2-minute video: USS Enterprise false flag target for US War Criminals to attack Iran?

Iran’s nuclear energy and medical isotopes are all legally accounted for in IAEA inspections with zero evidence of unlawful use of nuclear material or technology; President Obama leads the lies of “Iran’s weapons” for another criminal war. Mr. Obama also leads the lies that Iran’s president threatened Israel when the speech is absolutely clear he said Israel’s government will fall from within if they don’t respect democracy for Palestine. A third lie is of omission to never mention that the US overthrew Iran’s democracy from 1953-1979, and then supported an unlawful invasion via Iraq from 1980-1988 that mass-murdered about one million Iranians.

We also know that all “reasons” for US wars in Afghanistan and Iraq were known to be lies as they were told. Anyone who understands the crystal-clear letter and spirit of US war law can verify that US wars are not even close to lawful.

The two-minute video explains the possible false flag attack target of the  aircraft carrier USS Enterprise to start war on Iran.


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  • Be careful not to “bomb bomb bomb” the Jews in Iran:

    Iran’s Jewish community is officially recognized as a religious minority group by the government, and, like the Zoroastrians, they are allocated one seat in the Iranian Parliament … Today Tehran has 11 functioning synagogues, many of them with Hebrew schools. It has two kosher restaurants, an old-age home and a cemetery. There is a Jewish library with 20,000 titles. Iranian Jews have their own newspaper (called “Ofogh-e-Bina”) with Jewish scholars performing Judaic research at Tehran’s “Central Library of Jewish Association”. The “Dr. Sapir Jewish Hospital” is Iran’s largest charity hospital of any religious minority community in the country; however, most of its patients and staff are Muslim … The Constitution of Iran says that Jews are equal to Muslims.”


  • NomNomNom

    as noted by commenter inriguedbyr at followthemoney
    “Strange they are sending the USS Enterprise, second oldest in commission
    wonder who insures it?
    from wiki
    As of September 2010, Enterprise’s home port is at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia. She has one more deployment before her decommissioning”

  • Iqbal Halani

    But cant the sailors on board suss out reductions in its nuclear arms / aircraft complement, and swim ashore at the nearest sight of land !! Surely there must be tell tale signs of it being prepared as a sacrificial lamb. On thing is for sure, Colin Powell had to amass 500,000 men for Iraq, the US has barely enough men to defend Centcom, THE CRIMINALS (who did 911) ARE PLANNING A NUCLEAR STRIKE !! But the Iranians may just be waiting for it, AQ Khan has been their neighbour for 20 years and small scale nuclear weapons can be miniature enough to fit into the kind of short range missiles that can be lobbed over South Lebnan to reach Tel Aviv in 7 minutes. As part of a huge wave, difficult to shoot down.

  • Jesus

    Expect WW3 and NUKES to be used…China will aid Iran too…expect a DRAFT for youth/fodder and a LONG bloody war!!! gas at $6 gallon or more…riots, M law…domestic wars…if U think its bad now, wait till war comes with Iran…no place will be safe folks…

    • Carl Herman

      Jesus, Jesus. Then we’d all better use that scenario to motivate our most virtuous actions now, eh?

      If fear works to motivate your virtue, go for it.