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Peaceful Protest Treated as Terrorism By the FBI

Tyranny Comes to America Yves Smith notes that newly-declassified documents prove that the federal government treated peaceful protesters as terrorists: The FBI deemed OWS [Occupy Wall Street] to be a terrorist organization and went into “guilty until proven innocent” mode. … Continue reading


Is This Really a Police State?

Guest post by investigative historian Eric Zuesse, author – most recently – of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity. When the corporate-organized FreedomWorks/Koch “Tea Party” group within the … Continue reading

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Government and Big Banks Joined Forces to Violently Crush Peaceful Protests

Mussolini Would Call It Fascism The definition of fascism used by Mussolini is the “merger of state and corporate power“. Government and the big banks are in a malignant, symbiotic relationship. And our economy now exhibits a merger of state … Continue reading


‘Gun control’ + US unlawful wars killed 100 million; Americans should never disarm

Documentations of government-dictated gun control/confiscation show ~70 million deaths in the 20th Century (and here). Regarding US government history to use its own guns in unlawful murders, documentations show up to 30 million US government victims from unlawful armed war … Continue reading


The Second Amendment … Where’s the Line?

The Right to Bear … Drones? Gun advocates say that the Second Amendment guarantees the right to bear arms to prevent a tyrannical government from oppressing us. They quote the Founding Fathers: Laws that forbid the carrying of arms, disarm … Continue reading


‘Iraq war unlawful’: all 27 UK Foreign Affairs lawyers, 2003. ‘Official report delayed again’: UK govt today

The UK Cameron government is blocking publication of their “official” report on Iraq war until perhaps 2014 or later, according to the UK’s most popular newspaper website. Perhaps this delay is in part because the Blair government was advised before … Continue reading


Sorry, Santa Isn’t Real … and Neither Is “Free” Money

It’s Time to Create a Grown-Up Economy Liberal economist Dean Baker writes: Just as little kids have to come to grips with the fact that there is no Santa Claus, it is necessary for millions of liberals, including many who … Continue reading


Amateur and PROFESSIONAL Investors Lose Faith In the Economy

Lack of Trust – Caused by Institutional Corruption – Is Killing the Economy We’ve previously documented that lack of trust – caused by institutional corruption – is killing the economy. Not only amateurs, but also professional investors are giving up … Continue reading



On January 8 of this year I posted my annual prediction article for this year – 2012 – The Year of Living Dangerously. Now it’s time to assess my complete and utter cluelessness when it comes to predicting things within … Continue reading


Facebook Even Censors ART

Image by William Banzai Social Media Censorship is Rampant Not only does Facebook – like all of the other large social media outfits – censor political speech, it also censors art. Acclaimed artist Anthony Freda told us: They suspended my … Continue reading

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Facebook Yields to Pressure: Reactivates Political Critics’ Accounts

Outcry Leads Facebook to Back Away from Overt Censorship Prominent political critics confirmed to us that their accounts had been suspended or inactivated yesterday in a coordinated purge. But after we – and others – slammed the censorship, the activists’ … Continue reading


Facebook Censors Prominent Political Critics

Political Witch Hunt by Popular Social Media Sites We’ve previously documented that the largest social media websites censor government criticism. For example, Facebook pays low-wage foreign workers to delete certain content based upon a censorship list. For instance, Facebook deletes … Continue reading


American Sailors Sue Tepco for Lying about Fukushima

On the USS Ronald Reagan for Rescue Work Preface:  Before you get too mad at the Japanese, remember that the U.S. government and nuclear industry are just as bad.  And America is largely dictating Japanese nuclear policy. Courthouse News Service … Continue reading


Tokyo Almost As Irradiated As Fukushima

Tepco – and West Coast of America – Slammed with Radiation We’ve documented the spread of radiation from Fukushima to Tokyo for a year and a half.  See this, this, this, this, this and this. Unfortunately, as the following recent … Continue reading


The FBI – Drowning In Counter-Terrorism Money, Power and Other Resources – Will Apply The Term “Terrorism” To Any Group It Dislikes And Wants To Control And Suppress

Painting by Anthony Freda: “Abuses Of Power Always – Always – Expand Beyond Their Original Application” Constitutional lawyer Glenn Greenwald writes: Documents just obtained from the FBI by the Partnership for Civil Justice Fund reveal, as the New York … Continue reading


Merry Christmas!


It’s Not a “Fiscal Cliff” … It’s the Descent Into Lawlessness

It’s Not a Tax or Spending Problem … It’s a Devolution Into Lawlessness The “fiscal cliff” is a myth. Instead, what we are facing is a descent into lawlessness. Wikipedia notes: In many situations, austerity programs are imposed on countries … Continue reading


The Lie that Prosecuting Bank Fraud Will Destabilize the Economy Is What Is REALLY Destroying the Economy

Failing to Prosecute White Collar Crime Guarantees a Weak and Unstable Economy … and Future Financial Crashes The Departments of Justice and Treasury are pretending that criminally prosecuting criminal banksters will destabilize the economy. The exact opposite is true. Failing … Continue reading


Banks Pledge Same Gold to Numerous People

Banks Pledge Same Collateral Numerous Times Big banks pledged the same mortgage to numerous people. Similarly, big bullion banks borrow gold from central banks, and then rehypothecate it numerous times: (Options contracts on all commodities are similarly over-leveraged.) A 1999 … Continue reading

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Swimming Through Space: An Amazing Tour of the Space Station

H/t: Want To Know


People All Over the World Are Freaking Out Over December 21st

No … the World WON’T End on December 21st! The Mayan 2012 end of the world “prophecy” is scaring the pants off numerous children and suicidal teeangers. CBS News Detroit reports today: Thousands of students will have an extra long … Continue reading


When Martial Artists Play Soccer

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A Case to Indict Barack Obama

Preface: Background here. Guest post by investigative historian Eric Zuesse, author – most recently – of They’re Not Even Close: The Democratic vs. Republican Economic Records, 1910-2010, and of CHRIST’S VENTRILOQUISTS: The Event that Created Christianity. I am a proud Democrat, and … Continue reading


Breast-Squeezing – and Sex In General – Improves Health

Our Interests Are Strictly Academic, Of Course … We’ve extensively documented that sex helps you live longer, makes you smarter, improves health and prevents depression. More good news for the lover … MSN UK notes that squeezing the breasts can … Continue reading


The Importance of Translating Politics Into Artwork

An interview with our favorite artist, Anthony Freda:

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Amazing Chi Energy “Iron Shirt” Demonstrations


Big Brother Spying Didn’t Stop Connecticut School Shooter … Or 9/11

  Why Did We Lose Our Rights if the Government Isn’t Even Keeping Us Safe? Beyond any doubt, Big Brother has come to America. Americans are the most spied on people in world history. Everyone in the country is spied … Continue reading


Humanity In the Middle of War

Preface:  The opposite of demonizing the enemy is humanity. The stories gathered below illustrate humanity in the middle of war. None of that was as shocking as the German pilot now suddenly to his right. Brown thought he was hallucinating. He … Continue reading

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New U.S. “Embassies” Being Built All Over the World Are Actually Spy Centers

Manned by Spies … Not Diplomats As part of his must-read expose of the runaway “secret” government, Tom Engelhart points out that all of the new “embassies” are really spying posts: Just this month the head of the Defense Intelligence … Continue reading


No, Mentally Ill People Would NOT Necessarily Have Become Violent Without Anti-Depressants

Scientific Evidence Shows that New Anti-Depressants MAKE Disturbed People Violent The number of school shootings, murders and murder-suicides, workplace violence, road rage, and random violence by soldiers by people taking anti-depressants is staggering. It is a reasonable – but false … Continue reading



Hey you, out there on the road always doing what you’re told, Can you help me? Hey you, out there beyond the wall, Breaking bottles in the hall, Can you help me? Hey you, don’t tell me there’s no hope … Continue reading


Israeli Soldiers’ Testimonies from the Occupied Territories 2000-2010

  By leading anti-war activist David Swanson, author of Day Break and War Is A Lie, who runs the websites and (formerly There is … a way to speak openly and honestly about Israel.  Not everyone can … Continue reading


20 dead children? US reneged poverty promises kill 20,000 children daily

US political leadership has reneged on every promise to save the lives of helpless children, resulting in the deaths of ~20,000 every day from preventable poverty. Since the US ongoing lies to care for children at the 1990 World Summit … Continue reading

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Mainstream Media Finally Awakens to the Fact that Big Banks Are Criminal Enterprises

Image by William Banzai “The Government Has Bought Into the Notion that Too Big to Fail Is Too Big to Jail” Alternative media have noted for years that: Fraud caused the Great Depression and the current financial crisis, and the … Continue reading


Are the New Generation of Anti-Depressant Medications Contributing to School Shootings?

SSRI’s May Be Exacerbating Violent Tendencies Before you make up your mind, watch these 4 videos: And see this, this, this, this, this and this. SSRI Stories has compiled a partial list of incidents of school violence committed by people … Continue reading


People Freak Out and Buy Noah’s Ark Survival Pods … But the Mayans Say 2012 Isn’t the End of the World

Hear the Mayan Prophecy for Yourself The Mayan 2012 end of the world “prophecy” is scaring the pants off numerous children and suicidal teeangers. 1-in-10 people believe that the Mayans have prophesied the end of the world (and see this). … Continue reading


Biggest Social Media Sites Censor Alternative News

“Unreliable News Source” The mainstream media skews the news to defend the status quo, and serves the interests of the rich and powerful. But at least web news sources are free of censorship … one would hope. Unfortunately, that’s not … Continue reading


German Court: CIA Abducted, Tortured and Sodomized a German Citizen

Torture Was Systemic, Doesn’t Work … and Both Dems and Repubs Approved It The Guardian reports: CIA agents tortured a German citizen, sodomising, shackling, and beating him, as Macedonian state police looked on, the European court of human rights said … Continue reading


Moore’s Law, Cheap Electronics and Homeland Security Money Combine to Create Big Brother

1984 Is Here We extensively documented last week that Americans are the most spied upon people in world history. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal gave a glimpse of a small part of the pervasive spying: Top U.S. intelligence officials gathered … Continue reading


Quantitative Easing Benefits the Super-Elite … And Hurts the Little Guy and the American Economy

Quantitatitve Easing Is Not “Liberal” Economics The Fed has just announced its fourth round of “quantitative easing”. While the mainstream financial press pretends that quantitative easing is a “liberal” economic policy, nothing could be further from the truth. As we’ve … Continue reading


The Zen of zero desire as millions die, billions suffer, trillions looted

What is: Wars violate our most essential law, all based on lies. Poverty agonizes billions, all preventable for less than 1% of our income. Money-lies, looting, and ever-increasing debt. What is not: Enough humans of intellectual integrity and moral courage … Continue reading


It’s Not the Mainstream Media … It’s the OLD News

Average Fox News Viewer is 65 … Other Corporate News Networks Aren’t Far Behind The average age of Fox News watchers is 65.  As Hollywood Reporter notes: In a survey released by analyst Steve Sternberg, Fox News has the oldest … Continue reading


U.S. Army Starts Targeting Children

Image by Anthony Freda: American Military Starts Assassinating Children Obama and the American military label all young men – between the ages of say 15 and 35 – who happen to be in battle zones as suspected insurgents who … Continue reading


World’s Most Prestigious Financial Agency – Called the “Central Banks’ Central Bank” – Warns of Bursting Bubble

Slams Federal Reserve Policy Sky News notes: According to the BIS’ latest Quarterly Review financial markets are starting to behave in some of the ways they behaved before the crash. In particular, investors seem to be chasing riskier and riskier … Continue reading

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2-minute video: US debt visualized. 2-minute read: US obvious solutions

Demonocracy created a new and stunning visual to approach a grasp on US Federal Government debt of ~$17 trillion. An easy tool to understand US households’ share of this tragic-comedy: ~100 million US households means an average ~$170,000 debt/household. Another … Continue reading


End of the World? Hear the 2012 Prophecy … Direct from the Mouths of the Mayan Priests

Ignore Second-Hand Information … Hear the Real Prophecy Preface:  The Mayan 2012 end of the world “prophecy” is scaring the pants off numerous children and suicidal teeangers.  1-in-10 people believe that the Mayans have prophesied the end of the world (and … Continue reading


Video: What’s REALLY Going On In Syria?

Lieutenant Colonel – Who Wrote Speech Which Launched the Iraq War – Explains In Video Interview If you want to learn what’s really going on in Syria, watch this brief interview with U.S. Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff … Continue reading


7.3 Earthquake Rattles Fukushima

Government Warns 8.0 Quake Possible A 7.3 earthquake hit near Fukushima. That is large earthquake … bigger than the 1989 San Francisco earthquake (But it is much smaller than last year’s 9.0 Japanese earthquake, which produced almost 1,000 times more … Continue reading


On the 71st Anniversary of Pearl Harbor: Have We Learned Anything?

If We Don’t Learn Our History, We’re Doomed to Repeat It Today is the 71st anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor. We of course honor the courageous men who died that day.  But we also questioned why it happened. … Continue reading


Update On Potential War Against Syria

Chemical Weapons, Russian Warships and Terrorists We reported yesterday: 10,000 U.S. troops – as well as French, British and Nato troops – are amassing off the coast of Syria for a potential invasion “Anonymous U.S. sources” are claiming that Syria … Continue reading