Fukushima Radiation Spreads Worldwide

California, Finland, Canada, Australia Hit By Radiation

The University of California at Berkeley detected cesium levels in San Francisco area milk above over EPA limits … and even higher than they were 6 months ago.

Finnish public television says that cesium from Fukushima has been detected in lichens, fungi and elk and reindeer meat in Finland.

The Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency confirmed a radiation cloud over the East Coast of Australia.

The West Coast of Canada is getting hit by debris from Japan … and at least some of it is likely radioactive.

The authors of the controversial study claiming 14,000 deaths in the U.S. so far from Fukushima are now upping their figure to 20,000. I spoke with nuclear health expert Chris Busby about their study, and he said that mortality figures fluctuate pretty substantially in the normal course, and so it is hard to know at this point one way or the other whether their figures are accurate.

And while there is no evidence linking them to Fukushima, Bed Bath and Beyond has recalled radioactive tissue holders after they set off police radiation monitors aboard a delivery truck This may just be an example of the incredibly lax handling of radioactive materials.

And thyroid cancers are – mysteriously – on the rise in the U.S.

But don’t worry: The owner of the Fukushima plant has the plant in cold shutdown, so everything is “under control” … Although temperatures have apparently jumped inside Fukushima’s number 2 reactor, and the Japanese have no idea where the nuclear fuel has gone, so they are drilling a hole into the containment vessel to try to find it.

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  • Howard T. Lewis III

    I fled a career building fission powerplants back in 1975 because of the spent fuel problem not solved BACK THEN. 10,000 years before the spent fuel mellows enough to bury. I would rather shave the left side of my head and join the cult that follows that than ever again put trust in someone so obsessed with an afterlife while cursed with so little respect or appreciation for this one.

    • Lariokie

      Thank you for shedding first hand light on this incideous technology. We are so addicted to our energy intensive lifestyles that we prefer not to know the realities of our consumption of energy. We should shut down every Nuke power plant as an incentive to get serious about alternatives.

  • gmathol

    What do we learn? Only Russia’s/Chernobyl’s cesium counts in Western media.

  • mike

    “evil empire”… remember?

  • Miyoko Goto

    If TEPCO is a small country like North Korea, the US Air Force has already bombed around. Some how I feel TEPCO is invincible and mightier than the USA, the world’s only super power.

  • johnm33

    Over at http://sherriequestioningall.blogspot.com/ there’s an account of three consecutive explosions directly beneath fukushima, shallow, 7, and 20k down, also the settling of dust later you’ll have to go back to 5jan ,or earlier to get the full sp.

  • Valerie Brooks

    Is it a set up to make the world have to sink Japan to get rid of radiation coming out all over the world?

  • rich

    Folks, it’s all over but the crying! TPTB have kill us. It’s just a matter of time now.
    There was nothing they could do anyway, other then not to build the nuke power stations where they did. Japan is dead or soon to be.
    Go back and watch “On the Beach” movie.
    this is not the but the beginning of the end.

  • So, detectable levels of radiation are dangerous? Then find some way to leave Earth because naturally occurring radiation is everywhere. No…wait…you’ll have to leave the universe itself because all of it is naturally radioactive. (Curse those radiation-spawning stars!) Hmmmm…this means there’s no safe level of life, right?

    • Elizabeth Kellett

      Leslie – there are different kinds of radiation – some are deadly, some are good! Some degrade quickly and others don’t… so unless you can speak intelligently, I suggest you not write silly comments until you know of what you speak!

    • jose

      Leslie, may I tell you something? sorry I will…. I come from Spain, a country where you hear all sorts of things (very high level stupidities) on radio, tv, internet, and the whole lot, but let me tell you that your comments has beaten all of them by far this year and hey… we are enjoying a great year at this side of the pond… I won´t bother to comment or rebate your comment (somebody did quite properly before me), let me just say that there is plenty of stupidity on the internet to keep reading more, so save it for the bar! PLEASE

    • drjamerica

      please go to japan and work on the nuke plant shut down so we dont need to worry about u breeding any more stupid people —if u consume radiation then u are truely screwed there are no safe levels of radiation -even back ground radation is NOT GOOD for you not real bad but NOT GOOD for you

      • Willy

        “even back ground radation is NOT GOOD for you ”


    • L Leeman

      I thing Leslie’s point is well taken. Just because something is at a DETECTABLE level does not make it an automatic end of the world scenario. The equipment used to measure the different type of radiation are now extremely sensitive and can measure the presence of even the tiniest trace of radioactive material.

      Bear in mind that ALL carbon based life is naturally radioactive ( Carbon 14), there is natural background radiation, there is natural radiation from normal minerals as well as from deposits of natural elements like Uranium. The oceans are FULL of dissolved radioactive isotopes and this is all natural.

      Unless the actual levels and TYPE of radiation are reported and the so called ‘experts say’ are identified, there is little that can be learned from articles like this.

  • andrew

    why in the world hasn’t anyone taken any g’damned action against GE or the management?
    why are we still sitting on our collective thumbs about the bank failures and why the big banks are being allowed to manipulate the stock market?
    what happens when the people decide that the fed is illegal, and paper money is no good…hope you bankers can cook, farm, and barter that paper to some sucker like you do now (and dont knock at my door mr money man, because the shotgun has it’s own agenda)…all bets are off baby.
    i know that’s a bit tangented from fukushima.
    the worst part is thinking that snow is evil and using the snowblower can cause cancer now and that nobody in any position of power seems to give a crap.

    Words are like the wind: they eventually pass with little regard for anything.


  • Marissa

    Okay, okay…. Got any solutions of what average, busy people can do about this?

    • Bob

      Bend Over!

  • Kukulkan

    Great, more Coast to Coast A.M. hot air masquerading as legitimate news. Even a cursory check of sources on this piece reveals it to be nothing more than hot air. Fear-mongering is a such a lame hobby dude, try some real journalism.

    tl;dr Do your homework, check your sources.

    • jose

      you mind trying some real commenting??? oh go on!

  • Nexus789

    I think the scary thing is that there over 400 nuke facilities around the world with spent fuel stored and constantly cooled. The mind boggles if anything were to happen to power supplies to these facilities.

    The whole nuke industry is shot as it was built around the premise of an ‘open’ fuel cycle so they could extract fuel for their silly little bombs. Bombs that you cannot use as you would terminate civilisation.

    If power facilities did fail – possibly due to a solar event (a global war but we would all be dead anyway) then the planet would be irradiated pretty quickly.

  • Peter Jennings

    There are reports backed by photos stating that reactor 4 wasn’t even working that day and the rods had been removed, the top of the reactor was removed for maintenance, so how could it explode in the first place. The US and Isreal have been very involved with this plant. An Israeli company won the contract for the reactor CCTV and supplied camera equipment that was far, far bigger than it needed to be. Some surmised that the equipment contained additional capacities and was surreptitiously controlled from Israel.

    The generators at this plant had a problem to.
    There are also reports from seismologists saying that the epicentre of the quake wasn’t offshore.
    There is a lot more to this story than meets the eye. Check out Jimstonefreelance.com for more info.

  • Ian

    I read your link re the Australian aspect – and the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency DIDN’T confirm a radiation cloud over the East Coast of Australia.

    Makes me wonder about your whole article.

    • Madisun

      And the fact that they linked to a COMEDY SITE to back up their “incredibly lax handling of radioactive materials” claim? Yep, there’s some serious stuff in that article… But really?
      Either follow the links Cracked provided and link to the actual source of information, or Google what they’re talking about and link to a serious website.

  • JR

    Too bad we can’t use THORIUM. More abundant, cheaper, safer, can’t be weaponized. But, nooooooo, can’t use something that is BETTER. Oh well.

    BTW, global warming is a FRAUD. Even Phil Jones of East Anglia was forced to admit the MWP was just as warm, Kegwin’s study of marine radioisotopes shows we are, today, BELOW the 3,000 year average (but of course above the LIA temps of the early 1800s, when it was the coldest it has been in thousands of years), there is global warming on Mars (CalTech), Pluto (Harvard Smithsonian) and Jupiter as well as one of its moons. Nevertheless, it would be nice to see safe nuclear power (pebble reactors, perhaps?), or see thorium come into use.

  • medicine bear

    My father was a nuclear scientist,long deceased, & constructed one of the earliest reactors in approx 1950 in Denmark.He worked world-wide & for the major engineering corps in the U.S. The problems with reactors in the U.S. was political regards waste or spent fuel. In other countries they have “breeder” reactors which recycle the spent waste. Because of ignorant politicians & inspired by public interest groups at the time,breeders were not considered an option but burying or stockpiling the waste was.My father was also involved in the original “China Syndrome” experiment in the Mojave area.In the film of that name he was portrayed by actor Jack Lemon in personality only.The content of the film was over dramatized fiction,however,the experiment of the possibility of meltdown to China is true. There are better ways,however, politics prevail to strangle such alternatives.

    • There were protests in the USA when they first started building the poison. They never did listen to reason from the people.
      Don’t remember where I found this, “Through ignorance people are engrossed in corruption. If they knew better, they would save themselves.” No thought of future generations. Even their own. They graves should be marked GREED.

  • tawny

    A QUESTION – I am finding that I might actually, for a complex set of reasons, have to move, and might have the money to move to a safer area (in or out of the USA) than where I am now living, which is Honolulu (getting a lot of radionuclides by air and sea).

    I’m trying to find information about where in the world (literally) might be the safest place to move, in an attempt to live where one’s exposure to the Fukushima radiation might be the least. This is an especially pressing concern right now, spring of 2012, given that the situation with SFP 4 is so precarious, and could worsen catastrophically, literally any day.

    Could you perhaps write an article on this important subject, and/or invite comments/suggestions from readers?

    Thank you for any help/information you can give me.

    • Tina


  • Prill Beads – research this. (Magnesium Oxide in water) is a decontaminent of metals in the body and will even help with radioactive levels. Make sure the ones you get are real. Google Joyce Riley and the Power Hour for a lead on good ones.

  • Hey, I live in the pacific NW on the WA coast. I have noticed over the past 4 months Insects have been migrating here, Allot of bee’s I walked by a rhododendron bush and all I can describes it as is the movie the mummy with all of them bug or whatever they were. Well i was chillin’ on youtube and started looking of some random stuff and saw that bee’s had been dying off in many parts of the world. Technically they make up our resources for food and most of it but that so much that its said to be 100% of food is generated by bees, correct me if im wrong guys. Well Started seeing a fair amount of dead birds, one in my pond floating, Owls, Beach, n’ on the side of the road. “I don’t really get out much so i don’t C why nobody had mentioned this too me. Every thing in mass media never circulates through here, my towns population is probably less than a thousand people. So stuff seems normal i guess besides lightning on a sunny day IDK thought id put it out there no thunder until night time. Well these last two day I have noticed a ton of MOTHS everywhere seriously they’re are about twenty in my computer room as i type, my window is open. They have been out for 3 day i believe and they keep getting thicker! one last thing The sky is ridiculously orange I keep thinking there is a fire. Certain places i go have heat flashes like crazy they are usually near the ocean not the bay kinda backwards for these parts. Anyways I think there is a CONNECTION TO THE BEES EVERYWHERE THEN DYING OFF, AND THE FACT THAT THERE IS MOTHS DOING ALMOST THE SAME THING, MIGRATING IM PRETTY SURE. im only 19 form the PNW and i pay allot of attention to detail a year and 1/2 or something ago they’re were millions of dragonfly’s flying out of the ocean, not really any connection that i can see so far on that pretty sure its the wash-away beach, seems almost as of the ocean where i live is turning into a bay like area, even with bay fish in pools of water that i have never seen 10-30 feet from the shoreline.

  • Pacific Energy
  • Suzanne Rosenorn

    As soon as I heard about the radiation, I thought Oh great now all our foreign cars are going to have tons of radiation over here.

  • Massive Marbles
  • Ben

    Karma’s a bitch eh?

  • Xen DuB

    TIMES up yall take your heads outta your collective butts and get busy .
    time to change out our worthless government entirely its that time again……..

  • Phil Blank

    Dated 2012.
    What are the reading now at the end of August 2014?