January 28th: Oakland Police Fire Tear Gas, Flash Bang Grenades and Rubber Bullets at Occupy Oakland Protesters

New Violence and Press Intimidation

Kevin Gosztola notes:

Oakland police in riot gear fired smoke, tear gas, flash bang grenades and rubber bullets at Occupy Oakland protesters trying to take a vacant building this afternoon.

Here is footage:

As usual at Occupy protests, reporters were harassed. Indeed – because of the intentional harassment of reporters at Occupy protests – the U.S. has fallen to 47th in global press freedom rankings.

For twitter updates – which include protesters taking over city Hall and police brutality – see this twitter feed and these livestreams:

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  • It is clear that The Universal Smedley’s are all over the place anymore.

  • Caz

    Sad to see this happening. Do the people realize all they are producing right now is practice for the Nazi-like riot containment police forces? It would be nice to see these people coopting the military, getting out of US dollars to protest, reclaiming control of the food system, and doing other things to coopt important planks of power away from the gov’t and elitists running the country. This mob protest approach has no political power to it and is asking to violence to occur. They should try coopting the police rather than cursing them out. That was the turning point in iceland.

  • Thank you for posting this, GW.

    The use of “less-lethal” weapons on people has strict rules of use; the Oakland Police are in Orwellian violation of those rules. From what I understand (and I haven’t invested the time to be fully confident of the facts), when the legal issue is trespassing or jaywalking, then such weapons are obviously never allowed. Police are refusing their own protocol to enforce laws such as trespassing, and then caught in violations and then lying about them with video evidence.

    Therefore, it seems to me, that we need some clear legal analysis and application of legal protections to prosecute and remove the criminal elements among the police. The police department can, and should, have their own polarization between the 1% who want fascism against Americans and the 99% who just want to do their job to uphold the law. I know that internal department tools are available for such acts to suspend criminal officers. I invite our brothers and sisters in law enforcement to take the actions they see are right.