Governments Worldwide Raise Acceptable Radiation Levels Based Upon Politics … Not Science

Instead of Protecting People, Governments Cover Up by Raising “Safe” Radiation Levels

American and Canadian authorities have virtually stopped monitoring airborne radiation.

Neither American nor Canadian authorities are testing fish for radioactivity.

Does that mean that we don’t have to worry about radiation from Fukushima?

It is a little hard to know, given that what is deemed a “safe level” of radiation is determined by politics … rather than science. For example, current safety standards are based on the ridiculous assumption that everyone exposed is a healthy man in his 20s – and that radioactive particles ingested into the body cause no more damage than radiation hitting the outside of the body.

And one of the main advisors to the Japanese government on Fukushima announced:

If you smile, the radiation will not affect you.

(Here’s the video.)

In the real world, however, even low doses of radiation can cause cancer. Moreover, small particles of radiation – called “internal emitters” – which get inside the body are much more dangerous than general exposures to radiation. See this and this. And radiation affects small children much more than full-grown adults.

Indeed, instead of doing much to try to protect their citizens from Fukushima, Japan, the U.S. and the EU all just raised the radiation levels they deem “safe”.

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen says that high-level friends in the State Department told him that Hillary Clinton signed a pact with her counterpart in Japan agreeing that the U.S. will continue buying seafood from Japan, despite that food not being tested for radioactive materials.

And the Department of Energy is trying to replace the scientifically accepted model of the dangers of low dose radiation based on voodoo science. Specifically, DOE’s Lawrence Berkeley Labs used a mutant line of human cells in a petri dish which was able to repair damage from low doses of radiation, and extrapolated to the unsupported conclusion that everyone is immune to low doses of radiation:

In reality, not only is there overwhelming evidence that low doses of radiation can cause cancer, but there is some evidence that low doses can – in certain circumstances cause more damage than higher doses.

As I pointed out in April:

The Bulletin of Atomic Scientists reported that one of the best-known scientists of the 20th century – Dr. John Gofman – also believed that chronic low level radiation is more dangerous than acute exposure to high doses. Gofman was a doctor of nuclear and physical chemistry and a medical doctor who worked on the Manhattan Project, co-discovered uranium-232 and -233 and other radioactive isotopes and proved their fissionability, helped discover how to extract plutonium, led the team that discovered and characterized lipoproteins in the causation of heart disease, served as a Professor Emeritus of Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California Berkeley, served as Associate Director of the Livermore National Laboratory, was asked by the Atomic Energy Commission to undertake a series of long range studies on potential dangers that might arise from the “peaceful uses of the atom”, and wrote four scholarly books on radiation health effects.

And see this, this and this.

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  • Ned

    I figured this is the solution to all the Baby-Boomers heading into the Social Security program. Probably good for big pharma cancer drug sales too.

  • Ade

    The World is run by Absolute Psychos, the big problem is, they actually believe this stuff, they write recommendations, it looks impressive, and scientific and they then believe it’s true.

  • bigblue

    fuck em eat em kill em but ABANDON your leaders

  • bigblue

    and oh yeah ….

    PIC or it didnt happen 😉

  • Barry

    Great article, thanks. I’ve passed it along. It appears that the future holds some pretty horrific results for the human race and the earth’s living organisms.

  • I’m glad someone is covering the issues that concern me the most.thank you

  • Iam Stunned

    This is why Berkeley stopped monitoring of radiation sources last year even though levels were NOT zero. This is the pay-off. I’ll bet they got LOTS OF MONEY to do this and follow-on studies.


  • amicus curiae

    appears we have the same issue here in Aus also. the govt IS testing but not talking about it at all. recent citizen with rad meter found high depositions over inner Qld suburb area.
    the MSM and Govt totally ignore the reports.
    It appears buying a geiger counter, either alone or as a co operative? may be the only way to be able to know whats happening in your own country and area.
    not a great deal we can do except have potassium Iodide handy for use if rad counts found to be above background.
    and yeah Background figures arent easy to find either.

  • Ed Parise

    Ignorance does not wipe away truth. Fukashima is Chernoybl on steroids it is said. When I spoke with Mrs. Gunderson last May about this Fukashima thing, she advised going south of the equator yesterday. I live and love living in Ecuador now.

    Other people-in-the-know said the whole western coast of the US and Canada should have been evacuated one week after the unfortunate event. Japan, US, Canada have done nothing to inform the people—they only obfuscate the issue and lie about it.

    Get the hell out of the Northern Hemisphere now—yesterday!

  • Some bureaucrats will do anything to avoid having to suffer the consequences of their own criminal stupidity, even if it kills the rest of us. Words will not solve this problem. And no government is ever going to be capable of doing what is necessary. It is up to us as individuals and collectively to put an end to government lying. Voting will not accomplish this. Therefore we need to grow up and do what is necessary to protect ourselves. Also we need to remember that in matters of self defense, there is no moral question; the moral failure only comes up when one omits to defend one’s own life.

  • ZebraCakes

    Where is the source on this? Because the FDA is an extremely important agency which big business backed politicians have been trying to eliminate for a long time in the name of decreasing safety and health standards to increase profits. According to the FDA their rigorous testing showed now exposure, and the FDA guidelines have not been changed. So where exactly is this “information” coming from? You should be ashamed for fear mongering non-sense when there are real and actual things to be concerned with.

  • Actually, we don’t need to test for radiation. That’s a given. We need to test for places where radiation is milder. The body is highly adaptive but most likely the population on planet Earth will be reduced significantly the next few years.

  • Guest

    “Lawrence Berkeley Labs used a mutant line
    of human cells in a petri dish which was able to repair damage from low
    doses of radiation, and extrapolated to the unsupported conclusion that
    everyone is immune to low doses of radiation”
    MCF10a are epithelial cells from the breast of a 36yo Caucasian woman grown a human body conditioned environmental chamber. Normal human breasts suppress tumors. You want the mutant. The knockout of tp53 (turns off a tumor suppressor that humans normally have on) actually makes these cells more likely to get a tumor sooner your average human.
    And the conclusion is not that everyone is immune. There is no “immune.” We take damage all day everyday from everything. It says humans can repair their own damage up to a threshold point. It will vary between persons, but the average person can repair more than tumor-susceptible cells.

    • damspam

      So why is it that radiation therapy has such a poor track record treating cancers? And why is it that thyroid cancer is spiking in Japan after Fukushima? Petri dishes are notoriously poor bellwethers.

  • Michael Faust

    Would you take more damage from a one time full on fist fight, or from 10 years of every day having a bully throw rocks and rend your skin, just a little?