and may reveal when they know their game is up. The world will be surprised at the tech know how that they possess as they have never let it see the light of day……so don’t be so surprised. They use it only for the powers that be, that intend to depopulate the world. It would surely be a first if they would at least now acknowledge UFOs and ETs.

    • Pineappleman2

      John Titor?

  • mmckinl

    LENR = low energy nuclear reaction = cold fusion …

    Hope is not a plan …

  • At http://www.american-reporter/4,377/1.html, the entore history of this work and the difficulty of getting Americ an politicians behind it is discussed. That site broke the story and has extensive documentation.

  • Drew

    Wow! You all should know we could’ve had this technology YEARS ago! The two scientists who first reported cold fusion were completely ridiculed and forced out of their jobs for trying to bring this to public attention. NASA is the one of the establishments that denied the existence and said it was impossible….now they are trying to take credit?? Pons and Flieschmann were the two that deserve credit to this hack! And andrea Rossi in Greece right now has already started production after the US denied his patent on a cold fusion device which he has tested and shown to work! He even has a 1megawatt power station already. Just think we could’ve stopped polluting in the 80s if big oil and other fossil fuel crap didn’t force us on them or dangerous nuclear plants. Lenr is dirt cheap and basically free energy and if they try to make it seem otherwise they’re full of it.

  • Anton Nym

    This is the kind of technology that is not yet reliable. Seems that, as my grandmother used to say, “You have to hold your mouth just right…” to make it work. Don’t give up.