Initial Results Show that Ron Paul Won the South Carolina Republican Debate

Many online polls are showing that Ron Paul won the Charleston Republican debate tonight, and is picking up steam.

For example, here is Newsday:

Poll Daddy:


Naples News:

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  • getreal

    Ron Paul 2012… or the USSA will forever be fascist.

  • bbq

    The big money owned media having tried their hardest to portray and ignore one canidate as “unelectable” appears to be failing with most every poll found on the web……

    Will the 40% independent voters amount to more than the 60% that Obama and Wall street’s choice split?

    Or does big money still own chad and the machine?

    Paul 2012 !

    Stop the looting and start prosecuting!

  • Dave Mowers

    Ron Paul’s “Restore America Plan” will eliminate all regulatory bodies and leave those powers in the hands of individual States. States which have existing laws and regulations protecting the public from every single Federal version.

    In place of federal funding to encourage States to comply with regulatory agencies, Paul would issue a “block grant” equal to the amount of money they receive now(Ironically, after Paul’s plan was released Mitt Romney, Newt Gingrich, Rick Perry and Santorum all adopted the same concept in the debates). Big difference though, States could spend the money on what they want or need NOT what the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT says they must spend it on or not receive it. So State’s like say… California, whose own people legalize a substance like say…marijuana can be left alone to do the will of THEIR PEOPLE. Just like Texas under Perry dissolved their version of the E.P.A. so a radioactive toxic waste dump, the largest in America, could be built there for one of his major donors. Corruption exists at State and Federal levels but at least Paul’s America will have one less Devil to dance with.

    State’s like Texas who don’t want abortion legal or want the death penalty for murderers can simply do what THEIR PEOPLE want with THEIR State and still continue receiving the money they would get anyway under federal highway transportation matching funds program. Not saying everyone must agree with one position because of Federal rules, and of course not agreeing with some State’s like Texas but hey, DON’T LIVE THERE IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT!

    If some big, bad-guy-company dumps chemicals into your local water supply your own State can deal with it or you can use the civil and criminal court system instead of some bureaucrat telling you that fishing is now illegal in a pond on your property. Yeah, look it up the E.P.A. has a bill under Obama that will make boating or fishing rivers, streams and lakes in the United States illegal if one species of fish is endangered. Say goodbye to a billion dollar a year industry. Or you can grow lemon trees without worrying about whether or not you violate Florida’s laws on citrus cultivation like “Bridget Donovan, who has now been dubbed “The Lemon Tree Lady,” and has been fined $60,000.00’s by the USDA!

    Aren’t you tired of government overreach into your life?

    Shouldn’t you and your neighbors determine what is best for your neighborhood?

    Who says I cannot grow carrots because they are “patented”?

    ███ ████

    2 0 1 2

  • openlyevil

    there has to be some sort of selective bias to explain this. maybe age related. no?

    • t brownt

      Yes there is “selective bias” here – Ron Paul voters in these polls are limited to citizens who cherish our Constitution, our personal freedoms, fiscal responsibility, and leaders of our country who are Honest and Trustworty.
      Ron Paul 2012 !!!

  • Barbara Graham Grabowski

    Ron Paul is the right candidate for this time in America. He has the right ‘now’ remedies for turning the sad state of affaris around in our country. So I will be voting for Ron Paul in the primary in NC. Do not believe we need to go to a 3rd party and split the vote. Vote Ron Paul in all Primaries and Caucas’ and we will get the right candidate. He has the right character, no history to hide, always stood for the Constitution and has not voted against the rights of the people. Liberty is high on his list. Do we need the government to take care of us or can we be free and get back to high standards in morality and integrity. If not no candidate can save us from our own degredation.

  • Awesome… screenshots of all the winning polls. It’s a shame that any poll where Ron Paul is winning is considered “invalid” by the media…

  • robertsgt40

    There is now an Israeli Super PAC that is dedicated to crushing Ron Paul. This speaks volumes.

  • NCMArc

    It’s funny, whenever I see Ron Paul events and town halls, they are PACKED and overflowing with supporters, Ron Paul has the MOST donations from our Military members and more small donations than other candidates… and he wins all these polls too… yet Newt has to cancel an event due to “poor attendance”… and santorum has less than 10% in most polls.

    maybe Ron Paul is REALLY in the lead and they just don’t want us to know? All this support for the others seems fabricated by the media.

  • Joe

    Ron Paul 2012! Because there is a war on for your MIND!

  • Tariq

    Candidate, Dr. RonPau, speaks for the majority of us, the Americans, not the world’s Mid East countries. I support him and wish the best. He can beat Obama out of all these losers. Yes, he thumpingly won the North Carolina debate.

  • I do like Dr.Ron Paul.He seems like he can be trusted.We need to take our country back to the prosperous nation it once was.One nation under God!

  • Newt G is bouncing back because he is leading The First Sexual Revolution of the evangelical right.

  • Roman Prince

    I became quite surprised and confused on the out come for Ron Paul in SC.
    I was watching the live blog on the SC Summerville Patch.It did ask who did you vote for.I clicked Ron Paul and a graph came up.
    At 6:59 Ron Paul was at 33% leaving every one else in the dust.
    Then I do wonder if the real nomination poll is not “fixed” some how at least here in SC.
    Now I understand a rumor Ron Paul is not going to FL.I don’t buy that a bit.He did not say any thing close to that is his celebration speech.He appeared happy,thrilled and more determined.
    If nothing else a 2 or 3 way tie of collection of number’s to get nominated.
    Newt has too much garbage.Wife’s, Freddie and Fay Mac $$,and getting booted from Speaker’s seat.
    Romney too much of a “good thing”that is more into losing job’s and very poor judgement on so many thing’s.Enough said.

  • Roman Prince

    Ron Paul according to his wbsite WILL BE in Florida tonight in Tampa.
    It will be covered by NBC at 9:00 PM E.S.T.
    There will be a live stream for us computer watcher’s from a far.